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Military History / Battle Plans & Siegecraft

Rare contemporary compilation of official accounts of Napoleon's campaign in Egypt

BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre and Napoleon BONAPARTE. Relation des expéditions d'Egypte et de Syrie, de la bataille d'Aboukir et de la reprise du fort de ce nom, par les troupes de la République Française, commandées par le célèbre Général Bonaparte.
BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre. Éxpedition de Syrie.
BONAPARTE, Napoleon. Bataille d'Aboukir.
BONAPARTE, Napoleon. Reprise du fort d'Aboukir.
Paris, Pelletié, an VIII [=1799/1800]. 8vo. Modern half calf, original paste-paper boards. [1], [1 blank], [2], 3-148 pp. Full description
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Rare Dutch description of Punjab with folding maps

BOER, Pieter A. de (D. de BOER, compilor). Krijgs- en geschiedkundig overzigt van den Punjab, de natie der Seiks en het rijk van Lahore. Van de vroegste tijden tot op de gebeurtenissen aan den Sutledje, in 1845 en 1846.
The Hague, K.W. Pickhardt (back of the title-page: printed by C.H. Susan junior), 1849. With a lithographed frontispiece and 4 folding maps, and 1 table.Contemporary half cloth, marbled sides. XXIX, [3], 444 pp. and 1 publications slip. Full description
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First and only edition of Bor's description of the city of 's-Hertogenbosch,
including a detailed account of its siege and capture in 1629

BOR, Pieter Christiaenszoon. Gelegentheyt van 's Hertogen-Bosch vierde hooft-stadt van Brabandt. Haer oorspronck, fundatie ende vergrootinge, verscheyden hare belegeringen. Ende eyntlijcke overwinninge verrassinghe ende inneminghe van Wesel ende meer andere geschiedenissen des iaers 1629.
The Hague, Aert Meuris, 1630. 4to. With an engraved title-page, which is part of the collation (page (a)2 recto) and a few decorated initials. Contemporary vellum. [1], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank], [27], [1 blank], 412, [3], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Instructions for the Austrian army fighting against Napoleon

[CHARLES, Archduke of Austria]. Grundsätze der höhern Kriegskunst und Beyspiele ihrer zweckmässigen Anwendung für die Generale der österreichischen Armee.
Vienna, Kaiserliche Königliche Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, 1808. Folio. With 25 hand-coloured folding maps and plans, some with slips, engraved by Johann Renard, Kilian Ponheimer and Hieronymus Benedicti. Modern sprinkled half calf, gold-tooled spine. [4], 169, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Important account of the Great Siege of Gibraltar, with 10 engraved maps and views

DRINKWATER BETHUNE, John. A history of the late Siege of Gibraltar. With a description and account of that garrison, from the earliest periods. ... Third edition.
London, T. Spilsbury, 1786. 4to. With an engraved device on title-page, 4 folding engraved maps and 6 folding engraved views. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. XXIV, 356 pp. Full description
€ 1,250
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24 engraved views made for the Emperor of China, showing the campaign expanding his western territories

[HELMAN, Isidore-Stanislas]. [Suite de seize estampes représentant les conquêtes de l'Empereur de la Chine, avec leur explication].
(2) [Supplement 1 with views 17-20].
(3) [Supplement 2 with views 21-24].
Paris, Isidore Stanislas Helman, Nicolas Ponce, 1783-1788. Oblong Imperial folio (35 x 48.5 cm). A series of 24 numbered engraved views (plate size 27 x 43 cm; image size 24 x 41 cm), with reproductions of the engraved explanation of the views, in both the earlier state covering views 1-16 and the later state covering views 1-24. Loose prints in folders in a modern archival box. Full description
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Drilling the Austrian Imperial infantry, with 49 manuscript formation plans in colour

LEEUWEN, Engelhard August Baron van. Plans des neu herrauss gegebene Exercittii nach den dermahligen Kayserl: Königl: kriegs Fuss Volck eingerichtet. Herausgegeben im Jahr 1765. Zugehörig Titl. Herrn Obrist Wacht M[ei]st[er] Baron v[on]: Engelhard.
Austria, 1769[?]. Oblong 4to (18.5 x 23 cm). With title and the explanation of the key letters used in the plans written in red, the key to the colour coding in the troop formations in 8 colours, and 49 (of 55) numbered colour-coded plans of infantry exercises. Each text leaf and each plan (except no. 26) in a frame of rules, nos. 2-35 in red, the rest in black. Plans 1, 24, 32, 33, 42, and 46 have been torn out, in 2 cases leaving a small piece of the drawing. Contemporary mottled tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. [3], 16 ll. plus 49 (of 55) numbered plans. Full description
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On manoeuvres and formations for rifle companies and battalions, well illustrated

[MILITARY]. Plans deren Maneuvres der koenigl-spanischen Tropen[:] Plans deren Maneuvres[,] Formacionen und Colocacionen deren Officiers und Sergenten wie es bey dem löblichen Schweizer-Regiment Baron De Reding geübt wird.
Madrid, 1772. Oblong Imperial 4to (29.5 x 40 cm). Extensively illustrated manuscript on paper, written mostly in German in brown ink. With large armorial device on title-page, in colour, with the crowned impaled arms of Sicily (dexter) and Austria (sinister); a preliminary leaf with 2 rows of 6 colour pictures; and XVI numbered leaves with colour plans of battle-formations, with 37 numbered marginal drawings in brown ink with grey and yellow washes on 7 of these leaves showing details of gunlocks and tools; and some of the leaves with colour drawings of landscapes with mountains, lakes, etc. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, decorated paper sides. [2], XVI ll. Full description
€ 6,950
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