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Science & Technology / Physics & Chemistry

Two works on artificial and residual electricity,
defending the theory of Benjamin Franklin

BECCARIA, Giambatista. Elettricismo artificiale …
(Colophon: Turin, royal printing office [of the King of Sardinia], 1 June 1772). With 11 engraved folding plates.
With: (2) [BECCARIA, Giambatista]. Experimenta, atque observations, quibus electricitas vindex late constituitur, atque explicatur.
(Colophon: Turin, royal printing office [of the King of Sardinia]), [1769]. With letterpress folding table and 1 engraved folding plate. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary mottled half calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
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Medical handbooks by Cartesian physicians
and a work on chemistry with a false London imprint

BONTEKOE, Cornelis. Fundamenta medica sive de alcali et acidi effectibus per modum fermentionis & effervescentiæ. Acedit ... Pharmocopaea ...
Amsterdam, Cornelis Blankaart, 1688.
(2) BLANKAART, Steven. Praxeos medicæ idea nova.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz. ten Hoorn, 1685. With the engraved arms of the dedicatee Abraham Johannes Kuffler and 6 engraved illustration plates showing 10 numbered figures.
(3) VIGANI, Giovanni Francesco. Medulla chymiæ, variis experimentis aucta, multisq; figuris illustrata.
"London", [= northern Germany?], "Henry Faithorne & John Kersey" [printer and publisher unknown], 1685. With 3 numbered engraved folding plates, with 6, 6 and 3 figures. 3 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum. Full description
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Three ground-breaking scientific works on air by Robert Boyle
In the rare Latin translations published in the Netherlands

BOYLE, Robert. Nova experimenta physico-mechanica de VI aëris elastica & ejusdem effectibus, facta maximam partem in nova machina pneumatica. Editio postrema.
Rotterdam, Arnold Leers Jr, 1669. With engraved frontispiece and a folding engraved plate.
(2) BOYLE, Robert. Defensio doctrinae De elatere & gravitate aëris, propositae à Dno. Rob. Boyle, in novis ipsus physico-mechanicis experimentis, adversus objectiones Francisci Lini ... Editio postrema.
Leiden, Arnold Leers Jr., 1669. With 1 folding engraved plate.
(3) BOYLE, Robert. Exercitationes de Atmo-sphaeris corporum consistentium; ...
Leiden, Felix Lopez de Haro, 1676. 3 works in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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Two copies of the statutes of the medical college of Brussels, bound with a dissertation containing chemical experiments and a lecture read by the praeses and author's brother

[BRUSSELS]. Collegie der medecyne, op-ghericht door den magistraet der stadt Brussel
Brussels, Antoine Claudinot, 1721.
(2) [BRUSSELS]. [Collegie der medecyne, op-ghericht door den magistraet der stadt Brussel].
Brussels, Antoine Claudinot, 1721.
(3) WEIGEL, Christian Ehrenfried. Programma quo Christ. Ehrenfr. Weigel... fratris dilectissimi Caroli Henrici Bernhardi Weigel... dissertationem inauguralem... publice defendam indicit praemittens historiae baryllorium rudimenta.
Greifswald, Anton Ferdinand Röse, 1785. With a folding letterpress dedication page..
(4) WEIGEL, Christian Ehrenfried and Karl Heinrich Bernhard WEIGEL. Dissertatio inauguralis sistens experimenta chemica et instrumenta chirurgica emendata.
Greifswald, Anton Ferdinand Röse, 1785. With a folding engraved plate showing surgical instruments. 4 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 15 cm). 19th century boards. Full description
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The history and preparation of coffee

CADET DE VAUX, Antoine-Alexis and Charles-Louis CADET. Dissertation sur le café; son historique, ses propriétés, et le procédé pour en obtenir la boisson la plus agréable, la plus salutaire et la plus économique; ...
Paris, for the Bureau du Journal d'Economie Rurale, Mme. Huzard and Xhrouet, 1806. 12mo. Contemporary blue boards. Full description
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Very rare Brussels edition of the first anatomical atlas illustrated by lithography, with 300 plates

CLOQUET, Jules Germain. Anatomie de l'homme, ou description et figures lithographiées de toutes les parties du corps humain; ... publiée par C. de Lasteyrie. ... Tome premier[-second].
Brussels, Livorno, Leipzig, Auguste Wahlen, 1828[-1831?]. 2 volumes plus a supplement, bound as 1. Royal folio (52 x 35.5 cm). With 2 letterpress title-pages and 300 numbered lithographed plates. Later 19th-century half sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Standard work on iatrochemistry, helping to make a science of alchemy

CROLL, Oswald. Basilica chymica continens. Philosophicam propria[m] laborum experientia[m] confirmatam descriptionem et usum remediorum chymicorum selectissimorum é lumine gratiae et naturae desumptorum.
Including: CROLL, Oswald. [Divisional title:] Tractatus de signaturis internis rerum, ...
Frankfurt am Main, Godfried Tampach, [1611]. 2 parts plus laudatory verses in 1 volume. 4to. With a richly engraved general title-page by Aegidius Sadeler including the portraits of 6 famous alchemists: Hermes Trismegistus, Geber (Jabir ibn Hayyan), Roger Bacon, Paracelcus, Ramon Llull and Morienus Romanus of Jerusalem. 17th-century vellum. Full description
€ 3,000
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