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Military History / Armory, Military Science & Technology

Famous military manual. First edition published in Germany, with 117 charming new woodcuts

GHEYN, Jacob II de. Waffenhandlung von den Röhren, Mußqueten und Spiessen. Gestalt nach der Ordnung deß ... Herrn Moritzen, Printzen zu Uranien, ... Maniement d'armes d'arquebuses, mousquetz, & piques.
Frankfurt, Wilhelm Hoffmann, 1609. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With letterpress title within engraved border (including the imprint), and 3 series of 42, 43 and 32 full-page numbered woodcuts, showing exercises with the arquebus, musket and pike. Contemporary vellum, rebacked. Full description
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Collected works of a famous architect, with 271 double-page engraved plates

MAROLOIS, Samuel. Mathematicum opus absolutissimum: …
(1) MAROLOIS, Samuel. Geometria theoretica ac practica: …
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1633. With 47 double-page engraved plates, numbered 1-42 and 1-5.
(2) MAROLOIS, Samuel.. Artis muniendi, sive fortificationis, pars prima: …
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1644.
(3) MAROLOIS, Samuel.. Fortificationis, sive artis muniendi, pars secunda.
Amsterdam, Janssonius,1644. With 40 double-page engraved plates.
(4) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Architectura: …
Amsterdam, Janssonius,1633. With 30 double-page engraved plates by Henricus Hondius after the designs by Vredeman de Vries, one dated 1601.
(5) MAROLOIS, Samuel. Opticae, sive perspectivae, pars prima: …
Amsterdam, Janssonius 1633. With 80 double-page engraved plates, some by Henricus Hondius, incl. 6 views of buildings in Rome (nos. 54-59) in roundels, after the drawings by Petrus Stephanus.
(6) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Perspectiva theoretica ac practica.
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1633.
(7) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Perspectivae pars II: …
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1632. With 49, 24 (+ 1) numbered double-page engraved plates depicting geometrical and mathematical figures on perspective.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1638 [altered in manuscript to 1658]. 7 parts in 2 volumes. Folio. The general title printed letterpress on a slip of paper pasted over the 1638 engraved title-page of the French edition, 7 letterpress part-titles, with all together 271 double-page engraved plates, partly by Henricus Hondius. Contemporary blind-tooled calf, new endpapers. Full description
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5th copy located of a practical military manual from 1534,
with special emphasis on artillery

[OTT, Michael, and Jacob PREUSSEN]. Kriegs Ordnung new gemacht.
(Colophon:) Leipzig, Michael Blum, 1534. Small 8vo (15.5 x 10.5 cm). With a full-page woodcut (10 x 8.5 cm) on the title-page (repeated at the beginning of the main text), Blum's woodcut device below the colophon. Contemporary blind-tooled black calf over tapered wooden boards, each board in a panel design, 2 strap fastenings with engraved decoration in the brass clasps and catchplates. The binder used 2 fragments from a manuscript Vulgate Bible in a humanistic hand. Full description
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First German edition of the inaugural work of the first Dutch school of fortification

STEVIN, Simon. Festung-Bawung, das ist, Kurtze und eygentliche Beschreibung, wie man Festungen bawen, unnd sich wider allen gewaltsamen Anlauff der Feinde zu Kriegszeiten auffhalten, sichern und verwahren möge: ...
Frankfurt am Main, Wolfgang Richter for the widow of Levinius Hulsius, 1608. 4to. With a woodcut fortification plan on the title-page and about 30 woodcut illustrations in the text. Lacking the 2 woodcut plates and 3 smaller woodcut slips. 20th-century grey-brown half calf. Full description
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Dialogue between an engineer and a young man on military architecture

STURM, Leonhard Christoph. Architectura militaris hypothetico-eclectica, oder gründliche Anleitung zu der Kriegs-Baukunst, aus den Hypothesibus und Erfindungen der meisten und besten Ingenieurs dargestellet, und mit 79. Kupfer-Tafeln versehen.
Nuremberg, Peter Conrad Monath, 1736. 4to. With and engraved portrait of the author as frontispiece, engraved publisher's device on title-page, and 79 figures (numbered I - LXXIX) on 42 folding folding plates. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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