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Natural History / Exploration & General Works

Fauna of the Indian Sea, with 98 illustrations

ALCOCK, Alfred William. A naturalist in Indian seas or, four years with the Royal Indian marine survey ship "Investigator".
London, John Murray (colophon: printed by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh), 1902. 8vo. With a photogravure frontispiece depicting the Investigator, a folding map and 98 illustrations on 58 plates. Contemporary black-blocked cloth; rebacked with brown board, modern endpapers. XXIV, 328 pp. Full description
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“to this day a major source of information about the land and peoples of Paraguay and Río de la Plata”

AZARA, Félix Manuel de. Voyages dans l'Amérique Méridionale, ... depuis 1781 jusqu'en 1801; contenant la description géographique, politique et civile du Paraguay et de la rivière de La Plata; ...
Paris, Dentu, 1809. 8vo (4 text volumes) and folio (1 atlas volume). With 3 folding tables and 25 engraved maps, plans, views and plates of animals and birds. Modern black half calf, gold-tooled spine. LX, 389; [4], 388-562; [4], II, 479; [4], 380 pp. Full description
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First modern treatise on oceanography, and a challenge to Machiavelli: rulers must be moral

BOTERO, Giovanni. Aggiunte fatte ... alla sua ragion di stato ove si tratta dell... con una relatione del mare.
2 [part 1]) Delleccellenze de gli antichi capitani libri due. ...
3 [part 4]) Dellagilita della forze del prencipe libri due. ...
4 [part 3]) Della riputatione del prencipe libri due. ...
5 [part 2]) Discorso della neutralita [del prencipe] ...
6 [part 5]) Discroso[!] intorno alla fortificatione ...
7 [part 6]) Relationi del mare ...
Rome, Giorgio Ferrari, 1598. A preliminary part and 6 text parts in one volume. 4to. With a general title-page and 6 part-titles. Set in an italic type (cut by Robert Granjon) with incidental roman. Sheepskin parchment (ca. 1700?). [22], [2 blank]; 72; 46, [2 blank]; 31, [1 blank]; 15, [1 blank]; 14, [2 blank]; 31, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Introduction to Buffon's "Histoire naturelle"

BUFFON, Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de, and René-Richard Louis CASTEL. Histoire naturelle de Buffon, classée par ordres, genres et espèces, d'après le systême du Linné; avec les caractères génériques et la nomenclature Linnéenne.
Paris, Crapelet, An VII (1799). 3 volumes. 12mo. With a hand-coloured engraved portrait of Buffon in the first part. Contemporary half calf. XXVII, 332; [4], 319; [4], 387 pp. Full description
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Collected miscellaneous writings on Cook, New Holland, Tahiti, the breadfruit tree, etc.

FORSTER, Georg. Kleine Schriften. Ein Beytrag zur Völker- und Länderkunde, Naturgeschichte und Philosophie des Lebens.
Leipzig, Paul Gotthelf Kummer [volume 1]; Berlin, Vossische Buchhandlung [volumes 2-6], 1789-1797. 6 volumes. 8vo. With 2 folding engraved maps and 20 engraved plates (2 folding). Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spines. [12], 464; [8], 380; [6], “362” [=378]; [8], 407; [8], 435, [3]; [8], 418 pp. Full description
€ 5,000
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Rare first edition, printed in Calcutta, of an attempt to reconcile Biblical Creation
with geological science as 19th-century liberal views on earths history and species development emerged

HUTTON, Thomas. The chronology of creation; or, geology and scripture reconciled.
Calcutta, W. Thacker and Co. (back of title-page and colophon: printed by J.C. Sherriff, Bengal Military Orphan Press), 1850. Large 8vo. With a coloured lithographic frontispiece of a camel, lithographed by T. Black at the Asiatic Lithographic Press in Calcutta, and 3 coloured lithographic plates illustrating Huttons theories about the creation of the earth (2 orthographic azimuthal projections and 1 cross-section). Contemporary green cloth. [2], XVI, [2], 503, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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First edition of Labillardière's famous voyage in search of La Pérouse, with 44 plates, including 14 after Redouté

LABILLARDIÈRE, Jacques Julien Houton de. Relation du voyage a la recherche de la Pérouse.
Including: Atlas pour servir à la Relation du voyage à la recherche de la Pérouse, ...
Paris, H.J. Jansen, An VIII [= 1799/1800]. 3 volumes. 4to (2 text volumes) and folio (atlas). Atlas with engraved title-page, large folding map (59 x 86.5 cm) and 43 full-page engraved plates (numbered 2-44), including 14 botanical plates drawn or completed by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Modern mottled half calf. XVI, 442; 332, 113, [1] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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