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Early Printing & Manuscripts / Medicine & Pharmacy

Medical secrets plus a largely imaginary Medieval European view of India

[ACHILLINI, Alessandro]. Secreta secretorum Aristotelis.
ARISTOTLE [pseudo]. Maximi philosophi ... de signis aquarum: & tempestatum.
ARISTOTLE [pseudo]. Maximi philosophurum ... de mineralibus.
AVERROES. De beatitudine anime.
ACHILLINI, Alexander. De universalibus.
ALEXANDER THE GREAT [pseudo]. De mirabilibus Indie.
(Colophon: Lyon, Antoine Blanchard, 23 March) 1528. Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With a title-page with a decorated woodcut border, woodcut printer's device on last page, 6 woodcut initials. Contemporary blind-tooled sheepskin(?) parchment over wooden boards, in a panel design, brass catch-plates and anchor-plates (straps and clasps lost). Full description
€ 11,500
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First Italian edition of a pioneering work on medicinal plants in Asia & America

ACOSTA, Christoval. Trattato ... della historia, natura, et virtu delle droghe medicinali, & altri semplici rarissimi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali in Europa, con le figure delle piante ritratte, & disegnate dal vivo poste a' luoghi proprii. Nuovamente recato dalla Spanuola nella nostra lingua.
Venice, Francesco Ziletti, 1585. 4to. With 45 nearly full-page woodcuts of plants, 2 nearly full-page woodcuts of two Indian elephants. A few woodcuts of plants (leaves) have been simply coloured by a contemporary hand. Recased in early limp sheepskin parchment. New endpapers. Full description
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The most complete Renaissance treatise on culinary carving
With 3 woodcut plates

CERVIO, Vincenzo. Il trinciante . . ., ampliato, et ridotto a perfettione dal cavallier reale Fusoritto da Narni.
Venice, heirs of Francesco Tramezini, 1581. 4to. With woodcut printer's device on title-page and 3 woodcut plates (1 folding), showing carving knives, forks and a carving iron, and fowl ready for carving, with parts labelled. Modern dark brown, gold- and blind-tooled reversed calf. Full description
€ 15,000
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Scholarly medical botany for a broad public
Plantin edition with a new chapter

DODOENS (DODONAEUS), Rembert. Medicinalium observationum exempla rara. Accessere & alia quaedam, quorum elenchum pagina post praefationem exhibet.
Leiden, Christoffel Plantin, 1585. Small 8vo (16 x 10 cm). With Plantin's woodcut compasses device on the title-page. Contemporary reversed parchment (made from the lower part of a leaf from a 16th-century legal document in German, with a reference to Basel). Full description
€ 5,500
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On the abuse of alcohol, by a great German chronicler and popular historiographer of the 16th century

FRANCK, Sebastian. Von dem greüwlichen Laster der Trunckenhayt ...
[Augsburg, Heinrich Steiner, 1533?]. 4to. With large and unusually detailed woodcut (10 x 12 cm) on title-page showing an elaborate banquet and a vomitting man, by H. Weiditz (the Petrarca master), decorated woodcut initials. Set in schwabacher types with incidental fraktur. Early 19th-century shell-marbled boards. Full description
€ 4,500
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Rare Dutch  translation of the “Artzneybuch”

GABELKOVER (GAEBELKHOUWER; GAEBELCHOVER), Oswald. Medecijn-boeck. Daer inne, wt bevel des doorluchtighen hooch-gheborenen vorsten, ende heeren, heeren Lodewijck, hertoghe tot Wirtenberghe ... Meest voor alle lijfgebreken, ende cranckheyden wt gelesene en[de] beproefde medicijnen, die wt vele hooge ende nederstandes persoonen gheschrevene medicijnboecken, te samen, ende by een gebracht zijn. … Wt Hoogduytsche sprake getrouwelick overgeset.
Dordrecht, Abraham Canin, 1598. 4 parts in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 14 cm). With Canin's woodcut device on the title-page. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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Classic edition of Hippocrates, this copy marked up and used as printer’s copy in 1546

HIPPOCRATES. Hippocratis coi medicorum omnium longe principis, opera quae ad nos extant omnia. Per Janum Cornarium medicum physicum Latina lingua conscripta. Index rerum ad calcem operis ...
Basel, Froben (colophon: Hieronymus Froben & Nicolaus Episcopius, March), 1546. Folio (33.5 x 24 cm). With 2 slightly different versions of Froben's emblematic woodcut device one on the title-page and the other on the verso of the final (otherwise blank) leaf. Contemporary vellum over paperboards. Full description
€ 18,500
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Rare edition of two medical works, on the mystery of the golden tooth and sleepwalking

HORSTIUS, Jacob. De aureo dente Maxillari Pueri Silesii, primum, utrum eius generatio naturalis fuerit, nec ne; deinde an digna eius interpretatio dari queat.
Including: HORSTIUS, Jacob. De natura differentiis et causis eorum, qui dormientes ambulant, vigilantium opera, eaq.
Leipzig, Valentinus Voegelinus (colophon: printed by Michael Lanzenberger), 1595. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small 8vo (14 x 9 cm). With woodcut printer’s device on title-page (repeated above the colophon). 19th-century half vellum. Full description
€ 5,000
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Important poem on the magical and medicinal qualities of precious stones

MARBODE (MARBODIUS) of Rennes. De gemmarum lapidumq[ue] pretiosorum formis, naturis, atq[ue] viribus eruditu[m] cu[m] primis opusculu[m], ... scholiis q[uo]q[ue] illustratu[m] p[er] Alardu[m] Aemstelredamu[m].
Cologne, Hero Alopecius [Fuchs], 1539. 8vo. With a woodcut illustration on the title-page, representing a Jewish priest behind a board with the names of 12 stones which represent the 12 tribes of Israel. 17th-century gold-tooled red morocco, richly gold-tooled spinel, gold-tooled fillets and small cornerpieces on both boards, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins. Full description
€ 12,500
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The best 16th-century work on syphilis
by the translator of Avicenne's (Ibn Sina) biography

MASSA, Niccolò. Liber de morbo Gallico: noviter editus: in quo omnes modi possibiles sanandi ipsum: mira quadam & artificiosa doctrina continentur: ... Addita est epistola ad eximium Thomam Cademustum in qua quamplurima ad perfectionem operis totius, & multarum aliarum egritudinum curam leguntur.
(Colophon: Venice, Francesco Bindoni, Maffeo Pasini, May) 1536. 4to. With title in a woodcut architectural border showing 4 charming monsters, 6 sentries and a winged putto. 19th-century panel-stamped and blind-tooled parchment. Full description
€ 7,500
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