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Medicine & Pharmacy / Veterinary Medicine

Important 1639 handbook for the medical use of animals and animal products

BOSSCHE, Willem vanden. Historia medica, in qua libris IV. Animalium natura, et eorum medica utilitas exactè & luculenter tractantur. Cum iconibus eorum, ad vivum delineatis.
Brussels, Jan Mommaert II, 1639. 4to. With woodcut device on title-page, a different woodcut of the same device on final page, 77 woodcut illustrations plus 3 repeats (4 signed "I.C.I." for Jan Christoffel Jegher). Contemporary sheepskin parchment over flexible boards. Full description
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Anthrax in the 18th-century

CHABERT, Philibert. Traité du charbon ou anthrax dans les animaux.
Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1782. 8vo. With woodcut crowned French royal coat of arms on title-page and a woodcut headpiece (signed "B."). 19th-century(?) half tanned, mottled sheepskin. Full description
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Certainly no horse-whisperer!

[MANUSCRIPT - HORSES & HORSEMANSHIP]. [GRISONE, Federico]. Ordini di cavalcare.
Scielta di notabili avvertimenti pertinenti a' cavalla, …
[Italy, ca. 1725?]. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to (20 x 15 cm). Manuscript in Italian, in dark brown ink on paper in a steeply sloped Italian hand, with a full-page ink drawing of a horse, 50 full-page ink drawings of elaborate bits, each different, and 2 ink-drawn plans of training grounds. Further with 3 pen-drawn baroque decorated initials. Later 18th-century sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Illustrated study of Fetal deaths by a pioneering veterinarian

NUMAN, Alexander. Waarnemingen omtrent het langdurig verblijf boven den gewonen dragttijd van gestorvene jongen bij de moeder-dieren.
Amsterdam, C.G. Sulpke, 1831. Large 4to (28 x 22.5 cm). With 6 engraved anatomical plates (4 folding, 2 coloured and 2 partly coloured). Also published in the proceedings of the Instituut van Wetenschappen. Contemporary stiff grey-paper wrappers. Full description
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An elaborate compilation of available literature on horsemanship,
with 26 engraved plates

PINTER VON DER AU, Johann Christoph. Neuer, vollkommener, verbesserter und ergäntzter Pferd-Schatz.
Frankfurt am Main, Johann Philipp Andrea for Georg Heinrich Oehrling, 1688. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small folio (31.5 x 20.5 cm). With engraved frontispiece and 25 engraved folding plates (with figured numbered 1-40). 19th-century half calf. Full description
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Austrian folk medicine and magic, covering about 400 ailments in horses and about 50 in people

[MANUSCRIPT - MEDICAL - VETERINARY & HUMAN]. Wolfgang S. Ein Gerecht und Wohl Aprobierte Haus Apodeken oder Pferd Artznei Buch
With: (2) Eine Agadami dass ist Artzney Mittel vor Menschen zu gebrauchen.
[Upper Austria, part 1 of 1st work dated 1812 at end]. 2 works in 1 volume, the 1st in 2 parts. Folio (35 x 22.5 cm). A practical manuscript handbook in brown and black ink on paper, written in German in a German gothic hand and with numerous headings and paragraph openings in a variety of decorated gothic styles. With an elaborately decorated main title-page in at least 6 colours, the title-page of part 2 of the main work with decorative lettering and flowers in brown and red with a half-page colour drawing of a bleeding horse in the foreground of a landscape with a partly ruined castle, a church, a stone entry and other buildings, and the title-page to the 2nd work with decorated lettering and a crowned figure of death (a skeleton with scythe and hourglass). Further with drawings of 2 magical signs to protect people and livestock, and a vase of flowers and a scene with 2 buildings as tailpieces. Contemporary blind-tooled half calf. Full description
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