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Early Printing & Manuscripts / Cartography & Exploration

Largest assembly of natural history illustrations published before the 18th century

ALDROVANDI (ALDOVANDUS), Ulisse. [Opera omnia].
Bologna, 1599-1668. 13 volumes. Folio (35 x 24 cm). With engraved title-page to each volume, engraved full-page portrait of Aldrovandi in 3 volumes and several thousand woodcut illustrations in text, mostly after designs by J. Ligozzi and many full-page. Blind-tooled vellum (ca. 1645 & ca. 1670), with a large centrepiece on each board (the 11 volumes dated 1599-1642 from a single block; the 2 volumes dated 1648 & 1667 from a different block), the spines uniformly gold-tooled in the 18th-century. Full description
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Important description of Russia from the early 16th century

GIOVIO, Paolo. Operetta dell'ambascieria de Moschoviti, nella qual si narra il sito della provincia di Moschovia gli costumi ricchezze, il modo della religione, & l'arte militar di quegli. Nuovamente tradotta di latino in lingua volgare.
Venice, (colophon: Bartholomeo detto l'Imperatore), 1545. 8vo. With a woodcut title vignette of a Christian warrior with banner and an eagle on an orb. Later paper boards. Full description
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Unique first dated edition of letter from Portuguese Jesuit in India and the East Indies

[MAGAGLIANES, Diego di]. Avvisi nuovi et certezza della parte di mezzo giorno. Dove s'intende tre infideli Rè della fede Mahomettana convertiti, & battezzati con li suoi regni, & venuti alla nostra Christiana fede.
Florence, 16 February 1571. Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With the large woodcut coat of arms of Pope Pius V (74 x 62 mm). Sewn in later stiff paper wrappers. Full description
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The first Roman geography of the world, including the Arabian peninsula and the Gulf
in the rare 1502 edition of its first accurate printed text

MELA, Pomponius. De situ orbis Hermolai Barbari fideliter emendatus.
[Venice], (colophon: printed by Albertino da Vercelli, 14 May 1502). Small 4to (20.5 x 15.5 cm). With 38 lines to a page and 19 3- to 9-line spaces with printed guide letters left for manuscript initials (not filled in), though also with 1 printed 3-line roman capital. Set in a Venetian-style roman type (83 mm/20 lines) with the title in capitals of a larger (108 mm) size. Gold-tooled red half sheepskin (ca. 1820?). Full description
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1st and only Aldine edition of 6 classical geographical and topographical works

MELA, Pomponius. MELA, Pomponius. De situ orbis.
SOLINUS, Gaius Julius. Polyhistor.
ANTONIUS, Augustus. Itinerarium provinciarum.
VIBIUS SEQUESTOR. [De fluminibus ...].
VICTOR, Publius. De regionibus urbis Romae.
DIONYSIUS PERIEGETES. De situ orbis Prisciano interprete (Poema de orbis situ).
(colophon: Venice, "aedibus Aldi et Andreae soceri" [= in the house of the late Aldus Manutius and his father-in-law Andre Torresani d'Asola], 1518). 6 works in 1 edition. 8vo. With Aldus's woodcut device on the title-page (repeated on the final, otherwise blank, leaf) and numerous spaces with guide letters left for manuscript initials. Set entirely in the famous Aldine italic. Later vellum made from a leaf of a 16th-century manuscript choir book. Full description
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An early treatise on sundials, together with an influential work on geography

MÜNSTER, Sebastian. Compositio horologiorum, in plano, muro, truncis, anulo, con concavo, cylindro & variis quadrantibus, cum signorum zodiaci & diversarum horarum inscriptionibus: ...
Basel, Henricus Petrus, 1531 (changed in manuscript to 1535). With woodcut on title-page showing sundials of various kinds, Petri's woodcut device on last page, large folding woodcut plate (31.5 x 40.5 cm) of a wall sundial, and 56 woodcut illustrations in the text (many full-page).
With: (2) GLAREAN(US), Heinrich. De geographia liber unus, ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus.
Freiburg im Breisgau, (colophon: Joannis Faber), 1533. With Faber's device on title-page with a larger version on last page, and 21 woodcut illustrations in the text (several full-page). 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary sheepskin parchment. Full description
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One of the earliest sources on the Congo and central Africa, complete with all plates and maps

PIGAFETTA, Filippo and Duarte LOPEZ. Relatione del reame di Congo et delle circonvicine contrade tratta dalli scritti & ragionamenti di Odoardo Lopez.
Rome, Bartolomeo Grassi, [1591]. 4to. With an integral engraved architectural title-page (with the coat of arms of the dedicatee Antonio Migliore, Bishop of San Marco), large folding engraved general map of Africa (64×44 cm), large folding engraved map of the Congo (43.5×51.5 cm) and 8 numbered folding engraved plates of plants, animals and inhabitants of the country, by Natalis Bonifazio. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Voyage to the Holy Land in 1522, with sections on Arabia

SALIGNIACO, Bartholomeus de. Itinerarij Terre Sancte: inibique sacrorum locorum: ac rerum clarissima descriptio: omnibus sacre scripture tractatoribus utilissima: peramena auditoribus.
Lyon, Gilbertus de Villiers, 1525. 8vo. With woodcut coat of arms of Cardinal Jean de Guise of Lorraine on the title-page, a full-page woodcut of the crucifixion, 10 small woodcuts of Christ's passion in the text, and small woodcut initials throughout. 18th-century red morocco, gold-tooled spine, boards and board edges, and richly gold-tooled turn-ins, gilt edges. Full description
€ 12,500
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