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Science & Technology / Optics & Perspective

Extensively illustrated classic of cosmography, geodesy, mensuration, perspective and optics

APIANUS (APIAN), Petrus and Gemma FRISIUS. Cosmographia.
Antwerp, Jan Verwithagen (colophon printed by Verwithagen), 1574. 4to. With a large woodcut on the title-page (with a terrestrial globe and other instruments); 4 printed paper volvelles with moving parts and a woodcut sun dial with a string attached to its centre; a folding woodcut cordiform mappa mundi (block size 19×27.5 cm) with letterpress text in the margins; well over 100 further woodcut illustrations, diagrams, maps, etc., in the text. Recased in 17th-century(?) limp sheepskin parchment. [2], 64, [2] ll. plus folding woodcut. Full description
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First printed edition of a famous work on optics

BACON, Roger. Perspectiva. In qua, quae ab aliis fuse traduntur, succincte, nervose & ita pertractantur, ut omnium intellectui facile pateant. Nunc primum in lucem edita. Opera & studio Joannis Combachii.
Frankfurt, Wolffgang Richter for Antonius Hummius, 1614. 4to. With 8 full-page woodcuts printed on both sides of four leaves inserted as plates, and numerous woodcut figures and illustrations in text, several full-page. Modern plain paper boards. [8], 189[=205], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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First edition of a famous and extraordinary book on perspective, with 80 engraved illustrations, in a very rare issue, not in the ESTC

CAUS (CAULS), Salomon de. La perspective avec la raison, des ombres et miroirs.
London, John Norton [printed partly by Jan Mommaert the elder in Brussels and partly by Richard Field in London], 1612. Royal folio (52 x 28.5 cm). With engraved title-page and 80 etched and engraved illustrations: 64 on otherwise blank pages, mostly on integral leaves (2 across double-pages, further mostly full-page), and 16 on the text pages (from small to half-page). Contemporary dark brown calf. Rebacked, restored and with new endpapers. engraved title + [5], 49, [16] ll. including engravings. Full description
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Lessons in perspective during the Second Empire

CHEVILLARD, Alphonse. Leçons nouvelles de perspective, ... Avec atlas de 32 planches in - 4o.
Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1868. 2 volumes. 8vo (text) and oblong 4to (atlas). Atlas volume with 32 steel-engraved plates by Dulos after the author. Contemporary uniform half maroon sheepskin, gold-tooled spines. XVI, 228 pp; [2] ll. plus 32 engraved plates. Full description
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One of the most important manuals for painting the human body

COUSIN, Jean. La vraye science de la pourtraicture descrite et demontrée ... Representant par une facile instruction plusieurs plans & figures de toutes les parties separées du corps humain: ensemble les figures entieres, tant d'hommes que femmes & de petits enfans, veuës de front, de fil, & de dos, avec les proportions, mesures & dimensions dícelles: et certaines regles pour racourcir par art toutes lesdites figures.
Paris, Guillaume Le Bé III, 1676. Oblong 4to. With a woodcut border on half-title and 36 full-page woodcut illustrations. Later limp vellum. 40 ll. Full description
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Greatly expanded second (and final) Dutch edition of Descartes's collected works

DESCARTES, René. Principia philosophiae: of beginselen der wysbegeerte [and other works].
(2) Meditationes de prima philosophia of Bedenkingen van d'eerste wysbegeerte [and other works].
(3) Proeven der wys-begeerte; ofte Redenering. Om door bequame middelen de reden wel te leiden [and other works].
(4) Brieven, aan veele hoog-geagte personen, van verscheyde ampten, geschreven.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz ten Hoorn, 1690-1692. 4 volumes. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece and engraved portrait of the author in volume 1, and about 200 woodcut diagrams and other illustrations (including about 5 full-page) plus repeats. Contemporary and largely uniform blind-tooled vellum. [28], 380, [16], [1], [1 blank], 118, 76, [8]; [16], 575, [5], [16], 99, [5]; [8], 54, 79-510, [10], [4], 116; [8], 664, 268 pp. Full description
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War of words on perspective, conic sections, cutting architectural stones and making sundials: the Jesuit versus the Cartesian

[DUBREUIL, Jean] and others. Advis charitables sur les diverses oeuvres, et feuilles volantes du Sr. Girard Desargues Lyonois. Publiees sous les titres.
I. De Brouïllon Projet d'une atteinte aux evenements des rencontres du cone avec un plan: ...
II. De Brouïllon Projet d'exemple d'une maniere universelle, touchant la pratique du traict a preuves, pour la couppe des pierres en l'architecture.
III. D'une maniere de tracer tous quadrans d'heures égales au soleil, au moyen du style posé: ...
Mis au jour. ...
With: [DUBREUIL, Jean]. Diverses methodes universelles, et nouvelles, en tout ou en partie pour faire des perspectives. ... Tirees pour la plus-part du contenu du livre de La perspective pratique. Ce qui servira de plus de response aux deux affiches du Sieur Desargues, contre ladite Perspective pratique.
Paris, Melchior Tavernier, François l'Anglois, dit Chartres, 1642. 2 works (4 & 2 parts) in 1 volume. 4to (25.5 x 18 cm). The first work in 4 parts. It lacks two small engraved plates. The second work with 10 full-page engravings on integral leaves. Half white sheepskin parchment (ca. 1900?). Ad 1: [4], [4]; 10; 14, [2 blank]; 17, [3 blank] pp.; Ad 2: [15] pp., 10 double-page spreads, [1 blank] p. Full description
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Best English translation of a 1642 French handbook of perspective,
used by artisans in many fields, with 152 engraved illustrations

[DUBREUIL, Jean]. The practice of perspective: or, an easy method of representing natural objects according to the rules of art. ... The third edition.
London, Thomas and John Bowles, 1749. 4to. With 2 folding engraved plates and 150 numbered full-page engravings on integral leaves.. Half calf (ca. 1985), gold-tooled spine. XIII, [5], 16, [1] pp., 18, [1], 19-41, [1], 42-121, [1], 122-128, [1], 129-150 double-page spreads, [1 blank] p. Full description
€ 3,950
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5 important works on mathematics, optics, astronomy and astrology, mostly rare editions (1552-1560), in a beautiful contemporary binding

EUCLID (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Euclidis Optica & catoptrica, nunquam antehac Graece aedita.
Paris, André Wechel, 1557. With Wechels woodcut device on both title-pages, and several optical and mathematical woodcut diagrams or illustrations in the text, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(2) EUCLID(?) and CLEONIDES (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Euclidis Rudimenta musices. Sectio regulae harmonicae. E Regia bibliotheca desumpta, ac nunc primum Graecae et Latine excusa.
Paris, André Wechel, 1557. With Wechels woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(3) THEODOSIUS OF BITHYNIA (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Theodosij Tripolitae sphaericorum, libri tres, nunquam antehac Graece excusi.
Paris, André Wechel, 1558. With Wechels woodcut device on the title-page and on the verso of the last leaf with the "Errata", with several optical and mathematical woodcut diagrams or illustrations in the text, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(4) PITATI, Pietro. Compendium Petri Pitati Veronensis in Academia Philarmonica Mathesim profitentis super annua solaris, atque lunaris anni quantitate, Paschalis item solemnitatis iuxta veteres ecclesiae canones recognitione Romanique calendarii instauratione, deque vero passionis dominicae die; Ortu quoque et occasu stellarum fixarum, in tres divisum tractatus. ....
Verona, Paolo Ravagnano, 1560. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page, Ravagnanos woodcut device on the verso of the second to last leaf of the colophon and many tables in the text. Set in roman type.
(5) GAURICO, Luca. Calendarium ecclesiasticum novum, ex sacris literis, probatisque sanctorum Patrum synodis excerptum, iuxta omnipotentis Dei mandata in veteri testamento Mosi data: in quo potissimus agitur de vera sacratissimi Paschatis, festorumque mobilium celebratione, duum millium annorum interstitio duraturum.
Venice, (colophon: heirs of Lucantonio I Giunta, May 1552), 1552. With the Giunti's woodcut device (a decorative fleur-de-lis - representing Venice - in a floral wreath with putti, in this case with Lucantonios initials "LA") on the title-page, several woodcut astronomical and astrological figures in the text, many pages of astrological and astronomical tables and some woodcut decorated initials. Set in roman type.
5 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards with the date "1561" blind-stamped on the front board, sewn on 3 double cords, with paper manuscript spine labels in the spine compartments (some faded), two original brass clasps on leather straps, blue edges. [20], 48, [4], 64 pp.; 16, 10 ll.; [8], 54, [2], 68, [2] pp.; “128” [= 130], [2]; [4], 134, [1], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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