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Early Printing & Manuscripts / 15th Century

Incunable: first edition of any part of the most important work of William of Auvergne (ca. 1180-1249), printed by Günther Zainer

ALVERNUS, Guillelmus (William of AUVERGNE). Libri ... de fide et legibus.
[Augsburg, Günther Zainer, ca. 1475/1476]. Small folio. Set in a hybrid roman type with gothic elements (a single column of 43 lines per page plus running heads), with the first 3 lines, including the title, in a slightly larger rotunda gothic. With all initials supplied in manuscript in red, rubricated throughout. Contemporary, richly blind-tooled vellum over wooden boards, two brass clasps, blue edges, "Nr. 56" in red ink written at the foot of the spine. [139] ll. Full description
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First edition of 66 sermons on Christian faith and virtues by the foremost Italian missionary of the 15th-century

BERNARDINUS SENENSIS (SAINT BERNARDINO OF SIENA). Quadragesimale beati Bernardini de xp[ist]iana religione [x and p representing the Greek chi and rho to make "christiana"].
[Basel, Johann Amerbach, 1489]. Folio. With several 8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, 4- and 3-line red lombardic initials supplied by hand in spaces (with printed guide letters) left for the purpose, rubricated throughout. Set in three sizes rotunda gothic types and a larger textura for the title. Early 17th-century, richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. With remnants of 2 strap fastenings and with traces on the front board and remnants on the back board of the catchplates, blue edges and a light brown morocco spine label with the title in gold. [254] ll. Full description
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Incunable edition of the Vulgate with hierarchical tables of the books, printed in Strasbourg,
a leading centre of 15th-century Bible printing

[BIBLE - INCUNABLE]. Biblia cu[m] concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testame[n]ti Sanctus Hieronimus interpres biblie.
[colophon:] Strasbourg, [Johannes Reinhard Grüninger], 26 April 1497. Folio. With a woodcut on the title-page showing St. Jerome in the desert on the left side and in his study on the right side, and flourished woodcut braces in the hierarchical table of bible books. Contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over bevelled wooden boards, with two brass fastenings (2 catchplates and 1 of 2 clasps) and some brass strips protecting the corners and edges. [471] (out of [492]) ll. Full description
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Reconciling opposing theological doctrines: a collection of Saint Bonaventuras most important theological treatises

BONAVENTURA, SAINT and others. Egregium opus subtilitate et devoto exercitio precellens parvoru[m] opusculoru[m]. doctoris seraphici Sancti Bonaventure [Opuscula]. Prima[-Secunda] pars.
[colophon:] Strasbourg, [printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (= Georg Husner)], 1495 (vol. 2: 18 December 1495). 2 volumes. Folio (21 x 30 cm). With two title-pages, the 2 volumes including 2 full-page woodcuts plus 2 repeats, one showing the Tree of Life (with 2 repeats), and 1 (partly hand-coloured) showing a seraph with the names of Christian virtues on the feathers of its six wings. Set in a gothic rotunda type with running heads and other headings in a larger rotunda. Contemporary and stylistically uniform (though volume 2[?] is about 2 cm[?] shorter than volume 1[?]) richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. 393, [1 blank]; 371, [1 blank] ll. Full description
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Beautifully penwork-decorated Dutch-language books of hours (ca. 1450/70) containing a quite uncommon 15th-century set of texts

[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT - BOOK OF HOURS (DIOCESE OF UTRECHT)]. [Incipit a1r:] Wi aenbeden di christi en ghebendien di want du overmits dijn heilighe cruus die werlt verlosset hebste ...
[North-Holland (Haarlem?)], ca. 1450/70]. Small 8vo (ca. 11 x 8 x 3.5 cm). Manuscript book of hours in Dutch, written in black ink on vellum (leaf ca. 11 x 7.5 cm; text block ca. 7 x 4.5 cm) in two clear and attractive gothic hybrida hands (21 lines/page for the first hand, 18 lines/page for the second hand and 17 for the calendar). 18th-century half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides, gold-tooled spine, black morocco spine label with title ("Oud getydenboek M.S.S.") in gold, 18th-century endpapers. [240] ll. Full description
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Rare Hebrew incunable: 2nd edition of the classic "Book of roots" of the Hebrew language

DAVID KIMHI (KIMCHI, QIMHI). Sefer ha-shorashim.
(Colophon: Naples, [Azriel ben Joseph Ashkenazi Gunzenhauser], Elul [5]250 [= August/September 1490]. Small folio (25.5 x 20 cm; most leaves 25 x 19 cm). Set in 2 sizes of sephardic meruba Hebrew (without points) and with shoulder notes in a semi-cursive (Rashi) Hebrew of a smaller face (but cast on the same body as the meruba of the main text). Lacking 11 leaves, but with the first two replaced in manuscript at an early date, including a manuscript title-page not in the printed edition (with an elaborately decorated architectural border) on the recto of the first manuscript leaf (which had been blank in the printed book), including an imprint incorporating information from the colophon. The other 9 leaves that are lacking supplied in lithographic facsimile. Loose leaves in a 20th-century paperboard wrapper and slipcase. [266] of [1 blank], [287] pp. + [4] pp. in manuscript. Full description
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Incunable edition of an influential second century description of the antique world, including early mentions of China and Arabia

DIONYSIUS Periegetes. [incipit :] ... de situ orbis habitabilis ...
[Colophon:] Venice, Franz Renner, 1478. Small 4to (19 x 14 cm). With the first four lines printed in red and 9 white on black decorated woodcut initials (1 series), plus 1 repeat. Set in roman type, 26 lines to a page, with two words in Greek. Modern blind-tooled calf. [36] ll. Full description
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