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First complete illustrated edition of 532 Aesop fables

AESOP. (Francois Joseph DESBILLONS, comp.). Fabulae Aesopiae, curis posterioribus, omnes fere, emandatae, accesserunt plus quam CLXX nova; tum etiam observations, grammaticae praesertim, complures, et Index copiosus, nec desunt ... Hominum et pecudum figurae elegantes.
Mannheim, Typis Academicis, 1768 [colophon: 1767]. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With a frontispiece and 15 engraved plates by Egid Verhelst (1733-1804). Contemporary vellum with spine label, red edges. Full description
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Venice school edition of Aesop with numerous fables by other authors, the 3rd edition of this collection

AESOP. Fabellae Graece et Latine, cum aliis opusculis, quorum index proxima refertur pagella.
Venice, (colophon: Giovanni Farri and brothers), 1542. Small 8vo (16 x 11 cm). With 1 woodcut decorated initial but further with spaces left for manuscript Greek and Latin initials (with printed guide letters). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, with fragments of a vellum manuscript used to reinforce the spine. Full description
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Greatly expanded edition of Aesop's fables by the classical scholar Joachim Camerarius

AESOP. Fabulae Aesopicae plures quingentis et aliae quaedam narrationes, cum historia vitae fortunaeque Aesopi, compositae studio & diligentia Joachimi Camerarii Pabe[bergensis]. Quibus additae sunt et Livianae & Gellianae ac aliorum quaedam ...
Leipzig, (colophon: Ernest Vögelin, 1570). 8vo. With Vögelins woodcut device on title-page (scrollwork cartouche with a crucifixion - with a bird representing the Holy Spirit - on the arc of the covenant, and symbols of the 4 Evangelists in the corners) and 4 woodcut initials (2 series) with pictorial decoration. Blind-tooled red vellum. Full description
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Prose and verse fables, and some of the earliest European combed marbled paper, in an armorial binding for William the Silent’s son-in-law

AESOP & BABRIUS. Aesopi Phrygis fabulae elegantissimis eiconibus veras animalium species ad vivum adumbrantes. Gabriae Graeci fabellae lxiv [recté lxiii]. Haec omnia cum Latina interpretatione. Nunc postremùm excusa & accuratè recognita.
Paris, Jean Libert, 1623. 16mo. With a woodcut decoration on the title-page and woodcut decorated initials in the text.Contemporary French gold-tooled calf, sewn on 2 supports, each board with the coat-of-arms of Henri de La Tour (1555-1623), Duc de Bouillon and Prince of Sedan, who married the daughter of William the Silent, founding father of the Dutch Republic (with a French Ducal crown, the whole in a wreath of 2 laurel branches with berries), the flat spine divided into 4 fields, each with a central decoration, gilt edges. Marbled paste-downs (fine-toothed combed pattern in red, blue and white). Full description
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Aesop edited by Heisius and illustrated by Van Sichem, in a prize-binding with the Amersfoort arms

AESOP. Fabulae ... Graecè & Latinè, nunc denuo selectae: eae item quas Avienus carmine expressit. Accedit Ranarum & murium pugna, Homero olim asscripta. Cum elegantissimis in utroque libello figuris, & utriusque interpretatione plurimis in locis emendata.
Leiden, Joannes Maire, 1632. 8vo. With 47 woodcut illustrations (5 x 6.5 cm) by Christoffel van Sichem II in the text. Contemporary vellum, each board with a panel stamp (59 x 50 mm) of the Amersfoort coat of arms. Most endpapers later. Full description
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Rare edition of Landi's Italian translation of Aesop's fables and life

AESOP. (Giulio LANDI, translator). Vita di Esopo Frigio ... Alquale di nuovo sono aggiunti le favole del medesimo Esopo, con molte altre d'alcuni elevati ingegni, ascendentia all somma di 400.
Trevigi, Girolamo Righettini, 1643. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. With 137 small woodcuts in text illustrating the fables, including some repeats. Contemporary sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Very rare Rouen Aesop edition, with 119 engravings, 4 signed by Marie Briot

AESOP. Les fables dEsope Phrygien. Traduction nouvelle. Illustrée de discours moraux, philosophiques & politiques, par J. Baudoin. Avec les figures en taille douce.
Rouen, Jean and David Berthelin, 1659. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece (a king with an armillary sphere, surrounded by a mixed crowd, looking down on more than a dozen animals, with a blank cartouche at the foot, but the title and translator in the head of the plate), a full-page engraved portrait of Aesop with animals, and 117 (of 118) full-page numbered engravings for the 118 numbered fables, some signed by Marie Briot, all engravings on integral leaves. With woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and decorated initials.Sheepskin parchment (ca. 1700?), gold-tooled title on the smooth spine. Full description
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Daniel Heinsius's famous Aesop schoolbook, illustrated by Christoffel van Sichem

AESOP. Fabulae Graecè & Latinè, nunc denuo selectae: eae item, quas Avienus carmine expressit. Accedit Ranarum & murium pugna, Homero olim asscripta: cum elegantissimis in utroque libello figuris, & utriusque interpretatione, plurimis in locis emendatâ. Ex decreto DD. Hollandiae ordinum, in usum scholarum.
Utrecht, Jurriaen van Poolsum, 1685. Small 8vo. With small woodcut of a fox sitting under a tree on the title-page, a woodcut depicting Aesop with animals dancing around him, and children wearing crowns looking in at the door (illustrating the account Aesop's life), and 48 further woodcuts in the text, 40 illustrating Aesop's fables, and 6 illustrating the "Battle of the frogs and the mice", all by Christoffel van Sichem. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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Faerno's 100 verse fables from Aesop and others: rare first Amsterdam edition with 99 woodcuts

[AESOP]. FAERNO, Gabriel. Centum fabulae ex antiquis scriptoribus delectae, & à Gabriele Faerno Cremonensii carminibus explicatae, hac editione variorum sapientum sententiis adornatae.
Amsterdam, Hendrik Wetstein, 1690. 8vo. With 99 (of 100) charming woodcuts (5.5 x 5.5 mm.), 53 signed "A" (Arnold Nicolai), and 2 signed "G" (Gerard Janssen van Kampen). With a woodcut flower and foliage tailpiece on the title-page, woodcut head- and tailpieces and woodcut decorated initials.Contemporary vellum, sewn on 3 vellum tapes laced through the joints. Full description
€ 950
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