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One of the many Italian Dorpius editions, illustrated with 76 nice woodcuts

Aesopi Phrygis, et aliorum fabulae, quorum nomina sequens pagella indicabit, elegantissimis iconibus in gratiam juventutis illustratae, Pluribusque auctae, & diligentius, quam antehac emandatae. Cum indice locupletisimo.
Bassano, Jo. Antonius Remondinus, 1734. 12mo. With woodcut printers vignette on title-page and some woodcut initials and 76 woodcuts (ca. 42 x 55 mm.), partly after Bernard Salomon, partly after Nicolaus and Gerardus Jansen van Kampen. Sheepskin over boards. 279, [280], [8] pp.
€ 450
Elegant edition of de Dorpius redaction of the Aesop fables. All Latin 349 fables in prose are printed in one column, each with a Adfabulation. The edition is an almost page-for-page reprint of an earlier Bassano edition (see nr. 35) which is a reprint of the Brescia edition of 1623 (Bodemann, 64.1), with partly the same woodcuts as in the undated earlier Bassano edition, which are after those in the 1623 edition but somewhat enlarged. The woodcuts in our edition (not all!) are more worn down than in the u dated Bassano edition). Bodemann, 64. 2 (variant, or printing error in Bodemann: 1743 = 1734?), see also 64.1 (& 31.1); not in Fabulae docet.
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