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History, Law & Philosophy / Genealogy, Heraldry & Flags

Graphically stunning 3-volume historical manuscript atlas

[ATLAS - HISTORICAL]. Atlas historique. - Souvenirs historiques. - Tableaux et cartes.
[Montpellier?], [date on spine of vol. 1:] 1851. 3 volumes. Folio (vol. 1) and large 4to (vols. 2-3). Neatly written manuscripts on paper with 23 graphically vibrant maps, coloured in outline with subtly shaded washes in grey (for the coasts) and numerous bright colours (for political boundaries), and with calligraphic headings. Contemporary bindings: vol. 1 red half goatskin; vol. 2 black half goatskin; vol. 3 black sheepskin. [1], [26 double]; [1], [22 double]; [1], 30 double, [1] ll. Full description
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Genealogy of the seven patrician families of Antwerp

CHRISTYN, Johannes-Baptista. Senatus populique Antverpiensis. Nobilitas sive septem tribus patriciae Antverpienses.
Leiden, Petrus Heghius [printed in Brussels by Philippe Vleugart], 1672. 8vo. With an allegorical frontispiece showing a personification of time accompanying the crests of the seven houses above personifications of the Scheldt and the city of Antwerp and 7 engraved coatsofarms in text. Modern half parchment, red paste paper sides. [10], 55 pp. Full description
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Japanese manuscript showing 87 hand-coloured flags

[MANUSCRIPT - FLAGS]. [Japanese manuscript illustrating flags from all over the world].
[Japan, ca. 1837]. (28 x 21 cm). Japanese manuscript showing 87 hand-coloured flags, with names in Dutch and Japanese for the countries and only in Dutch for most cities, all except the first, measuring ca. 3.5 x 5.5 cm. Contemporary binding in traditional Japanese style heavy paper wrappers without spine. [15], [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Very rare educational work in a fine armorial dedication binding from the Bourbon restoration, for Marie Thérèse, Duchess of Angoulême, the only heir of Louis XVI to survive the Revolution

GALLAND, P.J. Cours pratique d'éducation à l'usage des jeunes demoiselles, et convenable aux jeunes gens qui ne sont pas à porté de suivre les études de collège, ou qui les ont suivies sans succès; contenant la grammaire, précédée de principes de lecture servant d'introduction; la rhétorique, l'arithmétique, la cosmographie, la géographie, l'histoire et la mythologie, traitée séparément pour l'enfance et pour l'adolescence, par demandes et par réponses. Dédié à Son Altesse Royale Madame, Duchesse d'Angoulême.
Paris, Librairie d'Éducation d'Alexis Eymerie, and the author (on back of title-page: printed by J.-B. Imbert), 1816 (vol. 3!)-1817 (vols. 1-2). 3 volumes. Large 12mo (17.5 x 10.5 cm). With a large folding engraved map of France, 3 astronomical and cosmographical figures on 3 engraved plates, a large folding hierarchical "tableau synoptique" of French grammar, and numerous numerical tables and mathematical equations in the text. Contemporary richly gold-tooled, grained green morocco, each board with the large arms of the dedicatee, Marie Thérèse de France, Duchesse d'Angoulême, daughter of King Louis XVI: a crowned double coat- of-arms (each in an oval) in a wide border of fleurs-de-lis and tulip-like flowers, the dexter arms (of her husband) that normally used by the Duc de Berry, but also by the seconde maison Capétienne d'Artois and the sinister arms (of her father Louis XVI) matching that of the Kings of France, pink silk endleaves, gilt edges. [4], 515, [1]; 552, [2]; 492, [2] pp. Full description
€ 25,000
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333 very interesting genealogical tables of all reigning houses and noble families of Europe

HÜBNER, Johann. Drey hundert und drey und dreyßig Genealogische Tabellen, nebst denen darzu gehörigen Genealogischen Fragen, zur Erläuterung der Politischen Historie...
Leipzig, Johann Friedrich Gleditsch & Sohn, 1712. Oblong folio. With the title-page printed in red and black, 1 large woodcut gothic decorated initial. Set primarily in fraktur type. Contemporary half sheepskin, marbled sides. [8] pp., [333] ll. with tables, [7] pp. Full description
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Rare heraldic game for young noblemen, improving and displaying their knowledge
of the genealogy, heraldry, geography and history of the main regions of Europe

KNOOP, Johann Hermann. Vermakelyk wapen-kundig, geographisch, en historisch spel, betreffende de voornaamste heerschende staten in Europa. En dienende om de jonge lieden, inzonderheid die van een meer als gemeene geboorte of educatie zyn, de wapen-kunde, geographie en historie gelyk als speelender wyze te leeren.
Amsterdam, David Klippink, 1768. 8vo. With a full-page engraved armorial plate with the coat-of-arms of the British chivalric Order of the Garter with their motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense" and small woodcut hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds in a card game in the text. 19th-century brown cloth, yellow endpapers. [24], 203, [5] pp. Full description
€ 1,250
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The first detailed published account of the Ottoman Emperors, partly translated from a Turkish manuscript

LEUNCLAVIUS (LÖWENKLAU), Johannes and Muhammed ibn Hasanjan SAADEDDIN. Annales Sultanorum Othmanidarum, a Turcis sua lingua scripti:Hieronymi Beck a Leopoldstorf ... diligentia Constantinopoli advecti M D L I, ...
Including: [PESEL, Paul]. Historia Viennae Austriacae a Turcis obsessae ...
Frankfurt am Main, heirs of Andreas Wechel, 1596. Large folio (32 x 21 cm). With a folding letterpress family tree of ancestors and descendants of Osman I. Modern tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. 260, [26] pp. Full description
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Nice collection of 131 flags, banners standards and crests made in Japan

[MANUSCRIPT - FLAGS - JAPAN] "All the flags from 1893".
Japan, 1893. Collection of drawings of 131 flags, banners etc. on separate leaves of varying sizes, most of them coloured. With: (2) [MANUSCRIPT]. [Decorated Japanese rice-paper].
Japan, [1893?]. Ten sample leaves 928 x 38 cm) of so-called rice paper (actually cut in small sheets from the pith of the rice-paper plant, Tetrapanax papyrifer), decorated with varying designs, like flowers, fans and traditional Japanese dolls.
19th-century wrappers of thick handmade Japanese paper, reinforced with straps of paper containing Japanese characters and blue and red stamps; with the title of ad 1 in Japanese characters on the front wrapper. [131]; [10] ll. Full description
€ 5,000
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Richly illustrated authorative guide on the art of heraldry and coats of arms
by one of the most important 17th-century heralds

MÉNESTRIER, Claude-François. Abbregé methodique des principes heraldiques ou du veritable art du blason.
Lyon, Benoist Coral, 1665. 12mo. With an engraved title-page (still dated 1661, as in the first edition), a double-page engraving of the coronation of Charles I, King of Naples and Sicily, and 8 (of 10) engraved plates with a total of 209 (of 293) figures, nearly all coats of arms, with all plates coloured by a contemporary hand. Also with small woodcut coats of arms in the text. Polished gold-tooled tan calf (ca. 1840/49) by F. Koehler. [24], 111, [9] pp. plus frontispiece and plates. Full description
€ 2,750
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