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History, Law & Philosophy / Genealogy, Heraldry & Flags

An extensive album amicorum of a German student from Stendal, with over 100 illustrations

BÖKEL (BÖCKELIUS), Wilhelm. [Album amicorum of Wilhelm Bökel junior].
Stettin (Szczecin, Poland), Helmstedt, Jena, Leipzig, Groningen, Leiden and Rotterdam, 1616-1651. 4to. Manuscript on paper, with most entries in Latin, and mottos also in Greek, French and German. Title-page with an elaborate cartouche in coloured gouaches highlighted with gold, with "GVIELMVS BOCKELIVS/IVNIOR" in silver below his coat of arms and above a scene perhaps showing Lucretia. Further with 49 coloured gouaches highlighted with gold showing coats of arms, costumes and various scenes (some cut out and mounted on the album's leaves), a pen and ink wash drawing, 23 full-page engraved portraits, 18 full-page engraved views, an engraved image of Mercury, and 12 full-page engraved emblems. Modern gold-tooled calf, gold-tooled board edges, new endpapers. Full description
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273 coats of arms 1266-1753,
including the Governors of the Dutch East Indies 1610-1743

[COAT OF ARMS - LOW COUNTRIES]. [Armorial of the Bishopric of Liège and of officials of and associated with the Low Countries].
[Utrecht or vicinity?, ca. 1740-ca. 1753]. Folio (33 x 21.5 cm). Manuscript armorial with 273 coats of arms (plus 7 with names and information but with the arms left blank), nearly all coloured and (where appropriate) with gold and silver, the dated ones ranging from 1266 to 1753. Contemporary blind-tooled sprinkled calf. Full description
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A history of coins, with 120 attractive embossed plates

FLIESSBACH, Ferdinand. Münzsammlung enthaltend die wichtigsten seit dem Westphälischen Frieden bis zum Jahre 1800 geprägten Gold- und Silber-Münzen sämmtlicher Länder und Städte. Mit geographischen, geschichtlichen, statistischen, heraldischen und numismatischen Erläuterungen.
Leipzig, Ernst Schäfer, 1855. 8vo. With embossed illustrations of numerous coins printed in gold or silver on 120 plates, with a bright blue background. Contemporary half calf, rebacked. Full description
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Very rare educational work in a fine armorial dedication binding from the Bourbon restoration ,
for Marie Thérèse, Duchess of Angoulême, the only direct heir of Louis XVI to survive the Revolution

GALLAND, P.J. Cours pratique d'éducation à l'usage des jeunes demoiselles, et convenable aux jeunes gens qui ne sont pas à porté de suivre les études de collège, ou qui les ont suivies sans succès; contenant la grammaire, précédée de principes de lecture servant d'introduction; la rhétorique, l'arithmétique, la cosmographie, la géographie, l'histoire et la mythologie, traitée séparément pour l'enfance et pour l'adolescence, par demandes et par réponses. Dédié à Son Altesse Royale Madame, Duchesse d'Angoulême.
Paris, Librairie d'Éducation d'Alexis Eymerie, and the author (on back of title-page: printed by J.-B. Imbert), 1816 (vol. 3!)-1817 (vols. 1-2). 3 volumes. Large 12mo (17.5 x 10.5 cm). With a large folding engraved map of France, 3 astronomical and cosmographical figures on 3 engraved plates, a large folding hierarchical "tableau synoptique" of French grammar, and numerous numerical tables and mathematical equations in the text. Contemporary richly gold-tooled, grained green morocco, each board with the large arms of the dedicatee, Marie Thérèse de France, Duchesse d'Angoulême, daughter of King Louis XVI: a crowned double coat- of-arms (each in an oval) in a wide border of fleurs-de-lis and tulip-like flowers, the dexter arms (of her husband) that normally used by the Duc de Berry, but also by the seconde maison Capétienne d'Artois and the sinister arms (of her father Louis XVI) matching that of the Kings of France, pink silk endleaves, gilt edges. Full description
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Standard work on the nobility of Friesland with 252 beautifully coloured coats of arms

HAAN HETTEMA, Montanus de and Arent van HALMAEL. Stamboek van den Frieschen, vroegeren en lateren, adel, uit oude en echte bescheiden en aanteekeningen, en met bijvoeging van de wapens der onderscheidene geslachten, opgemaakt.
Leeuwarden, D. Meindersma, 1846. 2 volumes. Large folio (45.5 x 29.5 cm). With 2 lithographed title-pages, 2 folding letterpress tables, 42 full-page hand-coloured lithographed plates (with the heraldic tinctures, including gold and silver), each showing 6 coats of arms. Contemporary gold-tooled mottled calf, each board with arms with a count's(?) crown and a chain with the order of Malta. Full description
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Massive biographical work including numerous mythological and important historical figures

PANTALEON, Heinrich (Hans Heinrich BANTLIN). Prosopographiae heroum atque illustrium virorum totius Germaniae, pars prima [secunda & tertia]. In hac personarum desriptione omnium tam armis et autoritate, quam literis & religione totius Germaniae celebrium virorum vitae & res praeclarè gestae bona fide referentur, à condito mundo [part 1] ... ad ... annum [1566] usque [part 3].
Basel, Nicolaus Brylinger (volume 3: heirs of Nicolaus Brylinger), 1565-1566. 3 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With 3 title-pages, each with the same woodcut printer's device and with the same woodcut portrait of the author on the back (each with a different verse), ca. 1500 woodcut portraits of famous men from German history (including many repeats) and several letterpress genealogical tables. Boards (ca. 1800), gold-tooled spine. Full description
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A laudatory poem for the stadholder Willem IV,
celebrating the re-establishment of a stadholder for the Dutch Republic

STRAAT, Pieter. D'Oranjeboom verheerlykt [above:] Geslachtboom van de huizen van Oranje en van Nassau, ...
(Colophon: Amsterdam, Hendrik de Leth), [1747]. 4to. With an engraved armorial title-page by Hendrik de Leth, with the subtitle in a banderol at the head, a crowned tree representing the family tree of the houses of Orange and Nassau (with 27 family coats of arms), a wreath with an orange tree, the 7 arms of the Dutch provinces and military attributes, the whole beautifully hand-coloured as published. Contemporary gold-tooled calf, by the Van Damme bindery in Amsterdam, each board in a panel design with a figure of Athena as centre-piece, 2 urns with flames and 2 (pommegranate?) flowers as cornerpieces for the inner border, larger pommegranate cornerpieces  for the next border, the whole in a third border (withflower and pommegranate roll), a rosette and fillets in each of the spine compartments, gold-tooled board edges, gilt edges, marbled endpapers. Full description
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Armorial of the Low Countries, with 1189 hand-coloured coats of arms,
with the prospectus, 2 circular letters about the publication, the 1830 and 1836 title-pages
and a large colour drawing of the Stratenus arms on vellum with extensive gold

WELEVELD, Louis Alexander van and P. O’KELLY jr. Algemeen wapenboek van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden.
[The Hague], L.A. van Weleveld & P. O’Kelly jr., 1830-1836. Super Royal 4to (35 x 25.5 cm). With 2 engraved title-pages (dated 1830 and 1836) and 204 engraved plates showing 7 sorts of crowns and 1189 coats of arms with supporters, helms, crests, mantling, flags, etc. The 1830 title-page and all 204 plates coloured for the publishers and highlighted with varnish. With the 1828 prospectus and circulars dated 1828 and 1830 bound in, an extra copy of plate 122, and a vellum leaf with a large (13.5 x 15.5 cm) colour drawing of Stratenus coat of arms, with extensive use of gold. Contemporary half calf; rebacked, preserving the original gold-tooled spine but with 20th-century corners. Full description
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