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A wonderfully illustrated rare Dutch compilation of Apian

[ASTRONOMY - APIAN and others]. S.D.V.B (compiler). Een nieu constich boeck inde geometrie en de astronomiae, voor desen noyt in druck gheweest, ende is in ses stucken afghedeylt ...
(Colophon:) Rees, Abraham Wijlicx, 1608. Folio (30 x 19.5 cm). With a half-page woodcut illustration and some decorations built up from typographic ornaments on the title-page, 74 woodcuts of various sizes in text, many (near) full- and half-page, with some woodcut decorated initials (various series), a headpiece built up from typographic ornaments and an ornamental woodcut tailpiece. Contemporary vellum, sewn on four supports laced through the joints. 111, [1] pp. Full description
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two controversial works by Balthasar Bekker">"Making an end" to the superstitious belief in the devil and the apocalyptical meaning of comets:
two controversial works by Balthasar Bekker

BEKKER, Balthasar. De betoverde weereld, zynde een grondig ondersoek van 't gemeen gevoelen aangaande de geesten, derselver aart en vermogen, bewind en bedryf: als ook 't gene de menschen door derselver kraght en gemeenschap doen. In vier boeken ondernomen.Amsterdam, Daniel van den Dalen, 1691-1693. With the woodcut printer's device of Daniel van den Dalen on the title-page of each book (part) and a full-page woodcut of the Oldenburg Horn.
With: (2) BEKKER, Balthasar. Ondersoek van de betekeninge der kometen, by gelegenheid van de gene die in de jaren 1680. 1681. en 1682. geschenen hebben.Including: Berigt aangaande 't uitvinden der lengte van Oost en West, voorgegeven van Liewe Willems Graaf.
Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, 1692. 4to. 2 works in 1 volume, the first work in 4 parts. With a woodcut on the title-page, depicting a group of people doing astronomical research.2 works in 1 volume, the first work in 4 parts. 4to. Contemporary calf, blind-ruled frames on the boards. [18], 138, [2]; [8], 262, [2]; [8], 188, [4]; [6], 277, [3]; [8], 102, [18] pp. Full description
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Early work on cell biology

BONNET, Charles. La palingénésie philosophique, ou idées sur l' état passé et sur l' état futur des êtres vivans. Ouvrage destiné à servir de supplement aux derniers écrits de l'auteur ...
Genève, Claude Philibert and Barthelemi Chirol, 1770. 2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, richly gold-tooled spine. XXVI, [2], 431, [1 blank]; [2], II, 448 pp. Full description
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3 little-known works by Italian scientist on astronomy, hydrostatics and navigation

BRUNETTI, Francesco Saverio. Trattenimenti scientifici su la sfera, geografia istorica, meteore, ed astronomia.
Rome, Bernabò and Lazzarini, 1754. With several woodcut illustrations in the text (including an armillary sphere), and an extra added folding engraved frontispiece.
(2) BRUNETTI, Francesco Saverio. Trattenimenti scientifici su lindrografia, nautica, blasone, statica, meccanica, architectura, pirotecnia, e suono.
Roma, Bernabò and Lazzarini, 1755. With several woodcut illustrations in the text, and an extra added frontispiece (facsimile of an engraving?).
(3) BRUNETTI, Francesco Saverio. Macchina semplicissima per cui lacqua da se stessa salice ad una data altezza.
Rome, Bernabò and Lazzarini, 1747. With folding engraved plate as frontispiece. 3 works (the first in 2 parts) in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary sheepskin parchment. [24], 180, 112; [8], 173, [3 blank]; 12 pp. Full description
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The complete supplement volumes to Buffon's seminal work, including his new theory on the earth

BUFFON, Georges Louis Leclerc. Histoire naturelle, générale et particuliére . . . Supplément [Tome premier - septième].
Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1774-1782 (vols. 1-6); Dordrecht, A. Blussé and son, 1799 (vol. 7). 7 volumes. 4to. With 2 folding engraved maps and 218 plates (full-page and folding and including 2 bis), all engraved. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges (vols. 1-6, uniform), 19th-century half calf, gold-tooled spine (vol. 7). Full description
€ 2,250
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Secrets of the goldsmith and sculptor; with an important passage on Michelangelo's sculptural techniques

CELLINI, Benvenuto. Due trattati, uno intorno alle otto principali arti dell' oreficeria. L'altro in materia dell'arte della scultura; dove si veggono infiniti segreti nel lavorar le figure di marmo, & nel gettarle di bronzo.
Florence, Valente Panizzi, Marco Peri, 1568. 4to. With the woodcut coat of arms of the Medici on the title-page, a woodcut printer's device at the end, 1 small and 36 large architectural historiated initials. 19th-century marbled-paper boards. [5], 61, [7] ll. Full description
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The 7500-page works of one of the most creative and influential minds of the Enlightenment

DIDEROT, Denis. Oeuvres de Denis Diderot, publiées, sur les manuscrits de l'auteur, par Jacques-André Naigeon, de l'Institut National des Sciences, etc. Tome premier[-quinzième].
Paris, Desray, Deterville (back of half-title, vol. I: printed by [Charles] Crapelet), an VI [=] 1798. 15 volumes. 8vo. With a frontispiece portrait of the author engraved by Charles Étienne Gaucher after a 1766 drawing by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 16 engraved plates and a folding letterpress table of all kinds of human knowledge for the Encyclopédie (52 x 37.5 cm). Contemporary, uniform half sprinkled calf, richly gold-tooled spines. [in total about 7500 pp.]. Full description
€ 6,500
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Ocean waves, flooding & hydraulic engineering, well-illustrated

EMY, Amand Rose. Ueber die Bewegung der Wellen und über den Bau am Meere und im Meere. ... Mit 10 Kupfertafeln [sic].
Vienna, Ludwig Förster's artistischer Anstalt (on reverse of title-page: printed by J.P. Sollinger), 1839. 8vo. With 10 folding lithographic plates (23 x 39 to 54 cm) with 75 figures showing diagrams of wave forms and motions, and plans and cross-sections of coasts, man-made barriers, buildings, hydraulic devices, etc. 19-century blue cloth. [2], XIV, 242, [2] pp. Full description
€ 350
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