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Three ground-breaking scientific works on air by Robert Boyle
In the rare Latin translations published in the Netherlands

BOYLE, Robert. Nova experimenta physico-mechanica de VI aëris elastica & ejusdem effectibus, facta maximam partem in nova machina pneumatica. Editio postrema.
Rotterdam, Arnold Leers Jr, 1669. With engraved frontispiece and a folding engraved plate.
(2) BOYLE, Robert. Defensio doctrinae De elatere & gravitate aëris, propositae à Dno. Rob. Boyle, in novis ipsus physico-mechanicis experimentis, adversus objectiones Francisci Lini ... Editio postrema.
Leiden, Arnold Leers Jr., 1669. With 1 folding engraved plate.
(3) BOYLE, Robert. Exercitationes de Atmo-sphaeris corporum consistentium; ...
Leiden, Felix Lopez de Haro, 1676. 3 works in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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120 prints, nearly all 1601-1725, including at least 4 complete series,
most brought together ca. 1745

[CALLOT, Jacques, Carel ALLARD & others]. [Collection of 120 engravings by French, Dutch, Italian and German artists].
Venice, Paris, [Amsterdam], etc., 1601-1725 (album ca. 1745?), with additions [1788] & [ca. 1790]. 8vo, 4to, etc. (19 x 13 cm). 120 engraved prints, namely 44 from 4 complete print series (1 with a title-print), 57 (including 3 title-prints) from 10 or 11 other series and 19 prints apparently not from any series, by Jacques Callot (1 complete series), Odoardo Fialetti, Herman Weyen, Balthasar Moncornet, Henri Bonnart, Carel Allard (3 complete series), P. Landry and others (see contents, below). Mottled sheepskin (ca. 1745?). Full description
€ 9,500
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The principles of navigation

CLEEFF, Jacob van. Catechismus der zeevaartkunde, of vragen en oefeningen over het beschouwende en werkdadige der stuurmanskunst; ... Tweede verbeterde en met antwoorden vermeerderde uitgaaf.
Groningen, M. Smit, 1846. 8vo. With woodcut vignette on title-page. Original publisher's stiff printed paper wrappers, with at the back an advertisement for 6 other works by Van Cleeff. Full description
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Very rare Brussels edition of the first anatomical atlas illustrated by lithography, with 300 plates

CLOQUET, Jules Germain. Anatomie de l'homme, ou description et figures lithographiées de toutes les parties du corps humain; ... publiée par C. de Lasteyrie. ... Tome premier[-second].
Brussels, Livorno, Leipzig, Auguste Wahlen, 1828[-1831?]. 2 volumes plus a supplement, bound as 1. Royal folio (52 x 35.5 cm). With 2 letterpress title-pages and 300 numbered lithographed plates. Later 19th-century half sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 4,950
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First Russian edition of Darwin's "Origin of species"

DARWIN, Charles. [In Cyrillic type:] O proischozhdenii vidov [= On the origin of species].
St. Petersburg, Alexander Illich Glazunov (printed by Glazunov), 1864. 8vo. With 1 lithographed plate showing Darwin's famous branching tree of life, and 4 pages of Glazunov's publisher's advertisements at the end, describing 25 publications. Set entirely in Cyrillic type. Modern half brown morocco, with the original publisher's printed back wrapper bound in. Full description
€ 7,500
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Eulogies of four famous scientists

FRISI, Paolo. Elogio del cavaliere Isacco Newton.
[Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1778].
(2) FRISI, Paolo. Elogio del signor D'Alembert.
Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1786.
(3) FRISI, Paolo. Elogi di Galileo Galilei e di Bonaventura Cavalieri.
Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1778. 3 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half sheepskin parchment. Full description
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Baskerville’s last, largest and most expensive book, with stunning, mostly life-sized anatomical plates
of pregnant women and their unborn children
“one of the finest anatomical atlases ever to be produced” (Garrison & Morton)

HUNTER, William. Anatomia uteri humani gravidi tabulis illustrata, ... The anatomy of the human gravid uterus exhibited in figures, ...
Birmingham, printed by John Baskerville; London sold by Samuel Baker & George Leigh, Thomas Cadell, David Wilson & George Nicol, John Murray, 1774. Royal 1mo (67 x 48.5 cm). With 34 numbered engraved anatomical plates (plate size 35.5 x 29 cm to 58.5 x 46 cm), drawn by Jan van Riemsdijk and engraved by Robert Strange and others. Without the dedication leaf present in some copies. 20th-century half brown goatskin morocco. Full description
€ 9,000
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Popular school book on astronomy

LACAILLE (LA CAILLE), Nicolas Louis de. Lectiones elementares astronomiae, geometriae, et physicae, ex editione Parisina anni 1755 in Latinum traductae a C.S(chefer) e S.J. Including: Appendix, complectens Praecipuas Mutationes, quas Auctor in Ultima Editione Parisina anno 1761 fecit, et in Latinum convertit C.S(chefer) e S.J.
Vienna, Prague, Johann Thomas Trattner, 1757-1762. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With woodcut vignette on 2 title-pages, 10 folding engraved plates in text. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 1,950
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In an embossed binding designed by the author, turning the boards into sundials

LE ROYER, Jacques. Oeuvres . . . [with a note above the title: "Dico opera mea Regi."].
Including: LE ROYER, Jacques. Traité des influences divisé en deux parties. Premiere . . . Des influences des cieux, & des astres . . . Deuxie'me . . . Des influences, & vertus occultes des estres terrestres.
Paris, R.J.B. de la Caille (printed [by Nicolas Motays] in Avranches), 1678. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With engraved device on title-page, a full-page engraved astrological sundial, 14 woodcuts in the text, depicting apparatus set up for laboratory experiments, astrological diagrams, etc. Contemporary tanned sheepskin over boards, designed by the author. The front board, back board and spine have been embossed with three different engraved plates sundials, emblems and extensive lettering. The plate for the spine includes emblems for Louis XIV (sun), the Dauphin (dolphin) and others. In a modern red morocco box. Full description
€ 60,000
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Van Marum's electrostatic generator

MARUM, Martinus van. Beschreibung einer ungemein großen Elektrisier-Maschine und der damit im Teylerschen Museum zu Haarlem angestelten Versuche ... Aus dem Holländisch übersetzt.
Leipzig, Schwickert, 1786-1798. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 27 engraved plates (including 18 folding and 9 hand-coloured). Contemporary marbled boards, preserved in brown cloth clamshell box. Full description
€ 15,000
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