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Fine complete alphabet of roman capitals with figures from classical Greek mythology

[Dresden and Augsburg or Nürnberg?], [Johann Christian Weigel?], engraved by Moritz Bodenehr, [1693?]. Oblong folio (unfolded 2-leaf sheets 37 x 29 cm). A series of 4 unnumbered engraved prints, with 6 images to a plate (each 52 x 52 mm), the first 23 showing an alphabet of roman capitals (A-Z without J, U or W), mostly with figures from classical Greek mythological, and the 24th showing a figure without a letter with what might be called the title: "A B C". Full description
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Attractive Bodoni first edition of Italian poetry

CASSOLI, Francesco. Versi.
Parma, Giambattista Bodoni, 1802. 8vo. Mid-19th-century gold-tooled red morocco, both sides with a gilt border consisting of double fillets, circles and asterisks and a dotted line, and the cypher monogram of Alexine Boucaumont de Montfaud (AM under a laurel wreath with 10 stars in centre), gilt edges. Full description
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Paris manual for priests, by the Bishop of Condom
with Clichtove’s work on the priesthood, inaugurating Parisian Renaissance typography:
two Paris first editions (1519) bound for a relative of Clichtove’s editor

CLICHTOVE, Josse (Judocus CLICHTOVEUS). De vita et moribus sacerdotum, opusculum: singularem eoru[m] dignitatem oste[n]dens, & quibus ornati esse debea[n]t virtutibus: explanans.
Paris, Henri Estienne I, 1519 (colophon: 4 August). With woodcut title-page with the letterpress title and imprint in the central opening; further with about 21 woodcut initials (4 series, mostly criblé) plus about 4 repeats.
With: (2) MARRE, Jean. Enchiridio[n] sacerdotale concinnatu[m] ad salutarem eruditionem Christifideliu[m] ab lo[n]ge revere[n]do in Christo patre d[omi]no Ioanne Mare Co[n]domien[sis]. episcopo. In quo haec sunt capita. ...
[Paris], (colophon: Jodocus Badius Ascensius, 25 November 1519). With numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series, the largest 45-47 mm. criblé initials). 2 works in 1 volume. 4to (20 x 14 cm). 16th-century blind- and gold-tooled calf, each board in a panel design, with the owner's name "D. Ioa[n]mes[!] Lassere" on the front and motto "memento mortis" on the back, the motto and fleurs-de-lis on the back in gold. Full description
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One of the earliest herbals with etched plates

COLONNA, Fabio. [In Greek: Phytobasanos] sive plantarum aliquot historia in qua describuntur diversi generis plantae veriores, ac magis facie, viribúsque respondentes antiquorum Theophrasti, Dioscoridis Plinii, Galeni, aliorúmque delineationibus, ab aliis hucusque non animadversae. ... etiam piscium aliquot, plantarúmque novarum historia eodem auctore.
Naples, Horatio Salviani, Jacobus Carlino and Antonius Pace, 1592. 4to. With Salviani's woodcut device on title-page, 37 full-page etched botanical and ichthyological illustrations on integral leaves (8 x 13 cm), 33 of plants & 4 of fish and other marine species, each in a border built up from cast fleurons and rules, dozens of woodcut decorated initials (4 series) and further decorations built up from cast fleurons. Set in roman types with the preliminaries in italic and several passages in Greek. Gold-tooled brown calf (ca. 1700?), sprinkled edges. Full description
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Unrecorded edition of 50 proverbs with sonnets, printed by the Bodoni family printing office in Saluzzo

COPERTINO, Giuseppe da. Cinquanta detti ... esposti in altrettanti sonetti dedicati all'illustrissimo, e reverendissimo monsignore Gioachino Domenico Radicati dell'ordine de' predicatori vescovo d'Alghero ec. ec. ec.
Saluzzo, Giovandomenico Bodoni, 1786. 4to. With woodcut vignette on title-page and a few rococo decorated titling capitals. Contemporary paper wrappers. Full description
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Turkish folk tales in Arabic script, text and 8 illustrations lithographed in Istanbul

[FOLK TALES - TURKISH]. The story of the famous Ferhad and Shirin. [with] Stories of the secret of Mahfiruz Sultan.
Istanbul, the lithographic printing office [Henri Cayol?], 1271 A.H. [= 1854/55]. 4to. A wholly lithographed book from a calligraphic and pen-decorated manuscript written in Turkish in Arabic script, with 8 lithographed pen-drawn illustration plates, and elaborate pen-work decoration on the title-page, the opening of the text and the final page, and smaller decorations scattered through the text. Contemporary boards (spine reinforced with later brown cloth). Full description
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