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Two seminal works of Arabic astronomy in their first and second (greatly revised) editions

AL-FARGHANI (ALFRAGANUS), Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kathir. Continentur in hoc Iibro. Rudimenta astronomica Alfragrani.
[AL-BATTANI, Muhammad ibn Jabir]. Item Albategnius De motu stellarum, ex observationibus tum propriis, tum Ptolemaei, omnia cum demonstrationibus geometricis & additionibus Joannis de Regiomonte.
[REGIOMONTANUS, Johannes]. Item Oratio introductoria in omnes scientias mathematicas Ioannis de Regiomonte, Patavii habita, cum Alfraganum publice praelegeret. Eiusdem utilissima introductio in Elementa Euclidis.
[MELANCHTHON, Philipp]. Item Epistola Phillippi Melanthonis nuncupatoria, ad Senatum Noribergensem. Omnia iam recens prelis publicata.
Nürnberg, (colophon (2f6): Johann Petreius), 1537. With 29 woodcut diagrams and letterpress tables.
With: (2) RICCI, Agostino. De motu octavae sphaerae, opus mathematica, atq[ue] philosophia plenum. ... Eiusdam De astronomiae autoribus epistola.
Paris, Simon de Colines, 1521. 2 editions in 1 volume, the first in 2 parts. 4to (20.5 x 15.5 cm). Both set in roman types, including small caps. Contemporary blind-tooled calf. Binding badly damaged and spine reinforced with paper at an early date. Full description
€ 65,000
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Rare 17th-century writing book & instructions, for learning without a master

ALLAIS, Jean Baptiste. L'art d'ecrire.
Paris, chez l'auteur, 1680. Folio. With large woodcut vignette on letterpress title-page, a woodcut headpiece, 2 woodcut decorative initials, decorations built up from cast arabesque fleurons, an engraved calligraphic title-page and 22 (of 23) engraved leaves with calligraphic writing samples and illustrations, all engraved by Louis Senault. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, and unusual marbled paste-downs. Full description
€ 2,250
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Italian florilegium, only copy known with 65 plates printed in up to 6 colours

ARENA, Filippo. La natura, e coltura de' fiori fisicamente esposta.
Palermo, Angelo Felicella, 1767-1768. 2 text volumes (4to), bound as 3, and 1 plates volume (oblong folio). With 65 engraved plates printed in colour, occasionally combining up to 6 colours on one plate. The first plate (here wholly printed in dark green) serves as an (allegorical) frontispiece and includes the name of the author and that of Mario Cammerari, the second plate depicts tools, seeds and details of flowers, the third plate contains parterre designs and the other plates depict flowers (several to each plate). Modern flexible boards, covered with decorated paper. Full description
€ 85,000
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Facsimile of Alunno of Ferrara's "Cartoni", plates with calligraphic examples

BARKER, Nicolas. The glory of the art of writing: the calligraphic work of Francesco Alunno of Ferrara. - Facsimile of the Cartoni.
Los Angeles, Cotsen occasional press, 2009. 2 volumes. Folio. Text volume with a frontispiece and small decoration on title-page, both in colour, and two black and white illustrations in text. Facsimile with the same decoration on title-page, and 231 facsimile leaves in colour. Dark blue cloth, with a matching slipcase. Full description
€ 200
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73 proof impressions of all 12 illustrations

BAYARD, Émile. [Proof impressions of illustrations for Alphonse Daudet's Fromont jeune et Risler aîné].
[Paris, 1885]. Folio (35 x 29 cm). Proofs of 12 engraved plates in many different states, giving 73 prints in total, engraved by Jules Massard and Eugène Abot after Emilé Bayard (image size 10.7 x 7.3 cm; plate size 19 x 14 cm). Contemporary half goatskin morocco. Full description
€ 4,750
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Bellarmino's Arabic catechism with the rare Arabic instructions for confession and communion

BELLARMINO, Roberto. [Title in Arabic] | Dichiarazione piú copiosa della dottrina cristiana.
Rome, [Propaganda Fide], 1770. 8vo.
With: (2) BORGIA, Stefano. Irsad li-ajl al-i'tiraf wa-tanawul al-qurban, … [= Instructions for confession and communion]
[Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1770?]. Both works are set entirely in Arabic type. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo (18 x 12 cm). Contemporary half sheepskin. Full description
€ 4,500
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With the text printed in gold and bound by the most important Dutch bindery of the 18th century

[BIBLE - DUTCH - MINIATURE]. Kern des Bybels.
The Hague, Antony de Groot and sons, 1750. 128mo (binding 4.5 x 3.0 x 1.0 cm). With text printed in gold, title-page printed in gold, red and black with woodcut device, woodcut frontispiece, 6 full-page (3.3 x 1.6 mm!) woodcut illustrations, and headpieces built up from fleurons. The drop-titles of the five chapters and the appendix are printed in red, as is the fleuron used as a tailpiece at the end of each. Contemporary richly gold-tooled black morocco by the so-called first "stadhouderlijke" bindery, gilt edges. Full description
€ 4,750
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Lovely commemoration of the Imperial success against the French at Acqui Terme in Piedmont,
printed in gold and in a gold-brocade wrapper

BIORCI, Guido. Applausi poetici alla vera rigenerazione del Piemonte operata nel 1799. Dalla divina provvidenza col celebre valore delle armi Austro-Russe.
Acqui Terme (between Torino and Genoua), Giovanni Francesco Arcasio, [1799?]. 4to. With woodcut arms on first leaf. Printed in gold throughout. Gold-brocade decorated paper wrappers, showing an embossed floral pattern with hunters, a wild boar, deer and dogs scattered through it, in gold, orange, yellow, lavendar and blue. In modern clamshell box. Full description
€ 4,000
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Fine complete alphabet of roman capitals with figures from classical Greek mythology

[Dresden and Augsburg or Nürnberg?], [Johann Christian Weigel?], engraved by Moritz Bodenehr, [1693?]. Oblong folio (unfolded 2-leaf sheets 37 x 29 cm). A series of 4 unnumbered engraved prints, with 6 images to a plate (each 52 x 52 mm), the first 23 showing an alphabet of roman capitals (A-Z without J, U or W), mostly with figures from classical Greek mythological, and the 24th showing a figure without a letter with what might be called the title: "A B C". Full description
€ 3,950
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Eyewitness account of a 1570 diplomatic mission to the Ottoman court,
with 28 fine original colour drawings and samples of Turkish decorated paper

BRAECKLE, Jacques de. Memoires du voiage de Constantinople de Jacques de Bracle seigneur de Bassecourt.
[Various places, [1570 or very soon after]. 4to (main text & decorated paper) & 8vo (transcription & drawings) (21.5 x 14.5 cm). Manuscript in French, written in brown ink on paper in a Flemish bastarda gothic hand, with about 26 lines per page. With 8 contemporary half-sheet specimens of Turkish decorated "silhouette" paper (folded to make 16 leaves in 2 quires), a series of 28 drawings in brown ink and coloured gouaches, highlighted in gold (mostly costume figures, some showing the Sultan and other leading figures, others showing anonymous types from various ethnic and religious groups), plus a ca. 1800, transcript of the complete text and biography of the author (with his arms in colour). Modern sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 250,000
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Attractive Bodoni first edition of Italian poetry

CASSOLI, Francesco. Versi.
Parma, Giambattista Bodoni, 1802. 8vo. Mid-19th-century gold-tooled red morocco, both sides with a gilt border consisting of double fillets, circles and asterisks and a dotted line, and the cypher monogram of Alexine Boucaumont de Montfaud (AM under a laurel wreath with 10 stars in centre), gilt edges. Full description
€ 3,500
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Paris manual for priests, by the Bishop of Condom
with Clichtove’s work on the priesthood, inaugurating Parisian Renaissance typography:
two Paris first editions (1519) bound for a relative of Clichtove’s editor

CLICHTOVE, Josse (Judocus CLICHTOVEUS). De vita et moribus sacerdotum, opusculum: singularem eoru[m] dignitatem oste[n]dens, & quibus ornati esse debea[n]t virtutibus: explanans.
Paris, Henri Estienne I, 1519 (colophon: 4 August). With woodcut title-page with the letterpress title and imprint in the central opening; further with about 21 woodcut initials (4 series, mostly criblé) plus about 4 repeats.
With: (2) MARRE, Jean. Enchiridio[n] sacerdotale concinnatu[m] ad salutarem eruditionem Christifideliu[m] ab lo[n]ge revere[n]do in Christo patre d[omi]no Ioanne Mare Co[n]domien[sis]. episcopo. In quo haec sunt capita. ...
[Paris], (colophon: Jodocus Badius Ascensius, 25 November 1519). With numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series, the largest 45-47 mm. criblé initials). 2 works in 1 volume. 4to (20 x 14 cm). 16th-century blind- and gold-tooled calf, each board in a panel design, with the owner's name "D. Ioa[n]mes[!] Lassere" on the front and motto "memento mortis" on the back, the motto and fleurs-de-lis on the back in gold. Full description
€ 7,500
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One of the earliest herbals with etched plates

COLONNA, Fabio. [In Greek: Phytobasanos] sive plantarum aliquot historia in qua describuntur diversi generis plantae veriores, ac magis facie, viribúsque respondentes antiquorum Theophrasti, Dioscoridis Plinii, Galeni, aliorúmque delineationibus, ab aliis hucusque non animadversae. ... etiam piscium aliquot, plantarúmque novarum historia eodem auctore.
Naples, Horatio Salviani, Jacobus Carlino and Antonius Pace, 1592. 4to. With Salviani's woodcut device on title-page, 37 full-page etched botanical and ichthyological illustrations on integral leaves (8 x 13 cm), 33 of plants & 4 of fish and other marine species, each in a border built up from cast fleurons and rules, dozens of woodcut decorated initials (4 series) and further decorations built up from cast fleurons. Set in roman types with the preliminaries in italic and several passages in Greek. Gold-tooled brown calf (ca. 1700?), sprinkled edges. Full description
€ 14,500
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Entomologists in the network of freemasons between American and the French Revolutions

FORSTER, Johann Reinhold. [Letter to an unnamed fellow freemason in Braunschweig, probably Ferdinand, Herzog von Braunschweig-Lünenburg or someone in his inner circle].
Halle (Saale), 9 August 1781. 4to. Autograph letter in German, signed, written in brown ink on laid paper in a clear German hand, with foreign words and names in a Latin hand. Full description
€ 12,500
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Splendid manuscript on the state, condition and organization of the
French Royal navy in 1732, from the library of Henri Beraldi

[MANUSCRIPT - MILITARY - FRENCH ROYAL]. [Binding title:] Abregé de la marine du Roy 1732.
[Paris?, 1732]. 13.5×19 cm. Manuscript in brown-black, red and blue ink on vellum, some of the lettering and borders gilt. With a beautiful frontispiece painting in coloured gouaches (14×9.5 cm) pasted on the page facing the opening of the text, showing a small warship at a shipyard in a small harbour being repaired by workmen. Contemporary red morocco, gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled fillets on boards and board edges, richly gold-tooled frame, gilt edges. Full description
€ 95,000
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One of the earliest separate works devoted entirely to ice-skating,
printed by a typefounder praised in Balzac's "Illusions perdues"

GARCIN, Jean. Le vrai patineur, ou principes sur l'art de patiner avec grace, précédé de réflexions et de remarques critiques sur la manière de quelques patineurs inélégans, ainsi que sur les différens formes de patins, le choix quel'on doit en faire, et les variations dont cette chaussure est susceptible.
Paris, Delespinasse, Delaunaux, Nepveu, the author (printed by Joseph-Gaspard Gillé fils), 1813. 12mo (18 x 10.5 cm). With 8 numbered engraved plates, namely a frontispiece view of a skating rink with many skaters, engraved by Ambroise Tardieu, and 7 images of individual skaters, each in a different pose. Set in roman and italic types, with a few lines in a "ronde" script type. Later blue paper wrappers. Preserved in modern half morocco slipcase. Full description
€ 5,500
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Elaborately calligraphic testimonial for a journeyman at the Imperial gardens,
with 4 botanical illustrations and the arms of the Erbschatzmeister

[GARDENING]. GEISSNER, Johan Georg. [Testimonial letter for Michel Bauman, journeyman to the master Imperial gardener Johan Georg Geißner, incipit:] Des hoch und wohll gebohrnen Herrn Herrn Phillibbuß Ludwiguß deß heiligen römll: reichs Erb-Schotz Maister Graff von Sintzendarff ...
Laxenburg (near Vienna), 1735. Illustrated baroque testimonial letter in black and brown ink on parchment (34 x 60 cm plus a 4.5 cm flap at the foot), with the Sintzendorf coat of arms above centre (12 x 12 cm), illustrations of 4 exotic potted plants, flanking the text, and the text in richly decorated German gothic calligraphy and handwriting. With the crown above the coat of arms highlighted with gold. With slits through the foot to attach the seal, but lacking the seal itself. Full description
€ 3,500
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PMM 41: "Father of History" in elegant & famous first Greek edition by Aldus Manutius, from the Arenberg library

HERODOTUS. [Historiarum] libri novem. Quibus musarum indita sunt nomina.
(Colophon: Venice), Aldus Manutius, (colophon: September 1502). Folio (29.5 x 20 cm). With Aldus's anchor and dolphin device on title-page and the verso of the last leaf. Late 19th-century blind-tooled, polished tan calf, the central panel with the arms of the Dukes of Arenberg. Full description
€ 69,500
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Classic edition of Hippocrates, this copy marked up and used as printer’s copy in 1546

HIPPOCRATES. Hippocratis coi medicorum omnium longe principis, opera quae ad nos extant omnia. Per Janum Cornarium medicum physicum Latina lingua conscripta. Index rerum ad calcem operis ...
Basel, Froben (colophon: Hieronymus Froben & Nicolaus Episcopius, March), 1546. Folio (33.5 x 24 cm). With 2 slightly different versions of Froben's emblematic woodcut device one on the title-page and the other on the verso of the final (otherwise blank) leaf. Contemporary vellum over paperboards. Full description
€ 18,500
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Calligraphic copybook by a 14-year-old Dutch boy in 1761

JONG, Jacobus de. Geschriften.
Noordwijk-Binnen, 1761. Oblong folio (21 x 33 cm). Manuscript calligraphic copybook in brown ink on paper, with a calligraphic title-page followed by sample texts (mostly from the Old and New Testament) in Dutch in a roundhand script with decorative flourishes, and verses by Jacob Cats on the outside of the first and last leaves, the last illustrated with a penwork father, son and a large fish eating a small fish. Side-stitched, with the first leaf and last leaf serving as wrappers. Full description
€ 1,750
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Artist's book on trees, the sixth publication of the Kaldewey Press

KALDEWEY, Gunnar A. Trees.
(colophon: Poestenkill, New York, Kaldewey Press), 1988. Very large oblong folio (48 x 61 cm). With 17 artist’s prints (the artist calls them "linecut-monoprint illustrations") on hand-coloured backgrounds. Spine of Brazilian rosewood. Kept in a wooden box as published with two ties, and an illustrated printed paper label on the front. One of an edition of 51 copies, signed by the author-artist-printer. Full description
€ 1,950
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Colour-printed mezzotint of human intestinal wall: pioneering work of 4-colour printing

[LADMIRAL, Jan] and Bernard Siegfried ALBINUS. Dissertatio de arteriis et venis intestinorum hominis.
Leiden, Dirk Haak; Amsterdam, Jacob Graal, Hendrik de Leth, 1736. 4to. With woodcut vignette on title-page and colour mezzotint printed from 4 plates (3 colours plus black, ca. 17 x 12.5 cm) by Jan Ladmiral pasted on inside of back wrapper, with green margin and gilt border. Later stiff brown paper wrappers. Full description
€ 9,500
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Colour-printed mezzotints of the brain of an unborn child: pioneering work of 4-colour printing

LADMIRAL, Jan and Frederik RUYSCH. Icon durae matris in concavâ superficie visae, ex capite foetus humani ... desumtae.
With: (2) LADMIRAL, Jan and Frederik RUYSCH. Icon durae matris in convexâ superficie visae, ex capite foetus humani ... desumtae.
Leiden, Dirk Haak; Amsterdam, Jacob Graal, Hendrik de Leth, 1738. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 title-pages, each with the same engraved illustration by l'Admiral (a seated skeleton left, facing a putto on a table with specimens in jars of fixative right, the sun at the putto's hand), and each with a different colour-printed mezzotint, each printed from 4 plates (3 colours plus black, ca. 17 x 12.5 cm) by Jan Ladmiral after Frederik Ruysch, pasted on inside of back wrapper, with green background and gilt border. Later stiff paper wrappers. Full description
€ 12,500
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Important obstetrical work by a famous French midwife,
with 26 colour-printed engravings

LE BOURSIER DU COUDRAY, Angélique Marguerite. Abbrégé de l'art des accouchemens, dans lequel on donne les préceptes nécessaires pour le mettre heureusement en pratique. On y a joint plusieurs observations intéressantes sur des cas singuliers. Ouvrage très-utile aux jeunes sages-femmes, & généralement à tous les élèves en cet art, qui desirent de s'y rendre habiles.
Saintes, Pierre Toussaints, 1769. 8vo. With an engraved author's portrait by J. Robert and 26 engraved plates printed in 3 colours (black, red and beige) by J. Robert and P. Chapparre. Contemporary gold-tooled calf. Full description
€ 4,000
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Drawing of a scene on the Coromandel Coast
for an engraving in a book by Johann Georg Jacobi

LIPS, Johann Heinrich. Die Küste Coromandel.
[Zürich, 1803]. Pen drawing (10.3 x 6.3 cm) in grey ink with washes on paper (12.5 x 8.5 cm), signed by the artist in the lower right corner of the illustration and with the title in pencil in the lower margin. The whole mounted on a larger paper leaf (with notes: "dessin no 522" and "Lips f." in ink), with a passepartout and in a gilt wooden frame. Full description
€ 6,500
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Second copy located of 1524 edition of Erasmus's translation of Lucianus's Dialogues

LUCIANUS Samosatensis. Complures Lucani dialogi à Desiderio Erasmo Roterodamo utriusq[ue] linguae doctissimo in latinum conversi, & à Nicolao Buscoducensi illustrati, additis Fabularum & difficilium vocabulorum  explanationibus. cum tabula. Distichon ab Hadriano Barlando lusum Graecia me genuit, nuper facundus Erasmus trastulit in latium, munere plaude puer. Levini Linii Endecasyllabon ad pueru[m] emptore[m].
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1524). Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With the main text set in an Aldine-style italic, the long commentary following each dialogue in a "Basel"-style roman and 2 words in Greek. 18th-century half vellum. Full description
€ 5,950
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17th-century engraved book on mathematics & fortification

LUDERS, Theodoric. Traicté mathematique contenant les principales definitions, problemes et theoremes d'Euclide. l'Arithmetique decimale. . . .  La fortification Hollandoise. Francoise. Italienne. Et Espagnolle.
Paris, [Jean Jombert], 1680. With engraved title-page, engraved table, and 34 numbered engraved plates (11 double-page).
With: (2) LUDERS, Theodoric. Traité d'arithmetique contenant les reigles necessaires aux marchands, banquiers, changeurs, &. financiers: . . .
Paris, [Jean Jombert], 1680. 2 works in 1 volume. Large folio (50×34.5 cm). Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine (rebacked with original backstrip laid down). Full description
€ 9,500
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A great compendium of canon law, finely printed in Antwerp for the English market

LYNDWOOD, William. Provinciale seu constitutiones Anglie: cum summarijs, atque justis annotationibus, politissimis caracteribus, summaque accuratione rursum reuise, atque impresse.
Including: BADIUS, Jodocus (Josse BADE). Tabula indices.
London, Franciscus Bryckman (colophon: Antwerp, printed by Christoffel van Ruremund, 20 December 1525). 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With two title-pages, each in a woodcut border. The first shows above heaven with the holy trinity surrounded by the heavenly population, and below the world with the pope and the king kneeling before the church, surrounded by the clergy; on the second title-page the coat of arms of England, a Tudor rose with the “IHS” and Saint George and the dragon. Printed in black and red throughout. Contemporary calf in modern slipcase. Full description
€ 7,000
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Three very rare 16th-century humanist school books

MACROPEDIUS, Georgius. Adamus Macropedii fabula Christianae pietatis plaena. In qua "koozikoos" oste[n]ditur, quo pacto lapsus homo post multas multorum saeculorum calamitates et miserias per Christum ab initio promissum, tandem[ue] mundo exhibitum, saluti restituitur.
Utrecht, Herman van Borculo, 1552.
(2) Sententiae singulis versibus contentae, ex diversorum poëtarum sententiis Graecis, Latinae redditae.
[Colophon:] Antwerp, Johannes Loeus, 1544.
(3) ERASMUS, Desiderius. [Drop title:] Christiani hominis institutum.
Including: ISOCRATES. [Drop title:] Ad demonicum paraenesis.
[Antwerp, Jan Verwithagen?, 1551?]. With a large woodcut device on the last page. The Erasmus is a complete work extracted from an edition also containing other works and therefore lacks the general title-page and begins with quire G. 3 works in 1 volume. Small 8vo (13.5 x 9 cm). 18th-century gold-tooled calf. Full description
€ 4,500
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Very rare issue including book 32, earlier incomplete and later censored,
of the earliest great work on the Dutch war of independence from Habsburg Spain,
introducing the first textura gothic type in the new Dutch style

METEREN, Emanuel van. Nederlantsche historien ofte geschiedenissen inhoudende den gantzen staet, handel, soo va[n] oorlogen als vrede-handels in onsen tyden begin ende eynde ... Mede vervattende eenige haerder gebueren handelinge. ... oversien verbetert ende vermeerdert tot dese[n] tege[n]wordigen wtgank des jaers anno 1611.
Including (vol. 2): Belgische ofte Nederlantsche oorlogen ende gheschiedenissen beginnende van t'jaer 1595 tot 1611, ... oversie[n] verbetert e[n]de vermeerdert ...
[Copy imprint to vol. 2:] “Schotland buyten Danswyck” [= Amsterdam], “Hermes van Loven” [= Nicolaes III Biestkens?] for the author, 1611 [-1612]. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, both coloured and highlighted in gold by an early hand. Further with a full-page engraved portrait of Van Meteren, and 21 smaller woodcut portraits in the text attributed to Christoffel van Sichem. Mottled, gold-tooled calf (ca. 1665), gold-tooled spines, 18th-century(?) gold-tooling on the boards. Full description
€ 12,500
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European anatomical illustration comes to Persian physicians

MIRZA MOHAMMAD-VALI. [In Arabic script: cheragh haa rewshenaaa der asewl pezeshekea = Illumination of the fundamentals of medicine].
Tabriz (Iran), Dar al-Tabae [State Printing Office], 1271 AH [= 1854/55]. Folio (34 x 21 cm). A wholly lithographed book in nashk Arabic script, with 3 title-pages, 56 lithographed anatomical illustration plates, a page of floral and arabesque decoration serving as a divisional "title", and the 1st and 2nd title-pages each followed by 2 text pages with elaborate floral and arabesque borders, the first page headed by the crowned Iranian emblem. Contemporary blind-tooled light brown goatskin. Full description
€ 48,500
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381-page prospectus for a "world-class" commercial dictionary in 5 folio volumes,
never published

MORELLET, André. Prospectus d'un nouveau dictionnaire de commerce.
Including: Catalogue d'une bibliotheque d'économie politique.
Paris, Les freres Estienne, 1769. 8vo. Contemporary tan calf, gold-tooled spine, gold triple fillet border on both sides, gold fillet on board edges, gold-tooled turn-ins, decorative endpapers (block-printed in gold), edges gilt over marbling. Full description
€ 8,500
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A fine example of nature printing,
reproducing specimens of the flora of Hawaii and the South Pacific

[NATURE PRINTING - HAWAII]. Na lau Hawaii. [The leaves of Hawaii].
[Hawaii & South Pacific, ca. 1850]. Large folio (18.4 x 29 cm). Hawaiian nature printing album containing 277 handmade botanical pressings (on 68 leaves) from Hawaii and other islands in the South Pacific. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine with title ''Na lau Hawaii', kept in modern brown cloth dropback box. Full description
€ 35,000
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One of the finest and most charming writing books of the Renaissance

NEUDÖRFFER, Johann the elder. Ein gute Ordnung und kurtze Unterricht der furnemsten Grunde, aus denen die Jungen zierlichs Schreybens begirlich, mit besonderer Kunst und Behendigkeyt unterricht und geübt möge[n] werden, ...
Including: Anweysung einer gemeinen hanndschrift, ...
Nuremberg, Johann Neudörffer, "1538" [ca. 1539]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Oblong small folio (14.5 x 23.5 cm). With 49 (of 54?) etched calligraphic model plates, including 3 (of 4) folding: 48 printed in mirror-image and 1 right-reading (apparently a counterproof). Two are printed in red ink. With 5 leaves ruled in red, and 45 "rubricated" with gold. 17th-century(?) sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 22,000
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Wholly engraved English dictionary of calligraphic abbreviations
for use of young clerks at King's Bench

OLLYFFE, Thomas. Abbreviations as used in the courts of Kings Bench and Common Pleas[.] containing more than six hundred words properly abbreviated in the court hand[.] With their significations in words at length in the engrossing and secretary hands &c.
London, Owen Lloyd, [ca. 1715]. Oblong folio (20 x 32 cm). With calligraphic title-page and 9 leaves with calligraphic specimens, all engraved by J. Cole and by Nutting. Disbound. Full description
€ 1,250
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Illustrated first edition of the Dutch translation of "Der goldene Thron", intended for women & men

OTTO VAN PASSAU. Boeck des gulden throene of der xxiiij ouden. 
Utrecht, "tC", (30 March) 1480. Folio. With 24 illustrations in text (ca. 9 x 6.2 cm), printed from 1 complete woodcut (plus 4 repeats) and 15 components assembled in different combinations, all rubricated and with architectural frames. Each of the 24 chapters begins with a large manuscript initial, 11 with two or more colours and others with interior white decoration. A smaller initial with penwork opens the book's first page and there are numerous further 1-line and 2-line initials. Woodcut printer's device at the end. Contemporary (Utrecht?) blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, each board in a panel design; rebacked. Full description
€ 185,000
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First edition of a well-illustrated account of Phipps's arctic expedition

PHIPPS, Constantine John. A voyage towards the North Pole undertaken by His Majesty's command 1773.
London, printed by William Bowyer and John Nichols for J. Nourse, 1774. Large 4to (29 x 22 cm). With 15 large double-page and larger folding engraved plates with maps, coastal profiles, ice flows, diagrams, and illustrations of equipment and marine animals, and many letterpress tables in the text (and on folding leaves signed as separate quires). Contemporary tree calf, rebacked soon after with a richly gold-tooled spine with globes and numerous floral stamps. Full description
€ 4,000
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Jesuit emblemata, with about 270 devices with mottos,
the engraved title-page drawn by Rubens

PIETRASANTA, Silvestro. De symbolis heroicis libri IX.
Antwerp, Balthasar Moretus, 1634. 4to. With an integral engraved allegorical title-page by Cornelius I Galle after a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens, the Plantin-Moretus woodcut device facing the colophon, an engraved portrait and engraved coat of arms of the dedicatee, the future Cardinal Pier Luigi Carafa, 7 full-page engraved family trees, about 270 engraved emblematic devices with mottos and a few other engraved and woodcut illustrations in the text. Contemporary Italian gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, gilt and gauffered edges. Rebacked with the original back strip laid down. Full description
€ 3,500
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A nearly complete collection of the earliest Propaganda Fide exotic alphabets (1629-1776), including Arabic, Burmese, Ethiopic, Greek and Syriac

[PROPAGANDA FIDE]. (1) Alphabetum Armenum iussu S.D.N. Gregorii XV. ...
(2) Alphabetum Aethiopicum, sive Abyssinum.
(3) Alphabetum Arabicum …
(4) Alphabetum Barmanum seu Bomanum …
(5) Alphabetum Brammhanicum …
(6) Alphabetum Chaldaicum, …
(7) Alphabetum Chaldaicum …
(8) Alphabetum Cophtum sive Aegyptiacum …
(9) Alphabetum Graecum …
(10) Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum …
(11) Alphabetum Ibericum, …
(12) [Alfabeta].
(13) Alphabetum Hebraicum …
Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1629-1776. 13 works in 1 volume. 8vo and small 4to. Sheepskin parchment (ca. 1776). Full description
€ 12,500
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Illustrated catalogue of enameled metal signboards, plates and large letters, with a very large poster showing full-sized specimens

RAVASI, Fratelli. Catalogo 1913 ... Placche ferro smaltato e lettere rame ...
Milan, Ravasi brothers (colophon: Stabilimento Grafico Matarelli), 1913. Oblong 8vo (16.5 x 24 cm). With very large, loosely inserted, oblong folding tinted lithographed poster (61 x 90.5 cm), showing types and other decorations in full size in black and white on a green-grey background, and 100 numbered half-tone illustrations in text. Also with a tipped in circular letter on pink paper introducing the catalogue, by Luigi and Giovanni Ravasi. Stapled in publisher's gray paper wrappers, printed in blue. Full description
€ 850
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Fine calligraphic manuscript teaching traditional science to the son of Comte de Choiseul-Gouffier,
French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire,
finely bound in contemporary gold-tooled morocco

REMY, Claude. Traité des elemens présenté à M. Raoul de Choiseul-Gouffier.
Paris, 1786. Small 8vo. Calligraphic manuscript written in French in dark brown ink on paper, in a formal Latin script hand (a French-style "batard"), with an ornamental, calligraphic title-page in reddish brown, green, dark brown and black ink, each page in a thick-thin-thin border with circular decorations in each corner and centred at the head, running heads in the border, the heading of the "Avertissement" in a decorative script, and calligraphic chapter headings in circular or rectangular decorations and sub-headings in decorated horizontal bands. Contemporary red, gold-tooled morocco, the smooth spine divided into 6 panels (separated by lines flanked by dotted lines), the 2nd with a dark green title-label, each of the others with an 8-petalled flower, 10 dots, a decoration in each corner and another at each side, and a decorated band at the foot; each board with a border of thin-thick-thin fillets with a decoration stamped on each corner and a 6-petalled flower inside each corner; gold-tooled turn-ins, gold fillets on the board edges (altogether about 130 impressions of 13 tools), gilt edges. Full description
€ 16,000
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247 stunning large tinted, double-tinted and chromolithographic views of the Middle East

ROBERTS, David. The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia.
Including: Egypt & Nubia.
London, Francis Graham Moon, 1842-1849. 2 complementary works in 6 volumes. Royal 1mo (62 x 47.5 cm). The Holy Land with a lithographic frontispiece portrait of David Roberts, 3 tinted illustrated lithographic title-pages, 60 tinted lithographic plates, 60 tinted half-page lithographs on text leaves; 1 plate with a stone-engraved map, and 1 stone-engraved armorial device on a text leaf. Egypt & Nubia with 2 double-tinted and 1 chromolithographic frontispiece views, 3 double-tinted illustrated lithographic title-pages, 56 double-tinted and 2 chromolithographic plates, 60 tinted lithographic half-page views on text leaves. All or nearly all 247 views also have highlights in white, apparently printed from an additional block. Uniform half red morocco (ca. 1875?), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled rolls on sides, gilt edges. Full description
€ 115,000
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Woodcut copybook by Augsburg writing master and woodblock cutter

ROGEL, Hans the elder. Capital und Versal Buech, allerhanndt grosser und kleiner Alphabeth, zue den Hauptschrifften und Büechern, dessgleichen in Canntzleyen unnd gemein, zuegebrauchen ganntz zierlich geordiniert.
Augsburg, Johann Jacob Schönig, [1680/94, printed from the woodblocks of 1568]. Oblong folio (21 x 34 cm). With a richly calligraphic woodcut title-page (18 x 28 cm), with text in white fraktur lettering on black, with a white panel at the foot with the letterpress imprint in a fraktur type; and 9 (of 10) full-page woodcuts (about 17 x 25.5 cm) showing alphabets in white on black, one dated 1568: 8 with decorated gothic capitals (versals: 22-150 mm) and 1 with textura capitals, textura lowercase and roman capitals, all versos blank. With a small and perhaps fragmentary manuscript on parchment (2 ll., 11.5 x 13.5 cm, written on both sides): a Protestant copybook written (soon?) after 1557, probably in Basle or vicinity, with 7 writing samples, including alphabets of capitals and minuscules, the first two pages in fraktur gothic styles, and the last two in humanistic styles. Vellum (ca. 1985?), in a cloth slipcase. Full description
€ 4,750
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One of the few illustrated books printed by Bodoni, splendidly bound

[ROSSI, Giovanni Gherardo de]. Scherzi poetici e pittorici.
(Colophon: Parma, Giambattista Bodoni, 1795). 8vo (22 x 14 cm). With engraved title-page and 40 engraved plates (plate size: ca. 7 x 11 cm). Richly gold-tooled red morocco by Rémy Petit (active 1855-1900), spine with 5 raised bands resulting in 6 compartments, one with black title-label and the other five gold-tooled with black oval inlays; the sides with gilt triple fillet borders, corner ornaments with same oval inlays and a central oval ornament (gold on green); further with gilt fillets on board edges and richly gold-tooled turn-ins with a floral motive, gilt edges. Full description
€ 7,200
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Curious book of secrets printed by an unrecorded Amsterdam printer

[SACK DER KONSTEN]. Den sack der konsten: uyt den Italiaens, Franschoys ende Duytsch vergadert, met schoone remedien ende medecynen, die gheprobeert zijn. Seer profytelijck voor jonghelinghen, joncvrouwen, van wat state, qualiteyt oft conditie die moghen zijn: nu van nieus vermeerdert.
Amsterdam, Teunis Willemszoon, 1616. Small 4to (18.5 x 14.5 cm). With woodcut on title-page. Modern paper wrappers. Full description
€ 7,500
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Pioneering work on colour printing, first and only edition, signed by the author
with spectacular colour plates

SAVAGE, William. Practical hints on decorative printing, with illustrations engraved on wood, and printed in colours ...
London, printed by the Type Press [and by John Johnson] and published for the proprietor by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; Robert Triphook and 4 others, “1822” [= 1818-1823]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 4to (28 x 23 cm). With 2 colour-printed letterpress title-pages (one printed in gold), a colour-printed frontispiece and 34 other wood-engraved illustration plates, mostly printed in colour; 2 leaves of type specimens, 6 leaves showing 18 colour ink swatches, and 9 pages showing 9 of the woodblocks after they were defaced to make a reprint impossible. Dark blue half goatskin morocco (ca. 1950) by Banyan-Rivière in Bath, gold-tooled spine. Copy no. 58, signed by the author. Full description
€ 10,000
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Illustrated account of Antwerp at the start of the 17th century

SCRIBANI, Charles. Antverpia.
Including: [SCHONDONCK, Gilles]. Hê prôtogeneia kai epistrephomonê tychê tês Anbersês.
Antwerp, Jan Moretus I, 1610. With an engraved printer's device on title-page and a woodcut printer's device on the otherwise blank page following the main part.
With: (2) SCRIBANI, Charles. Origines Antverpiensium.
Antwerp, Jan Moretus I, 1610. With an engraved printer's device on title-page, woodcut printer's device on the otherwise blank last page, folding engraved map of Antwerp and 6 double-page engraved plates. 2 works in 1 volume; 1st work in 2 parts. 4to. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 3,000
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First edition of a famous collection of nearly 200 sermons: the earliest dated book printed in Zwolle
and a rare early experiment labelling double-page openings
this copy in an unrecorded variant

[SERVASANCTUS DE FAENZA and others] (spuriously attributed to Saint BONAVENTURA). [Sermones de tempore et de sanctis].
(Colophon: Zwolle, [Johannes de Vollenhoe], 1479). Small (Chancery) folio (27.5 x 20.5 cm). With one 5-line and hundreds of 2- and 3-line spaces left for initials, filled in with manuscript "Lombardic" capitals in red; manuscript paragraph marks in red; and capitals rubricated throughout. Set entirely in a single textura gothic type (103 mm/20 lines) in 2 columns of 39 lines to the page. Early 18th-century tanned sheepskin. Full description
€ 35,000
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A new passage to the Pacific and state-sponsored piracy

SPILBERGEN, Joris van and Jacob Le MAIRE. Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisque Indiae navigationum; quarum una Georgii à Spilbergen classis cum potestate Praefecti, altera Jacobi le Maire auspiciis imperioque directa, annis 1614, 15, 16, 17, 18. Exhibens novi in Mare Australe transitus, …
Leiden, Niclaes van Geelkerck for Jodocus Hondius, 1619. Oblong 4to (19 x 25 cm). With a large engraving on title-page, and 25 numbered engraved plates with maps and views: 2 large folding (a map of the world and a map of the East Indian archipelago), 5 double-page (mostly bound as fold-outs) and 18 full-page, several with insets. Blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1700? but probably the book's first binding), in a panel design with 2 large rolls, rebacked. Full description
€ 32,500
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A bestseller of illustrated 17th-century travel literature,
probably printed by Izaak Elzevier

SPILBERGEN, Joris van and Jacob Le MAIRE. Miroir Oost & West-Indical, auquel sont descriptes les deux dernieres navigations, faictes es années 1614. 1615. 1616. 1617. & 1618.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius [printed by Izaak Elzevier?], 1621. Oblong 4to (17.5 x 23 cm). With 24 (of 25) engraved plates, including 5 double-page and 10 larger folding. Modern vellum. Full description
€ 16,500
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An early mention of Australia and a window into early 17th-century Spanish daily life

SUAREZ DE FIGUEROA, Christobal (Thomaso GARZONI). Plaza universal de todas ciencias, y artes, parte traduzida de Toscano, y parte compuesta por el doctor Christoval Suearez de Figueroa.
Perpignan, Luis Roure, 1630 (colophon: 1629). 4to. With title printed in woodcut border with large woodcut coat of arms; interesting woodcut initials and head- and tailpieces. Contemporary mottled calf. Full description
€ 6,500
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History of the Mogul empire, printed in Batavia

[VOC]. Beknopte historie, van het Mogolsche keyzerryk, en de zuydelyke aangrensende ryken.
Batavia, C.C. Renhard, 1758. Folio. With a woodcut device on title-page (VOC ship on a shield, flanked by Poseidon and Amphitrite, topped by an armillary sphere), folding letterpress genealogical table, and 2 large woodcuts (plus 1 repeat) with letterpress text, representing the seals of 3 Mogul rulers (each with 2 concentric circles with 11 or 13 smaller circles in between, with the ruler's name in the centre and his predecessors numbered in the surrounding circles). Modern blue paper wrappers. Full description
€ 2,500
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Skilful calligraphic copy-book by a student of the Haarlem schoolmaster Hermanus van der Laan

WALBEEK, Willem. Livre d'ecrire ... a l'ecole de Monsieur Hermanus vander Laan ...
Haarlem, 30 October 1749-13 January 1750. Folio (31 x 20 cm). Manuscript calligraphic copy-book with Dutch texts (except for the French title-page and colophon), written in black ink on laid paper, with a calligraphic title-page followed by 43 pages of calligraphic examples on 23 leaves. An additional loosely inserted leaf has one additional full-page example, also by Walbeek. Contemporary decorated paper wrappers (block-printed flower pattern with a dotted background). Full description
€ 2,500
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First printed grammar of the Persian language
and lives of Christ and Saint Peter in Persian and Latin

XAVIER, Hieronymous (Jerónimo de EZPELETA Y GOÑI) and Abd al-Sattar (translators) and Ludovicus de DIEU (ed.). Historia Christi Persice conscripta.
(2) XAVIER, Hieronymous (Jerónimo de EZPELETA Y GOÑI). Historia S. Petri Persice conscripta.
(3) DIEU, Ludovicus de. Rudimenta linguae Persicae.
Leiden, Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevier, 1639. 3 works in 1 volume. 4to. Vellum (ca. 1700?). Full description
€ 2,750
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