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Ephemera, including Arab constitutional documents and an introduction to the history of Arab medicine

[ARABIA - EPHEMERA]. [A collection of ephemera regarding the Arab states].
New York & London, The Arab Information Center, 1951-1962 8vo. Comprising:
(1) EL-KHATIB, M. Fatallah (foreword). Basic Documents of the Arab Unifications. New York, Arab Information Center, June 1958.
(2) OMRAN, Abdel-Rahim. Public Health & Welfare in the Arab States: Past, Present and Future. New York, Arab Information Center, November 1959. The booklet opens with a history of the Arab contributions to medicine followed by modern statistics.
(3) WRIGHT, Esmond. The Arab World. Current Affairs no. 125. London, Bureau of Current Affairs, 3 February 1951.
(4) [MENU]. P&O menu. On board the S.S. Arcadia, Sunday 25 March 1962.
2 booklets, a magazine and a menu, all in original publishers wrappers. 43; 32; 19, [1]; [4?] pp. Full description
€ 1,800
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1st edition of the collected poetry of Jeremias de Decker
with 14 engraved illustrations by Jacques de Gheyn

DECKER, Jeremias de. Gedichten, versamelt en uytgegeven door J. K.
Amsterdam, Jacob Colom, 1656. 4to. With oval woodcut device of the Colom printing and publishing family: a flaming column (their shop sign) with their woodcut motto in the border of the oval: "En de heere tooch voor hen, sdaeghs in een wolck colomme, en des nachts in een vierige Colom", and 2 large woodcut decorated initials. Incorporating 4 texts numbered 1-4 in the table of contents, 1 and 2 with their own title-pages, but 1-3 with a single series of page numbers and quire signatures, and 4 (with only a drop-title) in 2 subdivisions:
(1) BUCHANAN, George (Jeremias de DECKER, translator). Baptistes of Dooper, treurspel. Getrocken uyt de Latijnsche vaersen van G. Buchanan [= pp. 1-58].
Amsterdam, Jacob Colom, 1656 (printed as 1654, but with a 6 stamped on the 4). With a woodcut Amsterdam coat of arms on the title-page, and 2 small woodcut decorated initials.
(2) DECKER, Jeremias de. Goede vrydag, ofte het lyden onses Heeren Jesu Christi. Door hem selfs van nieus verbetert en vermeerdert [= pp. 59-93]
Amsterdam, Jacob Colom, 1656 (printed as 1654, but with a 6 stamped on the 4). With the same Amsterdam coat of arms on the title-page and beautifully illustrated with a print series, the title-print serving as frontispiece - depicting Jesus in the winepress (giving his blood) with a poem by Hugo de Groot below and naming Jacob Colom as publisher - and 13 numbered engraved prints serving as plates depicting events in Christs Passion, all engraved by Jacques de Gheyn and Zacharias Dolendo after drawings by Karel van Mander (originally published by De Gheyn ca. 1596/98 and some still naming him as publisher), these and the frontispiece also giving the number of the intended facing page.
(3) DECKER, Jeremias de. Verscheyde wercken [= pp. 94-196: the general title appears only in the table of contents on π4v].
[Amsterdam, Jacob Colom, 1656]. About 36 short works in verse.
(4) DECKER, Jeremias de. [drop-title:] Punt-dichten: vervat in twee boeken.
[Amsterdam, Jacob Colom, 1656]. In 2 parts, separately paginated but with a single series of quire signatures, with the authors 2-page note to the reader followed by book 1 with 321 numbered epigrams (67 pp., quires a-i) and book 2 with 411 numbered epigrams (96 pp., quires k-x), with a decorated woodcut initial.
Contemporary vellum, sewn on 4 vellum tapes laced through the joints, with title in ink on spine. [8], 196; [2], 67, [2 blank], 96 pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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The classic history of the Dutch East Indies

DU BOIS, Johann Peter Isaak. Vies des gouverneurs généraux, avec l'abrégé de l'histoire des etablissements hollandois aux Indes Orientales; ...
Including: IMHOFF, G.W. van. Considerations sur l'etat present de la compagnie hollandoise des Indes Orientales.
The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1763. Royal 4to (27.5 x 22.5 cm). With 34 engraved plates, 1 engraved allegorical headpiece and 28 numbered headpieces with portraits of the Gouvernors-General of the Dutch East Indies. All plates were drawn and presumably engraved by the artist and engraver Jacob van Schley (1715-1729). 19th-century half cloth. VI, 351, [1], 48 pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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Manuscript medical manual

[MEDICAL MANUAL AND RECIPE BOOK]. Examen: vor ein neuer angehender Chirurgus, der sich will examiniren lassen, daß er in seinem examen bestehet, und wohl erfunden wird, so muß er dieses alles auswendig lernen, daß er antworten kann, über dasjenige was ihm gefragt wird. Anno 1806.
Franconia and Alsace (Augsburg, Nuremberg, Strasbourg), 1800-1826. 4to (17 x 23 cm). German (and Latin) manuscript by various hands. Contemporary boards with vellum corners and modern cloth spine. [47], "286" [= 285], [47] pp. Full description
€ 1,800
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Wonderful compilation on fishing with contemporary manuscript notes

OPPIAN of Anazarbus and OPPIAN of Syria (C. RITTERSHUSIUS, translator). Oppiani poetae Cilicis de venatione libri IV. De piscatu libri V.
Leiden, Fransiscus Raphelengium (Officina Plantiniana), 1597. 8vo. With Raphelengiuss woodcut compasses device on the title-page, an arabesque woodcut tailpies (plus repeats) and woodcut decorated initials. Near contemporary (1602) calf with the elaborately blind-tooled coat of arms and monogram of Johann Beckmann "I B M 1602", with later gold tooling and a red morocco spine label lettered in gold, red edges, modern endpapers. [88], 376, [40], 344 pp. Full description
€ 2,750
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First and only edition of an interesting emblem book with 144 small circular emblems

PALLAVICINO, Ferrante. Devises & emblemes d'amour, ancienes & modernes moralisees en vers Francois, & expliquées, en sept langues.
Amsterdam, Daniel de la Feuille, [1696]. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece by G. van Gouwen after Frans de Kaarsgiter, 2 title-pages in red and black, each with De la Feuilles woodcut DLF cypher-monogram, and 24 full-page engravings on integral leaves, each containing six circular emblems by Jan van Vianen, with a woodcut tailpiece at the end. Including: PALLAVICINO, Ferrante. Devises & emblemes d'amour, anciens & modernes moralisez & expliquez en sept sortes de langues.
Amsterdam, Daniel de la Feuille, 1696.
Half red goatskin morocco (ca. 1870?) by the Brussels bookbinder Émile Bosquet (signed "BOSQUET" in gold italic capitals with swash letters B and T on the front turn-in, at the foot, near the hinge). [8], 24, [2] pp. Full description
€ 1,950
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Royal paper copy of the most important edition of Frisian government proclamations, ordinances, grants, etc., spectacularly bound by the Van Damme bindery for the States of Friesland

SCHWARTZENBERG EN HOHENLANSBERG, Georg Frederik thoe. Groot placaat en charter-boek van Vriesland.
Leeuwarden, Willem Coulon, 1768-1782. 4 volumes. Royal folio (49 x 31 cm). Each title-page with the woodcut crowned coat of arms of Friesland, supported by lions, in a rectangular decorated cartouche. Uniform, contemporary, richly gold-tooled red morocco with black morocco inlays by the Van Damme Bindery (active 1750-1786), sewn on 8 supports, each board with the crowned coat of arms of Friesland as centrepiece in a large architectural portal with Minerva/Athena (dressed as a soldier with lance and Medusa shield) and Hermes/Mercury standing in it at the foot, the whole in a wide decorative frame of individual stamps and rolls, richly gold-tooled spine, with the authors name and title blind-tooled in the 2nd of 9 compartments (barely legible) and the volume number in gold in the 3rd, gold-tooled turn-ins and board edges, gilt edges, marbled endpapers (Dutch pattern, combed and curled, like the earlier Wolfe 35, but adding the colour green). [112], 796, [86]; [2, LXXXIX, 20], 205, [26], 209-875, [34]; [2], 1227, [41]; [2], 1287, [43] pp. Full description
€ 18,000
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