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Science & Technology

First edition of a famous technical manual on ship-building illustrated by Jan and Caspar Luyken

YK, Cornelis van. De Nederlandsche scheepsbouw-konst open gestelt. Vertoonende naar wat regel ... in Nederland meest alle scheepen werden gebouwd.
Delft, Andries Voorstad, for Jan ten Hoorn, Amsterdam, 1697. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, with two views of ship-building yards, and numerous detailed illustrations of ship-building on 22 engraved plates by and after Jan and Caspar Luyken (including 13 double-page and once 2 plates on 1 page). 18th-century half calf. Full description
€ 15,000
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Japanese book on European astronomy and related subjects, with 10 illustrations & 2 rotating dials
“of pivotal importance ... to the spread of Western learning”

YOSHIO Nanko. Rigaku nyushiki ensei kansho zusetsu.
Nagoya, Kansho juku, Bunsei 6 [= 1823]. 3 vols. With 10 astronomical illustrations (mostly double- or 1½-page (including a terrestrial map in 2 hemispheres) and 2 dials with rotating parts (all in vol. 1), 10 seals integral to the text woodblocks and a red (owner's?) seal at the end of vol. 1. Original grey paper wrappers in traditional Japanese style (25 x 17 cm). Full description
€ 7,500
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Dutch mathematician Nicolaas Ypey on conic sections,
with 50 mathematical figures

YPEY, Nicolaas. Grondbeginzelen der kegelsneeden, bevattende de eerste en voornaamste eigenschappen van de parabola, ellips en hyperbola. Ten dienste der leerlingen opgesteld.
Amsterdam, Yntema and Tieboel, 1769. 8vo. With 7 engraved folding plates, head- and tailpieces built up from cast typographic ornaments. Contemporary half calf, sprinkled-paper sides. Full description
€ 1,250
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