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Religion & Devotion

The first European to enter Mecca and Medina

VARTHEMA, Ludvico di. De uytnemende en seer vvonderlijcke zee-en-landt-reyse van de heer Ludovvyck di Barthema, van Bononien, Ridder &c. Gedaen inde Morgenlanden, Syrien, vrughtbaer en woest Arabien, Perssen, Indien, Egypten, Ethiopien en andere.
Utrecht, Gerard Nieuwenhuysen and Willem Snellaert, 1654. 4to. With engraved frontispiece and 4 engraved plates. Re-cased in contemporary vellum. Full description
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50 engraved portraits of important church reformers

VERHEIDEN, Jacobus and Hendrik II HONDIUS. Af-beeldingen van sommighe in Godts-woort ervarene mannen, die bestreden hebben den Roomschen Antichrist.
The Hague, Beuckel Corneliszoon Nieulandt, 1603. 4to. With allegorical title-page, engraved allegorical plate of the cosmic circles and 50 full-page engraved portraits (13 x 12 cm) by Hendrik Hondius. Contemporary vellum, remains of ties. Full description
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Pioneering work on Indian languages and society by an "unjustly forgotten" Indologist

VESDIN (VEZDIN), Filip (PAULINUS A SANCTO BARTHOLOMAEO). Viaggio alle Indie Orientali umiliato alla Santita di N. S. Papa Pio Sesto pontefice massimo …
Rome, Antonio Fulgoni, 1796. 4to. With 12 engraved illustration plates (6 with 2 illustrations each to make 18 in total), engraved roundel portraits of Pope Pius VI (on the title-page) and the author (above the opening of the main text) and some small woodcut illustrations of "Indian hieroglyphs". Set in roman and italic types with occasional words in Greek, Arabic, East Syriac, Devanagari and more extensive texts in Malayalam, plus a Malabar song with a double staff made with built-up round-head music notes. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
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Printed in the Alsace for Koberger in Nuremberg with 10 magnificent woodcuts

VIGERIUS, Marcus. Decachordum Christianum Julio II. Pont. Max. dicatum. Controversia de excellentia instrumentorum Dominicae passionis, per eundem Dn. Marcum Vigerium discussa.
[Hagenau, printed by Th. Anselm & Joh. Albertus for Joh. Koberger, Nuremberg, 1517]. Folio. With title in woodcut border by Urs Graf and 10 beautiful full-page woodcuts (ca. 13.9-14.4 x 9.7-10.2 cm) by the "Master I S with the shovel", a pupil of Hans Schäufelein. Contemporary calf over wooden boards, blind-tooled side, two brass clasps. Leaves from a 14th-century liturgical manuscript pasted on the inner sides of the boards. From the "Koberger Werkstatt". Full description
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Portrait of the arrested Arminian preacher Slatius,
one of the conspirators in the failed attempt to assassinate the Dutch Stadholder

VISSCHER, Claes Jansz. Hendrick Danielsz Slatius, gewesene predicant tot Bleijswyck, naert 'tleven afgebeelt den 12 maert 1623.
[Amsterdam, Claes Jansz. Visscher, 1623]. Engraved illustration (22 x 12.5 cm), with an engraved title in Dutch at the head and Visscher's name at the foot, and with two letterpress poems in French on the left signed "A. Lancel."(measuring 24.5 x 25 in tital). Mounted on a larger blank leaf (36 x 41 cm). Full description
€ 750
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Skilful engraving of the execution of the conspirators
in the failed attempt to assassinate the Dutch Stadholder Maurits of Nassau, Prince of Orange

VISSCHER, Claes Jansz. Justitie over enige Arminiaensche verraders, geschiet in s'Gravenhaech.
[Amsterdam, Claes Jansz. Visscher, 1623]. Engraved print (26.5 x 32 cm) mounted on a large sheet of 18th-century(?) laid paper (50.5 x 33 cm), with manuscript text in three columns with the title: Cort verhaal ende waerachtige afbeeldinge der justitie geschiet in s'Gravenhage, over seeker, conspirateurs, diens conspiratie deur Gods voorsienigheid ontdekt is den 6e. February 1623. Full description
€ 1,500
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