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Medicine & Pharmacy

Fighting the plague with amulets to ward off the devil

WICHMANS, Augustinus Franciscus. Apotheca spiritualium pharmacorum contra luem contagiosam aliosque morbos, ...
Including: [WICHMANS, Augustin]. Diarium ecclesiasticum de sanctis contra pestem tutelaribus, ...
Antwerp, Hieronymus Verdussen, 1626. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With Verdussen's woodcut lion device on title-page. Contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards (front board with gold-tooled initials "G*F*A*G" -- George Falb, Abbot of Göttweig Abbey -- and date "1630"), with 2 strap fastenings with engraved brass clasps and catchplates, and brass anchorplates. Full description
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Rare popular medical handbook with one of the earliest Dutch cookery books

WIRSUNG (WIRTSUNG), Christoph. Medicyn-boeck, daer inne alle gebreken des menschlijcken lichaems, mitsgaders de remedien der selven, claerlijck aenghewesen wordt ...
[BATTUS, Carolus?]. Enen seer schoonen ende excelenten coc-boeck, ...
HILDEN, Wilhelm Fadry von. Een singuliere ende voortreffelijcke observatie ende cure eens sware periculeuse geschoten wondes.
HILDEN, Wilhelm Fadry von. Cort ende claer tractaet vande verbrantheydt: ...
Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn [printed by Johannes Janssonius?], 1627. 4 works in 2 parts, in 1 vol. Folio. With 15 woodcut illustrations in the text of the two Van Hilden treatises. Contemporary blind-tooled calf in a panel design made with 2 rolls and triple filets, 2 brass clasps with engraved decoration, 2 brass catch plates. Rebacked, with new endpapers. Full description
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16th-century work on the medicinal properties of stones

WITTICH, Johann. Bericht von den wunderbaren bezoardischen Steinen, so wieder allerley gifft krefftiglich dienen, und aus den Leiben der frembden Thiere genommen werden...
Including: WITTICH, Johann. Von dem Ligno Guayaco, Wunderbawm, Res nova genandt, von der China, ex Occidentali India, von der Sarssa Parilla, von dem Fenchelholz Sassafras, Und von dem Griessholz, so man Lignum Nephriticum nennet...
Leipzig, Hans Steinman's heirs, 1589. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. 19th-century boards. Full description
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Austrian folk medicine and magic, covering about 400 ailments in horses and about 50 in people

[MANUSCRIPT - MEDICAL - VETERINARY & HUMAN]. Wolfgang S. Ein Gerecht und Wohl Aprobierte Haus Apodeken oder Pferd Artznei Buch
With: (2) Eine Agadami dass ist Artzney Mittel vor Menschen zu gebrauchen.
[Upper Austria, part 1 of 1st work dated 1812 at end]. 2 works in 1 volume, the 1st in 2 parts. Folio (35 x 22.5 cm). A practical manuscript handbook in brown and black ink on paper, written in German in a German gothic hand and with numerous headings and paragraph openings in a variety of decorated gothic styles. With an elaborately decorated main title-page in at least 6 colours, the title-page of part 2 of the main work with decorative lettering and flowers in brown and red with a half-page colour drawing of a bleeding horse in the foreground of a landscape with a partly ruined castle, a church, a stone entry and other buildings, and the title-page to the 2nd work with decorated lettering and a crowned figure of death (a skeleton with scythe and hourglass). Further with drawings of 2 magical signs to protect people and livestock, and a vase of flowers and a scene with 2 buildings as tailpieces. Contemporary blind-tooled half calf. Full description
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Medical botany, including many American plants, with 26 illustrations on 6 plates

ZORN, Bartholomaeus. Botanologia medica. Seu dilucida et brevis manuductio ad plantarum et stirpium tam patriarum, quam exoticarum in officinis pharmaceuticis usitatarum cognitionem.
Berlin, Johann Christoph Pape [printed by Ulrich Liebpert or his heirs?], 1714. 4to. With 26 botanical illustrations on 6 numbered engraved plates. Half vellum (ca. 1790?). Full description
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