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First standard grammar of the Malay language

WERNDLY, George Henrik. Maleische spraakkunst, uit de eige schriften der Maleiers opgemaakt; met eene voorreden, behelzende eene inleiding tot dit werk, en een dubbeld aanhangsel van twee boekzalen van boeken, in deze tale zo van Europeërs, als van Maleiers geschreven.
Amsterdam, printed by Rudolf and Gerard Wetstein for the VOC (Dutch East India Company), 1736. 8vo. With a woodcut device of the VOC, showing a ship, on the title-page and with passages in Malayan type (in both Arabic and roman characters). Modern calf. Full description
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Voyage to the Dutch East Indies via South America

WILLINCK, Isaac Petrus Marie. Reize om Kaap Hoorn langs de westkust van Zuid-Amerika, door de Stille Zuid-Zee naar de Philippijnsche Eilanden en verder door de Chinesche Zee naar Batavia, gedaan in de jaren 1823 en 1824, met Z.M. korvet Lynx.
Breda, Broese and comp., 1835. 1 of 2 volumes. Large 8vo (22 x 13 cm). With a lithographed frontispiece and lithographed title-page with illustration. Later half sheepskin. Full description
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First edition of the first major collection of Jesuit letters
from Japan, India, the Moluccas, Macao and Brazil,
many published here for the first time

XAVIER, Francis, Luís FRÓIS and others. Epistolae Japanicae, de multorum gentilium in variis insulis ad Christi fidem per Societatis nominis Jesu theologos conversione. In quibus etiam mores, leges, locorumque situs, luculenter descibuntur. [Volume 2: Epistolae ... gentilium ad Christi ... Societatis Jesu theologos. Pars altera.].
Louvain, Rutger Velpius, 1569. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Contemporary gold- and blind-tooled calf. Full description
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Japanese book on European astronomy and related subjects, with 10 illustrations & 2 rotating dials
“of pivotal importance ... to the spread of Western learning”

YOSHIO Nanko. Rigaku nyushiki ensei kansho zusetsu.
Nagoya, Kansho juku, Bunsei 6 [= 1823]. 3 vols. With 10 astronomical illustrations (mostly double- or 1½-page (including a terrestrial map in 2 hemispheres) and 2 dials with rotating parts (all in vol. 1), 10 seals integral to the text woodblocks and a red (owner's?) seal at the end of vol. 1. Original grey paper wrappers in traditional Japanese style (25 x 17 cm). Full description
€ 7,500
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