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120 prints, nearly all 1601-1725, including at least 4 complete series, most brought together ca. 1745

[CALLOT, Jacques, Carel ALLARD & others].
[Collection of 120 engravings by French, Dutch, Italian and German artists].
Venice, Paris, [Amsterdam], etc., 1601-1725 (album ca. 1745?), with additions [1788] & [ca. 1790]. 8vo, 4to, etc. (19 x 13 cm). 120 engraved prints, namely 44 from 4 complete print series (1 with a title-print), 57 (including 3 title-prints) from 10 or 11 other series and 19 prints apparently not from any series, by Jacques Callot (1 complete series), Odoardo Fialetti, Herman Weyen, Balthasar Moncornet, Henri Bonnart, Carel Allard (3 complete series), P. Landry and others (see contents, below). Mottled sheepskin (ca. 1745?). 95 ll.
€ 9,500
A remarkable collection of prints, many very rare, assembled by an unidentified collector ca. 1745 (with about 5 prints added later), with 120 prints by French, Italian, Dutch and German artists such as Odoardo Fialetti, Herman Weyen, Balthasar Moncornet, including 1 complete series by Jacques Callot and 3 by Carel Allard. Items 5, 15, 18 and 22 are complete series.
With many contemporary manuscript annotations in French, written in pencil and brown ink. About 25 leaves have been removed from the book, probably including additional prints. The head of a few prints in the Landry landscapes and Allard military scenes (ads 17 & 18) very slightly shaved at the head, with only about 1 mm of the sky or tree tops lost, a small scuff on one scene and some small stains in some prints of the Bonnet circus series, affecting only the border of one print, but most prints remain in good condition. With chips and cracks at the head of the spine and a few other superficial cracks, hinges worn, and board slightly scuffed, but nearly all of the tooling remains clear. A ca. 1745 collection of 120 prints, many very rare.

(1) (on front paste-down): LE CLERE. Ascension. Paris, Jean-Baptist Derbois, [ca. 1745?].
(2) (on first free endleaf): [ANONYMOUS]. Sternwarte zu Paris|l'Observatoire à Paris.[Paris, before 1667?].
(3) (1v): ERTINGER, Franz. [Last Judgement]. [Paris?, ca. 1690?].
(4) (2-11): FIALETTI, Odoardo. Scherzi d'amore. Al magnanimo ... Baron Roos. Venice, 1618.
(5) (12-36): CALLOT, Jacques. Capitano de Baroni. [Paris].
(6) (37-41): CALLOT, Jacques. Balli di Sfessania. [Paris?, ca. 1660?].
(7) (42r): [ANONYMOUS]. [Tomb of a soldier].Paris, Jacques Chéreau, [ca. 1720?].
(8) (43r): [ANONYMOUS]. Portrait de Madame Quilira. Ha voila mon portrait. [Paris, ca. 1720?].
(9) (44r, 46r, 47r, 48r, 49r, 50r, 51r, 52r): MONCORNET, Balthasar, [and Herman WEYEN?]. [Passion and martyrdom scenes]. [Paris, ca. 1640/60?].
(10) (45r): CALLOT Jacques. [Road to Calvary with Veronica kneeling]. [Paris, ca. 1640/60?].
(11) (46v, 47v, 48v): WEYEN, Herman. [3 landscapes with scenes from the New Testament]. [Paris,[ca. 1660?].
(12) (53r-64r): BONNART, Henri. [12 views of Dutch and English circus acrobats jumping, vaulting and walking a tightrope].
(13) (54v): [ANONYMOUS]. [Dramatic scene in a church with an apparent victim of a sword fight].
(14) (62v): BERCHEM, Nicolas. Animalia ad vivum delineata at aqua forti aeri impressa studio et arte Nicolai Berchemii. [Amsterdam?, ca. 1660?].
(15). (65r-71r): ALLARD, Carel. [The seven vices]. [Amsterdam], Carl Allard, [ca. 1690?].
(16) (71v-75v): [ANONYMOUS]. [Scenes in which several European kings and emperors play a role]. [France?, ca. 1725?].
(17) (72r-75r): LANDRY, Pierre, after "E.B.". [French (or Italian) landscapes].[Paris].
(18) (76-78 and 88v): ALLARD, Carel. [4 Military scenes: army marching, in battle and in encampment]. [Amsterdam], Carl Allard, [ca. 1690?].
(19) (79-83, 85): WEIJER, D.G. [Landscapes with a theme of love]. Nürnberg, Heinrich Ulrich, 1601.
(20) (84r): [ANONYMOUS]. [Landscape with the ruins of a castle].
(21) (81v-83v): [ANONYMOUS]. [Scenes from a chivalrous story]. [Amsterdam & Paris, Nyon aîné & fils, 1788].
(22) (86-93): ALLARD, Carel. Venationes piscationis et aucupii typi. [Amsterdam], Carl Allard, [ca. 1690?].
(23) (86v): [ANONYMOUS]. [Military messenger with horse, bringing a message to an officer]. [France?, ca. 1790?].
(24) (89v): CLERC, S. le. [Landscape].
(25) (90v): [ANONYMOUS]. Les songes du sage tradruit[!]. [Paris, 1664].
(26) (94r-95r): [ANONYMOUS]. [Miscellaneous engravings]. 1725.

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