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Prince Maurits gives Oldenbarnevelt temporary oversight of Den Tempel,
which later gave him his title, signed by Prince Maurits and bearing his armorial seal

MAURITS, Prince of Orange.
[Declaration for Jan de Roo].
[The Hague], 4 December 1589. 1mo (41 x 31.5). Document written in brown ink on one side of a whole sheet of paper in an upright gothic cursive hand, with the autograph signature "Maurice de Nassau" and with his armorial seal (3 x 2.5 cm) stamped on a slip of paper over red sealing wax. With (separately added) Maurits's signature clipped out of another document and mounted on a paper slip. [1] leaf, written on one side.
€ 5,000
An official declaration by Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, stadtholder of the Dutch Republic since 1585, for the benefit of Jan de Roo (d. 1592/1600) from Utrecht, Heer van Tempel (Lord of the estate Den Tempel in Delfland, South Holland, near Berkel, east of Delft), said to be the uncle of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, land's advocate of Holland since 1586. Under these two titles, Maurits and Oldenbarnevelt were the two most powerful figures in the Republic and were at this date on good terms, though Maurits was to have Oldenbarnevelt executed in 1619. The present document records Oldenbarnevelt's first known association with the estate that he was to take over by 1600, raising his social status. As stadtholder, Maurits held a seat in the Raad van State (Council of State) and he here announces that the Council has granted Jan de Roo permission to stay for a while ("eenighen tijt") in Antwerp, and that while he is away Oldenbarnevelt will look after the administration of his estate. Maurits himself adds his own declaration that no one is to hinder Oldenbarnevelt in that administration, apparently meaning that all must acknowledge his authority to make decisions concerning De Roo's affairs.
Folded in half and formerly folded further to 10.5 x 12 cm. With a few spots, mostly outside the text area, and some tiny holes on the old folds, but still in very good condition.
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