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Original Portuguese manuscript poem, published in 1815

No dia dos felices anos dos ilustrissimos. e excellentimos. senhores a senhora D. Mariana Victoria de Menezes e o Senhor Ascenso de Siqueira Freire.
[Lisbon?, ca. 1790?]. 4to. Manuscript. Sewing removed. [6], [2 blank] pp.
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An ode (11 stanzas of 4-lines in verse, first line: "Nunca taõ festejadas entre as ondas") celebrating the birthday of a pair of twins, a man and a woman, the ode signed "Almedo", the pen-name of Fr. José de Coração de Jesus. Although the present document does not explicitly note that the man and woman were twins (though it alludes to it by referring to the twins Castor and Pollux) or even brother and sister, it was published in 1815 with a brief explanatory note: "No dia dos annos dos Senhores Ascenso de Siqueira Freire, e de D. Marianna Victorina sua irmã, nascidos em hum mesmo dia." Mariana Victoria de Menezes and Ascenso de Siqueira Freire appear to be children of Maria Claúdia Cecília de Noronha e Menezes and Vasco Martins de Siqueira, listed with three more siblings in the Convento de Santos in Lisbon in 1780, apparently all still children. That, combined with the facts that the watermark suggests a date in the 1780s or 1790s and that Mariana Victoria appears to have been married by the time the document was produced, suggests the twins were born around the 1760s. This Ascenso de Siqueira Freire may therefore be the future 1st Count of São Martinho (Lisbon 23 August 1766-1833), granted that title in 1829. Maria Victoria may be related to Bazilio Teixeira Cardozo de Sávedra (see ads 8-11 & 13-15) for his father was Gabriel Teixeira de Menezes Sávedra. The infanta Mariana Vitória of Portugal (1768-1788) did not use the name de Menezes, though the De Menezes family had close ties to the Portuguese royal family, and her only brother (not a twin) was the future João VI, King of Portugal (1767-1826).
Some ink smudges, corner torn-off the second leaf and a faint stain on the first leaf, otherwise in good condition. [Fr. José de Coração de Jesus], Poesias de Almeno publicadas por Elpino Duriense, vol. II, Lisbon, 1815, ode LX (pp. 99-101; for the author, see also vol. I, 1805).
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