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Lively watercolour view of Tophane Quay in Istanbul with the Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

[ISTANBUL]. [KING, Helena Caroline or Adelaide Charlotte].
[Prominent Ottoman and entourage boarding boats before the Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque].
[Istanbul?, ca. 1830/50?]. Watercolour drawing on wove paper (29.5 x 45 cm) with highlights in shellac and a thin black border. Mounted on a larger sheet of paper in a passe-partout.
€ 8,500
A lively scene on the Tophane Quay in Istanbul, with the background dominated by the dome and minaret of the 1580 Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque. The tip of a second minaret, perhaps from a different mosque, is visible in the distance. On the quay, an opulently dressed black-bearded Ottoman (a high official in the Emperor's court or a wealthy merchant?) stands in the centre of the scene with his entourage. He wears red robes trimmed with gold and with black decorations, a white turban around a red fez, and a gold waistband with the hilts of two guns sticking out, and carries a walking stick in his left hand. His entourage includes a white-bearded Islamic holy man(?) with a green turban around a red fez, a Greek or Armenian man in a black hat, a dark-skinned woman in green robes, holding a bundle, and several other men, women and children. They appear to be preparing to depart in the boats that stand ready. Two more dark-skinned women, in white robes with red and blue stripes, follow the party deferentially. Several people appear in the boats in addition to their crews. Four more white-bearded Islamic holy men (each again with a green turban around red fez) sit in one with some women, while two Ottoman infantrymen with bayonets stand in another, one just stepping out. Other parts of the quay show various men busy with their trades or smoking long pipes.
From the collection of Hooton Pagnell Hall in Yorkshire, England. With a 1.5 cm tear in the water at the foot of the scene, not approaching the boats, and otherwise in very good condition. A lively and fascinating scene on a quay in Istanbul, with the dome and minaret of Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque prominently shown. For the King family: Debretts Peerage 1840, p. 423 & 1861, p. 338; (Debretts) Baronetage LXXV (1893), p. 127.
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