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Three editions of humanist works, two from Antwerp known only from 1 other copy each
in contemporary Flemish panel-stamped calf with 6 animals in foliage plus an unusually detailed peacock

[FIOCCO, Andrea Domenico] under the name of Lucius FENESTELLA.
De magistratibus, sacerdotiisq[ue] Romanorum libellus, iam primum nitori restitutus. Pomponii Laeti itidem de magistratibus & sacerdotiis, & praeterea de diversis legibus Rom[anorum]. Item Valerii Probi grammatici de literis antiquis opusculum.
Including: POMPONIO LETO, Giulio. De Ro[manorum]. magistratibus, ...
Basel, (colophon: Valentino Curio, May 1523). With the general title in a woodcut border, Curio's large architectural woodcut device on the otherwise blank final page.
(2) LUCIANUS OF SAMOSATA. Complures ... dialogi à Desiderio Erasmo Roterodamo ... in Latinum conversi, & à Nicolao Buscoducensi illustrati, additis Fabularum & difficilium vocabulorum explanationibus.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michael Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1524).
(3) MOSELLANUS, Petrus (Peter SCHADE). Paedologia ..., in puerorum usum conscripta & aucta. Dialogi XXXVII. Dialogi pueriles Christophori Hegendorphini. XII. ...
Including: HEGENDORF, Christoph. Dialogi pueriles ... XII. ...
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michael Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1523).
3 editions in 1 volume. 8vo (16 x 10.5 cm). Contemporary panel-stamped calf, each board with the same 3 panel stamps: 2 virtually identical panels with 6 animals in 2 grape vines (the animals from head to foot in the left vine: a monkey, dog and wyvern; and in the right vine: a squirrel, hare and lion) in a border of a diaper of quatrefoils in lozenges, the two separated by a small panel stamp sith a peacock, paste-downs made from a leaf from an Aristotle manuscript on vellum.
€ 12,000
Three rare editions of humanist works in a contemporary panel-stamped binding, all well produced and the panel stamps finely rendered. Fogelmark (p. 33) calls panel-stamps with gothic animals in foliage "the Flemish panel stamp par préférence". We have not found an exact match in the literature. The impressions of the panels are very crisp and clear, especially that on the lower half of the front board.
Ad 1: First Basel edition of an account of the sacerdotium (priesthood) and administration in ancient Rome, written by the Florentine humanist Andrea Domenico Fiocco (d. 1452), assuming the name of a first century Roman writer, Lucius Fenestella. It is followed by a work on the same subject by the Italian humanist Giulio Pomponio Leto (1428-1498), and a list of abbreviations by Valerius Probus. While these works by Fiocco and Leto had been published together since 1510, the present edition introduces a new form that seems to have become the standard followed by others.
Ad 2: Rare Antwerp edition of satirical dialogues by the 2nd-century rhetorician Lucianus of Samosata (now in Turkey near the Syrian border), often simply called Lucian in English. They come from his Dialogues of the gods and Dialogues of the dead. The present translation from the Greek, by Erasmus, first appeared at Louvain in 1512. Only one other copy of the present edition is known.
Ad 3: Rare early Antwerp edition of a very popular pedagogical work by the German humanist and professor at Leipzig, Peter Schade, better known as Petrus Mosellanus (1493?-1524). The present edition includes, as usual, the dialogues for children by the German Hellenist Christoph Hegendorf (1500-1540). Only one other copy of the present edition is known.
With several early owners' and other inscriptions and an occasional manuscript note or underlining in the text. The title-page of ad 1 with an owner's inscription removed and about a millimetre shaved from the fore-edge of the woodcut border, a small worm hole in the first 5 leaves and some mostly marginal water stains, not significant outside the last 8 leaves: still in good condition. Recased, with the four corners of each board and the head and foot of the spine restored and a few small wormholes and cracks in the calfskin of the boards, slightly affecting the panel stamps, but nearly all of each of the 6 panel impressions survives in very good condition. Three humanist works in Latin, two in extremely rare Antwerp editions, with finely executed contemporary panel stamps.
Ad 1: Adams F597; USTC 671401; VD16, F1641; ad 2: Nijhoff & Kronenberg 1401 (1 copy); USTC 437231 (same copy); ad 3: USTC 404733 (1 copy); not in Nijhoff & Kronenberg; UniCat; the main panel stamps not in Fogelmark; Goldschmidt; Oldham; Weale.
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