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Emblem book with engravings by Vander Vinne and Philips

Vervolg der leerzaame zinnebeelden, spiegel der boetvaardigheid en genade en eenige stichtelyke gezangen.
Haarlem, Jan Bosch, 1758. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved frontispiece, engraving on title-page, 30 engraved emblems in text (ca. 10 x 12.5 cm) by Vincent vander Vinne in the first part, and 4 engraved emblems in text (10 x 12.5 cm) by Jan Caspar Philips in the second part. Contemporary marbled wrappers.
€ 2,500
First and only edition of an emblem book by Adriaan Spinniker (1678-1745). It is an independent continuation of Spinniker's Leerzaame Zinnebeelden (Haarlem, 1714) which contained 50 emblems by Vincent van de Vinne (1686-1742), the grandson of the famous painter Vincent vander Vinne (1629-1702) who was a pupil of Frans Hals in Haarlem. The 30 emblems in the present work are by the same artist, and represent scenes from daily life, scenes in the country, in shops, households, etc. and are accompanied by Bible verses underneath. An explanation of each emblem is given on the following pages in the form of a poem. The second part has an individual title-page, Spiegel der boetvaardigheid en genade, and contains 4 engravings by Jan Caspar Philips (1690-1775). It deals with the concepts of repentance and mercy with reference to Bible passages, and ends with the Stichtelyke gezangen: devout songs.
Wrappers damaged, spine has disappeared and bookblock is split. Otherwise in good condition, wholly untrimmed, slightly browned with a few occasional small spots.
Landwehr, Emblem and fable books 760; NNBW IV, cols. 1260-1262; Praz, p. 502.
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