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Glauber’s salt, the universal medicine, and wine making

GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph.
Consolatio navigantium.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1657. 8vo.
(2) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Vera ac perfecta descriptio, qua ratione ex vini fecibus bonum plurimumque Tartarum sit extrahendum.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1655.
(3) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de medicina universali, sive auro potabili vero, ...
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1658.
(4) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Miraculi mundi continuatio, ...
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1658. With 3 engraved folding plates.
(5) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de natura salium.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1659.
(6) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de signatura salium, metallorum, et planetarum, ...
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1659.
6 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment, gold fillets on spine and sides. 96; 28, [4 blank]; 75, [2], [3 blank]; 133, [3 blank]; [16], 96; 44, [4 blank] pp.
€ 3,750
Collection of six works mainly concerning iatrochemistry, chemistry for healing purposes, by Johann Rudolph Glauber (1604-1670), "the best practical chemist of his day" (DSB). The present Latin editions were published more or less simultaneously with the original German ones.
The first is a medical handbook for seamen, recommending the use of hydrochloric acid (oleum salis) for a long list of illnesses; the second a guide for making wine and spirits from fruits and vegetables; the third a treatise on the universal medicine (aurum potabile), which he then believed to be nitre (saltpetre); the fourth the continuation to his Miraculi mundi, where he begins to recognize the medical significance of what we now know as Glauber's salt; this last notion is elaborated in the two concluding treatises.
With 1661 owner's inscription on flyleaf. Some occasional minor foxing, the three plates trimmed very close, shaving the illustration, and a tiny stain on the fore-edge, but still in good condition. Binding with a couple wormholes in the spine and a small part of the hinges damaged, otherwise in very good condition. Partington II, pp. 341-361, nos. 14, 8, 15, 6, 16, 17; STCN (6, 6, 4, 4, 5 & 4 copies); for the author: DSB V, pp. 419-423.
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