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German manuscript book of secrets, including an aria with a Moorish merchant selling medicinal tobacco

[Medicinal recipes and incantations].
[Germany?], [ca. 1700?]. Small 8vo (16 x 10 cm). Manuscript in German with occasional Latin phrases, written on laid paper in brown and black ink in at least two German gothic cursive hands (the Latin phrases in Latin hands), a "tetragrammaton" diagram (rectangular with a St Andrews cross rather than star-shaped) with the name of (the archangel) Uriel and a "sator rotas" square. Lacking quire A and bifolium B1.8 (10 ll.?). Brown vellum(?) wrapper, sewn without supports at 3 stations. [4], 17-28, 31-78, [8] pp.
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A German manuscript book of secrets containing medicinal recipes and incantations to protect one from a wide variety of ailments and to execute various magic tricks. The numbered pages contain about 103 entries, nearly all with a heading in brown ink and the text in black ink (a few near the end entirely in black). The 2-leaf quire F that follows, in a different hand, contains an "aria" (F1-1v) with 9 numbered 4-line verses, sung to the tune of "Fleich hin"(?). Verse 4 records a Moorish merchant selling tobacco: "Ey seht den schwarzen Mohr,| er bringt ein Kraut hervor|das heiât Toback in seiner Kraft|erhält den Leibes edlen Saft|ey seht." A Latin verse on p. 25: "Valneribus quiuis [recté Vulneribus quinis], me Christe subtrahe nimis,|Vulnera quinque Dei, sunt medicina DEI" is clearly a variant of one published in Jean Baptiste Thiers, Traité des superstitions selon lecriture sainte, les decrets des conciles, ..., Paris, Antoine Dezallier, 1679, vol. 1, p. 354 (from chapter VI on phylactères ou préservatifs): "Vulneribus quinis me substrahe Christe ruinis:|Vulnera quinque Dei sunt medicina mei". Besides the usual remedies for toothache, love charms or potions, etc., it includes "Unsichtbar zu machen" (pp. 22-23).
Lacking quire A (8 ll. with the last 7 numbered 1-14?) and bifolium B1.8 (pp. 15-16, 29-30). With the first 2 leaves cut 6 mm narrower than the others (occasionally shaving a small bit of the last letter in a line) and some minor browning, but still in good condition. The wrapper is split at the head of the spine and shows a few small chips. A German book of secrets, especially interesting for the aria with a Moorish tobacco merchant.
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