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The pedagogical essentials of the Renaissance collected, together with Greek epistles

[BECH, Philipp, ed.].
De disciplina puerorum, recteque formandis eorum & studiis & moribus, ...
Basel, Joannes Oporinus (colophon: Bern, Samuel Apiarius, March 1556).
With: (2) [MOREL, Guillaume, ed.]. Graecorum veterum selectae brevesque epistolae.
Paris, Guillaume Morel, King's printer for Greek, 1562. With a remarkable woodcut device on the title-page. With the Greek text set in Claude Garamont's famous Grec du Roi and the Latin translation set in his Aldine-style italic. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo (15 x 10 x 4.5 cm). Richly gold-tooled tanned sheepskin (ca. 1700), gilt edges. 31, [21]; [16], "840" [= 804] pp.
€ 12,500
Two rare works, both the first editions of these collections, in an elegant French binding from ca. 1700.
Ad 1: Rare first and only collective edition of 27 Latin pedagogical works originally published separately in the first half of the 16th century. It includes texts by Louis Vives, Erasmus, Rudolph Agricola, Melanchthon, Christophe Hegendorf, Otho Brundels, Sebald Heyden and others. Even the separately published works are very rare and hard to bring together. This collection presents the essential pedagogical concepts and opinions of the Renaissance.
Ad 2: Rare first edition of a selection of excerpts from Greek epistles by more than a dozen classical authors, printed by Guillaume Morel. The authors include Diogenes of Sinope, Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus, Theophilact and many more. It is followed by a Latin translation.
With extensive contemporary annotations in the Greek text of the Epistolae, owner's inscription and bookplate. With some running heads and page numbers in the Epistolae shaved, but otherwise in very good condition, with only minor browning and one quire of the Disiplina with a tiny marginal worm trail. Two rare collective editions of Greek epistles and Latin pedagogical texts, beautifully bound. Ad 1: VD16, B1342 (5 copies); USTC 629492 (4 of the same 5 copies); ad 2: USTC 198586 (4 copies).
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