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Naval convoys for merchant ships; import and export taxes on 430 goods, under the short-lived British governorship of the Netherlands

DUDLEY, Robert, Earl of Leicester.
Placcaet op tstuck vande convoyen (mitsgaders licenten, ...) ghedaen ... by zyne Excellentie, tot Utrecht den laetsten Aprilis, anno. M. D. LXXXVI.
Utrecht, widow of Coenraet Henricksz, 1586.
With: (2) DUDLEY, Robert, Earl of Leicester. [Incipit:] ¶ Robert, Grave van Leycester ..., allen ... die deze ... sullen sien oft hooren lesen saluyt. Alsoo ...: so ist dat wy ... goet ... geacht hebben, alle de ... lysten vanden goedere[n] gaende naer ... vreemde lande[n], ..., te redigeren en[de] dresseren in ee[n] sijste[! = lijste], ....
(Colophon: Utrecht, printed by Hendrick van Borculo, [1586]). 2 works sewn together. 4to. Disbound. [8]; [17], [1 blank] pp.
€ 750
Rare first and only editions of two official publications for the government of the Netherlands, represented in the years 1585 to 1587 by the English governor-general of the Dutch United Provinces, Robert Dudley (1533-1588), Earl of Leicester, the Netherland's last foreign head of state before it established true self-rule as a Republic in 1587. The second, with a 15-page list of taxes on hundreds of goods, is especially rare, with only 2 other copies located.
Ad 1: A proclamation of 30 April 1586, announcing the introduction of taxes authorized by the Dutch States General to provide funds to equip warships for the protection of the United Provinces, namely to convoy incoming and outgoing merchant ships.
Ad 2: An ordinance issued on 1 July 1586, consolidating the various lists of taxes on the import and export of goods, and raising them above their 1581 levels. With a 15-page list of about 430 goods covered, giving the import and export tax for each.
With a couple early manuscript notes on the first title-page. With minor damage to the first leaf of the first work and last leaf of the second work, affecting a few letters of the text. Further with minor marginal defects. STCN (2 copies each); Typ. Batava 6481 (8 copies) & 6945 (same 2 copies).
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