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1674 Charter of the Dutch West India Company, completely different from those in earlier years

Octroy, by de ... Staten Generael, verleent aen de West-Indische Compagnie, in date den twintighsten September sesthien hondert vier en tseventigh.
The Hague, Jacobus Scheltus, printer to the States General, 1674. 4to. With a woodcut on the title-page. Sewn through 4 holes. 36 pp.
€ 1,250
The rarer of two nearly identical 1674 editions of the charter of the Dutch West India Company (WIC) in 45 numbered articles. When the Dutch lost Brazil to Portugal in 1654 and their North American colonies, known as New Netherland, to England in 1664, it dealt a severe blow to the WIC, which went bankrupt in 1674 and was reorganised with the present new charter in that year. It still gives them a theoretical monopoly on trade in parts of Africa and the West Indies (the slave trade between them continued), noting in particular Saint Thomas, Principe, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and other islands, as well as the Pomeroon and Essequibo colonies in and around todays Guyana.
With the spine reinforced with transparent tissue. With a few brown water stains, but otherwise in good condition. Alden & Landis 674/139; JCB III, pp. 282-283; Knuttel 11112a (cf. 11112); STCN 85120855X 94 copies); Tiele/Muller 7124; Kress Library 1366; Sabin 56676; cf. Borba de Moraes, p. 624; Rodrigues 1794 (1623 ed.); not in Bosch.
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