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Fables for Christians, by one of the founders of Rosicrucianism

[ANDREAE, Johann Valentin].
Mythologiae Christianae sive virtutum & vitiorum vitae humanae imaginum. Libri tres.
Strasbourg, heirs of Lazarus Zetzner, [1619]. With an engraved title-page.
With: (2) [GESSEL, Timan van]. Synopsis locorum sacrae scripturae patrum, et recentiorum quorundam theologorum, quibus demonstratur, quaenam sint ad salutem creditu necessaria & sufficientia.
Amsterdam, [Joan Blaeu?], 1650. 2 works in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary vellum. [24], 352, [7], [1 blank]; [38], 197, [1] pp.
€ 7,500
Ad 1: First edition of an encyclopaedic work by the German theologian Johann Valentin Andreae (1586-1654), who called it a Christian fable book. It is divided into three "books" which are divided into several "manipuli". Each "manipulus" combines longer essays with shorter pieces or sentences on various subjects and historical figures, arranged alphabetically. For example, the first manipulus contains brief texts on alchemy, antipathy, the Arabic language, Johann Arndt, astrology, oppression, Tommaso Campanella, cardinals, illiterates, kabbalah, patience, symbols, weeds, etc.Ad 2: First edition of a theological work by the Dutch Remonstrant Timan van Gessel (Timannus Gesselius, ca. 1591-1664). It contains five chapters, the first dealing with the holy scripture, the second with the "modern" church, the third and fourth with the creed, the fifth with peace.
Ad 1: engraved title-page slightly damaged at the fore-edge margin, slightly browned; ad 2: name of the author added in ink on title-page, small stain at foot of title-page, a few faint, marginal water stains in the last few leaves. Some faint stains on boards. Overall in very good condition. Ad 1: Dünnhaupt I, p. 265, 16.II; Gardner, Rosicruciana 37; Hall, Alchemy 9; VD17: 12:105642E; ad 2: NNBW VI, col. 580; STCN (1 copy).
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