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Count Salm's 1822 catalogue of succulents

Index plantarum succulentarum in horto Dyckensi cultae.Aachen, Beaufort filii, 1822. 8vo. Contemporary wrappers.
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Rare fourth catalogue of the succulents cultivated by Count Salm, including American and South African species. It ads many new species to the third catalogue (1820) and is more elegantly designed and printed. Salm-Reifferscheid-Dyck (1773-1861) started collecting succulents at Schloss Dyck in 1800 after consorting with the leading French botanists in Paris and took lessons in paintings from Redouté after he saw the illustrations Redouté made for Candolle's Plantarum succulentarum historia. His first listing of succulents was a short pamphlet printed in 1809, the next listing was published in 1816 and was followed by a more regular publication of catalogues printed in very small numbers. They acted as "exchange lists with the botanical gardens and private collectors with whom Salm-Dyck exchanged specimens" (Rowley).After his death in 1861 the collections at Schloss Dyck soon started to break-up. The herbarium was the first to go, but his unrivalled succulent collection survived until the First World War. What was left of his magnificent library was auctioned in 1992-1993. "Only then did the extent of the loss become apparent: in addition to Salm-Dyck's manuscripts, notebooks and fine paintings [...] there were several editions of his garden catalogue unrecorded by Pritzel, Stafleu & Cowan and other recognised bibliographies, and unseen by succulentists in the never-ending search for prior publication of names and dates of introduction of new species" (Rowley).Fine copy.
BMC NH, p. 1792; Pritzel 8010; Rowley, "Salm-Dyck's Catalogues", in: Taxon XLII, no. 4, pp. 845-851; WorldCat (4 copies); not in Stafleu & Cowan.
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