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Mexico's industry and commerce, dedication copy by the author

ROUTIER, Gaston.
Le Mexique[.] Limites géographiques. Orographie. Hydrographie. L' agriculture, la flore, la faune et les mines. L' industrie et le commerce. Paris, H. Le Soudier, 1891. 8vo. With a lithographed folding map of Mexico (34.5 x 46 cm). Contemporary half red morocco, gold-tooled spine.
€ 2,950
First and only edition of a topographic work important for the industrial and commercial relationship between France and Mexico, by the journalist Gaston Routier (1868), based on official documents and the best Mexican statistics and geographical data. It contains a preface by Don Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, to whom the work is dedicated, and covers geography, orography, hydrography, agriculture, flora, fauna, mines, industry and commerce. The very elaborate section on agriculture includes the cultivation of corn, cacao, vanilla, coffee, fruit trees, pepper, rice, tobacco, sugar cane and cotton.Fine untrimmed, numbered copy, printed on Dutch paper ("exemplaire sur hollande nr. 9") with the author's presentation description to "Monsieur Jules Roche, Ministre du Commerce et de l' Industrie, trés respectueux hommage de profonde estime," dated Paris, July 1892.
Biblioteca botánica-mexicana, p. 292; Palau 279644; not in BNF; Sabin.
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