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French translation of Maffei's renowned description of the East and West Indies

MAFFEI, Giovanni Pietro.
l'Histoire des Indes Orientales et Occidentales …Paris, Robert de Ninville, 1665. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. Contemporary vellum.
€ 2,750
A French translation of Maffei's celebrated Historiarum Indicarum, first published, in Latin in 1588. Divided into 16 books, it describes the Portuguese discoveries and missionary work in India, the East Indies, Persia, Japan, China, Brazil and other parts of America. "Maffei writes extensively about Brazil, describing it very accurately" (Borba de Moraes), in fact devoting three chapters to the subject. Book six is devoted to China and includes a description of tea, to which Maffei ascribed several health benefits, regular consumption resulting in a "long and healthy life" ("Elles les ... fait vivre longues années, presque sans aucune langueur", p. 230). The translation is by Abbé Michel de Pure (1634-1680). Slightly browned, first paste-down removed, otherwise in good condition.
Borba de Moraes, pp. 508-509; Cordier, Japonica, col. 66; Cordier, Sinica, col. 784.
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