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Complete facsimile edition & English translation

HUMBOLDT, Alexander von and Aimé BONPLAND.
Voyage aux régions equinoxiales du Nouveau Continent. (Reprint of the Paris edition, 1805-1834).Amsterdam, New York, Theatrum Orbis Terarrum, Da Capo Press, 1971-1973. 30 volumes (20 in Atlas folio and 10 in Royal 4to). With 1470 plates and maps (1240 in colour).With: (2) HUMBOLDT, Alexander von. Personal narrative of the travels to the equinoxial regions of the New Continent, 1799-1804, and Researches concerning the institutions and monuments of the ancient inhabitants of America. Edited and translated into English by Helen M. Williams. (Reprint of the London edition, 1814-1829). Amsterdam, New York, Theatrum Orbis Terarrum, Da Capo Press, 1972. 9 volumes bound as 5. Library cloth.
€ 8,000
A complete facsimile of the first edition of Humboldt's monumental report of his scientific expeditions to South America, Central America and Cuba, one of the greatest publications in the history of exploration and still an important primary source today for its contributions to topography, geography, zoology, botany, ethnography and geology. Also included is the nine-volume English translation. The research took place during three expeditions to different regions, each with its own scientific objectives:1. The exploration of the Orinoco River, 16 July 1799 to 24 November 1800, covering 2000 square miles of uncharted and mostly unexplored jungle.2. Travels to Cuba and through Peru, Colombia and Equador, from 24 November 1800 to 5 December 1802.3. Researches in Mexico, from 5 December 1802 to May 1804.The voyages led to many discoveries and scientific by-products, and the participants catalogued and drew 8000 plants, 4000 not previously described. They established the cause of periodic meteor showers, and gave a scientific basis to the geography of the territories visited.The work itself may be divided into six sections:a. Relation historique (which remained unfinished, ending with the first phase of the voyage to Peru in 1801).b. Recueil d'observation de zoologie et d'anatomie comparée (published with the assistence of Cuvier, Latreille and Valenciennes).c. Essai politique sur la Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne (also called Essai politique sur l'Isle de Cuba ).d.Observations astronomiques, operations trigonometriques et mesures barometriques (published in collaboration with Jabbo Oltmans).e. Physique générale et géologie: essai sur la géographie des plantes. f. Plantes équinoxiales (published by A. Bonpland).Bottom edges of volume XV lightly damaged.
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