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First Dutch edition of 4 English maritime expeditions,including the first official account of Cook's first voyage

HAWKESWORTH, John (editor).
Reizen rondom de weereld, ondernomen . . . tot het doen van ontdekkingen in het zuider halfrond . . .Including: BYRON, John. [Drop title:] Verkort verhaal der reizen . . . Tocht van den Kommandeur Byron.WALLIS, Samuel. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1766, 1767 en 1768. . . . voerende des Konings schip Den Dolphyn.CARTERET, Philip. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1766, 1767, 1768 en 1769. . . . voerende des Konings sloep De Swaluw.COOK, James. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1769, 1770 en 1771. . . ., voerende 's Konings schip, Den Onderneemer.Rotterdam, Reinier Arrenberg, 1774. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece. With an extra folding engraved world map in 2 hemispheres incorporating Cook's recent discoveries: Rigobert Bonne, De oude en nieuwe waereld . . . verrykt met de ondekkingen der laatste reizigers, Amsterdam, 1792 (23×41.5 cm). Modern cloth.
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First Dutch edition of an important collection of accounts of recent English maritime expeditions, including Cook's first expedition, edited by John Hawkesworth. "John Byron, in the Dolphin, visited the Tuamoto Islands and Nikunau in what would later be called the Gilbert Islands . . . Captain Wallis, also in the Dolphin, discovered the volcanic island of Tahiti, which he named King George III Island, and Moorea . . . Captain Carteret, in command of the Swallow, became separated from Captain Wallis and was feared lost. He discovered Pitcairn Island and some remote atolls in the South Seas. The first voyage under the not-yet-famous Captain Cook's command, on the Endeavour, was primarily of scientific nature . . . Entering the Pacific around Cape Horn, Cook reached Tahiti in 1769 and carried out the necessary astronomical observations. Excellent relations with the Tahitians were maintained, and Sir Joseph Banks . . . and Daniel C. Solander carried out extensive ethnological and botanical research. Leaving Tahiti in July, Cook discovered, named, and charted the Society Islands, and . . . explored New Zealand . . . Cook then headed towards Australia and discovered and charted the eastern coast . . ., naming the area New South Wales. Cook's discoveries won him prominence, promotion, and the opportunity to sail again. They also ensured John Hawkesworth's position in maritime literary history, as the official chronicler of Cook's first voyage'' (Hill).With some water stains at the head of 1 quire (O) and the top edge of the map dirty, but otherwise in fine condition and wholly untrimmed. First Dutch edition of 4 English maritime expeditions, including Cook's first expedition.
Beddie 658; cf. Hill 783; Holmes 5; Sabin 30945; O' Reilly & Reitman 367-370.
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