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Greatly expanded second (and final) Dutch edition of Descartes's collected works

Principia philosophiae: of beginselen der wysbegeerte [and other works].
(2) Meditationes de prima philosophia of Bedenkingen van d'eerste wysbegeerte [and other works].
(3) Proeven der wys-begeerte; ofte Redenering. Om door bequame middelen de reden wel te leiden [and other works].
(4) Brieven, aan veele hoog-geagte personen, van verscheyde ampten, geschreven.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz ten Hoorn, 1690-1692. 4 volumes. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece and engraved portrait of the author in volume 1, and about 200 woodcut diagrams and other illustrations (including about 5 full-page) plus repeats. Contemporary and largely uniform blind-tooled vellum. [28], 380, [16], [1], [1 blank], 118, 76, [8]; [16], 575, [5], [16], 99, [5]; [8], 54, 79-510, [10], [4], 116; [8], 664, 268 pp.
€ 22,500
Surprisingly rare complete set of the greatly expanded second Dutch edition of the collected works of René Descartes, translated from the Latin by Jan Hendrik Glazemaker, here adding well over 300 pages of additional works. Descartes (1596-1650), one of the most brilliant and original thinkers of all time, was born and educated as a Catholic in a Protestant region in France's Loire valley, but worked as a military engineer for the Dutch Protestant army in his early years and returned to the Dutch Republic in 1628 to study further at the universities there. He remained for twenty years, taking advantage of the Republic's intellectual freedom and Amsterdam's position as the most important centre of the world book trade. Descartes established our modern notions of empirical science and built the foundations for the work of Spinoza, Newton, Leibniz and many others. His work ranged widely over the fields of philosophy, mathematics, mechanics, light and optics (including practical aspects, such as lens grinding and telescopes), astronomy, ballistics, anatomy, sexual reproduction, music, "passions of the soul" and much more, all covered in the present collected works. In nearly every field he made major contributions to knowledge, often debunking widely held beliefs. Volume 4 contains his correspondence.
The principal works named in the four titles above are accompanied by numerous additional works
Some browning at the end of the main text in volume 1 and in the middle of volume 2. Still in very good condition with further only occasional minor browning or foxing and a small marginal tear in one title-page, and with large margins. The bindings slightly dirty but still very good. The definitive Dutch edition of Descartes's works: nearly 3000 pages in 4 volumes. STCN 101908407, 850528100, 850527104, 850527074 (5 sets of all 4 volumes plus individual volumes); cf. Guibert, Descartes bibliographie ... 17e siècle (recording Latin and French eds. only).
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