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High quality facsimile of the volumes, depicting the parts of the world outside Europe
of the magnificent 17th-century Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem

BLAEU, Joan and Laurens van der HEM.
[Facsimile of volumes 35 - 45 of the Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem, relating to Africa, America and Asia].
[Amsterdam, 1660-1663]. Houten, Hes & De Graaf, 2008-2011. Large folio (58 x 44 cm). Bound 8 volumes. Including nearly 500 views, maps, charts and drawings, splendidly reproduced in full colour with details in gold. Gold- tooled vellum, matching the original bindings.
€ 75,000
High quality facsimile of the volumes relating to Africa, America and Asia, (including the 4 volumes of the secret atlas of the Dutch East India Company) of the magnificent Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem.

Volume I (Blaeu - van der Hem 35) :
Africa: The Mediterranean, Congo, Angola, and Madagascar.

Volume II (Blaeu - van der Hem 36-37):
The Atlantic coast of Africa, St. Paul Island, Ascension, St. Helena, and Morocco.

Volume III (Blaeu - van der Hem 38) The secret atlas of the Dutch East India Company:
South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and Malabar coast.

Volume IV (Blaeu - van der Hem 39) The secret atlas of the Dutch East India Company:East Indies from the Cape of Good Hope to Japan, including Sumatra, Strait of Malacca, Java Sea, Batavia, Island Onrust and Borneo.

Volume V (Blaeu - van der Hem 40) The secret atlas of the Dutch East India Company:
Makassar, Northern Moluccas, South-Celebes, Amboina, Banda Islands and the Philippines.

Volume VI (Blaeu - van der Hem 41) The secret atlas of the Dutch East India Company:
Taiwan, Makung, Siam, Cambodia, Cochinchina, China, Japan, Deshima, Tasman's voyages to Australia.

Volume VII (Blaeu - van der Hem 42-43):Chinese Empire, Japanese Empire, Middle East, Arabia, East-Indies, Tartary,

Volume VIII: (Blaeu - van der Hem 44-45):
Americas, including New Amsterdam, New England, Virginia, Dutch Brazil, Olinda.

The original Blaeu - van der Hem Atlas, is the finest contemporary collection of maps, charts, topographical prints and drawings from the 17th century. Completely intact and presently housed in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, the atlas is one of the most interesting and precious pieces of national and international heritage, and is the result of a lifetime of meticulous collecting and careful preservation over the centuries. The original atlas consists of 46 volumes with over 2400 maps, charts, drawings and views of towns, buildings and harbours, seascapes and landscapes and is an expanded version of Joan Blaeu's Atlas maior, published in Amsterdam between 1660 and 1663. Altogether, the atlas provides a pictorial encyclopaedia of the contemporary knowledge and ranges from geography and topography to warfare and politics.Works by some of the most famous artists of that time are included in the atlas. All drawings and prints are accurately adapted to adhere to the format and purpose of the atlas to form a consistent collection with the maps, charts and texts. Many of the drawings were specifically commissioned by Laurens van der Hem to enrich and complete his atlas and to create a personal image of the world.
The maps and prints of the original are decorated with gold, and beautifully hand coloured by the well-known Dirck Jansz. Van Santen and other contemporary colourists.

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