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Famous Dutch voyages of discovery, with 2 maps, 1 plan and 61 plates

[VOC - WIC].
Nederlandsche reizen, tot bevordering van den koophandel, na de meest afgelegene gewesten des aardkloots. ... Met plaaten. Eerste[-veertiende of laatste] deel.
Amsterdam, Peterus Conradi; Harlingen, W. van der Plaats, 1784-1787. 14 volumes bound as 6. 8vo. With 2 engraved folding maps, 1 engraved folding city plan and 61 engraved plates (56 folding) including many topographic views. Uniform half tree calf (ca. 1820?), gold-tooled spines.
€ 9,500
First and only edition of an extensive and well-illustrated collection of Dutch voyages from the late 16th century to the second half of the 18th century, primarily to the East Indies, but also including voyages to China, Japan, Australia and Surinam. Volumes I-III contain voyages in search of a Northeast Passage and to the East Indies before the establishment of the VOC (Willem Barentsz, Houtman, Van Neck & Warwyk, Van Noort, Jacob Heemskerk, Spilbergen, etc.). Volumes IV-XIII are devoted to VOC voyages to the East Indies, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Japan, China and the Pacific (Warwyck, Van der Haghen, Matelief, Van Caerden, Verhoeven, Van den Broecke, Spilbergen, Bontekoe, Tasman, Schouten, Hagenaar, De Graaf, Hamel, Roggeveen, etc.) and include the ill-fated voyages of the Arion (shipwrecked in the Chinese Sea on a voyage from Batavia to Japan) Blydorp, Rustenwerk and Nyenburg. The final volume includes accounts of the West Indies (Piet Hein, Johan Nieuhof, Adriaan van Berkel and Jan Erasmus Reyning).
In very good condition, with only occasional very minor and mostly marginal foxing, volume 12 with some marginal water stains and the edge of 1 plate slightly tattered. The bindings show some light wear and bumped corners , but are still good. Well-illustrated accounts of dozens of Dutch voyages.

Landwehr & V.d. Krogt, VOC 272; Tiele, Bibl. 909; Sabin 52228.
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