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Manuscript astrological volvelle with 3 rotating dials and detailed instructions for use

[Dell' hore planetarie].
[Italy (Genoa?), ca. 1650?]. 4to (22.5 x 16 cm). Manuscript in dark brown and red ink on paper, written in Italian, with a brown and red astrological volvelle on the paste-down at the end, with 3 rotating dials (5.5, 7.5 and 10.5 cm diameter, those for the sun and moon with pointers) over a fixed dial (13.5 cm diameter), secured with a copper pin through a small round copper disk. Further with planetary signs in the text, and 4 tables on 6 pages. Plain paperboard wrappers.
€ 12,500
A carefully constructed and drawn, and beautifully preserved astrological volvelle with one fixed and three rotating dials, with a 30-page Italian manuscript discussing planetary dials, with tables associating the planets (including the sun and moon) with the 24 hours of the seven days of the week and providing other data, and with explanations of the tables and volvelle and instructions for their use.
The outer (fixed) dial of the volvelle has the daytime hours in red in the upper half and the nighttime hours in brown in the lower half, labelled "hore planetarie diurne" and "hore planetarie notturne" respectively. The hours of both the day and the night are numbered twice from 1 to 12 (clockwise and counterclockwise). The first rotating dial gives the 12 months and the twelve zodiac signs, the latter indicated with both the abbreviated name and the sign. The second rotating dial gives the days of the month, numbered 1 to 29 with a space left for 30 (or 30 and 31 together). It has a pointer with a red sun that can be rotated to align with the desired hour and time of year in the outer two dials. The third rotating dial has only a pointer, with a brown moon, which can be aligned with the desired day of the month. Its centre is attractively coloured with a brown square (a separate slip, covering the axis) on a white hexagon on a red circle.
The ink sometimes shows through and has occasionally eaten a small hole through the paper, but the manuscript is otherwise in very good condition, with the volvelle well-preserved and its three rotating dials working smoothly.
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