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Collection of treatises concerning trilobites, from the library of King Johann of Saxony

TILESIUS, Adolph von [=Wilhelm Gottlieb TILESIUS von TILNAU]. Naturhistorische Abhandlungen und Erläuterungen besonders die Petrefactenkunde betreffend[.]
Kassel, Johann Christian Krieger & Co., 1826. Royal 4to (31 x 21 cm). With 8 numbered hand-coloured lithographed folding plates. Contemporary red grained gold-tooled sheepskin, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 12,500
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12 stunning and detailed drawings of Chinese deities,
in many bright colours plus gold and silver

TINGQUA. [Twelve Chinese gods].
[Guangzhen (Canton)], Tingqua, [ca. 1870?]. Imperial 4to album (33 x 24.5 cm). 12 drawings in numerous brightly coloured gouaches plus gold and silver, on pith paper (30 x 21.5 cm), each drawing mounted by its corners in an album of mulberry-bark(?) paper and framed with 4 strips of blue silk, and with a loose tissue leaf inserted before each drawing and an extra blank album leaf before the first drawing. Contemporary rice-straw(?) pasteboards, with the contemporary "Tingqua" label. Full description
€ 38,000
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"on military technology, no works had greater influence or enjoyed greater prestige" (Guerlac)

VAUBAN, Sébastien le Prestre de [and Guillaume de Lafon de Boisguérin, seigneur DESHOULIERES]. De l'attaque et de la defense des places...
The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1737. With 36 folding engraved plates.
With: (2) VAUBAN, Sébastien le Prestre de. De l'attaque et de la defense des places... tome second. Contenant un traité pratique des mines,... et une autre de la guerre en general...
The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1742. With 11 folding engraved plates. 2 works in 1 volume. Large 4to (26.5 x 20.5 cm). Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 4,500
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First edition of a classic book of international costume figures with 420 woodcuts,
in splendid gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1865) by Hardy-Mennil with the arms of the Prince d’Essling


De gli habiti antichi, et moderni di diverse parti del mondo, libri due, ..., & con discorsi da lui dichiarati.
Venice, Damiano Zenaro, 1590. 8vo (19 x 12 x 4.5 cm). Title-page with an elaborately decorated woodcut scrollwork border, a divisional title with a 4-piece woodcut border, an emblematic woodcut medallion, 5 full-page woodcut views of Venice, and 413 full-page woodcut costume figures from around the world (each in a 4-piece woodcut border). Gold-tooled red goatskin morocco (Paris, ca. 1865) by the  celebrated French binder C. Hardy and his partner,  signed in the front turn-in "HARDY-MENNIL", each board with the crowned and supported arms of the Prince d'Essling, monogram AM (for André Masséna, Prince d'Essling), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled turn-ins, double fillets on board edges, edges gilt over swirl marbling.

Full description
€ 25,000
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Deluxe issue (copy no. 1 of 25) of a bibliophile edition of Verhaeren's poems
in a spectacular and colourful binding with an original watercolour drawing and collotype plates

VERHAEREN, Émile. Les plaines.
Paris, Henri Piazza (colophon: printed by G. Kadar, Paris, 15 February 1934). 4to (23 x 16 cm). With an original watercolour drawing (10 x 10 cm), 35 colour collotype facsimiles of watercolour drawings (1 as frontispiece, the others in the text), some finished by hand, and 70 plates repeating the 35 illustrations: once in black and white and once in colour, all by Henri Cassiers. Contemporary (1934) gold-blocked brown morocco by George Canape and Georges Corriez in Paris, each board with an unidentified (prince's or duke's?) coat of arms in the centre in a frame of rose branches (the roses in red), spine with author and title in gold and rose branches in red and gold, gold fillets on board edges, turn-ins in gold with red roses, decorated cloth doublures and free endleaves (yellow background with multi-coloured flowers all woven), gilt edges. Full description
€ 4,950
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Seven very rare post-incunabules printed in Antwerp
(1 unique and only 1 surviving in more than 4 complete copies)
in an Antwerp panel-stamped binding with a finely executed portrait of Charles V

VOLDER, Willem de (Guilielmus GNAPHEUS). Acolastus. De filio prodigo comoedia Acolasti titulo inscripta.
Antwerp, Martinus de Keyser for Willem Vorsterman, March 1535. With title in a 4-piece architectural woodcut border.
(2) PLAISIER, Jean le (Johannes PLACENTIUS). Susanna. Eusebii Candidi Elegia, in vanam brevemque humanae vitae gloriolam. Item Ode Sappica eiusdem Eusebii, in mortis recordationem. Item Plausus luctificae mortis ad modum dialogi, expemporaliter ab eodem Eusebio lusus.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Willem Vorsterman), 1536. With title in a woodcut border.
(3) CRÔCUS, Cornelius. Comoedia sacra, cui titulus Joseph, ad Christianae iuventutis institutionem iuxta locos inventionis, veteremque artem, nunc primum & scripta & edita.
Antwerp, Joannes Steelsius, 1537 (colophon: printed by Joannes Graphaeus). With a woodcut decoration on the title-page and Steelsius's woodcut device on the last page.
(4) PLAUTUS. Aulularia Plautina, comoediarum lepidissima. Quae etsi alias incomplete, à Codro Urceo, & Martino Dorpio tamen est perfecta. Cum familiari explanatione. Index dictionum hic insertarum, in calce est additus.
Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1531. With title in a 4-piece woodcut border.
(5) LUCIANUS Samosatensis. Dialogi aliquot, per D. Erasmi versi, ac à Nicolao Buscoducensi, succinctis pariter & eruditis scholiis explanati, recens per eundem diligenter recogniti.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, August 1533). With Hillen van Hoochstraten's device on the last page.
(6) SCHOTTEN(NIUS), Hermann(us). Vita honesta, sive virtutis: quomodo quisque vivere debeat, omni aetate, omni tempore, & quotlibet loco, erga Deum & homines. Cui novissime adiecimus Institutionem Christiani hominis, per Adrianum Barlandum Aphorismis digestam. Omnia multo quam antehac emendatiora.
Antwerp, Joannes Steelsius, 1538 (colophon: printed by Joannes Graphaeus).
(7) ERASMUS, Desiderius.De civilitate morum puerilium ... libellus ab autore recognitus, & novis scholiis illustratus per Gisbertum Longolium Ultratraiectinum.
Antwerp, Willem Vorsterman, 1533. Title in a 4-piece woodcut border.
7 works in one volume. Small 8vo (16 x 10.5 cm). Contemporary (ca. 1538) Antwerp panel-stamped calf, each side with the same panel stamp (85 x 55 mm), showing a roundel with a half length portrait of the then reigning Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, the Imperial double-headed eagle stands above the roundel between two small columns and Charles's motto below the roundel (":PLUS:OVLTRE. | .KAROLVS.V.IMP:"), with two 5-pointed stars above it and a lion face with decorations below it; the whole is flanked by decorative columns. Full description
€ 45,000
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Jesuit warning of the consequences of licentiousness,
in magnificently gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1643)

ZEHENTNER, Paul. Promontorium malae spei: impiis periculose navigantibus propositium. Sive, signum & nota reprobationis: procrastinatio poenitentiae, scripta cautelae hominum, emendatione[m] vita[e] cunctantium, spe aliquando resipiscendi.
Graz, [heirs of Georg] Widmanstetter for Sebastian Haupt, 1643. Large 4to (25.5 x 19 cm). With an engraved allegorical frontispiece and a richly designed armorial and emblematic dedication plate, both by David Tscherning. Contemporary, richly gold-tooled black morocco, each board in a panel design of rolls and stamps with a large built-up centrepiece in a double frame of multiple decorative rolls (the diagonals connecting the inner and outer frames possibly intended to give the effect of a three-dimensional niche), and the spine treated as a single field with built-up decorations in a frame of multiple rolls, gold fillets on turn-ins, the whole with hundreds of impressions of dozens of stamps and rolls, gilt edges, traces of 2 pair of ties. Full description
€ 7,950
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