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Catalogue of the royal armoury, with notes on armourers, gunsmiths, swordsmiths, etc.,
and 10 plates showing 435 marks

MARCHESI, José María. Cataìlogo de la Real Armeriìa.
Madrid, Eusebio Aguado (royal printer), 1849. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With the arms of Queen Isabella II of Spain on the title-page and 10 numbered engraved plates with 435 marks of armourers, swordsmiths and others. Contemporary green half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 750
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Autograph awarding a Berlin chemist a prize
for his paper on potash from the ashes of plants

MARUM, Martinus van. [Autograph letter, signed, to Johann Friedrich John].
Haarlem, 27 May 1816. 4to (22 x 18.5 cm). Letter in French, in brown ink on one side of a folded half sheet of wove paper, with the address on the back with a stamp ("Haarlem"). The letter was originally folded four times more, displaying only the address at the outside. Full description
€ 1,500
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First edition in the original Greek of the oldest treatise on spherical geometry

THEODOSIUS. Sphaericorum libri tres, nunquam antehac graece excusi.
Paris, André Wechel, 1558. Small 4to (21 x 14 cm). With woodcut publisher's Pegasus device on title-page (repeated on last page), numerous woodcut mathematical diagrams in text, woodcut headpieces and decorated initials. 18th-century tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine and board edges. Full description
€ 9,500
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Three important first editions on analytical geometry, differential calculus and infinitesimals

TORELLI, Guiseppe. De nihilo geometrico, libri II.
Verona, Augostino Carattoni, 1758. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page (with a globe, book and instruments), and many fine-line diagrams in text.
(2) SALADINI, Girolamo. Elementa geometriae infinitesimorum. Libri tres.
Bologna, Tommaso d'Aquino, 1760. Title-page with an engraved vignette of a putto with drafting instruments and an armillary sphere, and with numerous diagrams on 9 folding engraved plates.
(3) CARNOT, Lazare. Oeuvres mathématiques.
Basel, J. Decker, 1797. With a stipple-engraved (and aquatint) frontispiece portrait of Carnot by Jean Jacques de Mechel, and 6 diagrams on a folding engraved plate. 3 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 9,000
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Rare second edition of a standard guide for ships' pilots,
using the copperplates and woodblocks of the first edition

VRIES, Klaas de. Schat-kamer ofte konst der stuur-lieden; … tweeden druk verbetert … en vermeerdert …
Amsterdam, Joannes Loots, "171  " (changed to "1707" by stamping with printing types). With woodcut illustration of a ship's pilot with a plumb line and navigational instruments by Adriaan Le Duc (1693-1729) on title-page, 4 engraved plates (3 folding and 1 full-page). Further with many woodcut illustrations (mostly diagrams), and letterpress tables of tides and solar and lunar positions.
Including: (2) SCHOOTEN, Frans van, and Adriaen VLACQ. De tafelen der sinuum, tangentium, en secantium, ofte der hoekmaten, raaklynen en snylynen, ... achter de selve de logarithmi ...
Amsterdam, Joannes Loots, 1707. With letterpress tables of logarithms and trigonometric functions. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. Modern brown goatskin morocco. Full description
€ 4,750
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First edition of a famous technical manual on ship-building illustrated by Jan and Caspar Luyken

YK, Cornelis van.

De Nederlandsche scheepsbouw-konst open gestelt. Vertoonende naar wat regel ... in Nederland meest alle scheepen werden gebouwd.
Delft, Andries Voorstad, for Jan ten Hoorn, Amsterdam, 1697. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, with two views of ship-building yards, and numerous detailed illustrations of ship-building on 22 engraved plates by and after Jan and Caspar Luyken (including 13 double-page and once 2 plates on 1 page). 18th-century half calf.

Full description
€ 15,000
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