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Standard work on iatrochemistry, helping to make a science of alchemy

CROLL, Oswald. Basilica chymica continens. Philosophicam propria[m] laborum experientia[m] confirmatam descriptionem et usum remediorum chymicorum selectissimorum é lumine gratiae et naturae desumptorum.
Including: CROLL, Oswald. [Divisional title:] Tractatus de signaturis internis rerum, ...
Frankfurt am Main, Godfried Tampach, [1611]. 2 parts plus laudatory verses in 1 volume. 4to. With a richly engraved general title-page by Aegidius Sadeler including the portraits of 6 famous alchemists: Hermes Trismegistus, Geber (Jabir ibn Hayyan), Roger Bacon, Paracelcus, Ramon Llull and Morienus Romanus of Jerusalem. 17th-century vellum. Full description
€ 3,000
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Two religious emblem books: A mixture of humor,
intelligence, and protestant severity

DILHERR, Johann Michael. Heilig-Epistolischer Bericht, Licht, Geleit und Freud. Das ist: emblematische Fürstellung, der heiligen sonn- und festtäglichen Episteln.
Nuremberg, Johann Andreas Endter and the heirs of Wolffgang der Jüngere, 1663. With engraved frontispiece and 85 large engraved emblems by M. Küsell after G. Strauch.
With: (2) DILHERR, Johann Michael. Augen- und Hertzens-Lust. Das ist emblematische Fürstellung der Sonn- und festtäglichen Evangelien.
Nuremberg, Johann Andreas Endter and the heirs of Wolffgang der Jüngere, 1661. With engraved frontispiece and 91 large engraved emblems by M. Küsell after G. Strauch. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary calf with the coat of arms of the Nuremberg patrician family Holzschuher Von und Zu Haszlach in gold in the centre of each board, gold-tooled spine, gilt edges. Full description
€ 11,500
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Collection of works by Glauber, "the best practical chemist of his day"

GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Glauberus concentratus, oder Kern der Glauberischen Schrifften, worinnen alles unnöthige Streit-Wese weggelassen, was nutzbar ist, in die Enge gezogen, und was undeutlich oder verstecket, so viel möglich klar gemacht, und in Form eines Leicht begreifflichen Processes gebracht worden.
Leipzig and Breslau, Michael Hubert, 1715. 4to. With the title-page printed in red and black, 13 small woodcut illustrations and figures in text. Contemporary calf, blind-tooled spine. Full description
€ 1,100
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Two series of hand-coloured lithographs of Dutch folk costume, one possibly in the only complete issue known

GREEVEN, Hendrik (artist) and Justin Vallou VALLON DE VILLENEUVE (lithographer). Collection des costumes des provinces septentrionales du Royaume des Pays-Bas | Verzameling der kleederdragten in de nordelijke provincien van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden.
Amsterdam, Frans Buffa and sons; Paris, Engelmann et cie. (printed by Thierry brothers). 1828[-1829]. With lithographed title-page, lithographed index and 20 numbered lithographed plates, all captioned in French and Dutch below and all richly and beautifully coloured by hand.
With: (2) [GREEVEN, Hendrik, Luigi CALAMATTA and others]. Souvenirs de la Hollande.
Amsterdam, Buffa brothers and co., 1838. With a hand-coloured engraving mounted on the title-page and 14 hand-coloured lithographed plates (7 of Dutch views and 7 of women's folk costumes). 2 works in 1 volume. Large 4to (32 x 24 cm). Contemporary boards with marbled sides. Full description
€ 5,500
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Illustrated work on fortification and artillery

GRUBER, Johann Sebastian. Neuer und gründlicher Unterricht, … Nebenst einem Bericht von Zubereitung einiger Ernst-Feuerwerckes-Kugeln.
Nuremberg, Johann Hoffmanns, Engelbert Strecken and Abraham von Werth, 1700. 8vo. With double-page engraved frontispiece, 1 letterpress folding table and 16 engraved plates. Blue paper covered boards. Full description
€ 1,950
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Classic edition of Hippocrates, this copy marked up and used as printer’s copy in 1546

HIPPOCRATES. Hippocratis coi medicorum omnium longe principis, opera quae ad nos extant omnia. Per Janum Cornarium medicum physicum Latina lingua conscripta. Index rerum ad calcem operis ...
Basel, Froben (colophon: Hieronymus Froben & Nicolaus Episcopius, March), 1546. Folio (33.5 x 24 cm). With 2 slightly different versions of Froben's emblematic woodcut device one on the title-page and the other on the verso of the final (otherwise blank) leaf. Contemporary vellum over paperboards. Full description
€ 18,500
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28 famous acrostic poems of devotion to the cross,
forming images of crosses, angels, Christ, animals and geometric forms

HRABANUS (RABANUS) MAURUS (edited by Jakob WIMPHELING). De laudibus sanctae crucis opus. erudicione veru prosaquae mirificum.
(Colophon: Pforzheim, Thomas Anshelm, March 1503). Folio (31 x 22 cm). Printed throughout in red and black, with large woodcuts of the author presenting his book to the Pope and receiving the Pope's blessing, a full-page woodcut acrostic poem forming a portrait of Louis the Pious (778-840) and 29 acrostic illustrations (that for the preface unnumbered and those for the 28 poems numbered I-XXVIII), each with a matrix of mostly 36 x 36 or 37 x 37 letters (printed from roman type in red and black) with rules (also sometimes printed in red) or overprinted woodcuts forming crosses, larger letters, angels, animals, etc., enclosing some of the typographic letters. Late 19th-century sheepskin parchment, made from an 18th-century(?) document in English. Full description
€ 12,500
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Splendid ceremonies at the Württemberg court at Stuttgart

HULSEN, Esaias von. Aigentliche Wahrhaffte Delineatio[n] unnd Abbildung aller Fürstlichen Auffzüg und Rütterspilen ....
[Stuttgart], Esaias von Hulsen, [1617]. With an engraved allegorical title-page and 91 (out of 92) numbered engraved plates.
With: (2) WECKHERLIN, Georg Rodolf. Kurtze Beschreibung dess zu Stutgarten, bey den fürstlichen Kindtauf und Hochzeit jüngst-gehaltenen Frewden-Fests. Tübingen, Dietrich Werlin, 1618. An extra leaf is bound between pp. 4 and 5: "Cartel, und Articul beym Ringrennen". 2 volumes in 1. Oblong folio (28 x 35 cm).  Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin, remnants of ties. Full description
€ 19,500
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