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Extremely rare Antwerp edition (1502) of popular pseudo-Magnus treatises Liber aggregationis and De mirabilibus mundi

ALBERTUS MAGNUS (pseudo). De virtutibus herbarum. De virtutibus lapidum. De virutibus animalium et mirabilibus mundi. Item parvum regimen sanitatis valde utile. [Liber aggregationis and De mirabilibus mundi].
[colophon (f4r):] Antwerp, Govaert Bac, 1502. 4to. With a full-page woodcut on the title-page (a monk offering a book to a prince), repeated on the back of the title-page, and Govaert Bacs full-page woodcut printer's device of on the verso of the last leaf. With 3- and 4-line lombardic initials and smaller 2-line initials, supplied by hand in red. Rubricated throughout. 19th-century calf with double gold fillets along the edges of both boards. [36] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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Brazil pictured in 27 drawings in the middle of the 19th century

[ALBUM - DRAWINGS - BRAZIL]. [The surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia].
[Brasil], [1850-1852 and undated]. Oblong folio. Album with 27 drawings showing the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia (ca. 23-24 x 30 cm), mounted on grey or blue paper (ca. 26.5 x 36.5 cm). Contemporary half blue calf, brown decorated paper sides, blank grey label on the front board. Full description
€ 12,500
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Magnificent illustrated rococo book with Italian poetry, printed in Venice/Belluno

[ALPAGO, Cesare et al.]. Per le nozze del Sig.r. Marchese Guglielmo de' Fulcis, cavalier di Malta, maggiore attuale al servizio delle LL. MM. II. RR. con la Sig'.ra. Contessa Francesca de' Migazzi de Vaal e Sonnenthurn.
[Venice], (colophon: nella stamperia Albrizzi con privilegio dell' Senato per tutti li rami che adornano le di lui stampe, 1776). Folio (35 x 25 cm). Engraved frontispiece with a decorative rococo border, engraved title in a rococo border incorporating the coat-of-arms of Guglielmo de' Fulcis, engraved full-page colophon on the last leaf; 7 pp. with additional engraved allegorical vignettes, one on C3 signed ''Piazzetta inv.''. Contemporary light green paper wrappers with gold rococo ornamental borders and a gold centre piece with allegorical seated figure on the front and back side of the wrappers, probably made for presentation to the bride, groom or an important person who attended the wedding. [57], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 5,500
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Printed by the first director of the Imprimerie Royale, with notes in Arabic and Syriac type

AL-SUYUTI, Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr. De proprietatibus, ac virtutibus medicis animalium, plantarum, ac gemmarum, tractatus triplex.
Paris, Sébastien et Gabriel Cramoisy, 1647. 8vo. With 2 woodcut headpieces, a woodcut tailpiece and woodcut decorate initials, plus decorations built up from arabesque typographic ornaments. Set in roman and italic type with a few words in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac. Contemporary vellum with manuscript spine label (faded). [24], 179, [17] pp. Full description
€ 25,000
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An encyclopaedic history and description of Spain and Portugal, covering almost every aspect of culture

[ALVAREZ DE COLMENAR, Juan]. Beschryving van Spanjen en Portugal; waar in, op het naauwkeurigste, al het geene, dat, zoo ten opzigte van hunnen ouden, als tegenwoordigen staat, aanmerkens-waardig, noodig en vermaakelijk om te weeten is, verhaald en door kunstige print-verbeeldingen en land-kaarten aangeweezen werd; ....
Leyden, Pieter van der Aa, 1707. 5 parts in 1 volume. Folio. Witha finely engraved architectural frontispiece with title and imprint, large folding engraved general map of Spain and Portugal, and 164 half-page engravings in text with regional maps, plans, views and costumes. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine with dark-brown label, red sprinkled edges. [16], 80; 84; 128; 52; 56, [64] pp. Full description
€ 4,000
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A rare survival of a printing device: a woodblock for the cross-cultural printing
of a Hebrew publication of the Song of Solomon

[ARABIC-SCRIPT PRINTER’S WOODBLOCK]. Hand-cut woodblock bearing the text "Safr Nishd al-nishad li-Süleyman ..." (Book of the Song of songs of Solomon) in naskh Arabic script.
[Probably Ottoman provinces, mid-18th century (ca. 1750)]. A single hand-cut woodblock (17 x 9 x 2.2 cm, with protrusions to the left and right making it wider - 11 cm - near the head to accommodate the wider 2nd line) intended for use as printing block, with 6 lines of text, together with an inked impression on 18th century paper (16.5 x 10.5 cm). Full description
€ 18,000
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Putting the British monarchy and nobility in the pillory: 7 fictitious auction catalogues,
satirically describing the British royal collections

[AUCTION CATALOGUES - FICTITIOUS]. Beredeneerde catalogus van een zeer fraaie, capitaale en pragtige inboedel, bestaande in allerleije vorstelyke meubelen, kostbaare juweelen, paarlen, goud en zilverwerk,... en laatstelyk, een nette verzameling van boeken en manuscripten, in allerlye faculteiten, doch voornaamlyk betreffende, de politieke staat van Engeland, en meest in Engelsche banden gebonden... byeenverzameld, door den Heere G. R. Zullende.. Derde druk.Amsterdam, Johannes Geyger, [1781].
With: (2) Commissie brief van den heere Wilhelmus Batavus, ...
[The Hague?], [no publisher], [1781]. The introductory letter, from "Wilhelmus Batavus" to "Lambertus Koopmans" is dated from The Hague, 15 February 1781.
(3) Catalogus van eene zo ongemeene zeldzaame, als uitmuntende verzameling van manuschripten[!]... Bestaande buiten de pakketten in 341 deelen in folio, alle in Engelsche banden ... byeen vergadert door den Lord W. Gordon.
London [= Amsterdam or The Hague?], sold by Thomas Henly [true publisher unknown], [1781]. The introductory letter, from Thomas Henly, is dated 2 February 1781.
(4) Beredeneerde notitie van 't vorstlyke poppe- en speel-goed, der kinderen van den heere G.R. ...
[Amsterdam?], [no publisher], [1781]. This catalogue presents itself as a second appendix to ad 1. Both the original catalogue and the first appendix describing themselves as catalogues for the sale in May or June 1781.
(5) Sleutel of noodige ophelderingen der onlangs uitgekomene catalogus, ... byeenverzameld, door den heere G.R. Zullende gemelde boedel, by executie verkocht worden, binnen Londen, in de maanden Mey of Juny deezes jaars.
Dordrecht, Abraham and Pieter Blussé and several others; etc., [1781].
(6) Beredeneerde catalogus eener verzameling van schilderyen, der eerste meesters van Nederland.
The Hague, Thomas Pietersz. van Os, [1783? or 1789?]. With the supposedly authenticating woodcut on the title-page, showing the coat of arms of William the Silent hanging from a memorial cross.
(7) Beredeneerde catalogus, van eene uitmuntende verzameling schilderyen, door de vermaardste Nederlandsche meesters, uit het Fransch vertaald.
Holland, [no publisher], 1783.
7 fictitious auction catalogues in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half mottled calf, brown spine label with blind-tooled text and with some gold-tooled floral decorations, 20th-century marbled sides and endpapers. [4], 27, [1]; 16; 16; 16; 15, [1]; 32; 37, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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Complete print series by Van Audenaerde of the triumphal military parade celebrating
Caesar's victory in the Gallic Wars, after Mantegna's famous paintings

AUDENAERDE, Robert van, after Andrea MANTEGNA. C. Julii Caesaris Dictatoris triumphi de Gallia, Aegypto, Ponto, Africa, Hispania, quinquies eodem mense triumphantis; omnium, qui unquam fuere, Ducum, Regum Bellica virtute praestantissimi.
Rome, Domenico de Rossi, 1692. With an engraved allegorical title-print showing Minerva on a throne pointing towards a medallion with Caesar's profile, and 9 engraved prints by Robert van Audenaerde after Andrea Mantegna's paintings, showing the triumphal military parade celebrating Caesar's victory in the Gallic Wars. Each is numbered at the lower right and captioned below with an engraved description. The 10 prints are preserved in a paperboard folder covered with half green cloth and green marbled sides (ca. 57 x 47 cm). [1], 9 engraved ll. Full description
€ 4,950
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Very rare map of North Holland in 1575

BEELDSNIJDER, Joost Jansz. Vernieuwde Kaart van Noordholland en Westfriesland, benevens het voornaamste gedeelte van Rhynland, en daar aan grenzende Landen.
Amsterdam, Yntema & Tieboel, 1778. (92 x 68 cm). Large hand-coloured engraved map on 2 sheets, decorated with arms, figures and products from the regions shown, and with the title at the foot. Framed. Full description
€ 7,250
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