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Extremely rare Antwerp edition (1502) of popular pseudo-Magnus treatises Liber aggregationis and De mirabilibus mundi

ALBERTUS MAGNUS (pseudo). De virtutibus herbarum. De virtutibus lapidum. De virutibus animalium et mirabilibus mundi. Item parvum regimen sanitatis valde utile. [Liber aggregationis and De mirabilibus mundi].
[colophon (f4r):] Antwerp, Govaert Bac, 1502. 4to. With a full-page woodcut on the title-page (a monk offering a book to a prince), repeated on the back of the title-page, and Govaert Bacs full-page woodcut printer's device of on the verso of the last leaf. With 3- and 4-line lombardic initials and smaller 2-line initials, supplied by hand in red. Rubricated throughout. 19th-century calf with double gold fillets along the edges of both boards. [36] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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Brazil pictured in 27 drawings in the middle of the 19th century

[ALBUM - DRAWINGS - BRAZIL]. [The surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia].
[Brasil], [1850-1852 and undated]. Oblong folio. Album with 27 drawings showing the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia (ca. 23-24 x 30 cm), mounted on grey or blue paper (ca. 26.5 x 36.5 cm). Contemporary half blue calf, brown decorated paper sides, blank grey label on the front board. Full description
€ 12,500
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Magnificent illustrated rococo book with Italian poetry, printed in Venice/Belluno

[ALPAGO, Cesare et al.]. Per le nozze del Sig.r. Marchese Guglielmo de' Fulcis, cavalier di Malta, maggiore attuale al servizio delle LL. MM. II. RR. con la Sig'.ra. Contessa Francesca de' Migazzi de Vaal e Sonnenthurn.
[Venice], (colophon: nella stamperia Albrizzi con privilegio dell' Senato per tutti li rami che adornano le di lui stampe, 1776). Folio (35 x 25 cm). Engraved frontispiece with a decorative rococo border, engraved title in a rococo border incorporating the coat-of-arms of Guglielmo de' Fulcis, engraved full-page colophon on the last leaf; 7 pp. with additional engraved allegorical vignettes, one on C3 signed ''Piazzetta inv.''. Contemporary light green paper wrappers with gold rococo ornamental borders and a gold centre piece with allegorical seated figure on the front and back side of the wrappers, probably made for presentation to the bride, groom or an important person who attended the wedding. [57], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 5,500
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Printed by the first director of the Imprimerie Royale, with notes in Arabic and Syriac type

AL-SUYUTI, Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr. De proprietatibus, ac virtutibus medicis animalium, plantarum, ac gemmarum, tractatus triplex.
Paris, Sébastien et Gabriel Cramoisy, 1647. 8vo. With 2 woodcut headpieces, a woodcut tailpiece and woodcut decorate initials, plus decorations built up from arabesque typographic ornaments. Set in roman and italic type with a few words in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac. Contemporary vellum with manuscript spine label (faded). [24], 179, [17] pp. Full description
€ 25,000
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An encyclopaedic history and description of Spain and Portugal, covering almost every aspect of culture

[ALVAREZ DE COLMENAR, Juan]. Beschryving van Spanjen en Portugal; waar in, op het naauwkeurigste, al het geene, dat, zoo ten opzigte van hunnen ouden, als tegenwoordigen staat, aanmerkens-waardig, noodig en vermaakelijk om te weeten is, verhaald en door kunstige print-verbeeldingen en land-kaarten aangeweezen werd; ....
Leyden, Pieter van der Aa, 1707. 5 parts in 1 volume. Folio. Witha finely engraved architectural frontispiece with title and imprint, large folding engraved general map of Spain and Portugal, and 164 half-page engravings in text with regional maps, plans, views and costumes. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine with dark-brown label, red sprinkled edges. [16], 80; 84; 128; 52; 56, [64] pp. Full description
€ 4,000
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A rare survival of a printing device: a woodblock for the cross-cultural printing
of a Hebrew publication of the Song of Solomon

[ARABIC-SCRIPT PRINTER’S WOODBLOCK]. Hand-cut woodblock bearing the text "Safr Nishd al-nishad li-Süleyman ..." (Book of the Song of songs of Solomon) in naskh Arabic script.
[Probably Ottoman provinces, mid-18th century (ca. 1750)]. A single hand-cut woodblock (17 x 9 x 2.2 cm, with protrusions to the left and right making it wider - 11 cm - near the head to accommodate the wider 2nd line) intended for use as printing block, with 6 lines of text, together with an inked impression on 18th century paper (16.5 x 10.5 cm). Full description
€ 18,000
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Putting the British monarchy and nobility in the pillory: 7 fictitious auction catalogues,
satirically describing the British royal collections

[AUCTION CATALOGUES - FICTITIOUS]. Beredeneerde catalogus van een zeer fraaie, capitaale en pragtige inboedel, bestaande in allerleije vorstelyke meubelen, kostbaare juweelen, paarlen, goud en zilverwerk,... en laatstelyk, een nette verzameling van boeken en manuscripten, in allerlye faculteiten, doch voornaamlyk betreffende, de politieke staat van Engeland, en meest in Engelsche banden gebonden... byeenverzameld, door den Heere G. R. Zullende.. Derde druk.Amsterdam, Johannes Geyger, [1781].
With: (2) Commissie brief van den heere Wilhelmus Batavus, ...
[The Hague?], [no publisher], [1781]. The introductory letter, from "Wilhelmus Batavus" to "Lambertus Koopmans" is dated from The Hague, 15 February 1781.
(3) Catalogus van eene zo ongemeene zeldzaame, als uitmuntende verzameling van manuschripten[!]... Bestaande buiten de pakketten in 341 deelen in folio, alle in Engelsche banden ... byeen vergadert door den Lord W. Gordon.
London [= Amsterdam or The Hague?], sold by Thomas Henly [true publisher unknown], [1781]. The introductory letter, from Thomas Henly, is dated 2 February 1781.
(4) Beredeneerde notitie van 't vorstlyke poppe- en speel-goed, der kinderen van den heere G.R. ...
[Amsterdam?], [no publisher], [1781]. This catalogue presents itself as a second appendix to ad 1. Both the original catalogue and the first appendix describing themselves as catalogues for the sale in May or June 1781.
(5) Sleutel of noodige ophelderingen der onlangs uitgekomene catalogus, ... byeenverzameld, door den heere G.R. Zullende gemelde boedel, by executie verkocht worden, binnen Londen, in de maanden Mey of Juny deezes jaars.
Dordrecht, Abraham and Pieter Blussé and several others; etc., [1781].
(6) Beredeneerde catalogus eener verzameling van schilderyen, der eerste meesters van Nederland.
The Hague, Thomas Pietersz. van Os, [1783? or 1789?]. With the supposedly authenticating woodcut on the title-page, showing the coat of arms of William the Silent hanging from a memorial cross.
(7) Beredeneerde catalogus, van eene uitmuntende verzameling schilderyen, door de vermaardste Nederlandsche meesters, uit het Fransch vertaald.
Holland, [no publisher], 1783.
7 fictitious auction catalogues in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half mottled calf, brown spine label with blind-tooled text and with some gold-tooled floral decorations, 20th-century marbled sides and endpapers. [4], 27, [1]; 16; 16; 16; 15, [1]; 32; 37, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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Complete print series by Van Audenaerde of the triumphal military parade celebrating
Caesar's victory in the Gallic Wars, after Mantegna's famous paintings

AUDENAERDE, Robert van, after Andrea MANTEGNA. C. Julii Caesaris Dictatoris triumphi de Gallia, Aegypto, Ponto, Africa, Hispania, quinquies eodem mense triumphantis; omnium, qui unquam fuere, Ducum, Regum Bellica virtute praestantissimi.
Rome, Domenico de Rossi, 1692. With an engraved allegorical title-print showing Minerva on a throne pointing towards a medallion with Caesar's profile, and 9 engraved prints by Robert van Audenaerde after Andrea Mantegna's paintings, showing the triumphal military parade celebrating Caesar's victory in the Gallic Wars. Each is numbered at the lower right and captioned below with an engraved description. The 10 prints are preserved in a paperboard folder covered with half green cloth and green marbled sides (ca. 57 x 47 cm). [1], 9 engraved ll. Full description
€ 4,950
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Very rare map of North Holland in 1575

BEELDSNIJDER, Joost Jansz. Vernieuwde Kaart van Noordholland en Westfriesland, benevens het voornaamste gedeelte van Rhynland, en daar aan grenzende Landen.
Amsterdam, Yntema & Tieboel, 1778. (92 x 68 cm). Large hand-coloured engraved map on 2 sheets, decorated with arms, figures and products from the regions shown, and with the title at the foot. Framed. Full description
€ 7,250
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A commentary on and epitome of Laurentius Valla's De Elegantiis

BIENATO, Aurelio. In elegantiarum sex libros Laurentii Vallae disertissimi epithomata nuper recognita.
Venice, Giovanni Antonio Nicolini da Sabbio, for Melchiorre Sessa, 1539. Small 8vo. With Sessas charming woodcut device showing a cat with a mouse in its mouth, with motto "Dissimilium infida societas" below, repeated on the last page. Later half vellum, gold-tooled spine, boards covered with decorated paper. 63, [1] ll. Full description
€ 6,500
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Beautifully bound album with 45 engravings and etchings of Jacques Callot from different series,
spanning the whole career of one of the most important 17th-century printmakers

[CALLOT, Jacques]. [Album with 45 engravings and etchings].
[Paris, largely Israel Silvestre and Israel Henriet, ca. 1609-1635]. Large 4to. With 12 smaller and 33 larger engravings and etchings mounted in the album on 39 leaves. 19th-century red morocco in the style of Andrieux, house binder to the Ducs de Orléans from 1837 to circa 1870, gold-tooled spine with title in gold, gold-tooled boards, each with a large unidentified monogram ("FGO"?), marbled endpapers. [39], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 12,500
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Two beautiful print series of landscapes, fortifications, etc.: drawing lessons
by Callot, Silvestre and others

CALLOT, Jacques. Livre des paysages de Callot. Propre à la noblesse et aux ingenieurs pour apprendre a dessiner à la plume avec liberté, et en peu de temps.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [1691/1703?]. 2 works in 1 volume. Oblong small folio (18.5 x 25 cm). A series of 22 numbered engraved (mostly etched) prints, including the title-page with the title in a cartouche (1) the 2-leaf "Avertissement" (2-3), and 19 views (4-22), with landscapes and scenery, after designs by Jacques Callot.
With: (2) SILVESTRE, Israel. Leçons données aux pages du Roy, par le Sr. Silvestre, pour apprendre a dessigner la fortification, le paysage, &c.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [1691/1703?]. A series of 22 engraved (mostly etched) prints (numbered in manuscript) plus the engraved title-page with the title in a cartouche, the prints showing fortifications, city views, horses, a cannon, etc. by or after the designs of Israel Silvestre, engraved by François Noblesse, after the designs of Callot, Louis François Collignon and others.
Contemporary mottled calf, sewn on 5 cords, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 6,000
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The architectural features and sculpture showing the Amsterdam City Hall in full glory.
With the magnificent engraving of the 1661 mosaic floor map of the world in 2 hemispheres,
incorporating Tasman's discoveries not otherwise published for d

[CAMPEN, Jacob van, Hubert QUELLINUS and Jacob VENNEKOOL]. Bouw schilder en beeldhouwkonst, van het stadhuis te Amsteldam, vertoont in CIX figuuren: ...
Amsterdam, Johannes Covens, Cornelis Mortier and Johannes Covens junior, [ca. 1758?, ca. 1767? or possibly 1772/83]. Large folio (49.5 x 30 cm). With the title-page printed in red and black with J. Covens & C. Mortiers engraved device by Bernard Picart ("JCCM" cypher monogram in a laurel wreath carried by 6 putti, dated 1730); 2 preliminary plates containing portraits of Jacob van Campen [by Lutma] and Arthus Quellinus by Henricus Quellinus; CIX (109) numbered engraved and etched architectural plates. All plates have French captions, some with laudatory verses below, and are described in Dutch in the letterpress text (pp. 3-15). Contemporary half red roan (sheepskin), brown sprinkled paper sides. 15 pp. Full description
€ 5,500
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Rare complete first edition of Visentini's print series with views of Venice after Canaletto,
"crucial to forming the image of Venice in the mind of its visitors"

[CANALETTO]. VISENTINI, Antonio. Urbis Venetiarum prospectus celebriores, ex Antonii Canal tabulis XXXVIII.
Venice, Joannem Baptistam Pasquali, 1742. 3 parts in 1 volume. Oblong folio (ca. 36.5 x 52.5 cm). With 3 letterpress title-pages printed in red and black with engraved vignettes by Visentini, the original engraved title-page for the first series (Prospectus Magni Canali), a double portrait of Canaletto and Visentini by Visentini after Giovanni Battista Piazetta and and XIV, XII and XII numbered engraved prints with familiar views based upon 38 paintings by Canaletto, engraved by Visentini, showing the Grand Canal, public buildings, renowned places in Venice and regatta scenes. Contemporary half morocco, brown paper sides, manuscript title (?) and two old shelfmarks on the spine. [8]; [1]; [1] ll. plus the part-title, double portrait and XIV, XII, XII prints. Full description
€ 45,000
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Very rare edition of an extremely popular history of the most famous
and daring Dutch pirate of the 17th century

[MARITIME HISTORY - PIRACY - CLAES COMPAEN]. 't Begin midden en eynde der zee-roveryen, van den alderfameusten zee-rover Claas G. Compaan, van Oost-Zanen in Kennemer-land. Vervattende zijn wonderlijke vreemde lands schadelijk drijf-togten. Waar in vertoond word hoe hy met weynig schepen de zee onveylig gemaakt, een ongelooflijken buyt en een groot getal van schepen van alle landen gerooft en afgelopen heeft.
Amsterdam, Joannes Kannewet, 1762. 4to. With a woodcut of a sailing ship on the title-page and 3 woodcuts in the text (including a repesat of that on the title-page). Modern wrappers. [6], 42 pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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A landmark in the history of fortification, with 17 large fortification plans and related figures

COEHOORN, Menno van. Nieuwe vestingbouw, op een natte of lage horisont; welke op driederleye manieren getoont wordt in 't fortificeren der binnengroote van de Fransche royale ses-hoek, waar in de sterkte der hedendaagsche drooge- aan de natte-grachten gevonden wordt: als mede hoe men tegenwoordig langs een zee of rivier fortificeert, en op wat manier men daar behoorde te bouwen. ...
Leeuwarden, Hendrik Rintjes, 1685. Folio (32.5 x 20 cm). With 17 engraved figures (mostly fortification plans) labelled A-R on plates of various sizes, mostly double-page or folding. Contemporary or near contemporary vellum. [16], 181, [3] pp. Full description
€ 5,950
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The complete series of Collaert's views around Brussels in its first state

[VIEWS - BRUSSELS AREA]. COLLAERT, Hans I [after Hans BOL or Jacob GRIMMER?]. [Views in the vicinity of Brussels].
[Antwerp], Hans van Luyck, [ca. 1575/80]. Oblong folio album (24.5 x 35.5 cm). Series of 24 engravings (plate size ca. 20 x 14 cm) with views of landscapes around Brussels, by Hans I Collaert possibly after Hans Bol or Jacob Grimmer, each with a caption in the plate (plates 8 and 20 also with Van Luyck and Collaert's monograms "H.V.L.EX[cudit]" and "H.C.F[ecit]"). Trimmed down to the plate edge and mounted on album leaves, numbered in pencil on the album leaves, next to the engravings. Modern red half cloth, marbled sides. [24] ll. Full description
€ 19,500
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Very rare first account of the death of Captain Cook

[COOK, James (subject)]. Nachrichten von dem Leben und den Seereisen des berühmten Capitain Cook.
Reval [= Tallinn, Estonia] & Leipzig, Albrecht und Compagnie, 1780.
With: (2) Briefe aus England historisch-statistisch und artistischen Inhalts. 1s Heft.
Reval [= Tallinn, Estonia] & Leipzig, Albrecht und Compagnie, 1780.
2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. With a woodcut ship on the title-page of ad 2 and woodcut headpieces in both works. Contemporary half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides, brown morocco spine label with title in gold. 48; [14], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 148,500
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Rare and famous catalogue of one of the most important 18th-century private libraries

[CREVENNA, Pierre Antoine Bolongaro, and Carl’ Andrea OLTOLINA]. Catalogue raisonné de la collection de livres de M. Pierre Antoine Crevenna, négociant à Amsterdam.
[Amsterdam], [Crevenna], 1776. 6 volumes. Large 4to (27.5 x 22.5 cm). With an engraved title vignette in each volume. Uniform contemporary calf. [2], VIII, 149, [1]; [2], 244, [1], [1 blank]; 322, [1], [1 blank]; 327, [1]; 346, [1], [1 blank]; [4], 336, [3], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,950
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Extensive work on conjuring and magic

DECREMPS, Henri. Natuurlyk toverboek, behelzende de verbaazendste geheimen van natuur en konst, opgehelderd met plaaten.
Amsterdam, Johannes Allart; Harlingen, Volkert van der Plaats, 1791-1794. 8 parts in 4 volumes. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece by P.H. Jonxis after J. Buys in the first volume, and 12 engraved plates (including 9 folding), each depicting several figures and 1 including 4 lines of engraved music (round-headed notes on a 5-line staff). Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spines. [2], 174 [1], [1 blank]; 104; [2], 159, [1]; 176; [2], 164; 123, [1 blank]; [2], 130; 243, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,800
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Collection of 38 lithographed and hand-coloured coats of arms of Frisian noble families 1815-1845, compiled by De Haan Hettema and deriving from his Stamboek van den Frieschen adel

[HERALDRY - FRIESLAND - MANUSCRIPT WITH LITHOGRAPHED COATS OF ARMS]. DE HAAN HETTEMA, Montanus. Wapens der edelen later Ridderschap van Friesland 1815-1845.
[Leeuwarden?], 1846. 4to. With a drawn, hand-coloured and gold-painted manuscript title and 3 manuscript leaves listing the coats of arms in a neat 19th-century hand, and 38 lithographed coats of arms of Frisian noble families drawn by J. Reijnders and printed by C. Brantsma in Leeuwarden, very precisely coloured by a contemporary hand with extensive use of gold and silver. Later 19th-century boards covered with silk cloth, each board with a gold-tooled frame, and 4 gold fillets on the spine, gilt edges. [4] manuscript ll. (including title-page); [38] ll. with lithographed coat of arms. Full description
€ 3,500
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Interesting account of an exploration journey to India and Southeast Asia

DELESSERT, Adolphe. Souvenirs dun voyage dans lInde execute de 1834 a 1839. Ouvrage enrichi de trente-cinq planches.
Paris, Fortin, Masson et Cie & Langlois et Leclercq (facing title-page: printed by Béthune et Plon), 1843. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 8vo. With engraved title-vignette signed by A. Vien, 8 lithographed plates in the first part by V. Dolet showing Ile Bourbon, Pondichéry, Malacca, Chase au tigre, Madras, a bivouac and Chûte de la Rivière de Gutpurba; 27 numbered full-page engraved plates in the natural history part by Forget, Annedouche, Sebin, Mme. Douliot, Bourgeois, Giraud, Davesne and Dumesnil after Jean Gabriel Prêtre, Delahaye, Mme Bury and Vaillant of mammals, birds, insects and butterflies, 24 of which are exquisitely coloured by hand by "Gérard". Also with one folded map (43 x 44 cm) of the world (except for the Americas) with Delessets journey marked, coloured in outline and printed by Kaeppelin, Paris. Half calf, decorated paper sides. [6], III, 134; [4], 107 pp. Full description
€ 4,950
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Important source on mediaeval pharmacology: the fundamental Renaissance work for the study of medicinal plants

DIOSCORIDES, Pedanius. In hoc volumine haec continentu.r [!] Ioannis Baptistae Egnatii Veneti in Dioscoridem ab Hermolao Barbaro tralatum annotamenta. Quibus morborum et remediorum vocabula obscuriora in usum etiam mediocriter eruditorum explicantur ...
Venice, Francesco Barbaro & Giovanni Bartolomeo Gabiano for Giovanni & Gregorio De Gregori, 1 February 1516. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio (22.5 x 32 cm). Later vellum with old gold-tooled red spine label. [36], “CXXXIII” [= CXXXIV], 106 ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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Discussing whether Venetian art is better than Tuscan

DOLCE, Lodovico. Dialogo della pittura. Nel quale si ragiona della dignità di essa pittura, e di tutte le parti necessarie, che a perfetto pittore si acconuengono: con esempi di pittori antichi, & moderni: e nel fine si fa mentione delle virtù e delle opere del divin Titiano.
Venice, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1557. Woodcut vignette on title-page. Later half vellum, title in ink on spine. 60 ll. Full description
€ 9,500
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320 excellent hand-coloured lithographed plates of European birds and eggs

DUBOIS, Charles-Frédéric & DUBOIS, Alphonse fils. Les oiseaux de l'Europe et leurs oeufs, décrits et dessinés d'après nature ... Deuxième série, espèces non observées en Belgique.
Brussels, Leipzig & Ghent, C. Muquardt (vol. 1) & H. Merzbach, successor to C. Muquardt (vol. 2), 1868-1872. 2 volumes. Small folio (27 x 18 cm). With a portrait of Charles Dubois facing the title-page of vol. 1, and 320 numbered hand-coloured lithographed plates: 278 of birds and 42 of bird eggs. Contemporary half light brown cloth. XLVI pp., “134” [= 182] ll.; pp. XLVII-CXIV; ll. 134a, 135 ... 202 [= 96 ll.] , 16 pp. Full description
€ 5,950
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Rare pamphlet from the entourage of William the Silent, Prince of Orange

[DUTCH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. Abschrifft und gruendlicher Bericht eines schreibens der Ritterschafft, Edlen, und Stett, in Holland, in namen und von wegen der Stende derselben Landtschafft, an die Herren, welche das ampt aller Stend der Niderland tragen: Sie darinnen vermanet, dass sie einhelliglich (der Koeniglichen Man von Spannien zu gutem) dieselbige Land, auss des Hertzogen von Alba, und seiner Spanniart gewalt und Tiranney, widerumb zu ihrer alten Welfart und Freiheit helffen bringen.
[Germany?], 1574. 4to. With a woodcut arabesque ornament on the title-page. Modern boards. [37], [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,250
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Rare true 1709 edition on herbal medicine by a Silesian noblewoman, with an appended cookery book

ELEONORA MARIA ROSALIA. Freywillig aufgesprungener Granat-Apffel des christlichen Samariters. Oder: Aus christlicher liebe des nächsten eröffnete Geheimnisse vieler vortrefflicher bewährter artzneyen, ...; wie auch einem neuen Koch-Buch, ...
Leipzig, Thomas Fritsch, 1709. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary tanned sheepskin. [2], 467, [1]; [2], 120, [10] pp. Full description
€ 3,750
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5 important works on mathematics, optics, astronomy and astrology, mostly rare editions (1552-1560), in a beautiful contemporary binding

EUCLID (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Euclidis Optica & catoptrica, nunquam antehac Graece aedita.
Paris, André Wechel, 1557. With Wechels woodcut device on both title-pages, and several optical and mathematical woodcut diagrams or illustrations in the text, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(2) EUCLID(?) and CLEONIDES (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Euclidis Rudimenta musices. Sectio regulae harmonicae. E Regia bibliotheca desumpta, ac nunc primum Graecae et Latine excusa.
Paris, André Wechel, 1557. With Wechels woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(3) THEODOSIUS OF BITHYNIA (Jean PÉNA, ed.). Theodosij Tripolitae sphaericorum, libri tres, nunquam antehac Graece excusi.
Paris, André Wechel, 1558. With Wechels woodcut device on the title-page and on the verso of the last leaf with the "Errata", with several optical and mathematical woodcut diagrams or illustrations in the text, woodcut initials and headpieces. Set in roman and Greek type.
(4) PITATI, Pietro. Compendium Petri Pitati Veronensis in Academia Philarmonica Mathesim profitentis super annua solaris, atque lunaris anni quantitate, Paschalis item solemnitatis iuxta veteres ecclesiae canones recognitione Romanique calendarii instauratione, deque vero passionis dominicae die; Ortu quoque et occasu stellarum fixarum, in tres divisum tractatus. ....
Verona, Paolo Ravagnano, 1560. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page, Ravagnanos woodcut device on the verso of the second to last leaf of the colophon and many tables in the text. Set in roman type.
(5) GAURICO, Luca. Calendarium ecclesiasticum novum, ex sacris literis, probatisque sanctorum Patrum synodis excerptum, iuxta omnipotentis Dei mandata in veteri testamento Mosi data: in quo potissimus agitur de vera sacratissimi Paschatis, festorumque mobilium celebratione, duum millium annorum interstitio duraturum.
Venice, (colophon: heirs of Lucantonio I Giunta, May 1552), 1552. With the Giunti's woodcut device (a decorative fleur-de-lis - representing Venice - in a floral wreath with putti, in this case with Lucantonios initials "LA") on the title-page, several woodcut astronomical and astrological figures in the text, many pages of astrological and astronomical tables and some woodcut decorated initials. Set in roman type.
5 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards with the date "1561" blind-stamped on the front board, sewn on 3 double cords, with paper manuscript spine labels in the spine compartments (some faded), two original brass clasps on leather straps, blue edges. [20], 48, [4], 64 pp.; 16, 10 ll.; [8], 54, [2], 68, [2] pp.; “128” [= 130], [2]; [4], 134, [1], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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A standard navigational directory for the Indian Archipelago

FINDLAY, Alexander George. A directory for the navigation of the Indian archipelago and the coast of China, from the Straits of Malacca and Sunda, and the passages east of Java, to Canton, Shanghai, the Yellow Sea, and Korea. With the descriptions of the winds, monsoons, and currents, and general instructions for the various channels, harbours, etc. Third edition.
London, Richard Holmes Laurie, 1889. Royal 8vo. With 11 folding maps and charts. Original publishers blindstamped cloth, lettered in gold. XLVIII, IV, 1478; [2], 8 pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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Presentation copy to the colorist of the plates in Fitzgerald's study on Australian orchids,
seldomly found complete

FITZGERALD, Robert Desmond. Australian orchids.
Sydney, Thomas Richards (vol. 1, part 1-2, 4-7; vol. 2, part 1-2), Charles Potter (vol. 1, part 3; vol. 2, part 4 & 5) & George Stephan Chapman (vol. 2, part 4), [1875--1894]. 12 parts in 2 volumes (vol. 1: part 1-7; vol. 2: part 1-5). Large folio (ca. 50 x 34 cm). With 118 lithographed plates (10 double-page) all but 1 coloured by a contemporary hand in watercolour. The plates were all drawn by Fitzgerald and lithographed by himself and Arthur J. Stopps. All plates are interleaved with accompanying letterpress descriptions. Contemporary half cloth in a uniform style (various colours) with the original publisher's wrappers (also in various colours: yellow, green, blue, turquoise) mounted on the cloth. The 12 volumes are preserved in 20th-century green cloth boxes with a uniform black morocco spine labe. 118 plates plus letterpress descriptions. Full description
€ 18,000
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Letters on the celebrated voyage of "l'Uranie" by Rose de Freycinet, secretly smuggled aboard by her husband and the great explorer Louis de Freycinet

FREYCINET, Rose de (Charles DUPLOMB, ed.). Campagne de l"Uranie" (1817-1820). Journal de madame Rose de Saulces de Freycinet daprès le manuscrit original accompagné de notes par Charles Duplomb.
Paris, Société d'Éditions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniales (colophon: Chartres, printed by Durand), 1927. Large 4to (28.5 x 23 cm). With 1 map and 25 full-page plates, 13 colour-printed and 3 double-page (plate 7, 24 and 25), all after designs by Jacques Arago, the official artist of the voyage. Original publisher's paper wrappers. [2 blank], XIII, [1 blank], 190, [2] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Affirming the rights of Emperor Charles V to the Duchy of Gelre and the County of Zutphen

[GELDERLAND]. Het bescheet vanden Keyser Kaerle de vijfde van desen name, uutgegheven inden Rycxdach van Reynsborch Int iaer ons heeren M.D. ende XLI. vanden goeden rechte dat hij heeft tot ten hertochdom van Geldre ende Graefschap van Zutphen, Ende oock de wederlegghinghe, ende wederbescheet van heer Willem hertoch van Cleve te Franckfoort ghedaen Int iaer ons heeren M.D. XXXIX overgeset uiten latijn in duytsche.
Antwerp, Marten Vermeere, [1541]. 4to. With the woodcut coat of arms of Charles V on title-page. 19th-century half calf, brown decorated paper sides. [64] ll. Full description
€ 5,000
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One of the 200 special copies issued for the Antwerp magistrates
of this monumental work on the Splendid Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria
into Antwerp (1635), after designs by Rubens

GEVAERTS, Jean Gaspard (Caspar GEVARTIUS) and Pieter Paul RUBENS. Pompa introitus honori serenissimi principis Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis S.R.E. Card. Belgarum et Burgundionum Gubernatoris etc. a S.P.Q. Antwerp. Decreta et adornata. ...
Antwerp, Theodoor van Tulden (colophon: printed by Jan van Meurs, 1641), [published January 1643]. Royal 1mo (full-sheet leaves) (57 x 42 cm). With a letterpress half-title and XXXIX single-page, double-page and larger folding plates (numbered I-XXXIX in the table of plates, printed and assembled from 43 copper plates numbered [1]-[2], 3-43) depicting the rich allegorical and ornamental triumphal arches and festive decorations, paintings, statues, etc., all designed by Pieter Paul Rubens, all but one for the triumphal entry of the Spanish cardinal-infante Ferdinand into Antwerp in 1635. Further with 46 smaller engravings in the text, depicting coins and medals, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series). Contemporary overlapping vellum, manuscript title on spine. [10], 189, [13] pp. plus 38 plates. Full description
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Convolute with rare Dutch works on the art of navigation, richly illustrated with many mathematical
and geometrical figures and two circle figures with moving volvelles

GIETERMAKER, Klaas Hendriksz. 't Vergulde licht der zee-vaard, ofte konst der stuurlieden. Zynde een volkomen en klare onderwyzinge der navigatie, bestaande in 't geen een stuurman hoognodig behoorde te weten.
Amsterdam, Joannes van Keulen & sons, [not before 1774]. With an engraved frontispiece, 2 engraved circle figures with moving volvelles, 1 engraved mathematical and geometrical folding plate, many tables (some folding) and many mathematical and geometrical woodcut illustrations and figures in the text.
(2) DOUWES, Bernardus Joannes. Tafelen, bevattende 1°. De sinussen, tangenten en secanten, van minuut tot minuut voor ieder boog van het quadrant, in hunne natuurlyke getallen, op een radius van 10.000.000. 2°. Derzelver logarithmen. 3°. De logarithmen der gewoone getallen, in hunne natuurlyke orde van opvolging, van 1 tot 10.000. 4°. De vergrootende breedten, in tiende-deelen van minuuten. 5°. De streektafelen, naar het plat en het rond, voor ieder geheele compasstreek van een vierde-rond. Nieuwe, naauwkeurige en veel verbeterde uitgaave.
Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1779. Completely filled with mathematical tables.
(3) [drop title:] Tafel van de lengte en breedte der meest bekende zee-plaatzen.
[Amsterdam?, Gerard Hulst van Keulen?, ca. 1779?].
3 works in 1 volume, the first in 4 parts. 4to. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum. Ad 1: [8], 106; 152, 8; 97; 98-120 pp. Ad 2: [233], [1 blank] pp. Ad 3: 39, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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Second, much enlarged edition of the first extensive repertory
of Greco-Roman rings with carved intaglio gems

GORLAEUS, Abraham. Dactyliotheca, seu annulorum sigillarium quorum apud Priscos tam Graecos quam Romanos usus, ex ferro, aere, argento & auro promptuarii ... collectis aliunde & ineditis & editis annulorum figuris auctior; cum explicationibus Jacobi Gronovii.
Leiden, Petrus van de Aa, 1695. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 different engraved allegorical title-pages (reflecting the themes of rings and intaglio-carved gems), 2 letterpress title-pages in red and black with one of Van der Aas engraved allegorical devices (Minerva/Athena, books, a cock and Hercules/Heracles, with motto "studio et vigilantia"), a portrait of the author by Jacques de Gheyn with a calligraphic verse by Hugo de Groot below, 138 engraved plates: 196 numbered illustrations of ancient rings with carved gems shown at actual size on 101 engraved plates, and 148 numbered illustrations of carved gems alone on 37 engraved plates). Contemporary limp vellum, manuscript title on spine. [22], 28, [16], 16 pp. plus 109 plates; 64, 32 pp. plus 173 plates. Full description
€ 2,950
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The first book printed with roman type in Turkey

[HOLDERMANN, Jean-Baptiste Daniel]. Grammaire Turque ou méthode courte et facile pour apprendre la langue Turque ...
Istanbul, [Ibrahim Müteferrika & Zaïd Aga Effendi], 1730. 4to. With a double-page engraved table of Arabic letters in 7 different styles. Set in roman type with frequent Turkish words and phrases in naskh Arabic type. Contemporary blind-tooled calf. [16], 194, [6] pp. Full description
€ 25,000
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Magnificent contemporary portraits of the most important artists
of the sixteenth and early seventeenth-century Low Countries

HONDIUS, Hendrik (& Simon FRISIUS, Andries STOCK and Robert de BAUDOUS). Pictorum aliquot celebrium praecipué Germaniae Inferioris, effigies. Pars I.
The Hague, Henricus Hondius, [ca. 1610]. Folio. An engraved print series with an architectural title-page with allegorical figures, 41 engraved portraits (20 x 12 cm) by Hendrik Hondius (9), Robert de Baudous (4), Simon Frisius (23) and Andries Stock (5); and an allegorical closing print (a skeleton holding an hour glass and an arrow, not in the copy on Google Books). The three plates outside the portraits are all by Hendrick Hondius. With an extra added portrait of Hendrick Hondius, engraved by Fredericus Boultats after a drawing by Hondius himself (16.5 x 11 cm; mounted on a blank leaf). Contemporary half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides. [44] engraved ll. plus [1] letterpress leaf. Full description
€ 4,500
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Rare journal of De la Salles last American voyage, exploring the Mississippi River,
including the large folding map, rarely included

JOUTEL, Henri (Monsieur DE MICHEL, ed.). Journal historique du dernier voyage que feu M. De la Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure & le cours de la riviere de Missicipi, nommée à présent la rivière de Saint Louis, que traverse la Louisiane. Où on voit l'histoire tragique de sa mort, & plusieurs choses curieuses du nouveau monde.
Paris, Estienne Robinot, 1713. 12mo. With a large folding engraved map. Contemporary calf. XXXIV, 386 pp. Full description
€ 10,000
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Luxurious first edition of a classic work on garden architecture, with 190 plates

LAAR, Gijsbert van. Magazijn van tuin-sieraaden; of verzameling van modellen van aanleg en sieraad, voor groote en kleine lust-hoven, voornamelijk van dezulke die, met weinig kosten, te maaken zijn...
Amsterdam, Jacobus de Ruyter, [1819/20]. Royal 4to (31 x 25 cm). Engraved title-page, numerous illustrations of garden architecture, garden furniture and plans of gardens on 190 numbered engraved plates. Modern half calf, marbled sides. Interleaved with contemporary blank paper. Engraved title-page plus [2], IV, “120” [= 118], VIII pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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A classic of travel literature: the expedition to Australia and surrounding islands
in search of La Pérouse, with the 14 botanical illustrations drawn by Redouté

LA BILLARDIERE, Jacques Julien Houtoe de. Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Pérouse, fait par ordre de l'Assemblée constituante, pendant les années 1791, 1792, et pendant la 1ere. et la 2e. année de la république Françoise.
Paris, Hendrik J. Jansen, An VIII [= 1799/1800]. 2 volumes. 8vo. With extensive tables at the end giving daily data from the ship's log and vocabulary lists for various indigenous languages. Contemporary half calf, marbled endpapers, red edges.
With: (2) Atlas pour server à la Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Pérouse ...
Paris, F. Schoell, 1811. Large folio (51 x 34.5 cm). With an engraved title-page, a large folding map (50 x 73 cm) showing the route taken by the expedition. Also with 43 further plates (ca. 45 x 30 cm), Contemporary half tan sheepskin, "maroquin" chemical-marbled sides. XVI, 440; 332, 109, [3] pp.; [1], 44 engraved ll. Full description
€ 10,000
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An invaluable record of late 18th-century French garden design, beautifully illustrated

LABORDE, Alexandre de. Description des nouveaux jardins de la France et de ses anciens chateaux ... | Description of the modern gardens and ancient castles in France. | Beschreibung der neuen Gärten und alten Schlösser in Frankreich.
Paris, Delance, 1808[-1814]. Large folio (50.5 x 35.5 cm). With engraved title-page, engraved map of Northern France, 2 engraved plans, 130 engraved plates with views of gardens on 91 leaves (numbered 1-122 and A-H), and one engraved plate with geological figures. With text in French, English and German. Contemporary green half morocco, gold-tooled spine. [6], 226 pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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King William III of England's Dutch palace and gardens

LETH, Hendrik de. [Views of the Dutch royal estate Soestdijk].
[Amsterdam], Hendrik de Leth, [ca. 1731]. Royal folio (55 x 34 cm). With large double-page general bird's-eye view of the Dutch royal estate Soestdijk (image size 35 x 47 cm) by B. Stoopendaal after B. Stuyvenburgh, and 16 numbered engraved views of details of the palace, gardens and other buildings (image size 12 x 16 cm) printed on 8 leaves. Modern half parchment. Full description
€ 4,750
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A collection of Venetian voyages to the Near and Middle East, printed at the Aldine press

[MANUZIO, Antonio (ed.)]. Viaggi fatti da Vinetia, alla Tana, in Persia, in India, et in Costantinopoli: con la descrittione particolare di città, luoghi, siti, costumi, & della porta del Gran Turco: & di tutte le intrate, spese, & modo di governo suo, & della ultima impresa contra Portoghesi.
Venice, sons of Aldus Manutius, 1545. 8vo. With Alduss woodcut anchor device on the title-page. 18th-century English polished calf. 163 ll. Full description
€ 7,500
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Well-made Lyon 8vo Latin edition of Europe’s principal source for Arabic pharmacology

MASAWAIH al-MARDINI (MESUE the younger). De re medica libri tres, Jacobo Sylvio interprete.
Lyon, Guillaume Rouillé (colophon: printed by Philibert Rollet), 1550. 8vo. With Rouillés woodcut device on the title-page (eagle on a globe, flanked by 2 snakes), numerous woodcut decorated initials, and an arabesque decoration below the colophon. 19th-century marbled boards, manuscript spine label. [16], 421, [1], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Venice edition of Ibn Masawaih's pharmacological handbook with a false Paris imprint

MASAWAIH AL-MARDINI (MESUE the younger). De re medica libri tres. Jacobo Sylvio medico interprete. Cum annotationibus & scholiis eiusdem. Index locupletissimus cum capitum, tum omnium quae scitu digna sunt operi praefixus est.
"Paris" [= Venice], [Girolamo Scotto], 1553. 8vo. With Scottos woodcut device on the title-page (showing what are probably two of the wild mares of King Abderus being devoured by the mares of King Diomedes of Thrace devouring either Abderos or Diomedes himself) and about 22 woodcut decorated (nearly all pictorial) initials (7 series) plus a few repeats. Contemporary vellum, traces of ties. 248, [4] ll. Full description
€ 7,500
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One of the finest illustrated descriptions of Leiden

MIERIS, Frans van and Daniel van ALPHEN. Beschryving der stad Leyden, haare gelegenheid, oorsprong, vergrootinge, oude en hedendaagsche gedaante; . . .
Leiden, widow of Abraham Honkoop, Cornelis van Hoogeveen (vols. 1 and 2), Cornelis Heyligert, Abraham & Jan Honkoop (vol. 3), 1762-1784. With the title-pages printed in red and black, each with the same engraved coat of arms of Leiden, full-page engraved dedication to officials of the Leiden court (with 17 coats of arms), 24 engraved plates.
With: (2) MIERIS, Frans van. Handvesten, privilegien, octroyen, rechten, en vryheden, mitsgaders ordonnantien, resolutien, plakkaaten, verbintenissen, costumen, instructien, en handelingen der Stad Leyden.
Leiden, Abraham Kallewier, Abraham Honkoop, Abraham Kallewier L.Z., 1759. With title-page printed in red and black and with woodcut Leiden coat of arms. 2 works, the first in 3 volumes. Folio. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum and modern vellum designed to match the others. [20], 362; [4], XXVI, 24, 363-860, 68*, 78; [4], VIII, 865-1137, [1], 106*; [14], 834, [26] pp. Full description
€ 6,000
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Standard work on Islam

MILLS, Charles. Histoire du Mahométisme ... traduite de l´Anglais sur la deuxième édition ...
Paris, Boulland et Cie, 1825. 8vo. With hand-coloured lithographed frontispiece (''L'Evèque ou Wladika''). Late 19th-century textured cloth, gilt edges. [2], IV, 544 pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Haskell Norman copy of "the most complete collection of early writings on balneology" by several classical, Arabic and contemporary authorities

[MINERAL BATHS - BALNEOLOGY]. De balneis omnia quae extant apud Graecos, Latinos, et Arabas, tam medicos quàm quoscunque caeterarum artium probatos scriptores: qui vel integris libris, vel quoquo alio modo hanc materiam tractauerunt: nuper hinc inde accurate conquisita & excerpta, atque in vnum tandem hoc volumen redacta. In quo aquarum ac thermarum omnium, quae in toto ferè orbe terrarum sunt, metallorum item, & reliquorum mineralium naturae, vires, atque vsus exquisitissime explicantur: indicibus quatuor appositis, ...
Venice, (colophon:) heirs of Lucantonio Giunta [= Tomasso Giunta], 1553. Folio. With 5 full-page woodcuts with plans and views of mineral baths and a woodcut title vignette and initials. 18th-century vellum, manuscript title on spine. 14; 497 ll. Full description
€ 6,500
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Missionary printing culture in Macao: one of the earliest books printed on the first missionary press

MORRISON, Robert. A view of China for philological purposes, containing a sketch of Chinese chronology, geography, government, religion and customs. Designed for the use of persons who study the Chinese language.
Macao, printed at the East India Company's press, by P. P. Thoms, published and sold by Black, Parbury & Allen, booksellers to the Company, London, 1817. 4to (27 x 20 cm). Printed in roman and Chinese type. 20th-century dark blue paper over boards. VI, 141, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,950
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Dragons, basilisks, hippogryphs and a phoenix: very rare work on determining
the zoological status of some mythical animals

[NATURAL HISTORY - ANIMALS - MYTHOLOGY]. Ausführliche und accurate Beschreibung nebst genauer Abbildung einiger vorhin fabelhafter Geschöpfe welche in der heutigen Naturgeschichte berühmter Schriftsteller ganzlich verändert und ins Licht gestellet sind.
Leipzig, [W. Nauck], 1784. 8vo. Set in roman and fraktur type. With 8 contemporary hand-coloured engraved folding plates bound at the end, depicting the fabulous dragons, reptiles, sea-dragons, snakes, unicorn and flying dragons and birds (including a phoenix). Contemporary or early 19th-century blue marbled paper over stiff boards, blue sprinkled edges. 144 pp. Full description
€ 5,800
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Account of the first scientific expedition to the Middle East, Egypt, Persia and India

NIEBUHR, Carsten. Reize naar Arabië en andere omliggende landen.
Amsterdam, S.J. Baalde; Utrecht, J. van Schoonhoven and company (vol. 1) and Bartholomeus Wild (vol. 2) (colophons: Utrecht, printed by J.J. Besseling), 1776-1780. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, 31 engraved maps and plans (7 folding, that of Yemen hand-coloured in outline) and 94 other engraved plates (30 folding), engraved by C. Philips, Th. and C.H. de Koning, C.J. de Huyser, C.F. Fritsch, O. de Vries and others. 19th-century half calf. Untrimmed. VIII, [6], 484, [2]; [16], 455, [1] pp. Full description
€ 6,000
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The first Dutch circumnavigation of the world: an illustrated account of exploration, mutiny and on-board disease

NOORT, Olivier van. Description du penible voyage fait entour de l'univers ou globe terrestre, par Sr. Olivier du Nort d'Utrecht, General du Quatre Navires, affavoir: de celle dite Mauritius, avec laquelle il est retourné comme Admiral, l'autre de Henry fils de Frederic Vice-Admiral, la troisiesme dite La Concorde, avec la quatriesme nommé l'Esperance, bien montees d'equipage de guerre & vivres, ayant 248 hommes en icelles, pour traversant le Destroict de Magellanes, descouvrir les Costes de Cica, Chili & Peru, & y trafiquer, & puis passant les Molucques, & circomnavigant le globe du monde retourner à la patrie. ...
Amsterdam, Vesve de Cornille Nicolas, 1610. Small folio (31 x 22.5 cm). With an engraving on the title-page showing Noort's fleet, 23 engravings in the text showing ships, the places they visited and their inhabitants, and 2 full-page maps. 19th-century olive green morocco, brown decorated paper sides, title in gold on spine. [2], 61, [1] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Informative work on the history and discovery of America and British-American relations

[OLDMIXON, John]. Het Britannische Ryk in Amerika, Zynde eene Beschryving van de Ontdekking, Bevolking, Inwoonders, het Klimaat, den Koop-handel, en tegenwoordigen Staat van alle de Britannische Coloniën, In dat gedeelte der Wereldt... Uit het Engelsch, Als mede een omstandig Berecht aangaande Koffy en Koffy-plantery, Uit het Fransch vertaald.
Amsterdam, Rudolf & Gerard Wetstein, 1721. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Part I: Engraved frontispiece by J. Goeree dated 1720, title in red and black, 5 folding engraved maps, engraving in text, woodcut headpieces and initials. Part II: Engraved frontispiece by J. Goeree dated 1720 (same as in part I), title in red and black, 3 folding engraved maps, folding engraved plate, 2 full-page engraved plates, woodcut head- and endpieces and initials. The maps are by J. Keyser after H(erman) Moll. Contemporary full calf. (26), 300 (i.e. 296); (2), 327 (14, 1 blank) pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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Topographical wall map of the Dutch (polder) district Vijfheerenlanden, coloured by a contemporary hand

OTTENS, Reinier and Josua OTTENS. Nieuwe kaart van de Vyf Heeren landen gelegen tusschen den Dief en Zouwen dyk.
Amsterdam, Reinier and Josua Ottens, 1741. Engraved map on 4 sheets (85 x 98 cm as assembled), coloured by a contemporary hand. With the title and publisher at the foot left, together with a scale (ca. 1:19,000) and the name of the engraver at the right (Jan van Jagen). Framed. Full description
€ 6,000
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A major historical novel set in medieval Granada, capturing its multiculturalism

[PÉREZ DE HITA, Ginés (ABENHAMIN)]. Historie van Granada, van de Borgherlijcke Oorlogen, ende andere, die in het Granadijnsche coninckrijcke geschiet sijn, van de Mooren tegens de Christenen, tot dat de stadt ghewonnen wert van den koninck Don Fernando de vijfde. Met een discours van de incomste der Mooren in Spaengien (ende hare geschiedenissen) met haren uytgang. Getraduceert uyt de Spaensche in Nederduytsche tale, door Isaac Jansz. Bijl.
Haarlem, Vincent Casteleyn, for Jan Evertsz.Cloppenburch, Amsterdam, 1615. 8vo. Woodcut vignette on the title-page. Contemporary overlapping vellum. 504 pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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Detailed studies of plague outbreaks in the Middle East

[PLAGUE]. Papers relating to the modern history and recent progress of Levantine plague; prepared from time to time by direction of the president to the local government board, with other papers. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty, 1879. C.-2262.
London, George Edward Eyre & William Spottiswoode, 1879. Folio. With two folding lithographed maps, one centered on the Middle East and the other detailing the seats of the plague in Mesopotamia and south-west Persia.Original publishers blue printed paper wrappers. [2], 76 pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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The (mis)understanding of the ancient world: 1479 edition of Pliny's Natural history with stunning illuminated initials in gold, white and colours and a matching border with the Ottoni coat of arms

PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Gaius (PLINY the elder) (Philippus BEROALDUS, ed.). Historia naturalis.
Treviso, Michael Manzolus, [not before 13 October] 1479. Folio (ca. 20.5 x 30 cm). With some of the preliminaries set in 2 columns but further in 1 column, 37 large (mostly 13-line) illuminated gold initials (roman capitals) with interlaced white vine decoration on a red, blue and green ground with white decorations, edged in blue with white decorations and numerous small (mostly 3-line) manuscript initials (roman capitals) alternating red and blue, all in spaces left for the purpose (most with printed guide letters), the first large initial (on c1r) with matching white vine border decorations with additional gold highlights in all four margins, that in the foot incorporating the Ottoni coat of arms (base: checky gules and argent; chief: or an eagle displayed issuant sable) in a blue cartouche with a green border. 17th-century Italian richly gold- and blind-tooled brown morocco with some frames and bands black, sewn on 3 double cords, the front board with a shield as centrepiece in a gold cartouche built up from small stamps, the shield quartered in blind and with a black bordure with 4 gold spots, and a helm at the head of the cartouche, but otherwise empty. Lacking ties. Stored in a custom-made purple cloth and silk solander box. 358 ll. Full description
€ 250,000
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Artist's manual with an exceptional collection of old master prints

[PRINT ALBUM]. Spiegel der natuur en school ter teekenkunde, bevattende LXXVI. afbeeldingen van landschappen, landsdouwen, watergezichten, enz. enz. Allen zoo veele studiën van Silvestre, Perelle, Quinault, Du Moulin, Della Bella, Zaftleven, Almeloveen, Van Schyndel, Nolpe, Vermeulen, Visscher en Schenk, ten dienste van teekenaaren, plaatsnijders, goud- en zilversmeden en drijvers: bijzonder nuttig voor hun, die zichzelven het teekenen willen leeren zonder hulp van meester. Vooräfgegaan de eerste beginselen der teekenkunst.
Amsterdam, Jan Steven van Esveld-Holtrop, [ca. 1810?]. Oblong 8vo. With 67 engraved plates in various styles (the last 6 folding) and 1 engraved plate tipped in on a blank page. Plate sizes vary. Slightly later half calf, gold-tooled spine, marbled sides. IV pp. text. Full description
€ 3,750
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Dutch scientific journal for craftsmen, with folding plates, 20 years before Diderot & d’Alambert

RANOUW, Willem van. Kabinet der natuurlyke historien, wetenschappen, konsten en handwerken, geopent met de maanden January en February 1719. Verciert en opgeheldert met kopere plaaten.
Including: MEERSCH, Pieter van der. Register tot alle de deelen van het kabinet ... van W. v. Ranouw.
Amsterdam, Hendrik Strik; Zacharia Moelé and Johannes de Ruiter; Balthasar Lakeman, 1730; 1719-1727; 1732. 21 parts in 9 volumes. 8vo. With an identical engraved allegorical frontispiece in volumes 1-8, different woodcut vignettes on the title-pages and 49 numbered engraved maps and plates, all but one folding. Contemporary vellum, manuscript title on the spines. [16], 176, [2], 552, [8]; [4], 564, [8]; [8], 562, [6]; 570, [6]; 570; [9]; [8], 176, [2], 191-380, [2], 563, [6]; [8], 183, [1], 1-192, 1-192, [8]; [16], 176, 1-191, [1], [20], 1-151, [1]; [12], 690 pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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Music, drama, poetry, costumes & heraldic art by Dutch and Flemish rhetoricians,
with 28 engraved illustrations (13 large folding)

HEYNS, Zacharias. Const-thoonende juweel by de loflijcke stadt Haerlem, ten versoecke van trou moet blijcken, in't licht gebracht. Waer inne duydelick verclaert ende verthoont wordt alles wat den mensche mach wecken om den armen te troosten, ende zijnen naesten by te staen. In twaelf spelen van sinne, so veel intreden, refreynen ende liedekens ghestelt in redenrijck naer de volgende voorgegevene caerte van 't speel-korenken.
Zwolle, Zacharias Heyns, 1607. With large emblematic device with the coat of arms of Haarlem on title-page, 2 full-page engravings of raised-platform stages, 13 full-page engraved emblematic devices of the chambers of rhetoric (most including 1 or 2 coats of arms), 13 pages of songs with letterpress music notes, and 13 large folding oblong plates on 2 or more sheets depicting the festive entree of each group of actors from the competing chambers of rhetoric.
(2) [RHETORICIANS - REDERIJKERS - HAARLEM]. Haerlems juweel, tot nut vande oude arme uyt liefden ten thoon ghestelt nae de voorgegevene caerte vant speelcorenken.
Zwolle, Zacharias Heyns, 1608. With a large engraving on title-page, repeated from the first work, a full-page engraved emblematic device of the Flemish chamber of rhetoric, "Het Wit Angelierken" from Haarlem, and large folding oblong plate on 3 sheets depicting the festive entree of the actors of the Flemish chamber of rhetoric. 4to. 2 works in 1 volume. Contemporary vellum. [266]; 12 ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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Rare first edition of a collection of botanical works on the Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian flora

ROEMER, Johann Jakob. Scriptores de plantis Hispanicis, Lusitanicis, Brasiliensibus, adornavit et recudi curavit.
Nürnberg, Raspe, 1796. 8vo. With an engraved title-page and 8 engraved botanical folding plates bound at the end of the book. 19th-century half blue morocco, blue and orange marbled-paper sides, title in gold on spine. [1], [1 blank], 184 pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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60 views of ruins, manor houses and castles in The Netherlands

ROGHMAN, Roeland; Jacobus SCHYNVOET. Nederlandsche oudheden, bestaande in zestig vebeeldingen, zo van geheele als vervallene heeren huizen, sloten, burgten en kasteelen, gelegen in Holland, 't Sticht van Utrecht en Gelderland enz. Meerendeels na 't leeven getekent door ...
Amsterdam, Hendrik Bosch, 1721. Oblong folio (21 x 29 cm). With 60 etched and engraved plates and a woodcut vignette on the title-page. Contemporary vellum. [2] pp., [60] engraved ll. Full description
€ 3,500
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Earth sciences of the Red Sea

ROSS, David A., and others. Red Sea research 1970-1975. Mineral resources bulletin 22.
Jeddah, Directorate General of Mineral Resources (colophon: printed by Dar Al Asfahani), 1977. 4to. With a portrait of His Majesty King Khaled Ibn 'Abd Al 'Aziz Al Sa'ud as frontispiece, 6 numbered maps on 5 loosely inserted folding leaves and numerous illustrations in text. Publisher's original green wrappers, decorated front. Ca. 300 pp. Full description
€ 300
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Celestial atlas containing an introduction on astronomy,
with 38 contemporary hand-coloured plates showing celestial maps, spheres, constellations etc.

ROST, Johann Leonard. Atlas portatilis coelestis. Oder Compendiöse Vorstellung des gantzen Welt-Gebäudes in den Anfangs-Gründen des wahren Astronomie...; sondern auch zugleich daraus, sich einen bessern Begriff von dem wahren Fundament sowol der Geographie als Schiffahrt zueignen kan.
Nürnberg, Johann Christoph Weigel, printed by Johann Ernst Adelbulner, 1723. Large 8vo. With a double-page title-page printed in red and black and XXVIII (38) engraved plates (1 double-page) with celestial maps, globes, armillary spheres and astronomical diagrams and constellations, coloured by a contemporary hand and tipped onto the fore-edge, folding out so that they can be viewed while reading the book. Contemporary calf. [16], 362, [22] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Reforming Dutch fortification techniques, with 9 engraved plates and etched scenes of the highest artistic quality

RUSE, Henrick. Versterckte vesting, uytgevonden in velerley voorvallen, en geobserveert in dese laetste oorloogen, soo in de Vereenigde Nederlanden, als in Vranckryck, Duyts-lant, Italien, Dalmatien, Albanien, en die daer aengelegen landen.
Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1654 [or soon after]. With an engraved title-page and 8 numbered double-page engraved plates.With: (2) RUSE, Henrick. Aenwysinge der misverstanden van G. Melder, begaen in sijne Instructie van de fortificatien, ...
Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1658. With a large folding engraved fortification plan (36 x 39.5 cm). 2 works in 1 volume. Small folio (32 x 21 cm). Vellum (ca. 1700?). [8], 53, [1], [2 blank]; 32 pp. Full description
€ 3,000
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A source of fundamental importance for the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

SANDOVAL, Prudencio de. Historia de la vida y hechos del Emperador Carlos V. max. fortissimo. Rey Catholico de España y de las Indias, Islas, y toierra firme del Mar Oceano. Al Catholico Rey Don Felipe III.
Pamplona (in the Spanish Basque region), Bartholome Paris, 1614. 2 volumes. Folio. Printed in red and black, with the woodcut Spanish Royal coat-of-arms (crowned and with the order of the Golden Fleece) on both title-pages, full-page engraved portrait of Charles V in vol. 1, and full-page allegorical portrait of Charles V in vol. 2, woodcut decorated initials, headpieces and tailpieces. Contemporary sprinkled calf, red spine label lettered in gold. [28], 895, [1 blank], [30]; [4], 898, [14] pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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A French treatise on swordfighting and a matching treatise against dueling, from 1610

SAVARON, Jean (Sieur de Villars). Traicté de l'espee Francoise.Paris, Adrien Périer, 1610. With engraved emblematic heraldic device on title-page (right hand holding a sword, emerging from a cloud, with crosses and fleurs-de-lis on the sword's blade and in the background, the whole representing King Louis XIII protecting France and the Church) with the motto "Pro religione et regno".
With: (2) SAVARON, Jean (Sieur de Villars). Traicté contre les duels. Avec l'edict de Philippes le Bel, de l'an M.CCC.VI. non encores imprimé.
Paris, Adrien Périer, 1610. With Périer's woodcut compasses device on title-page with motto "labore et constantia", borrowed from Christoffel Plantin.2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. 18th-century sprinkled calf. 56; [16], 125, [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 9,500
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One of the most important and rarest Dutch songbooks, with early poems by Hooft and Vondel

[SONGBOOK - DUTCH]. Den nieuwen verbeterden lust-hof, gheplant vol uytgelesene, eerlijcke, amoreuse ende vrolijcke ghesanghen, als Mey, bruylofts, tafel, ende Nieu jaers liedekens, met noch verscheyden tsamen-spreeckinghen tusschen vryer en vryster. Verciert met seeckere copere figueren die opte liedekens accorderen. Item is och hier achter tot een besluyt by ghevoeght, een Bruylofts Bancket, versien niet dan met stichtelijck tafel ande bruylofts liedekens: alles o goede mate ende voysen ghestelt van verscheyden experte componisten, noyt te voren ghedruckt. Den vierden druck ghebetert.
[VLACQ, Michiel]. Bruylofts bancket. Verciert met veerthien liedekens, dienende tot vermakelijckheyt ende stichtinghe, so wel in bruyloften als in andere eerlijcke vergaderinghen van oude ofte jonghe lieden. Van nieus in druck ghebracht ende ghemaeckt door M.V. (= Michiel Vlacq) binnen der Goude. Daer by noch andere liedekens van experte componisten ghevoecht zijn ...
[Amsterdam, Dirck Pietersz. Pers, [ca. 1610]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Oblong 8vo. Each title-page with the same large engraving of a company making music (with a woman playing the virginal and a man and woman playing lutes) and drinking wine in a bower in a garden (8.5 x 16.5 cm) after David Vinckboons, and 9 half-page engravings (13 x 9 cm), probably by the same engraver (also after Vinckboons?). Set partly in civilité types. Modern red morocco, each board lavishly gold-tooled with a floral border, corner pieces, little stars, with the title (front board) and "Amstelredam" (back board) in gold in a laurel wreath, the compartments of the spine gold-tooled, gold-tooled turn-ins and board edges, marbled endpapers, gilt edges (by Charles De SAMBLANX in Brussels, dated 1921). Subtly rebacked. [8], 96; [2], 1, 4-24 pp. Full description
€ 13,500
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From a series of “the finest engravings of flowers ever made” by the teacher of Redouté

SPAENDONCK, Gerard van. Anemone double. Anemone coronaria. L. [From: Fleurs dessinées d'après nature,... Recueil utile aux amateurs, aux jeunes artistes, aux élèves des écoles centrales et aux dessinateurs des manufactures].
[Paris, 1799-1801]. Stipple engraving on unwatermarked wove paper (56 x 36.5 cm), printed in colour à la poupée and finished by hand, of a Poppy anemone or Spanish marigold showing six branches with one flower each: three pink-red, two lilac, and one light-green, signed "P.F. Le Grand sculp." In passepartout. Full description
€ 2,750
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The first Frankfurt am Main edition of the most important and influential work about witchcraft

SPRENGER, Jakob. [KRAMER, Heinrich (Henricus INSTITORIS)]. Malleus maleficarum in tres divisus partes, in quibus concurrentia ad maleficia, maleficiorum effectus, remedia adversus maleficia.
Including: BASIN, Bernardo. Opusculum de artibus magicis, ac magorum, maleficiis.
And: MOLITOR, Ulrich. De lamiis & pythonicis mulieribus dialogum.
And: GERSON, Jean de. De probatione spirituum, libellum.
And: MURNER, Thomas. Libellus de pythonico contractu.
Frankfurt am Main, Nikolaus Basse (colophon: printed by the same), 1580. Five works published together. 8vo. With Basses woodcut device on the colophon page (Dd7r), and woodcut decorated initials and tailpieces. Contemporary calf. [24], “737” [= 755], [42], [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Very rare and interesting work on blood circulation:
the thesis of a promising student of Boerhaave and Van Leeuwenhoek

STRÖM, Christian Michaëlsson. Nova theoria motuum reciprocorum machinae animalis, ex partium organicarum structura & proprietatibus, juxta aeternas motuum leges.
Amsterdam, [heirs of Johannes I] Janssonius van Waesberge, 1707. 8vo. Woodcut vignette on title, full-page engraved plate of the blood circulation of the heart, woodcut headpiece and initials. Contemporary full cal. [8], 84, [5], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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116 emblems by a German philosopher, together with funeral songs for friends and colleagues

TAURELLUS, Nicolaeus. Emblemata physico-ethica, hoc est naturae morum moderatricis picta pracepta.
Nürnberg, Simon Halbmayer, 1617. With Halbmayers woodcut globe, bird and book device on the title-page, 116 emblematic woodcuts, in most cases incorporating a coat of arms.
With: (2) IDEM. Carmina funebria, quae magnorum aliquot, clarorum que virorum felici memoriae dicavit. Nürnberg, Christophor Lochner the elder, 1602. With the title in a frame built up from arabesque typographic ornaments.
2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum, title in ink on spine, traces of ties. [23], [120] ll; 38, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 5,000
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Tavernier's travels through Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Iran, India, the East Indies
and East Asia, with 2 maps and 68 engraved plates, some by Jan Luyken

TAVERNIER, Jean-Baptist (Jan Hendrik GLAZEMAKER, transl.). De zes reizen van de heer J. Bapt. Tavernier, baron van Aubonne, die hy, gedurende de tijt van veertig jaren, in Turkijen, Persien, en in d'Indiën, langs alle de wegen, die derwaarts strekken, gedaan heeft.
Including (bound at the end of part 1): Nieuwe en naaukeurige beschryving van 't serrail of hof van de Turksche kaizer, ...
Including (bound at the end of part 3): Afbeeltsels der goude, silvere, en kopere stukken en der schilpen en amandelen, die in geheel Asia voor munt gangbaar zijn.
Amsterdam, widow of Johannes van Someren, 1682 (title-page of the part on the Ottoman sultan's court in vol. 1 dated 1681). 3 parts in 2 volumes. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece and engraved author's portrait in volume 1, two folding engraved maps in volume 2, and a total of 68 engraved plates, including 27 folding. Some of the plates signed by Jan Luyken. 18th-century mottled calf, with 20th-century endpapers by Van Gelder & Zoon. [40], 576, 126, [2]; [4], 436; [4], 307, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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with 600 hand-coloured ornithological plates">"the most monumental work of the post-Napoleonic period",
with 600 hand-coloured ornithological plates

TEMMINCK, Coenraad Jacob and Meiffren LAUGIER DE CHARTROUSE. Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées d'oiseaux, pour servir de suite et de complément aux planches enluminées de Buffon.
Paris & Strasbourg, F.G. Levrault; Amsterdam, Legras Imbert and comp. (back of half-title: printed by A. Belin and comp., [Paris]), [1820-] 1838 [-1839]. 5 volumes. Large 4to (37 x 28 cm). With 600 engraved plates (5 double page), all in beautiful publishers hand-colouring and some highlighted with gum arabic, after drawings by Nicolas Huet and Jean Gabriel Prêtre. Modern red morocco. Full description
€ 48,500
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4 rare Dutch travel works concerning the Middle East, Arabia, the East Indies and other exotic lands,
including the first recorded non-Islamic visitor to Mecca (350 years before Sir Richard Burton)

VARTHEMA, Ludivico di (Felix van SAMBIX DE JONGE, transl.). De uytnemende en seer wonderlijcke zee-en-landt-reyse van de heer Ludovvyck di Barthema, ... gedaen inde Morgenlanden, Syrien, vruchtbaer en woest Arabien, Perssen, Indien, Egypten, Ethiopien, en andere.
Utrecht, Gerald Nieuwenhuysen & Willem Snellaart, 1654. With an engraved title-page, 4 engraved plates and woodcut initials, headpieces and tailpieces.
(2) ROE, Thomas. Journael van de reysen ...
Amsterdam, Jacob Benjamin, 1656. With an engraved title-page, 4 large engravings in the text, 3 with scenes of the Mughal court life and the other depicting a sea battle, and woodcut decorated initials.
(3) MOCQUET, Jean. Reysen in Afrique, Asien, Oost- en West Indien, ...
Dordrecht, for Abraham Andriesz. (colophon: printed by Nicolaes de Vries), 1656.
With an engraving on the title-page showing a shipwreck, repeated in the text on p. 87, and 9 other large engravings in the text.
(4) BLANC, Vincent le (Jan Hendrik GLAZEMAKER, transl.). De vermaarde reizen van de heer Vincent le Blanc van Marsilien die hy sedert d' ouderdom van veertien jaren tot aan die van zestig in de vier delen des werrelts, Europa, Asia, Afrika en Amerika, gedaan heeft. Te weten in Oost- en Westindien, in Persien, Arabien, Pegu, en in meest alle de landen van Oostindien, in de koninkrijken van Fez en Marokko, in Guinea, en in 't geheel innerlijk deel van Afrika, van de Kaap de Bone Esperance af, tot in Alexandria, deur de landen van Monomotapa, Abissyna, en Egypien, in Spanjen, Frankrijk, Italiën en Nederlant, en in veel vermaarde eilanden van de werelt.
Amsterdam, for Jan Hendriksz. Boom & Jan Rieuwertsz., 1654. With an engraved title-page, 7 engraved plates, 2 extremely finely engraved initials with pictorial decoration on p. 1 and p. 3 of the first part (the V with an allegorical female figure giving a plate of fruit to the author(?) with his books and an armillary sphere, and a T with a group of turbaned figures) and 1 larger decorated woodcut initial.
4 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary vellum with manuscript title on spine, new endpapers. 126; [8], 56, 56, 24, [2]; [14], 153, [1 blank]; [4], 152, 116 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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History of Ottoman diplomacy in the 18th century, printed at Bulaq

VASIF, Ahmed. Mahasin ül-âsâr ve hakayik ül-ahbar.
Bulaq, Bulak matbaasi, 1246 AH [= 1830 CE]. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. Contemporary calf with later paper label; later marbled paper on the spine. In Turkish, with the main text set in a naskh Arabic type, with a woodcut decoration and decorations built up from typographic ornaments at the opening of the main text (incorporating a woodcut heading in Arabic script). 14, 210, [1 blank], 7, 190 pp. Full description
€ 5,800
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Classic work on warfare by one of the greatest military commanders of the 16th century

VERE, Francis. Commentaries, being diverse pieces of service, wherein he had command. Published by William Dillingham.
London, Peter Parker, 1672 (first title-page: Cambridge, John Field, 1657). Folio. With two title-pages, the first dated 1657 with the woodcut device of Cambridge University, the second dated 1672 with a London imprint, 3 full-page engraved portraits, of Sir Francis, Sir Horace Vere and John Ogle, double-page engraved plate of Francis Vere's monumental tomb by R. Gaywood, and 6 double-page engraved maps and plans by Robert Vaugham, of the sea-coasts of Europe, the Netherlands, Cadiz and the Azores, the armies arranged for battle at Turnhout and Newport, and the siege of Ostende. Later gold- and blind-tooled dark red calf. [18], 209, [2], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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One of the finest works on coleoptera (beetles), with 105 beautifully hand-coloured plates

VOET, Johannes Eusebius. Catalogus systematicus coleopterorum. Catalogue systematique des coleopteres. Systematische naamlyst van dat geslacht van insecten dat men torren noemt.
The Hague, Gerrit Bakhuysen, [ca. 1770-]1806. 2 volumes, each in 3 parts. Large 4to (23 x 27.5 cm). With 2 engraved title-pages, 6 part-titles and 105 engraved plates of coleoptera, all beautifully hand-coloured and interleaved. In each volume, the 3 parts cover the Latin, French and Dutch text, with an index for both volumes bound at the end of vol. 2. Contemporary half red morocco, marbled paper sides, title and volume number in gold on spine, marbled endpapers, boards covered with a transparent adhesive covering. Vol I: [2], [2], [4], "74" [= 104]; [2], 114, [2 blank]; [2], 111, [1 blank] pp. Vol II: [2], [2], 82, [2]; [2], [2], 86, [2 blank]; [2], 87, [1 blank]; 20, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,750
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Swedish account of a journey through Arabia

WALLIN, Georg August (Yrjö Aukusti). Första Resa fran Cairo till Arabiska Öknen i April 1845. Fragment. ... Med en karta.
Helsinki, (S. Baranovskij for) J. Simelius, 1853. 8vo. With lithographed map at the end; printed music for a Bedouin melody in the text. Green half calf, contemporary marbled boards, title in gold on rebacked spine. VII, [1], 126, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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66 broadsheets and 2 prints with poems on the election of William IV as the first hereditary Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic: the end of the second stadtholderless period in 1747

[WILLEM IV - BROADSHEETS]. [Collection of 66 rare broadsheets, most of them containing laudatory poems on the election of Willem Karel Hendrik Friso, Prince of Orange as Stadtholder, Admiral and Captain General William IV of the Dutch Republic of the Seven United Provinces in 1747, the "annus mirabilis", plus 2 historical prints].
[1747-1760]. Different sizes. Preserved in a paperboard portfolio.. Full description
€ 4,000
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