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Exploring the Amazon River from Quito to the east with the extremely rare map

ACUÑA, Cristóbal Diatristán de. Relation de la Riviere des Amazones traduite par feu Mr de Gomberville de l'Académie Françoise. Avec un dissertation sur la riviere des Amazones pour servir de preface.
Paris, Claude Barbin, 1682. 4 parts in 2 volumes. 12mo. With a folding engraved map of the Amazon River. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine. 199, [1; 4], 218; 238, [2 blank]; 206 pp. Full description
€ 14,500
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First 4to edition of the Monumenta by Arias Montanus, from the collection of Robert de Ligne (1564-1614)

ARIAS MONTANO (MONTANUS), Benito (Benedictus). Humanae salutis monumenta.
Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, "1571" [= 1582/83]. 4to (22 x 14.5 cm). With an engraved, illustrated title-page bearing the initials of the engraver Pieter Huys and the date 1571, an unsigned circular portrait of Jesus in profile and 70 full-page engravings (16.5 x 11.5 cm) by several artists. 17th-century gold-tooled black goatskin, the front board with a centrepiece comprising coat-of-arms (with a name below it) in an oval (the arms and name mutilated, but probably Robert de Ligne or an heir), gilt edges, later endpapers. [172] pp. Full description
€ 19,500
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Arabic manuscript based on Ibn Sina's Qanun

[IBN SINA (AVICENNA)]. Mahmud ibn Muhammad ibn Umar AL-GAMINI. Qanunceh [= Small canon].
Herat (now Afghanistan), 840 AH [= 1436 CE]. 8vo (ca. 13.5 x 20.5 cm). Arabic manuscript on paper, text block ca. 7.5 x 15 cm, carefully ruled; 9 lines per page. Black ink with relevant words and headings marked in red. Neatly written in a naskh Arabic script, albeit slightly influenced by the thuluth script. The colophon names the scribe, Abdallah al-Heravi. Near-contemporary calf. 79 ll. Full description
€ 65,000
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First edition of the French translation of Taylor's versified miniature Bible bound
for the daughter of a Leiden alderman, Maria Louisa Hartingh (1780-1866)

[MINIATURE BOOK]. DU BOIS, J.P.J. La sainte Bible, mise en vers.(title-page of vol. 2: Le Nouveau Testament, mis en vers).
The Hague, Pieter Servaas, 1752. 2 volumes bound as 1. 72 mo (& 48mo?) in 8s (4.5 x 2.9 cm). With 4 engraved plates, namely an engraved title-page "Biblia" without imprint and 3 Bible illustrations, and occasional decorations made with typographic ornaments. Gold-tooled red morocco (1790s?), the front with the name of the owner for whom the book was bound ("Marie Louise Harting") in roman capitals, gold-tooled board edges, decorated endpapers with a floral design printed from a woodblock in brown paste, gilt and gauffered edges, brown ribbon marker. Stored in a 19th-century(?) red cloth box, lined with decorated paper, perfectly fitting the book. 192; 192 pp. plus 4 plates. Full description
€ 1,500
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First edition of a detailed description and illustration of the cities along the coasts of the Baltic Sea
in the context of the Crimean War

[BOSCHETTI, Ambrogio]. Il Mar Baltico e le sue coste descritti e illustrati con alcune carte geografiche topografiche ed orografiche per la guerre d'Oriente.
Triest, Colombo Coen, 1854. Large 4to (32.5 x 23.5 cm). With 1 folding map of the Baltic Sea as the frontispiece, 1 military plan of Kronstadt, 15 plates of Finnish, Swedish, Baltic and Russian cities, and 1 small illustration in the text on p. 58. Contemporary half brown cloth, grey paper sides, with the publishers front wrapper (for the "seconda edizione") printed letterpress on pink paper. 131, [1] pp. Full description
€ 3,250
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The botany, geology and geography of Madeira, edited and illustrated by a pioneering female naturalist
and annotated by Cuvier and Von Humboldt

BOWDICH, Thomas Edward, Sarah BOWDICH LEE (editor), George CUVIER and Alexander VON HUMBOLDT (annotators). Excursions dans les isles de Madère et de Porto-Santo, faites dans l'automne de 1827, pendant son troisième voyage en Afrique, ... Ouvrage traduite de l'Anglais et accompagné de notes de M. le Baron Cuvier et de M. le Baron de Humboldt.
Paris, F.G. Levrault, 1826. 2 volumes. 8vo (text) and 4to (plates). With 22 lithographed plates (3 double-page and 4 hand-coloured), most of them drawn and lithographed by Sarah Bowdich. Modern half morocco; the text volume with the original publisher's wrappers bound in. [1], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank], 447 pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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First edition of Brodtmann's zoological series containing 144 lithographed plates, seldom found complete

BRODTMANN, Karl Joseph. Naturhistorische Bilder-Gallerie aus dem Thierreiche.
[Zurich or Schaffhausen?], Brodtmann, [1816 and later] (title-page of the "ersten Heft": Lindau, 1816). Heft 1-33 including the supplements, bound in 1 volume. Large folio (46 x 38 cm). With a lithographed title-page and 144 lithographs drawn by Brodtmann himself showing humans, other mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds, insects, etc. 19th-century brown marbled paper over boards. [8] (title and index) ll.; 36 (Heft 1-18); 16 (Heft 26-33); 6 (Heft 19-21); 10 (Heft 22-25); 4 (Supplement) pp. Full description
€ 18,500
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Rare first and only Dutch edition of Cornelis de Bruin's remarks on differences between his engravings
of the ruins of Persepolis and those of Chardin & Kaempfer

BRUIN, Cornelis de. Aanmerkingen over de printverbeeldingen van de overblyfzelen van het oude Persepolis, onlangs uitgegeven door de heeren Chardin en Kempfer, waer in derzelver mistekeningen en gebreken klaer worden aengewezen, door Cornelis de Bruin..
Amsterdam, R. en G. Wetstein, J. Oosterwyk, H. van de Gaate, 1714. 8vo. With 3 engraved folding plates, a small ornament on the title-page a tail piece on p. 77, and 1 woodcut decorated initial. Later grey-brown paper wrappers. 77, [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 1,500
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Finely executed botanical and pomological drawings, coloured with gouache by a pioneering female Swiss alpinist

BRUNNER, Elise. [Botanical and pomological drawings].
[Bern?], 1847-1848. Oblong 4to. Album with 25 botanical and pomological pencil drawings in various sizes, all coloured with gouache, apparently by the artist, and mostly signed by Elise Brunner. All these drawings are mounted on the album leaves of various colours. Also inserted is a black and white sketch in pencil signed by an unknown female artist "Marie Blau fec.". 19th-century half dark red morocco with lighter red morocco sides, gold-tooled spine. [61] album ll., 18 of the first 21 containing 25 colour drawings and 1 pencil sketch. Full description
€ 2,950
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The classic book of Biblical travels: the first edition to be accompanied
by the complementary Lower Saxon chronicle in contemporary, richly blind-tooled Saxon pigskin

BÜNTING, Heinrich and Matthias HASAERT. Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, das ist Ein Reisebuch uber die gantze Heilige Schrifft ...
[BÜNTING, Heinrich]. Itinerarium Novi Testamenti. Das ist: Ein Reisebuch over das Newe Testament.
BÜNTING, Heinrich. De monetis et mensuris sacrae scripturae. Dass ist: Ein eigentliche ausrechnung und beschreibung aller Müntz und Masse in heiliger Schrift. ...
Magdeburg, Paul Donat for Ambrosius Kirchner, 1585. With 3 title-pages, 7 double-page and 2 full-page woodcut maps
With: (2) BÜNTING, Heinrich. Braunschweigische und Luneburgische Chronica.
Das ander Theil Braunschweigischen Chronica, gehet auff das Land Lüneburg
Das dritte Theil, der Braunschweigischen und Lüneburgischen Chronica, ...
Das vierte Theil dieses Buches, gehet insonderheit auff das Fürstenthumb Grubenhagen, füret ... den geburts Stam des fürstlichen Hauses Braunschweig und Lüneburg.
Magdeburg, Paul Donat for Ambrosius Kirchner, 1584-1585. General title-page in red and black with the woodcut coat of arms of Julius of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, further with numerous finely detailed woodcut illustrations
2 works in 3 and 4 volumes, bound as 1. Folio. Contemporary, richly blind-tooled pigskin, possibly by Nikolaus Müller in Wittenberg. With a matching pair of panel stamps in the central fields: portraits of Martin Luther (front board, 83 x 44 mm) and Phillip Melanchthon (back board, 81 x 45 mm), each with the date 1556 and text below. Ad 1: [16], “141” [= 242], [18]; [6], 110, [9] [3 blank]; [6], “34” [= 33], [1 blank] pp.; ad 2: [14], “150” [= 151], [1 blank]; “46” [= 47]. [1 blank]; [1], 47-82, [1 blank]; [1], “82”-“113” [= 83-109] ll. Full description
€ 32,500
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Rare complete first edition of Visentini's print series with views of Venice after Canaletto,
"crucial to forming the image of Venice in the mind of its visitors"

[CANALETTO]. VISENTINI, Antonio. Urbis Venetiarum prospectus celebriores, ex Antonii Canal tabulis XXXVIII.
Venice, Joannem Baptistam Pasquali, 1742. 3 parts in 1 volume. Oblong folio (ca. 36.5 x 52.5 cm). With 3 letterpress title-pages printed in red and black with engraved vignettes by Visentini, the original engraved title-page for the first series (Prospectus Magni Canali), a double portrait of Canaletto and Visentini by Visentini after Giovanni Battista Piazetta and and XIV, XII and XII numbered engraved prints with familiar views based upon 38 paintings by Canaletto, engraved by Visentini, showing the Grand Canal, public buildings, renowned places in Venice and regatta scenes. Contemporary half morocco, brown paper sides, manuscript title (?) and two old shelfmarks on the spine. [8]; [1]; [1] ll. plus the part-title, double portrait and XIV, XII, XII prints. Full description
€ 45,000
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First Spanish edition of an essential primary source for Portuguese India

CASTANHEDA, Fernão Lopes de (LOPES DE CASTAÑEDA). Historia del descubrimiento y conquista dela India por los Portugueses, ... traduzida nuevamente en Romance Castallano.
Antwerp, Martinus Nutius I, 1554. 8vo (16 x 11 cm). With Nutius's storks device. Set in roman and italic types. Contemporary (Antwerp?) calf, blind-tooled boards, showing a frame made from a vine, leaf and flower roll edged with triple fillets. “220” [= 225], [6], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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Secret reports from the South China Command to the British War Office, with reconnaissance photos, written as Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek rose to power and veered toward civil war

[CHINA - SECRET BRITISH MILITARY REPORT]. Reports on Kwangtung and Fukien Provinces.
Hong Kong, British War Office, 1926-1928. Folio (22.5 x 35 cm). Five secret military reconnaissance reports totalling 138 numbered leaves in typescript (some in carbon copies or duplicated) with insertions and manuscript additions, with 47 original photographs (3.5 x 6 to 8 x 13 cm) mounted on the leaves (3 of the 47 are longer panoramas, each built up from 2 to 3 photos) and a folding blueprint plan (26 x 48.5 cm). Contemporary brown half cloth. [II], 11; [II], 12-35; [I], 36-60; [I], 61-101; [I], 103-138 ll. Full description
€ 36,000
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Clusius’s important descriptions of exotic plants and animals

CLUSIUS, Carolus (Charles de l’ÉCLUSE). Exoticorum libri decem: quibus animalium, plantarum, aromatum.
[Leiden], Franciscus Raphelengius II (Plantin printing office), 1605. 3 parts containing 6 works in 1 edition. With a letterpress general title-page in an engraved architectural scrollwork border and more than 200 botanical and zoological woodcut illustrations in the text (including 1 full-page).
With: (2) CLUSIUS, Carolus. Curae posteriores.
[Leiden], Franciscus Raphelengius II (Plantin printing office), 1611. 2 parts in 1 edition. With a letterpress general title-page in an engraved architectural scrollwork border and 34 mostly botanical woodcut illustrations in the text. 2 editions in 1 volume. Folio. Portuguese black morocco (ca. 1850?), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled boards, board edges and turn-ins (signed at the foot of the turn-in "M. Gomes"), gilt edges. [16], 378, [9], [1 blank], 52, [12], 242, [1], [1 blank]; [6], 71, [1 blank]; 24 pp. Full description
€ 15,000
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50 coloured maritime prints of exceptional quality, by a Dutch naval officer/artist

COMTE, Pieter le II. Afbeeldingen van schepen en vaartuigen, in verschillende bewegingen.
Amsterdam, F. Kaal (printed by J. J. Nesser Jr.), 1831. Oblong 4to (23.5 x 31 cm). With 50 nicely hand coloured lithographic plates in crayon technique, depicting boats and ships, including 1 steam boat and 7 plates showing details of rigging and equipment. Contemporary boards covered with the original letterpress printed paper wrapper. Signed by the author/artist as authentication, and with his embossed stamp in the foot margin of each plate. [8], 60, [3] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Very rare first account of the death of Captain Cook

[COOK, James (subject)]. Nachrichten von dem Leben und den Seereisen des berühmten Capitain Cook.
Reval [= Tallinn, Estonia] & Leipzig, Albrecht und Compagnie, 1780.
With: (2) Briefe aus England historisch-statistisch und artistischen Inhalts. 1s Heft.
Reval [= Tallinn, Estonia] & Leipzig, Albrecht und Compagnie, 1780.
2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. With a woodcut ship on the title-page of ad 2 and woodcut headpieces in both works. Contemporary half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides, brown morocco spine label with title in gold. 48; [14], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 148,500
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A magnificent and extremely rare contemporary hand-coloured suite of 115 numbered plates of the protagonists of the Austrian Succession wars

[COSTUMES - MILITARY - EUROPE]. ENGELBRECHT, Martin & C.P. MAJ. [115 contemporary hand-coloured engraved plates picturing 18th-century European military life].
Augsburg, Martin Engelbrecht, ca. 1742. Folio. 115 engraved and magnificent hand-coloured plates, highlighted with gold and silver, drawn by C.P. Maj and executed and printed by the Augsburg engraver and art publisher Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756). With separately printed engraved captions consisting of a (sometimes 2-line) title and a poem of 4 or 5 lines in French below each plate (except plates 55-56 which have a German caption printed below and a French caption in the plate), pointing out the characteristics of the man depicted. Modern red morroco, marbled sides. 115 plates. Full description
€ 65,000
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A critical account of Formosa and its loss by the VOC in 1662

[COYETT, Frederic]. 't Verwaerloosde Formosa, of waerachtig verhael, hoedanigh door verwaerloosinge der Nederlanders in Oost-Indien, het eylant Formosa, van den Chinesen mandorijn, ende zeerover Coxinja, overrompelt, vermeestert, ende ontweldight is geworden.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz. ten Hoorn, Michiel Pieters, 1675. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With an etched frontispiece including a map of Formosa and view of the Dutch fortress there, and 8 etched views on 7 plates. Modern vellum. [8], 45, [1 blank]; [2], 72; 38, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 22,500
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First European biography of Timur derived from an Arabic source

DU BEC-CRESPIN, Jean. The historie of the great emperour Tamerlan wherein are expressed, encounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, skalings, taking of cities and strong places, defended, and assaulted, with diverse stratagems of warre, the which this great and renowned warriour hath conducted and accomplished, during his raigne of fortie or fiftie yeares: with other instructions for the warre, which should not be unknowen of them that would attaine unto the knowledge of armes. Drawen from the auncient monuments of the Arabians, by messire Jean du Bec, abbot of Mortimer. Newly translated out of French into English, for their benefite which are ignorant in that language. by H.M.
London, R. Field for Willam Ponsonby, 1597. 4to. With a woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut initials, head- and tail-pieces.17th-century calf, 19th century gold-tooled spine. [4], 265, [1] pp. Full description
€ 35,000
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64 lovely coloured views of Vienna and vicinity in Beethoven’s time

EISNER, Josef, [and others?]. Collection de vues des prinéipaux [recté principaux] palais, eglises, bâtimens publies, campagnes & jardins tant de Vienne que de ses environs. | Ansichten Sam[m]lung der berühmtesten Palläste, Gebäude, und der schönsten Gegenden von und um Wien.
Vienna, Maria Geissler, [1812]. Large oblong 16m? (11 x 13.5 cm). With an engraved title-page and 64 (of a possible 100) engraved plates numbered 1-56, 58-61, and odd numbers 63-73 (including 2 folding plates with 2 numbers each, 21/22 and 23/24). Hand-coloured in watercolour by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. [1], "73" [= 64] engraved ll. Full description
€ 6,500
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With hand-coloured views of Hawaii and Buenos Aires

EKBOHRN, Carl Mangus. Loggboks-anteckningar under en jordomsegling med fregatten Eugenie åren 1851-53.
Stockholm, P.A. Huldberg, (colophon: printed by Föreningens Boktryckeri, 1856). 8vo. With 8 hand-coloured lithographed plates (including frontispiece), a folding map showing the tracks of the voyage, and several woodcut text illustrations. 19th-century black half sheepskin. [4], 256 pp. Full description
€ 800
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Presentation copy to the colorist of the plates in Fitzgerald's study on Australian orchids,
seldomly found complete

FITZGERALD, Robert Desmond. Australian orchids.
Sydney, Thomas Richards (vol. 1, part 1-2, 4-7; vol. 2, part 1-2), Charles Potter (vol. 1, part 3; vol. 2, part 4 & 5) & George Stephan Chapman (vol. 2, part 4), [1875--1894]. 12 parts in 2 volumes (vol. 1: part 1-7; vol. 2: part 1-5). Large folio (ca. 50 x 34 cm). With 118 lithographed plates (10 double-page) all but 1 coloured by a contemporary hand in watercolour. The plates were all drawn by Fitzgerald and lithographed by himself and Arthur J. Stopps. All plates are interleaved with accompanying letterpress descriptions. Contemporary half cloth in a uniform style (various colours) with the original publisher's wrappers (also in various colours: yellow, green, blue, turquoise) mounted on the cloth. The 12 volumes are preserved in 20th-century green cloth boxes with a uniform black morocco spine labe. 118 plates plus letterpress descriptions. Full description
€ 18,000
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Magnificent atlas with 80 mostly coloured manuscript maps and fortification plans

[FORTIFICATION ATLAS]. [Collection of 80 manuscript maps and plans of fortifications, fortified towns and fortified estates].
[The Netherlands, ca. 1624-1628]. Large folio (42.5 x 29.5 cm). With 80 manuscript maps and plans, 75 double-page (2 with a flap folded in), 4 larger folding (including 3 assembled from 1 1/2 sheets), and 1 also double-page in size but assembled from 2 smaller sheets. Most include a scale and 71 are coloured, mostly in opaque gouaches. They show plans of fortifications and towns in the Netherlands (51), Germany (16), Italy (3), France (4), Poland (2), Belgium (2), Malta (1) and Brazil (1). Early 18th-century(?) sprinkled tanned sheepskin, rebacked and restored. Full description
€ 165,000
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One of the 200 special copies issued for the Antwerp magistrates
of this monumental work on the Splendid Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria
into Antwerp (1635), after designs by Rubens

GEVAERTS, Jean Gaspard (Caspar GEVARTIUS) and Pieter Paul RUBENS. Pompa introitus honori serenissimi principis Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis S.R.E. Card. Belgarum et Burgundionum Gubernatoris etc. a S.P.Q. Antwerp. Decreta et adornata. ...
Antwerp, Theodoor van Tulden (colophon: printed by Jan van Meurs, 1641), [published January 1643]. Royal 1mo (full-sheet leaves) (57 x 42 cm). With a letterpress half-title and XXXIX single-page, double-page and larger folding plates (numbered I-XXXIX in the table of plates, printed and assembled from 43 copper plates numbered [1]-[2], 3-43) depicting the rich allegorical and ornamental triumphal arches and festive decorations, paintings, statues, etc., all designed by Pieter Paul Rubens, all but one for the triumphal entry of the Spanish cardinal-infante Ferdinand into Antwerp in 1635. Further with 46 smaller engravings in the text, depicting coins and medals, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series). Contemporary overlapping vellum, manuscript title on spine. [10], 189, [13] pp. plus 38 plates. Full description
€ 29,500
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Famous military manual in magnificent contemporary colouring. From the library of the last Margrave of Bergen op Zoom, grandson of Leopold Philippe, Duke of Arenberg

GHEYN, Jacob II de. Waffenhandlung von den Rören. Musquetten. undt Spiessen. Gestalt nach der ordnung dess Hochgebornen Fursten und Herrn herrn Moritzen Printzen zu Oranien, Graffen zu Nassaw.
The Hague, [Hillebrant Jacobsz. van Wouw, 1607-1608]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small 1mo (37.5 x 28 cm). With engraved title-page and 117 full-page engraved plates (ca. 26 x 19 cm). All plates and the engraved title-page magnificently coloured and lavishly highlighted with silver and gold by a contemporary hand. 18th-century mottled calf, gold-tooled with the arms of the Count Palatine of Sulzbach and his wife on each board and richly gold-tooled spine. [10], [8], [11] ll. Full description
€ 250,000
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Rare collection of travel accounts in the form of letters,
including a Swedish translation of a biography of Captain Cook

GJÖRWELL, Carl Christoffer (ed.). Almänna rese-beskrifwaren eller sammandrag af de nyaste och bästa rese-beskrifningar, hälst de som nyligast utkommit; til uplysning af andra länders geographie, natural-historia, stats-förfatning, hushålning, lärdom, bruk och seder: uti bref författat.
Stockholm, printed by Johan Arvid Carlbohm [and A.J. Nordstrom], 1780 [-1782]. 2 volumes. 8vo. With an engraved portrait of "Jacob" (James) Cook as a frontispiece in vol. 1, with some head and tail pieces throughout the 2 vols. Contemporary half goatskin. [4], 360; [2], 134, [2], 135-194, [2], 195-“168” [= 268] pp. Full description
€ 2,250
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First and only edition of the only 18th-century Portuguese publication exclusively dedicated
to the basso continuo: a popular style of accompaniment in baroque music

GOMES DA SILVA, Alberto José. Regras de acompanhar para cravo, ou orgaõ, e ainde tambem para qualquer outro instrumento de vozes, reduzidas a breve methodo, e fácil percepçaõ.
Lisbon, Francisco Luís Ameno, 1758. 4to (21 x 15 cm). With 12 pages of engraved music printed from 12 copper plates on both sides of 6 inserted leaves (mostly polyphonic music with 4 double staves - G and F clef - per page). Further with a full-page engraved dial showing the 12 intervals in all major and minor keys, including diminished and augmented intervals (lacking the inner rotating dial with the twelve notes: photocopy supplied), a woodcut ornament on the title-page, 2 woodcut decorated initials (from 2 different series) and 2 woodcut head pieces. Contemporary, richly gold-tooled red goatskin morocco. [8], “39” [= 47] [pp. 45-47 numbered as 37-39], [1 blank], [2], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 5,000
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The first major standard work on China and the first European book printed with Chinese type

GONZALES DE MENDOÇA, Juan. Historia de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costumbres del Gran Reyno de la China, sabidas assi por los libros de los mesmos Chinas, como por relacion de religiosos y otras personas que an estado en eldicho reyno.
Antwerp, Pierre Bellère I, 1596. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With a woodcut printer's device and some woodcut initials. With a few (woodcut?) Chinese characters in the text. Contemporary mottled calf. [24], 380, [1], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 9,000
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Goos's West-Indische paskaert in its very rare first state: a monumental nautical chart of the Atlantic Ocean on vellum in Mercator projection, used by the Dutch West Indian Company (WIC)

GOOS, Pieter. West-Indische Paskaert waer in de graden der breedde over wederzijden van de middellijn wassende so vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden de lengde. Vertonende behalve[n] Europaes zuydelijcste alle de zeekusten van Africa en America begrepen in 't Octroy bij de H.M.H. Staten Generael der vereenichde Nederl. verleent aende Generale West Indische Compagnie. Mitsgaders die van Peru en Chili inde groote Zuyd-Zee.
Amsterdam, Pieter Goos, [ca. 1660]. Printed on vellum (ca. 80 x 98 cm) from one large copperplate engraving, partly coloured by a contemporary hand. Full description
€ 185,000
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The first book printed with roman type in Turkey

[HOLDERMANN, Jean-Baptiste Daniel]. Grammaire Turque ou méthode courte et facile pour apprendre la langue Turque ...
Istanbul, [Ibrahim Müteferrika & Zaïd Aga Effendi], 1730. 4to. With a double-page engraved table of Arabic letters in 7 different styles. Set in roman type with frequent Turkish words and phrases in naskh Arabic type. Contemporary blind-tooled calf. [16], 194, [6] pp. Full description
€ 25,000
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Popular handbook of recreational science, with 65 handcoloured plates,
including pyrotechnic experiments and a card trick

HOOPER, William. Rational recreations, ...
London, L. Davis, J. Robson, B. Law, G. Robinson, 1782-1783. 4 volumes. 8vo. With numerous illustrations on 65 folding plates engraved by J. Lodge, all coloured by a contemporary hand, and woodcut diagrams and other illustrations in text. Contemporary half calf, marbled sides, re-backed in modern calf. Full description
€ 2,500
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Important guide to navigating the seas to the far reaches of Asia

HUDDART, Joseph. The oriental navigator; or, new directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, New Holland, &c. &c. &c. Also for the use of the country ships, trading in the Indian and China seas, Pacific Ocean, &c. &c. &c...
London, printed and published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle, map, chart, and printsellers, 1801. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece portrait of Huddart by James Stow after John Hoppner and small woodcut coastal views in the text. Contemporary tree calf. [2], XII, 656 pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Rare first edition, printed in Calcutta, of an attempt to reconcile Biblical Creation
with geological science as 19th-century liberal views on earths history and species development emerged

HUTTON, Thomas. The chronology of creation; or, geology and scripture reconciled.
Calcutta, W. Thacker and Co. (back of title-page and colophon: printed by J.C. Sherriff, Bengal Military Orphan Press), 1850. Large 8vo. With a coloured lithographic frontispiece of a camel, lithographed by T. Black at the Asiatic Lithographic Press in Calcutta, and 3 coloured lithographic plates illustrating Huttons theories about the creation of the earth (2 orthographic azimuthal projections and 1 cross-section). Contemporary green cloth. [2], XVI, [2], 503, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 2,950
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Gheraert Leeu's first illustrated book: no copy in the Netherlands, in the tradition of Arabian Nights.

[INCUNABLE - GOUDA]. Historia septem sapientiu[m] Rom[a]e.
[Gouda, Gheraert Leeu, before 3 June 1480]. 4to (20.5 x 14 cm). With 4 full-page woodcuts plus 14 repeats. The first initial is supplied in manuscript, in a rich ornamental uncial style in red and blue with brown penwork. All other initials are supplied by hand in simple red uncials. The text is rubricated throughout. Most of the plates are lightly highlighted in yellow and red, by a contemporary hand. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment without a spine, so that the sewing is completely visible. Kept in a modern brown half morocco clamshell box. [79], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 250,000
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The most spectacular marine atlas ever published: a magnificent copy with noble provenance

JAILLOT, Hunter and Pierre MORTIER. Neptunus, de Fransche, of nieuwe atlas van de zeekarten, opgenommen en gegraveerd door uitsrukkelyke order des Konings, tot het gebruik van zyne zeemachten ... Overgezien ... door de Heeren Pene, Cassini, en anderen. = Zee atlas tot het gebruik van de vlooten des Konings van Groot Britanje ... - Vervolg van de Neptunus, of zee atlas van de nieuwe zee-karten; opgenomen door uitdrukkelyke order der Koningen van Portugaal ... En int light gebraght door de sorge van wylen dHeer dAblancourt ...Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1693-1700. 3 parts in 2 volumes. Double Elephant folio (65 x 52.5 cm). With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece by Jan van Vianen, large engraving of a sailing ship on title-page, engraved plates include scales of various units, an admirals ship and a series of 18 numbered ships, 12 plates of flags, double-page nautical chart of the world, and 29 double-page nautical charts of the coasts of Europe; beautiful engraved frontispiece by Romeyn de Hooghe, large engraving of a sailing ship on title-page and 9 full-page and double-page nautical charts of the coasts of the English Channel, including a splendid large folding chart of the coasts of the Mediterranean with a large number of views and plans of the Mediterranean towns in the borders by Romeyn de Hooghe in the second part; and the engraved coat-of-arms of Amsterdam on title-page, the winds, and 34 mostly double-page nautical charts of the coasts outside Europe (including Africa, Asia and America) in the third part, all engravings, including the vignettes on title-pages, the scales and the winds, all magnificently coloured and highlighted in gold throughout by a strictly contemporary hand. Contemporary richly gold-tooled mottled calf. Full description
€ 450,000
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Lovely rare Japanese sale catalogue of lilies with 40 chromolithographs plus another on the front wrapper

[FLOWER PLATES - JAPANESE NURSERY CATALOGUE. The Yokohama Nursery Co. (Yokohama Ueki Kabushiki Kaisha). Lilies of Japan.
Yokohama, Japan, The Yokohama Nursery Company, November 1907. 4to (26 x 18.5 cm). With XXXX numbered magnificent chromolithographed plates of lilies. Chromolithographed wrappers with an arrangement of lilies and the title "Lilies of Japan" on the front, side-stitched in Japanese manner with black yarn through 2 pair of holes. [3], XXXX [=40], [1] pp. Full description
€ 3,750
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Tempo Doeloe revisited: spectacular collection of 133 magnificent original Woodbury & Page photographs
of Java and Sumatra, the most important islands of the Dutch East Indies

[JAVA - SUMATRA]. Souvenir des Indies (Java and West Sumatra).
Batavia, Woodbury & Page, 1865-1885. 3 albums (34 x 46 x 5.5 cm; photographs ca. 19.5 x 24.5 cm). 33 original photographs (numbered in pencil), all albumen prints (ca. 190-200 x 230-250 mm), mounted on thin paperboard leaves (42.5 x 31 cm) with gilt edges. Stored in 3 contemporary book-shaped boxes. A few annotations in pencil on the back of some photographs. Full description
€ 22,500
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The most extensive, precise and complete descriptions of Java ca. 1850, beautifully illustrated

JUNGHUHN, Franz Wilhelm. Java, zijne gedaante, zijn plantentooi en inwendige bouw. ... Tweede verbeterde uitgave.
Including: JUNGHUHN, Franz Wilhelm. Atlas van platen, bevattende elf pittoreske gezigten. − Behoorende tot het werk Java, zijne gedaante, zijn plantentooi en inwendige bouw.
Den Haag, C.W. Mieling, 1853-1854. 4 text volumes and 1 plates volume. Large 8vo (26 x 17.5 cm: text volumes 1-4) and large folio (44 x 31.5 cm: plates volume). Each text volume with a lithographic title-page, vol. 1 with the text blue on white and vols. 2-4 with the text white on buff; the plates volume with a double-page letterpress title-page. Further with 12 double-page chromolithographed or double-tinted lithographed views: 1 as frontispiece to vol. 1 and 11 (43 x 58 cm; image 31 x 43 cm to 38 x 54 cm, 5 numbered VII, VIII, X, XI & XV) in the atlas volume; most in black, buff and blue and at least most drawn by Junghuhn and lithographed by Mieling (all but the frontispiece signed by the latter), and 51 black and white lithographic plates (45 folding) with topographic maps, views, cross-sections, etc. Contemporary half red sheepskin(?), (text vols.) and goatskin morocco (atlas vol.), gold-tooled spines. Bound by Hendrik Willem Ywema (1828-1905) in Utrecht. 16, VIII, 17-671; XII, 538; 539-1432; VIII, 498 pp. plus title-pages & plates. Full description
€ 32,500
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Japanese plants depicted for the first time in the West

KAEMPFER, Engelbert (Sir Joseph BANKS, ed.). Icones selectæ plantarum, quas in Japonia collegit et delineavit.
London, [Library of the British Museum], 1791. Folio (42 x 26.5 cm.). With 59 etched plates, (8 are double-page), by Daniel Mackenzie. Slightly later half calf, marbled sides, gold-tooled monogram AL on spine. [4], 3, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 38,000
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A rare coloured and heightened in gold, complete edition of Krauss' expertly illustrated biblical scenes
from the gospels and epistles

KRAUSS, Johann Ulrich. Heilige Augen- und Gemüths-Lust. Vorstellend alle Sonn- Fest- und feyertägliche nicht nur Evangelien, sondern auch Epistelen und Lectionen, jene historisch, diese auch emblemmatisch, und mit curieusen Einfassungen, in vielen Kupffer-Stücken von frembder und gantz neuer Invention, so wohl zur Kunst-Ubung als Unterhaltung Gottseeliger Betrachtungen, wie auch Vermehrung der Kupffer-Bibelen und Ausszierung aller christlichen Postillen dienlich.
Augsburg, Johann Ulrich Kraus, (preface:) 1706. 2 parts in one vol. Folio. Part one with a vignette on the title-page, the preface with a headpiece and initial, a full-page allegorical engraving of the church signed: "Johann Ulrich Kraus del. et Scul.", and 70 numbered (1-70) plates; part 2 with a vignette on the title-page, a full-page engraving of the apostles and their symbols "simbolum apostolorum" signed: "Johann Ulrich Kraus del. et Scul.", and 50 numbered (71-120) plates. The vignettes, the initial and all engravings are beautifully coloured and heightened with gold. Contemporary speckled calf, gold-tooling on boards, gold-tooled decorations on spine, red title-label with title in gold on spine, gilt edges. [5] ll. and 71 plates with 65 blank protective leaves; [2] ll. and 51 plates with 49 protective leaves. Full description
€ 38,000
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First edition of Le Maire’s journal and first Dutch edition of Herrera’s description of the New World, with 19 newly engraved maps, including the first two to show California as an island

LE MAIRE, Jacob. Spieghel der Australische navigatie, ...
Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1622. With an engraved world map on the title-page, engraved portrait of the author on the back of the title-page, 3 double-page engraved maps, 5 nearly full-page numbered engraved views on integral leaves.
(2) HERRERA Y TORDESILLAS, Antonio de. Nieuwe werelt, anders ghenaempt West-Indien. [engraved title-page:] Descriptio Indiae Occidentlis.
Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1622. With engraved Latin title-page and 14 numbered double-page engraved maps.
(3) ORDONEZ DE CEBALLOS, Pedro. Eyghentlijcke beschryvinghe van West-Indien: ...
Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1621. With a woodcut view on the title-page. 3 volumes bound as 1. Small folio (28.5 x 20 cm). 19th-century vellum. [16], 72 pp., 73-85 ll.; 8, 111, [1 blank]; 29, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 28,000
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Rare flower art book which describes some exotics for the first and only time

L'HÉRITIER DE BRUTELLE, Charles-Louis. Sertum Anglicum, seu plantae rariores quae in hortis juxta Londinum, imprimis in horto regio Kewensi excoluntur, ab anno 1786 ad annum 1787 observatae.
Paris, Pierre-François Didot, 1788 [= after 1800]. 1mo (full-sheet leaves, ca. 34 x 53,5 cm). With 35 engraved botanical plates (8 folding), including 20 drawn by Pierre-Joseph Redouté and 10 by James Sowerby. Contemporary half red roan (sheepskin). Preserved in a professionaly handmade box, made for this book. [4], 20 pp. Full description
€ 18,000
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Rare Dutch translation of the descriptions of the trading posts of the English East India Company

LOCKYER, Carel. Beschryvinge van den koophandel in Oostindien, inhoudende middelen tot een goed bestier in den handel, pryscouranten, en tafels, de beschryvingen van t Fort St. George, Archin, Malacca, Condore, Canton, Anjengo, Muskat, Gamron, Suratta, Goa, Carwar, Tellichery, Panola, Calicuut, Caap de Goede Hoop, en St. Helena ... Nieuwlyks vertaald door Arnout Schuyt.
Amsterdam, Adrianus Douci, 1753. 4to. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page. Contemporary gold-tooled calf, marbled edges. [8], 139 pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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First dated edition, with ca. 800 hand-coloured woodcuts, in contemporary blind-tooled pigskin

[LONICER, Adam?]. Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentorum ac leguminum. Animalium praeterea terrestrium, volatiliu[m] & aquatilium, ... Kreutter, Bäume, Gesteude, unnd Frücht, ...
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolff, 1546. 4to. With a large woodcut on the title-page showing a gardener at work with his tools, and about 800 woodcut illustrations in the text. About 700 show trees, fruit, edible and medicinal plants, while the rest show insects, a tick, coral, shells, various sea and land animals and a view of a pond with plants and birds. With all woodcuts coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary pigskin over wooden boards, richly blind-tooled in a panel design with two rolls; brass clasps and catch-plates with engraved decoration. [8], 265, [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 28,000
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A landmark in the introduction of Western mathematics into the Far East, translator's presentation copy

LOOMIS, Elias (Alexander WYLIE & LI Shanlan, translators). Dai weiji shiji [= Series of differential and integral calculus].
Shanghai, Mohai Shuguan [= the printing office of the London Missionary Society], early summer in Xianfeng Yiwei [= 1859]. Preliminaries plus 18 numbered parts bound in 5 volumes (29.5 x 18 cm) as intended. A book in traditional Chinese form, with a brief letterpress introduction in English, including an English-Chinese lexicon of technical terms, a woodcut title-leaf (printed on both sides) and the Chinese text printed letterpress (from movable type). With occasional woodcut diagrams in the text. Bound in traditional Chinese style in contemporary yellow silk. The whole in a richly embroidered wrap-around case in yellow. 7, [1 blank] pp., [1], 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 8, 16, 7, 12; 21, 23, 8, 8; 30, 11, 16; 18, 19, 12, 13; 38, 23 ll. Full description
€ 12,500
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'The finest general atlas produced in the U.S.' in the early 19th-century,
with 98 large and detailed hand-coloured maps

LUCAS, Fielding, junior. A general atlas containing distinct maps of all the known countries in the world.
Baltimore, Fielding Lucas junior, 1823. Small 1mo (39.5 x 31 cm). With an engraved title-page with an allegorical vignette, a letterpress table of contents, a hand-coloured frontispiece view, the same view in outline and uncoloured, a letterpress table giving heights of the mountains and other features in the facing view, an engraved and partly hand-coloured schematic image of rivers of the world, and 98 hand-coloured maps including 13 double-page. Contemporary gold- and blind-tooled red sheepskin. [102] engraved & [2] letterpress ll., numbered 1-104 in the contents. Full description
€ 18,000
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A great compendium of canon law, finely printed in Antwerp for the English market

LYNDWOOD, William. Provinciale seu constitutiones Anglie: cum summarijs, atque justis annotationibus, politissimis caracteribus, summaque accuratione rursum reuise, atque impresse.
Including: BADIUS, Jodocus (Josse BADE). Tabula indices.
London, Franciscus Bryckman (colophon: Antwerp, printed by Christoffel van Ruremund, 20 December 1525). 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With two title-pages, each in a woodcut border. The first shows above heaven with the holy trinity surrounded by the heavenly population, and below the world with the pope and the king kneeling before the church, surrounded by the clergy; on the second title-page the coat of arms of England, a Tudor rose with the "IHS" and Saint George and the dragon. Printed in black and red throughout. Contemporary calf in modern slipcase. CCLV [= CCLVJ], [28] ll. Full description
€ 7,000
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Very rare regulations of the brothers of mercy in the Holy House of Mercy in Macau

[SANTA CASA DA MISERICÓRDIA]. Compromisso da Mizericordia de Macao, ordenado, e acceitado em Janeiro de MDCXXVII para maior gloria de Deos, e da Virgem Nossa Senhora.
Macau, João Jozé da Silvà e Souza, 1843. 4to. 20th-century gold-tooled tan mottled goatskin, marbled endpapers. [2 blank], [1], [3 blank], III, [1 blank], 130, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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An extensive information source for British colonialists in Madras (India)

[BRITISH-INDIA]. The Madras almanac for the year of our lord 1829, calculated for the meridian of Port St. George. To which are added: lists of the civil, judicial and medical establishments, and of the Europeans not in the King's or Company's service. With other matters of useful information.
Madras, Asylum Press, [1828?]. 8vo. With 1 engraved hand-coloured folding plate showing different kinds of ships flags. Lacking 2 leaves.Contemporary red sheepskin, sprinkled edges. Rebacked in calf, red sheepskin spine label, blue paper pasted over the sides. [1 blank], [2], [1 blank], VI, 1-146, [2], 147-361, [1] blank, XXX, VIII pp. (lacking pp. 19-22). Full description
€ 1,750
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A truly outstanding Cedid in its original binding

MAHMOUD Ra’if. Cedid Atlas Tercümesi [= New Atlas, Translated].
Üsküdar (district in Istanbul), Tab'hane-yi Hümayunda / Mühenduishâne Press, 1218 AH (1803/1804 CE). Folio (54 x 36.5 cm). With an engraved title-page (the title in Arabic script in an elaborate decorated frame with a roundel bearing an inscription in Arabic script in the head and clusters of military attributes in the other 3 sides) and 25 engraved maps (22 double-page and 3 larger folding) after William Faden, coloured by a contemporary hand.Contemporary black morocco (executed in Istanbul?), richly silver- and blind-tooled. Bright yellow paste-downs. Engr. title-page plus [1], 79 pp. plus 25 engr. maps. Full description
€ 250,000
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Dutch Beauty and the beast, extra-illustrated with Dutch and French plates, beautifully coloured and highlighted in gold, signed by the author

MARMONTEL, Jean François and Pieter PIJPERS. Zemire en Azor, zangspel. Met konstwerken en balletten. Gevolgd naar het Fransche.
Amsterdam, Jan Helders, Abraham Mars, 1783. 8vo. With an engraved title-page including a vignette by H.L. Meyling, a letterpress title-page with an emblematic engraved vignette by Reinier Vinkeles. Extra added in this copy are an additional letterpress title-page, also dated "1783", but with a portrait of Pieter Pijpers engraved by Theodorus Koning dated 1789, accompanied by the letterpress explanatory leaf with a poem "Op myne afbeelding door Theodorus Koning", dated 1789, signed by Pijpers in brown ink. Further with 3 extra added engraved plates, plus 1 repeated in an earlier state with no lettering, depicting scenes from the play by various Dutch artists (A. Fokke, H.L. Myling, W. Immink, A. Hulk Jacobsz), 1 dated 1784. And finally with 6 engraved plates by various French artists, made for the original French edition. The engraved title is richly coloured and highlighted with gold (incl. the lettering) by a contemporary hand. The six French plates are splendidly coloured and highlighted with gold and gum arabic by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [16], 76, [2] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Missionary printing culture in Macao: one of the earliest books printed on the first missionary press

MORRISON, Robert. A view of China for philological purposes, containing a sketch of Chinese chronology, geography, government, religion and customs. Designed for the use of persons who study the Chinese language.
Macao, printed at the East India Company's press, by P. P. Thoms, published and sold by Black, Parbury & Allen, booksellers to the Company, London, 1817. 4to (27 x 20 cm). Printed in roman and Chinese type. 20th-century dark blue paper over boards. VI, 141, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 4,950
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The patron saint of Mexico City, martyred in Japan, with engraved title-page & 16 plates,
printed in Mexico City and preserved in a contemporary Mexican binding

[MUNIBE, José María]. Breve resumen de la vida y martyrio del inclyto Mexicano, y proto-martyr del Japon, el Beato Felipe de Jesus. Añadidas algunas obvias reflecciones en honor del mismo Heroë esclarecido, y de esta dichosisima civdad felize en ser su pátria. Por un eclesiàstico de este arzobispado, afecto del santo, quien lo dedica á la exemplarísima, religiosísima provincia del santo evangelio de esta civdad de México.
Mexico City, "Oficina Madrileña" [literally "Madrid office", a name used by the Jáuregui heirs], 1802. 4to (19.5 x 14 cm). With engraved title-page dated 1801, an engraved portrait of Felipe de Jésus (both engravings by Montes de Oca) and extra-illustrated with 15 (of 30) engraved plates also by Montes de Oca, from the closely related 1801 print series originally issued with the same engraved title-page. With the engraved title and all 16 plates coloured by a contemporary hand and many words, letters and punctuation marks on the two title-pages coloured red. Contemporary Mexican tanned sheepskin mottled in an irregular tree pattern, gold-tooled spine. 71, [1 blank] pp. plus plates. Full description
€ 10,000
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Travel by carriage and its mishaps in the early Victorian English countryside

NEWHOUSE, Charles B. The roadsters album.
London, George Thomas Fores & Arthur Blücher Fores, 1845. Large folio (38 x 28.5 cm). With an extensively illustrated aquatint title-page, unsigned, but drawn by Henry Thomas Alken (1785-1851), and 16 aquatint plates drawn by Newhouse. Title-page and plates coloured in great detail by a contemporary hand in opaque gouaches and watercolours, and highlighted with shellac. Gold-tooled, red morocco for Henry Arthur Johnstone (ca. 1900), leather endleaves with Johnstone's 1899 blind-stamped ex-libris, top edge gilt. Full description
€ 18,000
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Turkish costumes after the famous series by Nicolas Nicolay

[NICOLAY, Nicolas]. Plusieurs descriptions des accoustremens, tant des magistrats et officiers de la Porte de l' Empereur des Turcs, que des peuples assujectis à son Empire. Avec les figurs des representant le tout au naturel, tirees des medailles antiques & descriptions de ceux qui ont frequenté parmy ces nations, ou des bons autheurs qui en ont escrit.
Including: THOMAS, Artus. Tableaux prophetiques des empereur severe et leon, avec leurs epigrammes predisans la ruine de la monarchie des Turcs.
[Paris, widow of Abel L'Angelier, 1620]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With 79 engraved plates, including 62 costume plates (ca. 27.5 x 17.5 cm) after Nicolas Nicolay. With an additional loosely inserted engraving of a "Marchant Juif". All the plates have explanatory texts on the versos of the preceding plates. 19th-century green half morocco. "64" [=65] ll., 65-114, [3], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 13,500
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The first Dutch circumnavigation of the world: an illustrated account of exploration, mutiny and on-board disease

NOORT, Olivier van. Description du penible voyage fait entour de l'univers ou globe terrestre, par Sr. Olivier du Nort d'Utrecht, General du Quatre Navires, affavoir: de celle dite Mauritius, avec laquelle il est retourné comme Admiral, l'autre de Henry fils de Frederic Vice-Admiral, la troisiesme dite La Concorde, avec la quatriesme nommé l'Esperance, bien montees d'equipage de guerre & vivres, ayant 248 hommes en icelles, pour traversant le Destroict de Magellanes, descouvrir les Costes de Cica, Chili & Peru, & y trafiquer, & puis passant les Molucques, & circomnavigant le globe du monde retourner à la patrie. ...
Amsterdam, Vesve de Cornille Nicolas, 1610. Small folio (31 x 22.5 cm). With an engraving on the title-page showing Noort's fleet, 23 engravings in the text showing ships, the places they visited and their inhabitants, and 2 full-page maps. 19th-century olive green morocco, brown decorated paper sides, title in gold on spine. [2], 61, [1] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Very rare French translation of Pallas' second expedition to South Russia,
the Black Sea and the Crimea in 1793 and 1794

PALLAS, Peter Simon. Observations faites dans un voyage entrepris dans les gouvernements méridionaux de l'Empire de Russie dans les années 1793 et 1794.
Paris, Strasbourg, Amand Koening; Leipzig, Godefroi Martini, 1799-1802. 2 text volumes and 1 atlas volume. 4to (text) and oblong folio (atlas: 24 x 40 cm). With 28 engravings in the text and 1 woodcut in each text volumes (23 hand-coloured), and 55 engraved plates and maps (43 hand-coloured) in the atlas volume. Text volumes in contemporary and uniform gold-tooled mottled calf. Atlas in matching contemporary mottled half calf. XXXII, 438; XVI, 452 pp. ; 55 ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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"Some of the most accurate information on China to be found in the first half of the seventeenth century"

PANTOJA, Diego de. Advis ... envoyé de Paquin cité de la Chine, au R.P. Loys de Gusman ... Sur le succes de la religion chrestienne au royaume de la Chine. De l'entree d'aucuns peres de ladire compagnie en la cour du roy, & de plusieurs choses memorables, qu'ils ont veu en ce païs.
Lyon, Pierre Rigaud, 1607. 12mo. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, remains of ties. [8], 145, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 19,000
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Programme printed on Commodore Perry's ship in Japan for its black-face minstrel show

[PERRY, Matthew Calbraith]. Ethiopian concert. United States steam frigate Powhatan, Hakodadi, Island of Yesso, Empire of Japan, May 29th [1854]. An Ethiopian entertainment will be given by the Japanese Olio Minstrels, on board this ship, this evening, weather favorable, to which the Officers invite your attendance.
[On board the Powhatan], Japan Expedition Press, [1854]. 19 x 26 cm as opened flat. A programme and invitation, printed letterpress on washi mulberry tissue paper with a lace-like decorative flower pattern in white. Full description
€ 27,500
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Rare edition of a very popular Venetian novel, with contemporary colouring

PIAZZA, Antonio. L'Ebrea, istoria galante scritta da lei medesima.
Venice, Giuseppe Molinari, 1813. 3 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece and three engraved title-pages, all coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary mottled calf. [1 blank], [2], [1 blank], III, [1 blank], 84; [1], [1 blank], 76; [1], [1 blank], 90, [1] pp. Full description
€ 1,850
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Purdy's The Colombian navigator, complete in 3 parts, with volume 1 (parts 1-2)
in the extremely rare 1833 edition, and volume 2 (part 3) in the 1824 edition

PURDY, John. The Colombian navigator; or sailing directory for the American coasts and the West-Indies.
London, printed for H.R. Laurie by J. Rider, 1833 (vol. 1) and 1824 (vol. 2). 3 parts in 2 volumes, bound as 3. With 2 plates (one bound as a frontispiece in part 1 and the other in part 3) and numerous coastal profiles in various sizes in the text. With: (2) R.H. LAURIE. Catalogue of the pilots, charts, and other nautical works, printed for, and published by R.H. Laurie, chart-seller and agent, by appointment, to the admiralty, &c. &c.
London, printed for R.H. Laurie by Rider and Weed, 1825. 8vo. Half buckram. XXVIII, 220; XVI, 192; XVI, 204, 16 pp. Full description
€ 2,750
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A rare edition of Purdy's sailing directory for navigating the Brazilian coast

PURDY, John. The Brasilian navigator; or sailing directory for all the coasts of Brasil, etc. from the River Para to the Rio de La Plata; including general instructions for the routes, both from England and from North America, with descriptions of, and directions for the Madeira, Canary, and Cape Verde islands, Fernando Noronha, etc. Selected chiefly from the memoir on, and instructions for, the "Atlantic Ocean," and the new sailing directory for the "Ethiopic or Southern Atlantic Ocean," ... To accompany Laurie's new general chart of the coasts with particular plans of the harbours.
London, printed for R.H. Laurie by J. Rider, 1844. 8vo. With Lauries RHL device on the title page, 8 small images of coastal profiles in the text. The title-page includes some lines in sans-serif capitals. Cloth spine and brown/grey thick paper boards with a large title label on the front cover, black lettering on spine, red speckled edges. VI, 191, [1] pp. Full description
€ 1,950
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Essential information for navigating the coasts of Africa, South America and the islands
in the expansive South Atlantic Ocean

PURDY, John (Alexander George FINDLAY ed.). The new sailing directory for the Ethiopic or Southern Atlantic Ocean; including the coasts of Brasil, etc., to the Rio de La Plata, the Coast Thence to Cape Horn, and the African Coast to the Cape of Good Hope, etc.; including the islands between the two coasts.
London, printed for R.H. Laurie by J. Rider, 1844. 8vo. With Lauries RHL device on the title-page, and 32 small images in the text, mostly coastal profiles. The title-page includes some lines in sans-serif capitals. Half cloth. XLIV, 472 pp. Full description
€ 1,950
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Overland journey through South Africa 1790/91 in search of survivors of the wreck of the Grosvenor

REENEN, Jacob van (Edward RIOU, ed.). A journal of a journey from the Cape of Good Hope, undertaken in 1790 and 1791, by Jacob van Reenen, and others of his countrymen, in search of the wreck of the honourable the East India Company's ship the Grosvenor; to discover if there remained alive any of the unfortunate sufferers. With additional notes, and a map.
London, G. Nicol, 1792. 4to. With a folding map (43 x 56 cm). 19th century half blue morocco. 51 pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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A picturesque journey through Switzerland

[REICHARD, Heinrich August O.]. Malerische Reise durch einen großen Theil der Schweiz vor und nach der Revolution.
Jena, H.W.Ch. Seidler, 1805. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece with 4 medallion portraits, engraved title-page with the title on a rock in an alpine scene, 54 numbered engraved plates (1 folding) and 2 folding leaves with built-up letterpress music. With the 4 costume plates hand-coloured. Later 19th-century half cloth. XVI, 414, [2] pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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First edition of J.C. Rijk's description of his hydrographic map of the Scheldt estuary

RIJK, Julius Constantijn. Beschrijving behoorende by de hydrographische kaart der zeegaten van de monden der Schelde, welke trigonometrisch opgenomen, in plan gebragt en geteekend is, op last van zijne excellentie den heere Mr. J.C. van der Hoop, minister voor de marine van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden en groot kruis der Orde van den Nederlandschen Leeuw.
Rotterdam, Arbon & Krap, 1825. 8vo. Modern half beige cloth, with the original publisher's brown paper front wrapper bound in. [4], 38, [2] pp. Full description
€ 1,500
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Garden architecture with 24 aquatint plates in their first printing and subtle publisher's colouring,
including early neo-Egyptian sphinxes

ROBERTSON, William. Desseins d'architecture, représentans des sièges de jardins, des portes de maisons de campagne, des entrées de parcs, des volières, des temples, . . .
London, printed by A. Dulau & Co. and Leonardo Nardini, and sold by Rudolph Ackermann there and J.G. Beygang in Leipzig, 1800. Oblong Imperial 4to (28×38 cm). With 24 numbered aquatint plates, subtly coloured by hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [4 incl. 2 blank], 24 pp. plus plates. Full description
€ 7,950
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Dutch translation of a Russian expedition to northeast Siberia

SARYCHEV, Gavriil Andreevich. Reis in het Noordoostelijke Siberie, en op de IJszee en den Noordoostelijken oceaan. Uit de Hooguitsche vertaling van Johann Heinrich Busse overgezet door N. Messchaert.
Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1808. 2 volumes. 8vo. With large folding map showing the northeastern part of Siberia and the northwest coast of the United States (ca. 47 x 78 cm) engraved by C. van Baarsel, 15 plates (10 folding engraved plates, 5 full-page hand-coloured aquatint plates), and 1 folding table. Contemporary boards covered with marbled paper, uncut, in box. [2], XXXII, 190; X [= VIII], 334 pp. Full description
€ 5,750
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Photograph album showing trotting

[PHOTOGRAPHY - HORSES].SCHNAEBELI, H.. [Binding title:] Album des Trabrenn-Sport.
Berlin, H. Schnaebeli & Co, 1879. Oblong 8vo (33 x 26.5 cm) album with 16 original albumen prints (ca. 20.5 x 15 cm), mounted on paperboard. Original richly decorated cloth. Title on front cover: "Album des Trabrenn-Sport. H. Schnaebeli & Co. Hof-Photographen u. Kunstverlag. Berlin Unter den Linden 30". Full description
€ 8,500
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2 collections of tracts on the Amboyna Massacre (1623), describing the barbarous tortures
of the English in Amboyna by the Dutch East India Company

[SKINNER, John]. A true relation of the unjust, cruell, and barbarous proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies, by the Netherlandish governour and councell there. ... The third impression.
Including: [WING, John]. A translate of a Dutch pamphlet, entituled, A true declaration of the news that came out of the East Indies, with the pinace called the Hare, which arrived in Texel, in June. 1624. Concerning a conspiracy discovered in the island of Amboyna, and the punishment following thereupon, according to the course of justice, in March 1624 ... and sent from a friend in the Low-Countries, to a friend of note in England ...
Including: [SKINNER, John?]. An answer to the Dutch relation, touching the pretended conspiracie of the English at Amboyna in the Indies.
London, printed by George Purslowe for Nathaniel Newberry, 1632. With a woodcut frontispiece showing an Englishman being tortured with fire by the Dutch, and woodcut initials and headpieces.
With: (2) [VOC]. A remonstrance of the directors of the Netherlands East India Company, presented to the Lords States Generall of the United Provinces, in defence of the said Companie, touching the bloudy proceedings against the English merchants, executed at Amboyne.
Including: An authentick copy of the acts of the processe against the English at Amboyna. Translated out of the copy, delivered to the English East India Company, from the Dutch.
Including: A reply to the remonstrance of the bewinthebbers or directors of the Netherlands East-India companie lately exhibited to the Lords States Generall, in justification of the proceedings of their officers at Amboyna, against the English there.
London, printed by John Dawson for the East India Company, 1632. With a general title-page with the woodcut coat-of-arms of the English East India Company (motto "Deus Indica") and a part-title for part 2 with a woodcut arabesque ornament (the text of all 3 parts begins with a drop-title) 2 editions (the 2nd in 3 parts) in 1 volume. Small 4to. 18th-century(?) calf, rebacked in gold-tooled morocco, red edges, marbled endpapers. Ad 1: [10], 38; [2], 20; 34 pp. Ad 2: [7], [1 blank], 29, [1 blank]; [2], 38; 47, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 6,850
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Very rare “myriorama”: an artistic paper toy to produce a wide variety of classical Italian landscape views

SLUYTER, Dirk Jurriaan. Myriorama van gezigten in Italie in 24 afdeelingen.
Amsterdam, Gebroeders van Arum, [ca. 1825]. With 24 numbered aquatint plates by Dirk Jurriaan Sluyter (each ca. 20 x 7 cm), mounted on paperboard, showing Italian landscapes, architecture and ruins. Loose as issued in publisher's paperboard box (ca. 22 x 15.5 cm), divided into two compartments, with an aquatint title-page mounted on the top of the box (on the lid) and its base covered with marbled paper. Letterpress leaf with instructions mounted on the inside of the top of the box. [24] loose plates. Full description
€ 1,850
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Finely executed Royal Naval Academy exercises by the teenage future Admiral,
Charles Sotheby 493 pages including nautical charts, fortification plans,
astronomical diagrams, topographic views, etc.:

SOTHEBY, Charles. [engraved title-page:] A plan of mathematical learning taught in the Royal Academy Portsmouth performed by [in pencil: Charles Sotheby] a student there.
[Portsmouth], "177 " [recté 1795-1798]. 2 volumes. Imperial 4to (37.5 x 27 cm). Manuscript school exercises with a pre-printed engraved title-page with a blank space for the student to add his name, with 4 full-page and 1 larger folding nautical charts (some partly in colour), 7 full-page fortification plans (in black ink with 1 to 3 colours), 4 full-page astronomical diagrams (2 also with yellow), a full-page compass rose, 23 pen and ink wash views in the text (9 x 15 cm to 12.5 x 22 cm, 1 also with blue washes), and numerous other diagrams (including maps in the surveying section) and some illustrations in the text. Near contemporary (ca. 1803) blind- and gold-tooled half calf, blue sprinkled edges. engraved title-page + “229” [= 228]; 230-493, [2 blank] pp., with pp. 229 and 493 blank excepting the page numbers. Full description
€ 25,000
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A new passage to the Pacific and state-sponsored piracy

SPILBERGEN, Joris van and Jacob Le MAIRE. Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisque Indiae navigationum; quarum una Georgii à Spilbergen classis cum potestate Praefecti, altera Jacobi le Maire auspiciis imperioque directa, annis 1614, 15, 16, 17, 18. Exhibens novi in Mare Australe transitus, ...
Leiden, Niclaes van Geelkerck for Jodocus Hondius, 1619. Oblong 4to (19 x 25 cm). With a large engraving on title-page, and 25 numbered engraved plates with maps and views: 2 large folding (a map of the world and a map of the East Indian archipelago), 5 double-page (mostly bound as fold-outs) and 18 full-page, several with insets. Blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1700? but probably the book's first binding), in a panel design with 2 large rolls, rebacked. 175 pp. Full description
€ 32,500
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Unique source for the early 19th-century Utrecht ceramic tile art industry

[TILES - MODEL BOOK]. [Model book of Dutch tile designs].
[Utrecht?, ca. 1810?]. Small square 4to (20 x 19 cm). With 111 pen and wash model drawings for Dutch tiles on the rectos of 105 leaves, most in greys but many in brown or a beautiful Delft blue. Several combine more than one colour, all in the actual size of tiles. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [2 blank], 105, [6 blank] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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12 stunning and detailed drawings of Chinese deities, in many bright colours plus gold and silver

TINGQUA. [Twelve Chinese gods].
[Guangzhen (Canton)], Tingqua, [ca. 1870?]. Imperial 4to album (33 x 24.5 cm). 12 drawings in numerous brightly coloured gouaches plus gold and silver, on pith paper (30 x 21.5 cm), each drawing mounted by its corners in an album of mulberry-bark(?) paper and framed with 4 strips of blue silk, and with a loose tissue leaf inserted before each drawing and an extra blank album leaf before the first drawing. Contemporary rice-straw(?) pasteboards, with the contemporary "Tingqua" label. [12] ll. Full description
€ 38,000
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A utopian civilization discovered in Terra Australis

[VAIRASSE D'ALLAIS, Denis]. Geschichte der Sevaramben aus dem Französischen übersetzt vom Verfasser des Siegfried von Lindenberg.
Itzehoe, Johan Gottwerth Müller, 1783. 8vo.
(2) MÜLLER, Johann Gottwerth. Literarische Anmerkungen über die Geschichte der Severamben. Eine Beylage zur Uebersetzung dieses Buchs. Göttingen, Johann Christian Dieterich, 1783. 2 works, the first in 2 parts, in 2 volumes. 8vo. With a small illustration on each of the three title-pages. Contemporary half calf. 350, [2 blank]; 302, [2 blank], 31, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Reports from Japan by two famous Jesuits (1589 & 1590)

VALIGNANO, Alessandro and Luís FRÓIS. Copia di due lettere annue scritte dal Giapone del 1589. & 1590. L'una dal P. Viceprovinciale al P. Alessandro Valignano, l'altra dal P. Luigi Frois al P. Generale della Compagnia di Giesu. Et dalla Spagnuola nella Italiana lingua tradotte dal P. Gasparo Spitilli della Compagnia medesima. ... Con licentia de' superiori.
Rome, Luigi Zanetti, 1593. Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). Limp sheepskin parchment (ca. 1700?). 125, [3 blank] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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4 rare Dutch travel works concerning the Middle East, Arabia, the East Indies and other exotic lands,
including the first recorded non-Islamic visitor to Mecca (350 years before Sir Richard Burton)

VARTHEMA, Ludivico di (Felix van SAMBIX DE JONGE, transl.). De uytnemende en seer wonderlijcke zee-en-landt-reyse van de heer Ludovvyck di Barthema, ... gedaen inde Morgenlanden, Syrien, vruchtbaer en woest Arabien, Perssen, Indien, Egypten, Ethiopien, en andere.
Utrecht, Gerald Nieuwenhuysen & Willem Snellaart, 1654. With an engraved title-page, 4 engraved plates and woodcut initials, headpieces and tailpieces.
(2) ROE, Thomas. Journael van de reysen ...
Amsterdam, Jacob Benjamin, 1656. With an engraved title-page, 4 large engravings in the text, 3 with scenes of the Mughal court life and the other depicting a sea battle, and woodcut decorated initials.
(3) MOCQUET, Jean. Reysen in Afrique, Asien, Oost- en West Indien, ...
Dordrecht, for Abraham Andriesz. (colophon: printed by Nicolaes de Vries), 1656.
With an engraving on the title-page showing a shipwreck, repeated in the text on p. 87, and 9 other large engravings in the text.
(4) BLANC, Vincent le (Jan Hendrik GLAZEMAKER, transl.). De vermaarde reizen van de heer Vincent le Blanc van Marsilien die hy sedert d' ouderdom van veertien jaren tot aan die van zestig in de vier delen des werrelts, Europa, Asia, Afrika en Amerika, gedaan heeft. Te weten in Oost- en Westindien, in Persien, Arabien, Pegu, en in meest alle de landen van Oostindien, in de koninkrijken van Fez en Marokko, in Guinea, en in 't geheel innerlijk deel van Afrika, van de Kaap de Bone Esperance af, tot in Alexandria, deur de landen van Monomotapa, Abissyna, en Egypien, in Spanjen, Frankrijk, Italiën en Nederlant, en in veel vermaarde eilanden van de werelt.
Amsterdam, for Jan Hendriksz. Boom & Jan Rieuwertsz., 1654. With an engraved title-page, 7 engraved plates, 2 extremely finely engraved initials with pictorial decoration on p. 1 and p. 3 of the first part (the V with an allegorical female figure giving a plate of fruit to the author(?) with his books and an armillary sphere, and a T with a group of turbaned figures) and 1 larger decorated woodcut initial.
4 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary vellum with manuscript title on spine, new endpapers. 126; [8], 56, 56, 24, [2]; [14], 153, [1 blank]; [4], 152, 116 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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and surrounding regions, with 48 plates and albumen prints">"Arabia Petra" explored: account of an expedition (1865) through the Sinai, Petra in Jordan,
and surrounding regions, with 48 plates and albumen prints

VISCONTI, Giammartino Arconati. Diario di un viaggio in Arabia Petrea (1865).Including: Atlante per servire al Diario di un viaggio in Arabia Petrea.
Torino, Vincenzo Bona, 1872. 2 volumes. Royal 4to (31 x 27 cm). With 2 title-pages printed in red and black, each with the author's wood-engraved decorated GAV-monogram and motto; vol. 1 with 2 folding lithographed maps (1 printed in black, brown and blue, with the route coloured by hand in red, of the Sinai Peninsula; the other in black and white, of the city of Petra); 40 mounted albumen prints after paintings by Emile Pierre Metzmacher (mainly 11.5 x 16 cm), individually mounted with letterpress captions on the mount; and 2 engraved plates; vol. 2 with 6 numbered engraved plates of molluscs and insects. The Diario in the original publisher's maroon cloth with the author's crowned monogram gold--blocked on the front board and spine. The Atlante in the original publisher's blue cloth, with the author's crowned monogram and the title gold-blocked on the front board. Both volumes with gilt edges, orange endpapers and with tissue guard leaves tipped in, protecting the albumen prints and engraved plates. 439; 46, [2 blank] pp. (vol. II, pp. 1-2 blank). Full description
€ 25,000
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One of the oldest spa towns of Europe: Wiesbaden in Hesse depicted in a suite of views

[VODDIGEL, Jan Simon & Ferdinand Karl KLIMSCH]. [Album von Wiesbaden].
Wiesbaden, C.W. Kreidel, [1852]. Small oblong folio (30 x 23 cm). Suite of 10 steel-engraved views, all finely hand-coloured and highlighted with gum arabic, tipped onto thick brown leaves with printed decorative borders and captions. Contemporary decorated red cloth, gold-tooled spine, new endpapers. [10] engraved views. Full description
€ 4,800
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First editions of two stunningly illustrated catalogues of the gems and statues in the internationally famous "Wunderkammer" of the private collector Jacob de Wilde

WILDE, Jacob and Maria de. Signa antiqua e museo Jacobi de Wilde, veterum poetrarum carminibus illustrata et per Mariam Filiam Aeri inscripta.Amsterdam, for the author, 1700. With engraved title-page, an engraved author's portrait, 1 attractive engraved folding plate with a double-page view of the library during a visit of Peter the Great and 60 engraved plates by Maria de Wilde of the statues of the Museum Wildeanum.
With: (2) WILDE, Jacob de. Gemmae selectae antiquae e museo Jacobi de Wilde, sive L. tabulae diis Deabusque Gentilium Ornatae, per possessorem conjecturis, veterumque poetarum carminibus illustratae.Amsterdam, for the author, 1703. With an engraved allegorical frontispiece, an engraved author's portrait drawn from life by Pieter van den Berge, another added mezzotint portrait of De Wilde signed by Martin Mytens and 50 numbered engraved plates (plate size 17 x 13 cm) showing 188 numbered engraved gems, mostly 4 to a plate around a figure from classical antiquity, probably all by Adriaan Schoonebeek. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary vellum, manuscript title on spine, red sprinkled edges. Ad 1: [8] ll. plus 62 plates. Ad 2: [16], 177, [7] pp. plus plates. Full description
€ 7,500
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Highlight of architectural history: extremely rare and important plate collection by the master architect Frank Lloyd Wright

WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd. Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright.
Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth, [1910]. 1 text volume and 2 portfolios with lithographed plates. 1mo (plates, ca. 64 x 40 cm) and folio (text volume, ca. 41 x 32 cm). Text volume with the title printed in gold. With a total of 100 lithographed plates in 2 portfolios: 72 plates numbered I-LXIV, printed on grey or white paper and mostly printed in brown, some in grey, grey & white or brown & white, one in gold (plate I), one in colour (plate LXIV) and one plate folding (plate LX), and 28 overlays, printed in brown on tissue paper. Each plate embossed with Wrights blind stamp. Kept loose, as issued, in the original two portfolios (64 x 41.5 cm), both dark blue half cloth with the original publisher's printed grey wrappers over boards with all white ties present. Both portfolios and text leaves are kept in a larger, later beige half cloth portfolio (ca. 65 x 43 cm) with brown paper sides, three protective flaps and white ties. 30, [1], [1 blank] pp.; plus 100 lithographed plates. Full description
€ 85,000
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Harlequin with a black head: 34 prints in 2 series, coloured by a contemporary hand

XAVERY, Gerard Joseph. Het nieuw geopend Italiaans tóneel, vertonende de wonderlijke ziekte bezwangerheid en baring van Arlequin: benevens de opvoeding van des zelfs jongen zoon.
With: (2) XAVERY, Gerard Joseph. Het Italjaansch tooneel voortreffelijk in 16 verbeeldingen uytgevoert ..., verrijkt met Nederduytsche en Fransche vaarzen door Florentius H. J. van Halen.
Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk II, [1728?] & [1735?]. Royal 4to (30.5 x 26 cm). With 2 engraved title-prints, each followed by 16 numbered prints (pictorial images ca. 15 x 19 cm; plate size ca. 23.5 x 21 cm), with verses engraved in the feet of the plates. With all 34 engravings coloured by a contemporary hand and varnished, probably for the publisher. Contemporary vellum. [1], 16; [1], 16 engraved ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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Early edition of the 1588 Korean translation of a classic Confucian schoolbook

ZHU XI (CHU HSI). [In Korean:] Sohak eonhae [In Chinese:] Xiaoxue jizhu [= Elementary learning].
[Korea], [1744?]. Folio (32.5 x 21.5 cm). With the pages printed in pairs (each page 17 x 10 characters) from 2-page woodblocks, each in a frame of thick rules, with thin rules between the columns, the title and leaf number between the pages on the fore-edge fold, with 2 decorations (4 leaves in white on black above the title and below the leaf number). Printed on Asian (probably paper mulberry bark) paper, with clear chainlines (about 20 mm apart) and laidlines (about 2.1 mm apart), with the text in a mixture of hanja (Chinese characters) and hangul (the Korean alphabet). Contemporary Korean spineless wrappers with an embossed diaper pattern (made from interwoven diagonal triple lines) on the inside (mostly covered by the paste-down), side-stitched and oversewn through 5 holes, with manuscript title on the front wrapper and the spine edge. 66 double ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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