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Diplomatic exchange between the Mughal Emperor and the King of England

ALAMGIR II, Muhammad 'Aziz al-Daulah (Emperor of Hindustan). Nova e curiosa relaçam da embaixada, que mandou o Graõ Mogor, ao Rey de Inglaterra. Tirada de varias cartas fidedignas, que fizeraõ varios aleado aos correspondentes, que tem nesta cidade.
Lisbon, 1757. 4to. With a woodcut vignette on title-page and a woodcut tailpiece. Modern morocco with gold-tooled title on front cover. 7, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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German edition of the earliest detailed account of Ethiopia, with woodcut illustrations

ÁLVAREZ, Francisco. General Chronica, das ist: Warhaffte eigentliche und kurtze Beschreibung, vieler namhaffter, und zum theil biß daher unbekannter Landtschafften, ...
OROSIUS, Paulus. Chronica, das ist: Warhaffte ... Beschreibung, deß Umbkreiß und Gelegenheit der gantzen Welt ...
[ORTELIUS, Abraham]. Cosmographia, das ist: Warhaffte ... Beschreibung, deß gantzen Erdbodems ...
Frankfurt am Main, (colophon, vols. 2 & 3: printed by Johann Schmidt for Sigmund Feyerabend), 1581. 3 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With 3 title-pages, 18 woodcut illustrations (plus 15 repeats) in vol. 1, mostly half-page. Contemporary blind-tooled leather over wooden boards, red edges, and a pair of brass fastenings (1 clasp and anchor plate lacking), the catchplate on a leather strap and the catchplates and clasp with engraved decoration. [3], [1 blank], 143, [1 blank]; 94, [2]; 45, [2], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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First printed world-corpus of classical inscriptions

APIANUS, Petrus. Inscriptiones sacrosanctae vetustatis non illae quidem Romanae, sed totius fere orbis summo studio ac maximis impensis Terra Marique conquistae feliciter incipiunt.
Ingolstadt, Petrus Apianus, 1534. Folio (21 x 29.5 cm). With title-page printed in red and black, large emblematic woodcut after Albrecht Dürer (hand-coloured and highlighted with gold ca. 1730), woodcut coat of arms of Raimund Fugger (hand-coloured and highlighted with gold), 184 woodcut illustrations and 7 large woodcut initials. Nearly every page framed by 4 woodcut decorative border strips (several varieties). Contemporary vellum. [40], CCCCCXII, [8] pp. Full description
€ 9,500
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Very early manuscript treatise about the fatwa

[ARABIC MANUSCRIPT]. Kitab Al-Waqi'at fi'l-Fatawi [Kitab Al-Waghi'at Fi Al-Fatwi].
[Levant, ca. 1290]. Small 4to in 6s (17 x 14) cm. Arabic manuscript, 15 to 17 lines to the page, written in clear cursive ta'liq script on brown Middle Eastern paper. With occasional red rubrication.
Contemporary (?) blind-tooled calf, mostly covered with later calf leaving only the contemporary back cover exposed. 19th century European paper endpapers. With a loose leaf of 18th century European paper with Arabic manuscript writing on one side. 374 ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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The ancient world in 345 plates

[BARDON, Michel Francois Dandré]. Gewoonten der aloude volken; behelzende de godsdienstige, burgelyke en krygsgebruiken der Grieken, Romeinen, Israëliten en Hebreeuwen, Egyptenaaren, Persiaanen, Scythiërs, Amazonen, Parthiërs, Daciërs, Sarmatiërs, en andere zo oostersche als westersche volken.
Amsterdam, Johannes Allart and Willem Holtrop, 1786. 4 volumes bound as 2. Large 4to (31 x 25 cm). With 345 engraved plates by the famous engraver Charles Nicolas Cochin le Jeune after Bardon. Contemporary half calf. VIII, 32; [2], 40; IV, 41, [1 blank]; [2], 22 pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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First edition of 66 sermons on Christian faith and virtues by the foremost Italian missionary of the 15th-century

BERNARDINUS SENENSIS (SAINT BERNARDINO OF SIENA). Quadragesimale beati Bernardini de xp[ist]iana religione [x and p representing the Greek chi and rho to make "christiana"].
[Basel, Johann Amerbach, 1489]. Folio. With several 8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, 4- and 3-line red lombardic initials supplied by hand in spaces (with printed guide letters) left for the purpose, rubricated throughout. Set in three sizes rotunda gothic types and a larger textura for the title. Early 17th-century, richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. With remnants of 2 strap fastenings and with traces on the front board and remnants on the back board of the catchplates, blue edges and a light brown morocco spine label with the title in gold. [254] ll. Full description
€ 8,500
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Pocket-sized Hebrew bible printed by Raphelengius in Leiden

[BIBLE - OLD TESTAMENT - HEBREW]. Hamisah humse Torah ... Nevi'im rishonim ... Nevi'im aharonium ... Sefer Ketuvim ...
Leiden, Franciscus II Raphelengius, [5]370 [= 1610]. 4 volumes bound as 1. 24mo in 8s (11 x 6 cm). Set in sephardic meruba Hebrew types (unpointed), with the imprints in semi-cursive (rabbinical) but the place of publication in meruba. Gold-tooled mottled calf (ca. 1720?). 264; 227, [1 blank]; 238, [2 blank]; 287, [1 blank] pp., vols. 1-2 with arabic numerals, 3-4 with Hebrew. Full description
€ 8,500
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Incunable edition of the Vulgate with hierarchical tables of the books, printed in Strasbourg,
a leading centre of 15th-century Bible printing

[BIBLE - INCUNABLE]. Biblia cu[m] concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testame[n]ti Sanctus Hieronimus interpres biblie.
[colophon:] Strasbourg, [Johannes Reinhard Grüninger], 26 April 1497. Folio. With a woodcut on the title-page showing St. Jerome in the desert on the left side and in his study on the right side, and flourished woodcut braces in the hierarchical table of bible books. Contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over bevelled wooden boards, with two brass fastenings (2 catchplates and 1 of 2 clasps) and some brass strips protecting the corners and edges. [471] (out of [492]) ll. Full description
€ 15,000
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Reconciling opposing theological doctrines: a collection of Saint Bonaventuras most important theological treatises

BONAVENTURA, SAINT and others. Egregium opus subtilitate et devoto exercitio precellens parvoru[m] opusculoru[m]. doctoris seraphici Sancti Bonaventure [Opuscula]. Prima[-Secunda] pars.
[colophon:] Strasbourg, [printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (= Georg Husner)], 1495 (vol. 2: 18 December 1495). 2 volumes. Folio (21 x 30 cm). With two title-pages, the 2 volumes including 2 full-page woodcuts plus 2 repeats, one showing the Tree of Life (with 2 repeats), and 1 (partly hand-coloured) showing a seraph with the names of Christian virtues on the feathers of its six wings. Set in a gothic rotunda type with running heads and other headings in a larger rotunda. Contemporary and stylistically uniform (though volume 2[?] is about 2 cm[?] shorter than volume 1[?]) richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. 393, [1 blank]; 371, [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 15,000
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Beautifully penwork-decorated Dutch-language books of hours (ca. 1450/70) containing a quite uncommon 15th-century set of texts

[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT - BOOK OF HOURS (DIOCESE OF UTRECHT)]. [Incipit a1r:] Wi aenbeden di christi en ghebendien di want du overmits dijn heilighe cruus die werlt verlosset hebste ...
[North-Holland (Haarlem?)], ca. 1450/70]. Small 8vo (ca. 11 x 8 x 3.5 cm). Manuscript book of hours in Dutch, written in black ink on vellum (leaf ca. 11 x 7.5 cm; text block ca. 7 x 4.5 cm) in two clear and attractive gothic hybrida hands (21 lines/page for the first hand, 18 lines/page for the second hand and 17 for the calendar). 18th-century half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides, gold-tooled spine, black morocco spine label with title ("Oud getydenboek M.S.S.") in gold, 18th-century endpapers. [240] ll. Full description
€ 32,500
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Rare first and only edition of an account of a voyage to India

BORGHESI, Giovanni. Lettera scritta da Pondisceri a 10 di Febbraio 1704. Dal Dottore Giovanni Borghesi medico della missione sepedita alla China dalla Santità di N.S. Papa Clemente XI. Nella quale si contengono, oltre a un pieno racconto del Viaggio da Roma fino alle Coste dell' Indie Orientali, varie nuove osservazioni mediche, anatomiche, bottaniche, naturali, e d'altri generi.
Rome, Gaetano degli Zenobi, 1705. 12mo. With a folding engraved map, indicating the route to Pondicherry, a folding plate of a compass card, indicating the winds, and six small woodcuts in the text. Contemporary vellum, with title in ink: "Historia dela China". [XIV], 245, [17] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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The Kirchenordnung for Protestant Saxony in an early edition, bound together with nine pamphlets and treatises on Lutheran controversies

[CHURCH AGENDA - SAXONY]. Agenda. Das ist, Kirchenordnung, wie sich die Pfarrherrn und Seelsorger in iren Ampten und diensten halten sollen, für die Diener der Kirchen in Hertzog Heinrichen zu Sachsen V.G.H. Fürstenthumb gestellet. Auffs new gebessert mit etzlichen Collecten der Superintendenten, etc.
Leipzig, Hans Rhambaw, 1564. 4to. Title printed in red and black,
(2) MYLIUS, Georg. Eine Predigt, vom Sacrament des Altars, zu Augspurg auffm Reichstage den 8. Julii Anno 1582 ... auff gut Lutterisch gethan ...
Magdeburg, Johan Francken (colophon: printed by Wilhelm Ross), 1582. 4to. With an arabesque woodcut tailpiece and a woodcut gothic initial.
(3) WIGAND, Johann. Christliche Erinnerung von der Bekentnis der Theologen in Meissen vom Abendmal jetzt newlich auszgangen.
Königsberg (Kaliningrad), heirs of Johan Daubman, 1574. 4to. With a woodcut gothic initial. Set in fraktur types with extensive italic and an occasional word in roman.
(4) [TRANSSUBSTANTIATION]. Summa der reinen Lere on dem Hochwirdigen Sacrament des Leibes und Blutes Jhesu Christi, mit kurtzer Verantwortung der Gegenlere. An die Christen in Franckreich, zum Unterricht und Warning geschickt. ...
[colophon:] Eisleben, Andreas Petri, 1571. 4to. With a woodcut arabesque decoration on the title-page.
(5) HEIDERICHS, Caspar. Synodalis Concio. Eine Sendtpredigt, ... Gehalten in der Pfarr zu Thorgau, bey seinen Superintendentz vorwanten. Acto. VI. Wir Prediger wollen anhalten am Gebet, unnd am Ampt des Worts Gottes.
Leipzig, (colophon: printed by Jacob Berwaldt), 1564. 4to. With 3 different woodcut interlaced decorations.
(6) WEISS, Johann. Ein Sermon gepredigt zu Freibergk den xxii. Julii des LIII. Jars, uber der Leich des Durchleutigisten Hochgebornen Fürsten und Herrn, Herrn Moritzen Herzogen zu Sachssen und Churfürsten etc.
Leipzig, Valentin Bapst, 1553. 4to. With 2 woodcut gothic initials.
(7) PFEFFINGER, Johann. Eine Predigt, uber die Leich des Durchlauchtigisten Hochgebornen Fürsten und Herren Herren Moritzen Hertzogen und Chur fürsten zu Sachssen etc. ...
[colophon:] Leipzig, Jacob Berwaldt, [1553]. 4to. With a woodcut ornamental flourish on the title-page and a woodcut gothic initial.
(8) WIGAND, Johann. Ob die Newen Wittenberger, stets bis daher, einig mit den alten geleret: Und ob Lutheri und Philippi Schrifften, durch aus gantz einig und einhellig...
Königsberg, Bonifacius Daubmen, 1575. 4to. Set in fraktur types, with passages in roman.
(9) MAIOR, Georg. Bekentnüs D. Georgii Maioris von dem Artickel der Justification, das ist, von der Lere, das der Mensch allein durch Glauben, on alle Verdienst, umb des Herrn Christi willen, Vergebung der Sünden habe, ...
[Dresden, Matthes Stökel Sr.], 1559. 4to. With woodcut initials.
(10) MAIOR, Georg. Repetitio Widerholung und endtliche Erklärung der Bekentnüs D. Georgii Maioris, von dem Artickel der Justification. Das ist von der Lere, das der Mensch allein durch Glauben, one allen vordiest, umb des Herrn Christi willen, vergebung der sünden habe,..
Dresden, Matthes Stökel Sr., 1567. 4to. With woodcut initials and a tailpiece.
19th-century half pigskin, boards covered with black buckram, modern green endpapers, manuscript title on spine. [5], LXXII, [1]; [12]; [1], 18, [1]; [48]; [18]; [16]; [8]; [1], 23; [8]; [8] ll. Full description
€ 4,500
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Key work by one of the best cosmographers of his time,
also describing the famous pair of globes he made for Louis XIV

CORONELLI, Vincenzo, and Carlo MALAVISTA. Epitome cosmografica, o compendiosa introduttione all' astronomia, geografia, & idografia, per l'uso, dilucidatione, e fabbrica delle sfere, globi, planisferi, astrolabi e tavole geografiche.
Köln, for Andrea Poletti in Venice, MDCLXXXXIII [=1693]. 8vo. With an engraved allegorical frontispiece with the coat of arms of the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti, several tables in the text and 37 engraved cosmographical and geographical plates: 31 double-page plates (including one with 2 movable volvelles, each with 3 moving parts) and 6 circular folding terrestrial and celestial charts. Later vellum, new endpapers and paste-downs, red edges. [1], [1 blank], [44], 420 pp. plus 37 plates. Full description
€ 17,500
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Extremely rare series of 104 Rhine views in publisher's hand-colouring

DELKESKAMP, Friedrich Wilhelm. 104 Ansichten des Rheins von Mainz bis Cöln. Nach der Natur aufgenommen und gezeichnet . . . - 104 pittoresques du Rhin depuis Mayence jusqu'à Cologne.
Frankfurt am Main, Friedrich Wilmans, 1829. 8vo. With 104 engraved views (ca. 7.5×11 cm) after drawings by Delkeskamp, engraved by Richter, Doebler and Weisbeck, and coloured for the publisher. Contemporary grained green morocco, gold-tooled spine and board edges. [1], [1 blank], 8 pp. + 104 plates. Full description
€ 9,000
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One of the earliest accurately illustrated herbals, with about 320 beautiful woodcuts

DORSTEN, Theodor. Botanicon, continens herbarum, aliorumque simplicium, quorum usus in medicinis est, descriptiones, & iconas ad vivum effigiatas: ...
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolff, (colophon: March 1540). Folio. With about 320 mostly botanical woodcuts in the text, about 70 woodcut decorated initials plus a few repeats, many cut by Sebald Beham. 16th-century sheepskin parchment (extensively reworked). [10], 306 ll. Full description
€ 25,000
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General Dufour's report on his victory in the Sonderbund War

[DUFOUR, Guillaume Henri]. Rapport général du commandant en chef des troupes fédérales sur l'armement et la campagne de 1847.
Bern, Imprimerie Staempfli; Zurich, Fréd. Schulthess, 1848. 8vo. With 6 folding lithographed maps (3 with certain features hand-coloured as published, mostly to show troup locations, and with a key to the colour coding). Contemporary tanned half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. [2], 81, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 750
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Lavishly illustrated history of the Dutch cavalry, "among the most beautiful military publications in the world"

ES, N.J.A.P.H. van. Het historisch Museum van het Korps Rijdende Artillerie.
Arnhem, Coers & Roest and G.J. Thieme, [1898-1903]. 5 volumes bound as 10. Large 4to (37 x 31 cm). With numerous plates and illustrations and decorations in text, many beautifully coloured by hand and some highlighted with silver and/or gold. Including photographs and reproductions of historical documents. Original publisher's gold and blind-blocked cloth, upper edges gilt, other edges untrimmed.
With: (2) H.G. RAMBONNET. Geschiedenis van het Korps Rijdende Artillerie gedurende 1903-1928. (Colophon: The Hague, Mouton & Co, 1933). 1 volume. Large 4to (38.5 x 31 cm). With colour printed fronstipiece and many reproductions of photographs. Original publisher's decorated cloth, upper edges gilt, other edges untrimmed. Full description
€ 3,000
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Flower artist's engraved & hand-coloured sample-book

FREUDENBERG, Caroline von. Neue Blumenstraüsse, oder Muster zur feinen Stickkunst.
Nürnberg, Joh. Bernh. Geyer, [1814]. Oblong folio (24 x 37 cm). Sample-book of flower engravings comprising title-plate with wreath of flowers, and 5 sample plates with 6 engravings, the plates numbered [1], 2-6. Hand-coloured. Contemporary marbled wrappers with engraved orange title-label. Full description
€ 4,000
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Well-illustrated encyclopaedia of astronomical and surveying instruments from the time of Galileo,
with a world map in two hemispheres, and 3 volvelles

GALLUCCI, Giovanni Paolo. Della fabrica et uso di diversi stromenti di astronomia, et cosmografia, ove si vede la somma della teorica, et pratica di queste due nobilissime scienze.
Venice, Roberto Meietti, 1598. 4to (22 x 16.5 cm). With engraved title-page, folding woodcut plate, 3 woodcut volvelles with moving parts, and numerous woodcut illustrations in text. Including a world map in two hemispheres (incl. America and a scattering of islands at the location of Australia) on two facing pages, they reappear with volvelle attachments on both sides of leaf 149 and leaf 153. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. [8], 228 ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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Portuguese Catholic subjugation of ancient Christians in India's Malabar Coast

GOUVEIA, António de. Jornada do Arcebispo de Goa Dom Frey Aleixo de Menezes primaz da India Oriental, ...
With: (2) MENESES, Aleixo de. Synodo diocesano da Igreia Bispado de Angamaledo dos antigos Christaõs de Sam Thome das Serras do Malavar das partes da India Oriental.Coimbra, Diego Gomez de Loureyro, 1606. 2 complementary works in 1 volume. Folio. The first work with the large woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee Agostinho de Jesus (Pedro de Castro), Archbishop of Braga in Portugal on title-page, the second with a woodcut basket of flowers and cast vine leaf ornaments, each in a border made up of cast fleurons. Further with 4 woodcut headpieces and tailpieces (including a headpiece on the second title-page) plus repeats, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (about 10 series). Later calf, gold-tooled spine. [6], 152; [2], 62, [9], [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 12,500
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Interesting collection of acts promulgated by the 14th parliament of Great Britain

[GREAT BRITAIN - PARLIAMENT]. Anno regni George III. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, decimo octavo. At the parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the twenty-ninth day of November, Anno Domini 1774, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the Third ... And from thence continued, by several prorogations, to the twentieth day of November 1777; being the fourth session of the fourteenth parliament of Great Britain.
London, Charles Eyre & William Strahan, 1778. Folio. Modern brown pigskin, title in gold on spine. [ca. 780] pp. numbered to 1594 with gaps. Full description
€ 1,750
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24 engraved views made for the Emperor of China, showing the campaign expanding his western territories

[HELMAN, Isidore-Stanislas]. [Suite de seize estampes représentant les conquêtes de l'Empereur de la Chine, avec leur explication].
(2) [Supplement 1 with views 17-20].
(3) [Supplement 2 with views 21-24].
Paris, Isidore Stanislas Helman, Nicolas Ponce, 1783-1788. Oblong Imperial folio (35 x 48.5 cm). A series of 24 numbered engraved views (plate size 27 x 43 cm; image size 24 x 41 cm), with reproductions of the engraved explanation of the views, in both the earlier state covering views 1-16 and the later state covering views 1-24. Loose prints in folders in a modern archival box. Full description
€ 50,000
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A Dutch commander's Japanese diary with a large lithographed map

HUYSSEN VAN KATTENDYKE, Willem Johan Cornelis. Uittreksel uit het dagboek van W.J.C. Ridder Huyssen van Kattendyke, Kapitein-Luit. ter zee, gedurende zijn verblijf in Japan in 1857, 1858 en 1859.
The Hague, W.P. van Stockum (printed by Giunta d'Albani), 1860. 8vo. With large folding lithographed map (67 x 54.5 cm) depicting the west coast of Japan and Kiusiu, by E. Spanier after H.O. Wichers. Original publisher's printed stiff paper wrappers. [2 blank], [10], 236 pp. Full description
€ 5,500
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India, Burma and Switzerland drawn and described by an English lieutenant in 67 sketches

[INDIA, BURMA & SWITZERLAND - SKETCHBOOK]. BLACKWELL, Thomas Eden. [Sketchbook containing several sketches of India, Burma and Switzerland, with an emphasis on their cultures].
[Various places, ca. 1826-1830]. Oblong 4to. With 66 sketches in pen & ink and pencil, mostly signed by Blackwell, ""depicting Swiss, Burmese and Indian panoramas and domestic scenes, buildings, events, animals and inhabitants, mounted and bound in, most accompanied by manuscript captions and descriptions by Blackwell and sometimes by a later hand. There is also 1 print (ca. 1795/1800?) showing a "rhahan" (priest) drawn by Singey Bey and engraved by Thomas Medland. Half black morocco, black decorated paper sides, gold-tooled ornaments on spine. .[70] gray, white and blue album ll., containing 67 sketches and their accompanying manuscript captions and descriptions. Full description
€ 18,000
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Beautiful, detailed and accurate Japanese colour drawings, mostly botanical, on 85 double-page spreads

KEIEN. Kengyu-ka shasei [= Morning glory sketches].
Japan, Meiji 31?, 34-36 [=1898?, 1901-1903]. Very large 8vo? (28 x 20.5 cm). With 85 double-page (mostly botanical) drawings in black ink on Japanese paper, each showing 1, 2 or 3 figures, sometimes with additional detail drawings, nearly all coloured in watercolour and/or gouache and most with captions identifying the subject and/or giving the date. Front wrapper with the title in Japanese in black ink. Wrapper-title plus [85] double-page spreads. Full description
€ 6,500
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800 of the best Dutch botanical engravings, beautifully hand-coloured as published

KOPS, Jan (with H.C. van HALL, F.A. MIQUEL and J.E. van der TRAPPEN). Flora Batava, afgebeeld door en van wegens J.C. Sepp en zoon; ... I.[-X.] deel. [title vols. V-X:] Flora Batava of afbeelding en beschrijving van Nederlandsche gewassen, ...
Amsterdam, J.C. Sepp & zoon, [1800], 1807-1849. 10 volumes. Large 4to (30 x 24.5 cm). With 10 engraved title-pages (the first with a hand-coloured illustration) and 800 full-page engraved botanical plates, all beautifully coloured by hand as published. Vols. 1-6: contemporary (ca. 1832) half calf, gold- and blind-tooled spines; vols. 7-10: contemporary (ca. 1849) tan half cloth. Full description
€ 9,500
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Preventing people from drowning: on the practical use of a newly invented life jacket

LA CHAPELLE, Jean Baptista de (Cornelis van ENGELEN, transl.). De scaphander of de konst om in de diepste wateren dryvende te gaan en allerhande werk te verrigten.
Amsterdam, G. Warners & Harlingen, Volkert van der Plaats, 1777. 8vo. With 4 engraved plates on 2 large folded sheets by B. de Bakker after the plates in the original French edition, charmingly illustrating the water-jacket and water-pants discussed in the text. Contemporary brown sprinkled paper wrappers. [2], VIII, 139, [1] pp. Full description
€ 3,000
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Very rare and important account of Punjab before the Anglo-Sikh War, printed in Delhi

LAWRENCE, Henry Montgomery. Some passages in the life of an adventurer in the Punjab. Originally published in the Delhi Gazette.
Delhi, Gazette Press, by Kunniah Lall, 1842. 8vo. With a loosely inserted letterpress printed "Note by the publishers" declaring that in hindsight the publisher would have preferred this edition in larger dimensions and in 2 volumes, but the printer lacked understanding of "the art of book printing". Also included is a manuscript note with bibliographical information relating to Indian printing. Contemporary half red roan with gold-tooled title on spine, marbled sides. [IV], [III], 275 pp. Full description
€ 5,250
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Early manual on perspective, well illustrated

LENCKER, Hans. Perspectiva hierinnen auffs kürtzte beschrieben, mit Exempeln eröffnet und an Tag gegeben wird, ein newer besonder kurtzer, doch gerechter unnd sehr leichter Weg, wie allerley Ding, es seyen Corpora, Gebew, oder was möglich zuerdencken und in Grund zulegen ist, verruckt oder unverruckt, ferner in die Perspectyf gebracht werden mag, on einige vergebliche Linie, Riss un[d] Puncten, [et]c, dergleichen Weg bisshero noch nit bekant gewesen.
Nürnberg, Dietrich Gerlach, 1571. Small folio (29 x 19 cm). With the title within a woodcut border, 10 full-page woodcuts within collation and 1 double-page woodcut within collation (the latter not included in page numbering). Boards (ca. 1900). [6], XXIX ll. Full description
€ 9,500
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Drawing of a scene on the Coromandel Coast for an engraving in a book by Johann Georg Jacobi

[COROMANDEL COAST]. LIPS, Johann Heinrich. Die Küste Coromandel.
[Zürich, 1803]. Pen drawing (10.3 x 6.3 cm) in grey ink with washes on paper (12.5 x 8.5 cm), signed by the artist in the lower right corner of the illustration and with the title in pencil in the lower margin. The whole mounted on a larger paper leaf (with notes: "dessin no 522" and "Lips f." in ink), with a passepartout and in a gilt wooden frame. Full description
€ 6,500
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Spectacular Lord's prayer in 150 languages, bound for the Duke of Marlborough
showing off the non-Latin and other types of Napoleons Imprimerie Impérial

[LORD’S PRAYER - POLYGLOT]. MARCEL, Jean-Joseph (ed.). Oratio dominica CL Linguis versa, et proprius cujusque linguae characteribus plerumque expressa; ...
Paris, Imprimerie Impérial, 1805. Royal 4to in 2s (31.5 x 24 x 3.5 cm). With a decorative frame built up from typographic ornaments and thick-thin rules printed in red on every page, the title-page with Napoleons imperial arms, with the text of the Lord's Prayer printed, mostly on rectos only, in 150 languages (or language variants) from all over the world, showing an enormous variety of printing types, especially for non-Latin scripts. Near contemporary (ca. 1810) English gold- and blind-tooled maroon long-grained morocco, sewn on 5(?) recessed supports but with 4 flat false bands on the spine, bound for George Spencer (1739-1817), 4th Duke of Marlborough, with his crowned coat of arms with motto "dieu defend le droit" in the centre of each board in each corner), gilt edges, double headbands in navy blue, mauve and white, navy blue ribbon marker. [8], 27, [1], 28-46, [1], 47-57, 57 bis, 58-119, [1], 120-131, [1], 132-150, [1] ll. Full description
€ 18,000
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A great compendium of canon law, finely printed in Antwerp for the English market

LYNDWOOD, William. Provinciale seu constitutiones Anglie: cum summarijs, atque justis annotationibus, politissimis caracteribus, summaque accuratione rursum reuise, atque impresse.
Including: BADIUS, Jodocus (Josse BADE). Tabula indices.
London, Franciscus Bryckman (colophon: Antwerp, printed by Christoffel van Ruremund, 20 December 1525). 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With two title-pages, each in a woodcut border. The first shows above heaven with the holy trinity surrounded by the heavenly population, and below the world with the pope and the king kneeling before the church, surrounded by the clergy; on the second title-page the coat of arms of England, a Tudor rose with the "IHS" and Saint George and the dragon. Printed in black and red throughout. Contemporary calf in modern slipcase. CCLV [= CCLVJ], [28] ll. Full description
€ 7,000
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Description and illustration of a Dutch panorama of the Battle of Waterloo

MAASKAMP, Evert. Panorama. De veldslag van Waterloo 18 junij 1816. Derzelve nauwkeurige beschrijving ... en bijgaande plan en explicatie.
- Beschrijving van den roemrijken veldslag van Waterloo, voorgesteld in het panorama op het Leidsche Plein over den Hollandschen Schouwburg.
- État et répartition de l'armée co-allié, commandée en chef par Mgr. Le Duc de Wellington; au 18 juin 1815.
Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, 1816. 8vo. With a folding engraved and letterpress plate of the panorama. Original publisher's wrappers. 16, [8] pp. Full description
€ 500
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First edition of Albertus Magnus's important Summa theologiae, presenting and defending Christian doctrine in contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf (about 84 impressions of 18 stamps) by the Trier Benedictine monastery

MAGNUS, Albertus. Prima[-secunda] pars Summe Alberthi Magni: alias dicte: De mirabili scie[n]tia Dei. [Vol. 1 continues:] Cum directorio notabili sententiaru[m] ex omni fere genere scibili studiosissime apposito. [De mirabili scientia Dei] [Summa theologiae].
[colophon 2Q5v in vol. 2:] Basel, Jakob Wolff, 31 March 1507 (note to the reader, a1v in vol. 1: Basel, 10 April 1507). 2 volumes bound as 1 Folio. Set in 2 columns with shoulder notes, with red lombardic initials added by hand in spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide letters). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf, sewn on 4 double chords, by the bindery of the Sankt Matthias Benedictine monastery in Trier, with the original brass catchplates and with two parchment manuscript leaves used as paste-downs, probably taken from an antiphonary, one with 14 lines of plainchant music). CCI, [3]; [6], “CCXXXVII” [= 235] ll. Full description
€ 12,000
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Documents from the Thirty Years' War, from the manuscripts of Sir Thomas Phillipps

[MANUSCRIPTS - THIRTY YEARS' WAR]. [49 documents on the history of the Thirty Years' War].
Liège, etc., 1629-1634[-ca. 1648]. Folio (32.5×23.5 cm). Manuscript on paper in Latin, French and Italian. Italian limp sheepskin parchment (ca. 1651), constructed from the gold-tooled parchment of two smaller bindings. 155 ll. including ca. 30 integral blanks. Full description
€ 12,500
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About 135 lithographic paper cut-outs (not cut out) for a caravan to Mecca

[MECCA - PAPER CARAVAN CUT-OUTS]. Carawane nach Mecca.
Vienna, Matthias Trentsensky (printed by E. Sieger), ca. 1855. Oblong folio (25 x 40 cm). With 19 (of 24) numbered leaves containing about 135 lithographic pen-drawings, each drawing including a base so that one can cut them out, paste them on card stock, stand them up and arrange them in three-dimensional scenes. Loose leaves in a later paper folder. ll. 6-24 (of 24). Full description
€ 8,500
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Rare 1st edition with 12 large hand-coloured plates of uniforms of Napoleon’s Dutch honour guard

[MILITARY UNIFORMS]. Uniformes des gardes d'honneur des différens corps dans les sept départemens de la Hollande; formés pour la réception de ... l'Empereur et Roi. ...| Uniformen van de gardes d'honneur, van de onderscheiden corpsen in de zeven départementen van Holland; opgericht tot de ontfangst van ... den Keizer en Koning.
Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [1811]. Royal folio (42.5 x 32 cm). With 12 aquatint costume plates (plate size 32.5 x 23 cm), in the publisher's original hand-colouring, with the original tissue guard leaf tipped onto each plate. Recent boards, with the original plain paper wrappers laid down. Kept in a matching green half morocco clamshell box. [48] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Influential course on civil architecture

MILIZIA, Francesco. Principi di architettura civile. Finale, Jacopo de' Rossi, 1781. 3 volumes. 4to. With tables of proportion in text and on a large folding leaf, and 18 architectural measured drawings and perspective and other views of domes, pinnacles, arches, curves and spires on 8 full-page engraved plates, all bound in the third volume. Contemporary half sprinkled calf, marbled sides, gold-tooled spines with black morroco spine labels, red sprinkled edges.
(2) CIPRIANI, Giovanni Battista. Indice delle figure relative al Principi di architettura civile di Francesco Milizia.
Rome, Nella stamperia Salomoni, si vende da Giov. Pietro, 1800. 8vo. With numerous illustrations on 27 double-page plates, illustrating Milizia's work, showing architectural measured drawings and perspective and other views of buildings and details of buildings, theatres, bridges, gardens, etc., models of ornament and decoration, technical building instruments, building materials, etc. (10 plates for vol. 1, 12 plates for vol. 2, 5 plates for vol. 3). Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with red label, red edges. 480; 515, [1 blank]; 442; 76 pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Uphill! A collection of folders, brochures and books on mountaineering

[MOUNTAINEERING]. [A collection of brochures and folders on mountaineering].
[Austria and Switzerland, ca. 1920- ca. 1980]. Ca. 653 brochures (including a few duplicates and variant issues).
With: [A collection of books relating to mountaineering].
[Globally, ca. 1830- ca. 2000]. Ca. 875 books (including a few duplicates and variant issues, and several multiple-volume titles). Full description
€ 45,000
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Rare second edition of Nigri's Thomist philosophical commentaries on Aristotle
bound together with a work testifying the contribution of German princes to Christianity

NIGRI (NIGER), Petrus (Peter SCHWARZ). Clypeus Thomistarum. [= Clypeus Thomistarum sive Quaestiones super arte veteri Aristotelis].
[colophon:] Venice, Simon de Luere for Jordanus Ladislaen, 31 August 1504. With two woodcut decorated initials (5-line printed in black and 8-line printed in red and black) and many 4- and 3- line manuscript lombardic initials in red (with printed guide letters). Set in three sizes of rotunda gothic type.
With: (2) BAMBERGENSIS, Lupoldus (Lupold of BEBENBURG); Sebastian Brant (add.); Jacobus WIMPHELING (ed.). Germanor[um] veterum principu[m] zelus et fervor in Christianam relgionem Deiq[ue] ministros.
[colophon:] Basel, Johann Bergmann de Olpe [printed by Michael Furter?], 15 May 1497. With many 4- and 3-line red lombardic initials added in spaces left for the purpose (some with printed guide letters) and some rubrication.
2 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary richly blind-tooled calf sewn on 4 double cords, with the original catchplates and remnants of a spine label (?), with two red fore-edge tabs (one for each work). 140; XXVIII ll. Full description
€ 19,500
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Heralds of a new age: three first editions, including the first Renaissance narrative poetical works in Dutch (with 17 Coornhert illustrations)

NOOT, Jan van der. Cort begryp der XII. boeken Olympiados. ... Abregé des douze livres Olympiades.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1579. With 1 engraved plate (portrait of the author), 17 full-page engravings (ca. 16 x 11.5 cm.) by Dirk Volkertsz. Coornhert after designs of the monogrammist CVSK and a full-page woodcut of an obelisk at the end, signed with the monogram "HE".
(2) NOOT, Jan van der. Lofsang van Braband. ... Hymne de Braband.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1580. With 4 full-page woodcuts (portrait of the author, allegorical illustration, arms of Brabant and the other 16 provinces, and an obelisk).
(3) NOOT, Jan van der. Verscheyden poeticsche werken. ... Divers oeuvres poetiques.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1581. With full-page woodcut portrait of the author, and a full-page woodcut obelisk at the end. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. All 3 works with text in Dutch and French. Early 18th-century gold-tooled mottled calf. [14], 87, [1]; [8], 33, [4]; [40] pp. plus 1 plate. Full description
€ 45,000
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Critical notes on Christianity, "shaping the directions of modern thought"

OCKHAM, William of (Augustinus de RATISBONA, ed.).

Tabule ad diversas huius operis magistri Guilhelmi de Ockam sup[er] quattuor libros S[e]n[tent]iaru[m] an[n]otat[i]o[n]es et ad Ce[n]tilogii theologici ... [= Quaestiones et decisiones in quattor libros Sententiarum Petri Lombardi].Including: Centilogiu[m] theologicu[m].
[colophons:] Lyon, Johannes Trechsel, 9 (Centilogium) & 10 (Sententiarum) November 1495.With: (2) William of OCKHAM. Quotlibeta septem una cum tractatu De sacremento altaris [= Quodlibeta septem].Including: Tractat[us] ... De sacrame[n]to altaris; De corpore xp[ist]i [= Christi].Strasbourg, [Georg Husner (printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg)], 6 January (De sacramento altaris & De corpore Christi) & "post" 6 January (Quotlibeta septum) 1491.2 editions, each in 2 parts (together 5 works) in 1 volume. Folio. With Trechsels woodcut device (an orb and patriarchal cross, with initials "IT" in the orb) printed in red at the end of the Quaestiones and spaces for initials (with printed guide-letters. Contemporary calf over wooden boards sewn on 4 double cords, richly blind-tooled boards, with clasps and catch plates mounted on leather straps. [438]; [16]; [118]; [34], [2 blank] ll.

Full description
€ 32,000
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The Ottoman-Mamluk war and the conquest of Mecca and Medina

[OTTOMAN-MAMLUK WAR]. Omnia que gesta sunt in Orie[n]te inter Sophi & Maximum Turcarum & Suldanum, & que[m]admodum dux Turcaru[m] caepit Alepum & Damascum & Hierusalem cum om[n]ibus circumiace[n]tibus oppidis, & quo[rum] maximus Turcaru[m] voluit audire una[m] missam apud sanctu[m] sepulchru[m] Iesu Christi.
[Basel, Pamphilus Gengenbach, 1518]. 4to. With woodcut illustration on title-page. 19th-century pink wrappers. [6], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 35,000
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First Swedish translation of Ovid

OVID. (Jacob REENSTIERNA, translator). Nägre fabler af Ovidii Metamorphoses, förswanskade (af Jacob Reenstierna).
Stockholm, Julius G. Matthiae, 1708. 8vo in 4s. With woodcut device on the title-page, engraved armorial headpiece to the dedication, 19 small engraved illustrations in the text by N. Guerard (ca. 5 x 6 cm), and woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and initials. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine with title in gold. [xvi], [138] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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Magnificent engraving of the 17th-century warship the “Sovereign of the Seas”, surpassing all her contemporaries in size and gun power

[PRINT - WARSHIP]. PAYNE, John. The true portraicture of His Ma[jes]ties. royall ship the Soveraigne of the Seas built in the yeare 1637.
[London, Peter Pett, 1637/38]. Large engraving (66.5 x 91 cm), printed from two plates on two sheets, assembled to make a single print. With title in English across the head, a slightly different Latin title across the foot (both outside the image area), Payne's name and privilege to the right of the Latin title, and two decorated cartouches with laudatory verses in the upper corners. In passepartout (not mounted) and easily detachable framed (90 x 114 cm). Full description
€ 48,500
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First(?) edition (ca. 1497/99) of a popular aid for pious readers and preachers, written after recovering from plague in contemporary richly blind-tooled calf by the Trier Benedictine monastery

PELBÁRT TEMESVÁRI (PELBARTUS DE THEMESWAR). Stellariu[m] corone benedicte Marie Virginis: in laudem eius p[ro] singulis predicatio[n]ibus elegantissime coaptatum. [Stellarium coronae beatae Mariae Virginis].
[Basel, Jacobus Wolff de Pforzheim, 1497/99]. 4to. Printed in two columns; red lombardic initials added by hand in 3 to 7-line spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide-letters). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled calf over wooden boards (square-edged), from the bindery of the Benediktinerkloster Sankt Matthias in Trier (in the province of Cologne); with a single brass fastening (catchplate and clasp) at the centre of the fore-edge. Later spine label. With a leaf from a 14th- or early 15th-century manuscript antiphonary used as front and back paste-down (in 2 columns, written in a textura hand in 2 sizes). [228] ll. Full description
€ 17,500
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Three editions by the Russian Marxist press in Geneva, including the first edition of Plekhanov's "Our differences"

PLEKHANOV, Georgi. Ferdinand Lassal, ego zhizhn i deyatelnost.
Geneva, Osvobozdenie truda, 1887.
(2) MARX, Karl. Nisceta filosofii.
Geneva, Osvobozdenie truda, 1886.
(3) PLEKHANOV, Georgi. Nashi raznoglasiia.
Geneva, Osvobozdenie truda, "1884" [=1885].3 works in 1 volume. Contemporary black half sheepskin. 66, [2]; XXXI, [1 blank], 154, [2], [4 blank]; XXIV, 322 pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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1499 Venice edition of Pliny's celebrated encyclopaedic Natural History: a "purveyor" of ancient natural history

PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Gaius (PLINY the Elder) (Hermolaus BARBARUS & Johannes Baptista PALMARIUS, eds.). C. Plinii secundi Naturae historiarum [= Historia naturalis] libri. xxxviii. e castigationibus hermolai barbari quam emendatissime editi.
[colophon:] Venice, Johannes Alvisius, 18 May 1499. Small folio. With lombardic initials and rubricated throughout. Set in roman types with the title and running heads in a larger rotunda gothic. Late 18th-century brown sheepskin over wooden boards, with traces of former clasps. [268] ll. Full description
€ 65,000
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Artist's manual with an exceptional collection of old master prints

[PRINT ALBUM]. Spiegel der natuur en school ter teekenkunde, bevattende LXXVI. afbeeldingen van landschappen, landsdouwen, watergezichten, enz. enz. Allen zoo veele studiën van Silvestre, Perelle, Quinault, Du Moulin, Della Bella, Zaftleven, Almeloveen, Van Schyndel, Nolpe, Vermeulen, Visscher en Schenk, ten dienste van teekenaaren, plaatsnijders, goud- en zilversmeden en drijvers: bijzonder nuttig voor hun, die zichzelven het teekenen willen leeren zonder hulp van meester. Vooräfgegaan de eerste beginselen der teekenkunst.
Amsterdam, Jan Steven van Esveld-Holtrop, [ca. 1810?]. Oblong 8vo. With 67 engraved plates in various styles (the last 6 folding) and 1 engraved plate tipped in on a blank page. Plate sizes vary. Slightly later half calf, gold-tooled spine, marbled sides. IV pp. text. Full description
€ 3,750
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The frogs and toads of Germany in the manner of Maria Sybilla Merian

RÖSEL VON ROSENHOF, August Johann. Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium in qua omnes earum proprietates, praesertim quae ad generationem ipsarum pertinent, fusius enarrantur. | Die natürliche Historie der Frösche hiesigen Landes worinnen alle Eigenschaften derselben, sonderlich aber ihre Fortpflanzung, umständlich beschrieben werden.
Nuremberg, Johann Joseph Fleischmann, [1753]-1758. 2 parts in 1 volume. Royal folio (48 x 33 cm). With hand-coloured engraved frontispiece and 2 sets of the 24 engraved plates. Each of the 24 plates is present twice: beautifully hand-coloured with the figures still unnumbered, and in black and white with the figures numbered (and key letters added) but with Rösel's name erased. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [2], VIII, [6], 116 pp. Full description
€ 22,500
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The complete scientific reports from the private German expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 1898

RÖMER, Fritz & Fritz SCHAUDINN (editors). FAUNA ARCTICA. Eine Zusammenstellung der arktischen Tierformen, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Spitzbergen-Gebietes auf Grund der Ergebnisse der Deutschen Expedition in das Nördliche Eismeer im Jahre 1898. Herausgegeben von F. Römer und F. Schaudinn..
Jena, G. Fischer, 1902-1933. 6 volumes. Large-4to (360 x 280mm). With 2 photogravure portraits (of both editors), 8 lithographed maps, 49 (a few chromo-) lithographed plates and 609 figures in the text. Contemporary half cloth (volumes II-IV & VI) & wrappers (remainder). Full description
€ 1,250
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The great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and the city of Augsburg: a splendid publication with more than 100 engraved maps, plans and views, in an Augsburg gold-brocade paper wrapper

ROTH, Johann Michaël. Augsburgische Sammlung derer wegen des höchstbetrübten Untergangs der Stadt Lissabon, ... anbey hat man die Stadt Augsburg in Grundriß mit 48. Prospecten der schönsten Gebäude denselben mit beygefüget ...
Augsburg, Johann Michael Roth, [ca. 1756]. 1mo (50 x 38.5 cm). With engraved title-page, an engraved report on the earthquake and resulting tsunami; and in the first part 60 engraved views, maps and plans on 13 leaves (4 large folding).
(2) [MAP]. KRAUS, Johann Thomas. Accurata recens delineate ichnographia ... metropolis Augustae Vindelicorum ... = Neu verfertigt accurater Grund Riß der ... Statt Augspurg, ...
Augsburg, Matthäus Seutter, [ca. 1750]. Large engraved map on a folding sheet (50 x 61 cm) at a scale of about 1:4000.
(3) WEYERMANN, Jakob Christoph. Prospectus praecipuorum aedificorum et locorum intra et extra urbem Augustam Vindelicorum ...
Augsburg, Matthäus Seutter, 1742. 4 large uncut folding sheets (each 40 x 70 cm) containing the engraved title-page and 47 engraved views of buildings in and around Augsburg (each 16 x 13.5 cm).
Gold on black gold brocade paper wrapper, probably from the publisher. The whole is kept is a finely produced modern tanned sheepskin box with the form of a book. [20] engraved ll., some printed on both sides. Full description
€ 57,500
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Studying the Bible and nature: a theosophical manual to gain (im)mediate knowledge of God

RAYMUNDUS de SABUNDE, (Raymond of SABUNDE). Theologia naturalis sive liber creaturarum specialiter dehomine et denatura eius inquantum homo ....
[colophon:] Strasbourg, Martin Flach, 21 January 1496. Folio. With paragraph marks in red (one in blue on the first page of the "Tabula") and red lombardic 3-, 4-, 5- and 7-line initials in spaces left for the purpose (with printed guide letters), one time - opening the "Prologus" - in red and blue. Contemporary half calf over wooden boards sewn on 3 supports, manuscript title on spine and on one of the edges, contemporary clasps with the initial M. [162] ll. Full description
€ 12,500
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Monumental and elaborately decorated commemorative columns and obelisks as garden ornaments

SCHYNVOET, Simon. Voorbeelden der lusthof-cieraaden, zynde piramiden, eerzuylen en andere bywerken.
[Amsterdam, H. de Wit, 1704 or soon after]. Large folio (38 x 27 cm). A richly decorated print-series of garden and park ornaments, with 30 engraved plates (plate size ca. 31 x 20.5 cm) showing commemorative columns or obelisks for various occasions, drawn and engraved by Jacobus Schynvoet and Jan Goeree and a few others after designs by Simon Schynvoet. Modern half cloth. 30 engraved ll. incl. title-print. Full description
€ 7,500
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Finely executed Royal Naval Academy exercises by the teenage future Admiral, Charles Sotheby 493 pages including nautical charts, fortification plans, astronomical diagrams, topographic views, etc.:

SOTHEBY, Charles. [engraved title-page:] A plan of mathematical learning taught in the Royal Academy Portsmouth performed by [in pencil: Charles Sotheby] a student there.
[Portsmouth], "177 " [recté 1795-1798]. 2 volumes. Imperial 4to (37.5 x 27 cm). Manuscript school exercises with a pre-printed engraved title-page with a blank space for the student to add his name, with 4 full-page and 1 larger folding nautical charts (some partly in colour), 7 full-page fortification plans (in black ink with 1 to 3 colours), 4 full-page astronomical diagrams (2 also with yellow), a full-page compass rose, 23 pen and ink wash views in the text (9 x 15 cm to 12.5 x 22 cm, 1 also with blue washes), and numerous other diagrams (including maps in the surveying section) and some illustrations in the text. Near contemporary (ca. 1803) blind- and gold-tooled half calf, blue sprinkled edges. engraved title-page + “229” [= 228]; 230-493, [2 blank] pp., with pp. 229 and 493 blank excepting the page numbers. Full description
€ 25,000
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Rare edition of Staden's famous account of Brazil and the Tupinambá Indians,
with 19 woodcuts (17 from the blocks of Plantins 1558 edition)

STADEN, Hans. Beschrijvinghe van America, wiens inwoonders, wildt, naeckt, seer godloos, ende wreede menschen-eters zijn; hoe hy selve onder de Brasilianen lange gevangen geseten heeft, die hem dagelijcks dreygden doot te slaen en t'eten: ...
Including: Avontuerlijcke, vreemde, ende waerachtighe beschryvinge van het landt America, alwaer Hans van Staden onder de Brasilianen, Tuppin Imbas ghenaemt, lange gevangen geseten heeft, ...
Amsterdam, Jan Jacobsz. Bouman, 1660. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 2 title-pages, the first printed in red and black, each with a different large (7 x 13 cm) woodcut illustration; and 17 smaller (5 x 6.5 cm) woodcut illustrations (plus 12 repeats) in the text, mostly of Brazilian Indians. 20th-century dark brown calf, with older stiff paper wrappers bound in. [8], 72 pp. Full description
€ 9,500
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Richly illustrated journey of Nicholas II of Russia through Asia

UKHTOMSKY (UCHTOMSKIJ), Esper Esperovich and Hermann BRUNNHOFER (translator). Orientreise seiner kaiserlichen Hoheit des Grossfürsten-Thronfolgers Nikolaus Alexandrowitsch von Russland, 1890-1891.
Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1894-1899. 2 volumes. 4to. With engraved portrait of Nicholas, 7 photogravures, 541 wood engravings after drawings and photographs and 5 chromolithographed maps. Publisher's cloth, richly blocked in black, gold and grey, gilt edges. [4], 476; [4], 482 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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With the famous world map

VADIANUS, Joachim (Joachim von WATT). Epitome trium terrae partium, Asiae, Africae et Europae compendiariam locorum descriptionem continens, praecipue autem quorum in actis Lucas, passim autem evangelistae & apostoli meminere.
Zurich, Christoph Froschauer, 1534. Folio. With woodcut printer's device on title-page, numerous decorated woodcut initials and a double page woodcut world map "Typus cosmographus universalis" after Sebastian Münster. Modern calf. [44], 273, [1] pp. Full description
€ 38,500
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Rare early 17th-century collection of medical texts, translated from the English

[VALENTINUS, Petrus Pomarius; Stephen HOBBES]. Enchiridion medicum. Dat is: een kort begrijp vanden gantschen loop der medicine. Mitsgaders een tsamensprekinge van een doctor ende student der medicijne aengaende. Van gelijcken een tractaet vervattende de voornaemste gebreken ofte sieckten des menschen lichaems; bestaende in vele verscheyden remedien ...
Utrecht, Jan Amelisz., 1619. 4to. With woodcut printer's device and initials, an oval portrait on the verso of the title-page (of Reinier Bontius?) and on the last leaf a full-page woodcut showing surgical instruments. Later vellum, manuscript title on spine, new endpapers. [6], 278, [2] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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245 stunning plates with citrus fruits, views & garden plans

VOLKAMER (VOLCKAMER), Johann Christoph. Nürnbergische Hesperides, oder Gründliche Beschreibung der Edlen Citronat- Citronen- und Pomeranzen-Früchte, .../ Continuation der Nürnbergischen Hesperidum, ...
Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, the author, son and heirs of J.A. Endters, 1708-1714. 8 parts plus 6 appendices in 2 volumes. Folio. With 6 engraved allegorical frontispieces with garden scenes, 4 engraved part-titles, and 235 other engraved plates by the finest German artists and engravers (8 double-page & 13 larger folding). Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. [8], 255, [1 blank], [7], [1 blank], 17 pp.; [21], 1-161, 162a-b, 163-175, 176a-b, 177-226, 227a-b, 228-239, [2] ll. including most of the vol. II plates. Full description
€ 60,000
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