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Treatise on education and pedagogy based on the Christian religion

BASEDOW, Johann Bernhard. Methodischer Unterricht der Jugend in der Religion und Sittenlehre der Vernunft nach dem in der Philalethie angegebenen Plane.With: (2) BASEDOW, Johann Bernhard. Methodischer Unterricht in der überzeugenden Erkenntniss der biblischen Religion, zur vorgesetzten Ausführung des in der Philalethie angegebenen Plans.
Altona, David Iversen, 1764. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. With an engraved illustration on both title-pages. Slightly later brown pastepaper boards. LXII, 272; XXXII, 224, 144 pp. Full description
€ 2,000
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A Batak shamans manual for making magical protective devices
written in the secret Hata Poda language in a bark-leaf, accordion-fold book with its original wooden boards

[MANUSCRIPT - BATAK]. [Pustaha, incipit:] Poda ni pagar si jongga [= jonggi] [Advice for magical protection].
[Northern Sumatra (around Lake Toba), ca. 1870/1900?]. 19 x 27 x 7 cm. A manuscript in the old esoteric Hata Poda language used by the Batak "datu" (shamans), with the text written in the Batak script and the decorations and illustrations drawn, both in black ink on both sides of stiff leaves (0.8 mm thick) made from the inner bark of the alim tree, with 17 to 23 lines of text per page and about 28 illustrations, figures and diagrams in the text (22 on a single page). Made from a single long strip of bark, scored horizontally across the (vertical) grain and accordion-folded at the score lines. A waste(?) slip with Batak characters has been affixed to the first blank page at the end and 2 more have been used to strengthen hinges. In its original wooden boards (about 1 cm thick, tapering toward the head and foot, with horizontal grain, the upper board with a horizontal ridge across the middle and carved with geometrical decorations), with the blank outside surface of the first leaf and last 2 blank leaves affixed to the upper and lower boards. With a later carrying cord (made from 3 double-twisted cords) tied through 4 holes in the upper board, and with a later braided rattan band to hold the book closed. [53] ll. written on both sides except that the 1st and the last 4 pp. are blank. Full description
€ 22,500
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More than a translation: an extensive adaptation with important additions
of a famous French work on naval tactics

BIGOT, Vicomte de MOROGUES, Sébastien-François and Lodewijk Count of BYLAND. Zee-tactick of grond-regulen der krygskunde der zee, handelende van de evolutien de zeinen, in het Fransch beschreeven door den Heer Grave Bigot de Morogues ... Zynde dit werk vermeerdert door een ontwerp ... een volmaakt zeinboek te vervaardigen ... Als mede door een onderrigting wegens het vervaardigen en gebruik der artificiële zeil-steenen, zynde staaven van gehard staal ...
Amsterdam, Jan Morterre, 1767. 2 volumes. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece of a sea battle by C. Phillips Jacobs after J. Cats, a half-page coat of arms of the dedicatee William V, a small engraving of warships by B. de Backer after J. Blaauw and 65 full-page folding engravings of battle formations in the first volume and with a small engraving of a warship by B. de Backer after J. Blaauw and a full-page engraved plate of "Zeilstenen" (natural magnets) in the second volume. Uniformly bound in 19th-century blind-tooled calf. [32], XII, XXXII, 336; [4], 423, 134, [6] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Extremely rare satirical dwarves, with all 78 plates

[CARICATURES - DWARVES]. De Waereld vol Gekken Nesten anders genaamd Het Dwergen Tooneel of geschakelde samenspraak van des zelfs personagien. = Le Monde Plein de Fols, ou Le Theatre des Nains enrichi, d'un discours chêné de leurs personages.
Amsterdam, Wilhelm Engelbert Koning, 1720 (= ca. 1720-30). 4 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Two engraved contents leaves (for parts 1 and 2; the title appearing at the head of the contents for part 1; the contents described in verse (2 lines for each plate)), 76 engraved caricature plates (16 x 10.5 cm, 58 with 1 figure and 18 with 2 figures).French red goatskin morocco (ca. 1860), gold-tooled turn-ins, marbled end-papers, headbands in green, white and brown, green ribbon marker, marbled and gilt edges (C. HARDY). 24, A-E; 25-50, A-C; (12); 6, (2) engraved leaves. Full description
€ 14,500
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Idealization of African people to celebrate the first European abolition of slavery

COLIBERT, Nicolas after Louis FRERET. Habitation des negres. ... Le culte des negres. ... Le mariage des negres. ... Arrivee des Europeens en Afrique.
Paris, Depeüille, [1795]. Oblong 1mo (full-sheet leaves) (41 x 49.5 cm). Hand coloured etched and aquatint print series, each print with a caption in script lettering and text in 2 columns. Full description
€ 3,950
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Illustrated German translation of the account of Cook's third and last voyage

COOK, James and James KING. Dritte un letzte Reise, oder Geschichte einder Entdeckungsreise nach dem stillen Ocean, welche auf Befehl Sr. Großbritannischen Majestät, zu genauerer Erforschung der nördlichen Halbkugel unternommen .
Ansbach, 1787-1789-[1794]. 4 (of 5) volumes. 8vo. With an aquatint/engraved portrait of James Cook as frontispiece in volume 1, 2 folding engraved maps and 41 engraved plates (1 folding). Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spines. [51], [1 blank], CXXVIII, 320, [2], [2 blank]; [16], 462, [2]; [2 blank], [14], 452, [2], [2 blank]; [16], 400, [2], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 2,800
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Large paper copy of a collection of travelogues on Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and the British Isles

COXE, William (Paul Henri MALLET, transl.), Thomas PENNANT, Joseph BANKS, and others. Nouveau recueil de voyages au nord de l'Europe et de l'Asie, contenant les extraits des relations de voyages les plus estimées, et qui n'ont jamais été publiées en français.Including: William COXE (Paul Henri MALLET, transl.). Voyage en Pologne, Russie, Suède, Dannemarc, &c.
Paris, Paul Barde, Moutard, Mérigot (vol. 1), Barde, Manget & Buisson (vol. 2 & 3), 1785-1786. 3 volumes. 4to. Vol. 1 with 1 hand-coloured folding map, 1 folding engraved plate and 8 full-page engravings. Vol. 2 with 2 hand-coloured folding maps, 2 folding city plans, 3 full-page engraved portraits. Extra added: a loosely inserted engraved portrait of Empress and 2 further engravings. Vol. 3 with 2 hand-coloured folding maps, 1 hand-coloured full-page engraved map, 3 engraved folding plans of canals, 2 folding city plans, 1 full-page engraved portrait and 1 full-page engraving. Contemporary half red morocco. [6]; 355, [4], [1 blank]; [2], VI, [2], 422, [6]; [4], 382 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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By a female publisher: the first separate edition of Cyril's commentary on the Law of Moses

CYRIL of Alexandria. De adoratione in spiritu et veritate, & spiritali totius legis Mosaicae in religione Christiana observantia, ...
Lyon, Sybille de la Porte, 1588. 4to. With Porta's woodcut device on title-page, a woodcut headpiece, several woodcut tailpieces, numerous decorated woodcut initials (at least 3 series) and decorations built up from cast fleurons. Contemporary limp calf parchment. 24, 454, [25], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 1,850
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First Russian edition of Darwin's "Origin of species"

DARWIN, Charles. [In Cyrillic type:] O proischozhdenii vidov [= On the origin of species].
St. Petersburg, Alexander Illich Glazunov (printed by Glazunov), 1864. 8vo. With 1 lithographed plate showing Darwin's famous branching tree of life, and 4 pages of Glazunov's publisher's advertisements at the end, describing 25 publications. Set entirely in Cyrillic type. Modern half brown morocco, with the original publisher's printed back wrapper bound in. XIV, 399, [1 blank], 4 pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Unique snapshots of Egypt in 1906-1908: excavations in progress, the Mahmal procession,
the Tanta fair and daily life, probably taken by a female photographer

[PHOTOGRAPHY - EGYPT]. Book I-[II] Egypt 1906-7. Book III Naples, Rome, Florence. Book IV Criccieth N. Wales, Zara, Khargeh Upper Egypt, Cairo, Freshwater Bay I.W.Egypt, Naples, Rome, Florence, Criccieth and the Isle of Wight, 1906-1908. Oblong (23 x 32 cm). An album in 4 volumes with 323 silver gelatin prints (8 x 5.5 cm to 14 x 8 cm, mostly ca. 10 x 7 cm). Side-stitched.
With: (2) LEHNERT & LANDROCK. Souvenir of Cairo. 12 real artistic photos. Serie A.
Egypt, [late 1920s]. Envelope containing 12 silver gelatin prints (12 x 9 cm).
(3) [PHOTOGRAPHY - SINGAPORE?]. Photograph of a woman and a baby sitting in a rickshaw, with a child in front and the rickshaw puller.
[Singapore?], [late 1920s]. Silver gelatin print (7.5 x 12.5 cm). 9; 7; 12; 11 ll. Full description
€ 4,500
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Rare true 1709 edition on herbal medicine by a Silesian noblewoman, with an appended cookery book

ELEONORA MARIA ROSALIA. Freywillig aufgesprungener Granat-Apffel des christlichen Samariters. Oder: Aus christlicher liebe des nächsten eröffnete Geheimnisse vieler vortrefflicher bewährter artzneyen, ...; wie auch einem neuen Koch-Buch, ...
Leipzig, Thomas Fritsch, 1709. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary tanned sheepskin. [2], 467, [1]; [2], 120, [10] pp. Full description
€ 3,750
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The North West Passage: rare Dutch translation of a journal made on the first expedition
by William Parry by the ships surgeon

FISHER, Alexander; J. LEHMAN DE LEHNSFELD (transl.).

Dagboek eener ontdekkingsreis naar de Noorderpoolstreken, met de schepen Zijner Grootbrittanische Majesteit Hecla en Griper, in de jaren 1819 en 1820. Uit het Engelsch naar den vierden verbeterden druk door J. Lehman de Lehnsfeld.
Dordrecht, Blussé and Van Braam, 1822. 8vo. With a folding map of the Northwest Territories or Nonavut (Canada), including the Melville Island, and 2 engravings in the text of a musk ox and an eskimo. Modern sprinkled orange paper over thin cardboards. [4], 364 pp.

Full description
€ 1,950
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Latin dialogues by the rector of the Deventer Illustre School, leading humanist and teacher of Erasmus and Pope Adrian VI

HEGIUS (VAN DEN HECK), Alexander. Dialogi. De scientia et eo q[uo]d co[n]tra Academicos. De tribus anim[a]e generibus. De incarnationis misterio dialogi duo quib[us] ... Dialogus physicus. De sensu et sensili. De arte et inertia. De rhetorica. De moralibus. Eiusde[m] Farrago cui addita invectiva eius in modos significandi ... Epistola una et altera eius ceteris apud suos latentibus.
(Colophon: Deventer, Richard Pafraet, 1503). Small 4to (21 x 14.5 cm). With spaces left for 3- to 5-line manuscript initials (most with printed guide letters). Set in a rotunda gothic type with the title, colophon, running heads, etc. in a larger textura gothic and the author's name in a still larger rotunda, with occasional words in Greek. With one blue "Lombardic" initial filled in in manuscript, capitals and paragraph marks rubricated throughout. Half tan sheepskin (ca. 1860?). [170] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Lively watercolour view of Tophane Quay in Istanbul with the Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

[DRAWING - WATERCOLOUR - ISTANBUL]. [KING, Helena Caroline or Adelaide Charlotte]. [Prominent Ottoman and entourage boarding boats before the Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque].
[Istanbul?, ca. 1830/50?]. Watercolour drawing on wove paper (29.5 x 45 cm) with highlights in shellac and a thin black border. Mounted on a larger sheet of paper in a passe-partout. Full description
€ 8,500
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Laudatory poems on the paper cutting art of Joanna Koerten

KOERTEN, Joanna (subject). Het stamboek op de papiere snykunst van mejuffrouw Joanna Koerten, huisvrouw van den heere Adriaan Blok. Bestaande in Latynsche en Nederduitsche gedichten der voornaamste dichters.
Amsterdam, "voor rekening van de Compagnie", 1735. 8vo. With title-page with an engraved vignette, and an engraved medallion portrait of Joanna Koerten surrounded by putti as frontispiece, each designed and engraved by Jan Punt and dated 1734. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers. [8], 231, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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The education of a prince

KOLBE VON WARTENBERG, Johann Casimir. Väterliche Instruction an seine Kinder, nummehr zum dritten mahl auffgeleget,...
Berlin, Johann Michael Rüdiger, 1704. With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece by I.W. Heckemaur, title-page printed in red and black, full-page engraved portrait of the author, and woodcut vignette on separate title for the genealogy of the House of Kolbe von Wartenberg.
With: (2) WAGENSEIL, Johann Christoph. Erziehung eines jungen Prinzen, der vor allen studieren einen Abscheu hat, dass er dennoch gelehrt und geschickt werde. Leipzig, Johann Heinichens Wittwe, 1705. With title-page printed in red and black and fine engraved headpiece to the text. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary vellum. [88], 296, [24] pp. Full description
€ 2,250
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The most richly illustrated edition of a famous description of South Africa

KOLB (KOLBE), Peter. Naaukeurige en uitvoerige beschryving van de Kaap de Goede Hoop.
Amsterdam, Balthazar Lakeman, 1727. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With engraved title-page, engraved portrait of the author, 6 engraved maps (including one large folding map, 42.5 x 54.5 cm), 1 engraved plan and 45 engraved plates. 18th-century tanned sheepskin with a tree pattern, gold-tooled spine. [20], 529; [6], 449, [87] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Seminal guide to the East and West Indies, with 42 double-page and folding plates, including 6 maps, all engravings beautifully coloured by a contemporary hand

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huyghen van. Histoire de la navigation ... aux Indes Orientales ... Avec annotations de B. Paludanus, ... Troixiesme edition augmentee.
LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huyghen van. Le grand routier de mer, ...
[LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van]. Description de l'Amerique & des parties d'icelle, ...
Amsterdam, Evert Cloppenburg, 1638. Folio (32.5 x 21 cm). With 3 title-pages (2 from the same full-page engraving and 1 letterpress with an engraving of a ship in a cartouche with 4 inset city views), a nearly full-page engraved portrait of the author in a cartouche with 4 inset views, 42 engraved plates including 6 maps (31 double-page & 11 larger folding). All plates coloured by a contemporary hand. Near contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine. [8], 206 pp.; [4], 181, [1 blank]; [1], [1 blank], “86” [= 80], [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 275,000
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Spectacular Lord's prayer in 150 languages, bound for the Duke of Marlborough
showing off the non-Latin and other types of Napoleons Imprimerie Impérial

[LORD’S PRAYER - POLYGLOT]. MARCEL, Jean-Joseph (ed.).

Oratio dominica CL Linguis versa, et proprius cujusque linguae characteribus plerumque expressa; ...
Paris, Imprimerie Impérial, 1805. Royal 4to in 2s (31.5 x 24 x 3.5 cm). With a decorative frame built up from typographic ornaments and thick-thin rules printed in red on every page, the title-page with Napoleons imperial arms, with the text of the Lord's Prayer printed, mostly on rectos only, in 150 languages (or language variants) from all over the world, showing an enormous variety of printing types, especially for non-Latin scripts. Near contemporary (ca. 1810) English gold- and blind-tooled maroon long-grained morocco, sewn on 5(?) recessed supports but with 4 flat false bands on the spine, bound for George Spencer (1739-1817), 4th Duke of Marlborough, with his crowned coat of arms with motto "dieu defend le droit" in the centre of each board in each corner), gilt edges, double headbands in navy blue, mauve and white, navy blue ribbon marker. [8], 27, [1], 28-46, [1], 47-57, 57 bis, 58-119, [1], 120-131, [1], 132-150, [1] ll.

Full description
€ 18,000
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German classic on education

NIEMEYER, August Hermann. Ueber Oeffentliche Schulen und Erziehungsanstalten. Nebst einigen Zusätzen zu den Grundsätzen der Erziehung und des Unterrichts für die Besitzer der ersten und zweyten Ausgabe.
Halle, the author, Waisenhaus-Buchhandlung, 1799. 8vo. With engraved vignette on title-page. Contemporary boards. XVI, 328, [4] pp. Full description
€ 1,650
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Famous work on birds in the Netherlands, with 250 hand-coloured plates

NOZEMAN, Cornelius, Martinus HOUTTUYN and Jan Christiaan SEPP. Nederlandsche vogelen; volgens hunne huishouding, aert, en eigenschappen beschreeven.
Amsterdam, Jan Christiaan Sepp (volumes III-V: and son), 1770-1829. 5 volumes. Imperial folio (52 x 35.5 cm). With hand-coloured engraved title-page to each volume, 250 hand-coloured copper-engraved plates (50 in each volume), and some woodcut tailpieces. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. [10], 92; [4], II, [2], 93-194, IV; [8], 195-294; [8], IV, 295-394; [4], VI, 395-500 pp. Full description
€ 38,500
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Physical and human geography for early readers

PERPONCHER SEDLNITZKY, Willem Emmery Baron de. Nieuwe aardryks-beschryving voor de Nederlandsche jeugd, tot gebruik zyner kinderen, opgesteld.
Utrecht, widow of Johannes van Schoonhoven, 1784-1786. 3 volumes. 12mo. With 4 folding engraved plates illustrating the planets, the solar system and the stellar constellations. Contemporary marbled stiff paper wrappers. XL, 532; X, 432, [1]; VI, 592, [4] pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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Plutarch's famous schoolbook in four languages

PLUTARCHUS. Aureus libellus, Peri paidoon a'googès, id est, de educatione liberorum, tum interpretatione Latinam, ad verbum ferè applicatam, & paraphrasi Gallico-Germanicam... Petit livret de Plutarche,... Das güldene Büchlein Plutarchi, von der Kinderzucht.
Frankfurt, Erasmus Kempffer, 1612. 8vo. Set in 2 columns. Contemporary green vellum. 175, [1] pp. Full description
€ 1,850
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Fine calligraphic manuscript teaching traditional science to the son of Comte de Choiseul-Gouffier,
French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, finely bound in contemporary gold-tooled morocco

[MANUSCRIPT]. REMY, Claude. Traité des elemens présenté à M. Raoul de Choiseul-Gouffier.
Paris, 1786. Small 8vo. Calligraphic manuscript written in French in dark brown ink on paper, in a formal Latin script hand (a French-style "batard"), with an ornamental, calligraphic title-page in reddish brown, green, dark brown and black ink, each page in a thick-thin-thin border with circular decorations in each corner and centred at the head, running heads in the border, the heading of the "Avertissement" in a decorative script, and calligraphic chapter headings in circular or rectangular decorations and sub-headings in decorated horizontal bands. Contemporary red, gold-tooled morocco, the smooth spine divided into 6 panels (separated by lines flanked by dotted lines), the 2nd with a dark green title-label, each of the others with an 8-petalled flower, 10 dots, a decoration in each corner and another at each side, and a decorated band at the foot; each board with a border of thin-thick-thin fillets with a decoration stamped on each corner and a 6-petalled flower inside each corner; gold-tooled turn-ins, gold fillets on the board edges (altogether about 130 impressions of 13 tools), gilt edges. [2], 186, [4] pp. Full description
€ 16,000
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Stylized leaf and flower ornament, with 24 chromolithographed plates

SCHOOP, Ulrich. Das farbige Ornament. Stilisirte Blatt-und Blüthenformen mit Beispielen über deren Verwendung für den Schulzeichenunterricht. 24 Blätter in monochromem und polychromem Farbendruck mit einer kurzen Farbenlehre.
Zürich, Orell Füssli & Co., 1880. 4to. With 24 numbered chromolithographed plates (each printed in 2 to 6 colours). Contemporary red half morocco. 17, [1 blank] pp. + 24 plates Full description
€ 1,500
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The first Turkish grammar published in England, using Oxford University's Arabic type

SEAMAN, William. Grammatica linguæ Turcicæ, in quinque partes distributa.
Oxford, Henry Hall, printer to the University; [London], sold by Edward Millington (colophon: and by the author in London), 1670. 4to. Set in roman, Arabic and italic types and opening from the right, like a Turkish book set in Arabic type. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, rebacked in calf. [8], 183, [1 blank ] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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Unique proof state of Irma Stern's Visionen

STERN, Irma. Visionen. Zehn Steinzichnungen.
Berlin, Hesperiden Verlag, 1920. Plates ca. 33 x 25 cm. With a lithographed title-page and 10 lithographed plates, monogrammed on the stone. With a folio folded sheet with the letterpress title-page on recto and colophon on verso. In the original cardboard map with the lithographed title on the front cover. Full description
€ 8,500
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First great international investment fraud & scandal

[TAFEREEL DER DWAASHEID]. LAW, John (subject). Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid, vertoonende de opkomst, voortgang en ondergang der actie, bubbel en windnegotie, in Vrankryk, Engeland, en de Nederlanden, gepleegt in den jaare MDCCXX.
[Amsterdam], 1720 [= ca. 1740?]. Folio. With letterpress title-page printed in red and black, 77 engraved plates (including 2 made up of 4 separate prints each, mounted to form 2 leaves together). Most are double-page and several are larger folding sheets, and they include 4 maps and the plate with the complete set of 52 playing cards. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with modern title-label. Full description
€ 3,500
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Richly illustrated journey of Nicholas II of Russia through Asia

UKHTOMSKY (UCHTOMSKIJ), Esper Esperovich and Hermann BRUNNHOFER (translator). Orientreise seiner kaiserlichen Hoheit des Grossfürsten-Thronfolgers Nikolaus Alexandrowitsch von Russland, 1890-1891.
Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1894-1899. 2 volumes. 4to. With engraved portrait of Nicholas, 7 photogravures, 541 wood engravings after drawings and photographs and 5 chromolithographed maps. Publisher's cloth, richly blocked in black, gold and grey, gilt edges. [4], 476; [4], 482 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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First edition of a classic illustrated account of the construction of sundials,
including the large folding woodcut

VIMERCATI (VIMERCATO), Giovanni Battista. Dialogo della descrittione teorica et pratica de gli horologi solari. ... Con due tavole, ...
Ferrara, Vakente Panizza, 1565. 4to. With the woodcut crowned coat of arms of the dedicatee, Alfonso II dEste, Duke of Ferrara, on the title-page, a folding woodcut sundial (a whole oblong sheet: 29 x 36.5 cm), 30 full-page woodcut illustrations on integral leaves, a woodcut headpiece and 3 woodcut decorated initials (2 series, the larger 43 mm with city or architectural views) plus 1 repeat, and tables of data. 17th-century(?) limp parchment. Rebacked. [8], 108, 117-171, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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Extremely rare first edition of a pilot guide for parts of the Caribbean

[WEST INDIA - PILOT GUIDE]. The West India directory; volume 1. Containing directions for navigating the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; with a description of the coast of Colombia, Yucatan, Mexico and Florida, and the adjacent islands and shoals.
London, G. Duckworth for the Hydrographical Office, Admiralty, 1829. 8vo. Contemporary half calf, marbled sides, gold title on spine, marbled endpapers. [X], 340, [12], 12 pp. Full description
€ 1,950
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