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One of the earliest Antwerp records of Charles V’s Italian financier

AFFAITATI, Giovan Carlo (Johannes Carolus de AFFAYTADI). Ratificatio facta p[er] m[agnifi]cu[m] d[ominum] Jo[hannes] Carolu[s] de Affaytalis, in favorem m[agnifi]ci et r[everen]di d[omino]. Guidi d[e] Crema et Rafaelis Krumani p[e]r Castro S[anc]ti Laurentii et terris.
Antwerp, 20 January 1546. Manuscript notarial document in Latin, written in a Latin hand on one side of a single piece of sheepskin parchment (31 x 54.5 cm), opening with a large capital and closing with the notary's decorative signature, with the title and "M. Johan Carlo" on the back. Folded and loosely inserted in a paper folder (ca. 1690s?). Full description
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Belon's account of his extensive travels in the Levant, one of the earliest Plantin editions

BELON, Pierre. Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses memorables, trouvees en Grece, Asie, Indée, Egypte, Arabie & autres pays estranges.
Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1555. 8vo. With Plantin's early woodcut device on title-page, a double-page woodcut map (31.5 x 35 cm) showing Mount Sinai, and 45 woodcut illustrations in text (including a portrait of the author). 18th-century gold-tooled calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 5,800
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First Hawaiian language Bible published in a single volume

[BIBLE – HAWAIIAN]. Ka Palapala Hemolele a Iehova ko kakou Akua. O Ke Kauoha Kahiko A Me Ke Kauoha Hou i unuhiia mailoko mai o na olelo kahiko …Including: Ke kauoha hou a ko kakou haku e ola'i a Iesu Kristo oia ka olelo hemolele no ke ola, a na lunaolelo i kakau ai.
Oahu and Honolulu, American Bible Society, 1843. Large 8vo (24 x 14 cm). Later half calf. Full description
€ 6,950
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Smallest edition of the Sixtine Latin vulgate bible, printed by the Plantin-Moretus office in Antwerp
beautifully bound for the Bishop of Evreux ca. 1700 in 9 gold-tooled morocco volumes


Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis Sixti Quinti Pont. Max. jussu recognita atque edita.
Including: Novum Jesu Christi Testamentum, vulgatae editiones, Sixti V. Pont, Max jussu recognitum atque edititum.
Antwerp, “Officina Plantiniana” [= Balthasar I Moretus, grandson of Christoffel Plantin], 1629. 7 volumes bound as 9 (Old Testament I-VII & New Testament I-II). 24mo in 8s (11.5 x 7 cm). With a richly engraved general title-page, 6 volume title-pages (each with the same Plantin-Moretus woodcut compasses device), a smaller woodcut compasses device plus 3 (of 4) repeats (2 appear on the back of the colophon; each of the others on an otherwise blank leaf), woodcut tailpieces, woodcut decorated initials. Set in roman and italic types. The present copy with 3 extra letterpress divisional title-pages, perhaps specially printed for this copy when it was bound. Uniform gold-tooled goatskin morocco (ca. 1700), sewn on 4 supports, richly gold-tooled spines, gold-tooled turn-ins and board edges. Seven volumes with the ca. 1711 engraved armorial bookplate of Jean Le Normand (1662-1733), Bishop of Evreau, and probably bound for him (his bookplate probably removed from volumes II and III as bound).

Full description
€ 9,500
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Large paper copy of the first Dutch edition of Blaeu's great atlas of cities & towns of the Dutch Republic,
with 320 mostly double-page maps, plans and views

BLAEU, Joan.

[Toonneel der steden van de Vereenighde Nederlanden, met hare beschrijvingen, ...].
With: [Toonneel der steden van ‘s Konings Nederlanden, met hare beschrijvingen, ...].
[Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1652]. 2 volumes. Atlas folio (57 × 37 cm). With two engraved architectural title-pages, each with a blank central panel where a letterpress slip with the title and the publisher’s name would have been pasted; 181 (Dutch Republic) & 139 (Spanish Netherlands) maps, plans and views plus 2 smaller engravings in text; 20 woodcut illustration figures in the text. Uniform, early 18th-century(?) half red sheepskin.

Full description
€ 68,500
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Seven revised ornithological offprints by Napoleon's nephew

BONAPARTE, Charles Lucien. [Collection of revised ornithological offprints from Comptes rendus].
Paris, Mallet-Bachelier, 1855-1856. 4to. 7 parts in 1 volume. With a collective title-page for several of the offprints: Tableaux paralléliques des oiseaux praecoces ou autophages. Gallinacés, échassiers, palmipèdes et rudipennes (Paris, 1856) and all first leaves of the quires signed with a "B", indicating a revised offprint. Modern half morocco.

Coup d'oeil sur l'ordre des pigeons. Paris, 1855.
Tableaux synoptiques de l'ordre des hérons. Paris, 1855.
Catalogue des genres et sous-genres d'oiseaux contenus dans le Muséum Brittanique. Paris, 1855.
Note sur les oiseaux des Iles Marquises, et particulièrement sur le genre nouveau Serresius. Paris, 1855.
Tableaux paralléliques de l'ordre des gallinacés. Paris, 1856.
Excursions dans les divers musées d'Allemagne, de Hollande et de Belgique, et tableaux paralléliques de l'ordre des échassiers. Paris, 1856.
Ornithologie fossile servant d'introduction au tableau comparatif des ineptes et des autruches. Paris, 1856. Full description
€ 3,500
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Monumental 12-volume flora, with 721 coloured plates

BONNIER, Gaston. Flore complète, illustrée en couleurs, de France, Suisse et Belgique (comprenant la plupart des plantes d'Europe).
Paris, Librairie Générale de l'Enseignement; Neuchatel, Delachaux & Niestlé; Brussels, Lebègue, [1912-1935]. 12 volumes bound as 4, plus index volume. 4to. With 721 coloured plates. Contemporary green half morocco.
With: (2) BONNIER, Gaston and Georges de LAYENS. Flore complète portative de la France, de la Suisse et de la Belgique.
Paris, Librairie Générale de l'Enseignement, [1925?]. 8vo. Contemporary brown half morocco. Full description
€ 750
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Six rare books of secrets and informative handbooks (1540-1686),
covering metallurgy, dying, medicine, culinary carving, paper cutting and the Amsterdam labyrinth

[BOOKS OF SECRETS]. Kunstbüchlin, gerechten gründtlichen gebrauchs aller kunstbaren Werckleut. Ertzarbeyt, in un[d] ausserhalb feurs, auss alchimistischem und natürlichem grund … Jede Farben zubereyten, erhalten, bessern und widerbringen.
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolph, [ca. 1540]. With woodcut illustration on title-page, depicting about 25 tools, implements and pieces of equipment for painting, metalworking, smelting, woodworking and other arts and crafts.
(2) Den sack der consten, uyt den Italiaens ende Franssoys in onse Nederlantsche tale overgheset, tot vermakinghe van alle sware gheesten, ende voor de ghene die gheerne wat nieus willen hooren.
Antwerpen, Godtgaf Verhulst, 1622. With woodcut illustration on title-page and a small woodcut illustration in text.
(3) CERVIO, Vincenzo. Il trinciante ..., ampliato, et ridotto a perfettione dal cavalier reale Fusoritto da Narni.
Including: Aggiunta fattaal trinciante.
Venice, heirs of Giovanni Varisco, (1593). 2 parts. With Varisco's woodcut device on title-page of part 1 and a more attractive larger variant on the title-page of part 2 (repeated above the colophon), 4 full-page woodcuts on 2 integral leaves and 2 (of 3) folding woodcut plates.
(4) PROCACCHI, Giaccomo. Voorlegh boeck ofte maniere om verscheyden soorten van spijse soo gesooden als gebraden, aende vorck voor te snyden ende om dienen.
Leiden, Jacob Roels, 1639. With 3 folding woodcut plates and 13 full-page woodcuts on integral leaves. The numbering of the plates omits no. 8 as usual.
(5) Konstig en vermaakelijk tyd-verdryf, der Hollandsche jufferen of onderricht der papiere sny-konst. … Het eerst deel [all published].
Amsterdam, Johannes ten Hoorn, 1686. With about two dozen woodcuts in text.
(6) Verklaringe van verscheyden kunst-rijcke wercken en hare beweginghe, door oorlogie-werck ghedreven, … Alles te sien in't Oude Doolhof tot Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Tymon Houthaak, 1650. With an engraved illustration of a labyrinth on title-page and 4 further illustrations on integral leaves (1 full-page and blank on the verso, by P. Holsteyn after A. Vinckenbrinck; 3 in text). Lacking the folding engraved plate of David and Goliath.
6 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 16 cm). Half vellum (ca. 1730). Full description
€ 45,000
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The second edition of Puteanus's Dutch poems

BORN, Honorius van den (= Erycius PUTEANUS). Sedigh leven, daghelycks broodt, met korte jaer-langhe dicht-stichtighe spreuck-beelden, tot deughden voedsel uytghedeylt.
Leuven, Everaert de Witte, 1639. Oblong 8vo (8 x 13.5 cm). Contemporary mottled calf, rebacked, with the original gold-tooled backstrip laid down. Full description
€ 4,500
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The avifauna of Dauphiné, with 72 lithographed plates on china paper

BOUTEILLE, Hippolyte and M. de LABATIE. Ornithologie du Dauphiné ou description des oiseaux observés dans les départements de l'Isère, de la Drome, des Hautes-Alpes et les contrées voisines.
Grenoble, for the author and "les principaux libraires de la ville", by F. Allier, 1843[-1844]. 2 volumes bound as 1. Royal 8vo (27 x 18.5 cm). With 72 mounted lithographed plates by C. Pégeron after Victor Desirée Cassien, printed on china paper, and a large folding table. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 2,750
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Chimney tax in Brabant, to fund the war against France


Instructie gemaect byden Staeten van Brabant, achtervolgende der welcker men tellen sal allen de heerden van allen schouwen, ovens, asten, fournaisen, met den ploegen binnen den voirs. lande van Brabant bevonden, ende innen ende collecteren de imposicie vanden selven schouwen, ovens, asten, furnaysen ende ploegen, achtervolgende den consente by den Staeten van den voirs. lande van Brabant gedaen, blijckende byder acten daer af zijnde.
Antwerp, Jan Mollijns, [1553]. Small 4to (18.5 x 13.5 cm). With the woodcut arms of the Emperor Charles V on title-page. Disbound.

Full description
€ 1,250
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Two copies of the statutes of the medical college of Brussels, bound with a dissertation containing chemical experiments and a lecture read by the praeses and author's brother

[BRUSSELS]. Collegie der medecyne, op-ghericht door den magistraet der stadt Brussel
Brussels, Antoine Claudinot, 1721.
(2) [BRUSSELS]. [Collegie der medecyne, op-ghericht door den magistraet der stadt Brussel].
Brussels, Antoine Claudinot, 1721.
(3) WEIGEL, Christian Ehrenfried. Programma quo Christ. Ehrenfr. Weigel... fratris dilectissimi Caroli Henrici Bernhardi Weigel... dissertationem inauguralem... publice defendam indicit praemittens historiae baryllorium rudimenta.
Greifswald, Anton Ferdinand Röse, 1785. With a folding letterpress dedication page..
(4) WEIGEL, Christian Ehrenfried and Karl Heinrich Bernhard WEIGEL. Dissertatio inauguralis sistens experimenta chemica et instrumenta chirurgica emendata.
Greifswald, Anton Ferdinand Röse, 1785. With a folding engraved plate showing surgical instruments. 4 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 15 cm). 19th century boards. Full description
€ 1,850
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Third edition of the Brussels pharmacopoeia,with a commentary reflecting local practice in Leuven

[BRUSSELS - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [JOCQUET, Joannes, and others].

Pharmacopoea Bruxellensis senatûs authoritate munita. Editio altera.
Brussels, Franciscus Foppens I, 1702. With a frontispiece by Jacobus Harrewijn (1660-1727), showing the interior of a pharmacy and two engraved tables identifying alchemical symbols and measurements.
With: (2) SASSENUS, Andreas Dominicus. Breves animadversiones in Pharmacopaeam Bruxellensem editam anno 1702. Nec non compositiones quasdam Lovanii usitatas.
Leuven, Guiliam Stryckwant, 1704. With an engraving by Ph. C. on p. 49. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine.

Full description
€ 750
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Pen and ink portrait of the first notable victim of the Wars of Religion in the Netherlands
and a disgraced VOC governor

[BUYS, Jacobus].

[Portrait of Anthonie van Straalen].
[Amsterdam, before 1784]. Pen, black ink and gray wash on paper, 8.5 x 5.5 cm.
(2) VINKELES, Reinier and Cornelis BOGERTS (engravers) after Jacobus BUYS. A.V. Straalen, Burgm: van Antwerpen.
[Amsterdam, 1784]. Engraving, 11.5 x 7.5 cm (image 8.5 x 5.5 cm).
(3) BUYS, Jacobus. [Portrait of Adriaan Valckenier].
[Amsterdam, before 1788]. Pen, black ink and gray wash on paper, 8.5 x 5.5 cm.

Full description
€ 700
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Ordinances for the Low Countries, issued by Charles V, 4 October 1540
with more in manuscript, issued by Mary of Hungary, governor of the Low Countries, 14 February 1549

[CHARLES V, Emperor].

Les ordonnances[,] statutes, & edictz, que lEmpereur Charles cinquies. de ce nom, tousjours auguste, a faict publier en la ville de Bruxelles, en la presence de sa tres haulte Majeste, & de la tres excellente Royne, Gouvernante & Regente du Pays Bas, & en la presence des Seigneurs de lOrdre & du Toyson dOr, avec le Chancelier, Presidentz, & Gouverneurs du Conseil de sa M. & les Seigneurs des finances, & aussy generalement les Estatz de tous ses Pays Bas. Le .iiii. jour dOctobre. l[']an .M.D.&.xl.
Brussels, Marck Martens; Antwerp, “en l[’]escu dArtoys, sur le Pont de Chambre” [= the printing office of Jacob van Liesvelt], [privilege dated from Brussels, 7 October 1540]. 4to (20.5 x 15 cm). Title-page with an elaborate large woodcut showing the Imperial coat-of-arms (two-headed eagle), helmed, mantled, crowned and with the order of the Golden Fleece, supported by two angels sitting on scrolls and holding a winged angel head.  Two contemporary free endleaves at the end contain 3 pp. of manuscript decrees, incipit: "Comme les president et gens de conseil en Flandres ayent rescript a la Royne douaigiere de Hongrye de Boheme ..." dated from Brussels, 14 February 1549. 20th-century half sheepskin parchment, boards covered with 2 leaves (p1 & p5: the openings of Isaiah 61 & 64) from Froben & Petri's folio Latin Bible, Basel, 1498, red edges.

Full description
€ 9,500
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Genealogy of the seven patrician families of Antwerp

CHRISTYN, Johannes-Baptista.

Senatus populique Antverpiensis. Nobilitas sive septem tribus patriciae Antverpienses.
Leiden, Petrus Heghius [printed in Brussels by Philippe Vleugart], 1672. 8vo. With an allegorical frontispiece showing a personification of time accompanying the crests of the seven houses above personifications of the Scheldt and the city of Antwerp and 7 engraved coatsofarms in text. Modern half parchment, red paste paper sides.

Full description
€ 1,950
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7 rare complete Antwerp devotional print series, some Jesuit,
plus 3 other groups of rare Antwerp prints:
4 series and some additional prints apparently unique

COLLAERT, Adriaen, Antonius WIERIX and Theodore GALLE. [Binding title:] Recueil d'estampes Collaert Wierix and Galle.
[Antwerp], Adriaen Collaert, Antonius Wierix II, Theodore Galle, Cornelis Pinssen & anonymous, [ca. 1595-ca. 1610]. 9 print series plus 5 separate prints. Large 4to album with mostly 8vo prints. An album containing 7 complete devotional print series (together 109 prints), a (complete?) set of 3 town fortification plans (each with a madonna and child and patron saint or other local saints), 5 portraits and 6 illustrations from a book, making 123 engraved prints in total. Dark green gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1890), gilt edges. Full description
€ 32,500
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An excellent treatise on viniculture

COLLIGNON D'ANCY, Théodore. Nouveau mode de culture et d'echalassement de la vigne, applicable à tous les vignobles où l'on cultive les vignes basses.
Metz, printed by Dembour and Gangel for Warion, [1847]. 8vo. With woodcut vignette on the title-page, and 3 large folding plates, lithographed by Dembours and Gangel. Modern half morocco, preserving the original illustrated wrappers. Full description
€ 3,950
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Charming atlas of the Seventeen Provinces

COLOM, Jacob Aertsz. De vyerighe colom klaer vertoonende in vyftich onderscheydene curieuse caarten de XVII Nederlantsche provincien.
Amsterdam, Jacob Aertsz. Colom, [ca. 1660]. Oblong 4to (21.5 x 28 cm). With engraved allegorical title-page by Experiens Sillemans, incorporating the arms of the 17 provinces of Low Countries, and 50 engraved plates (47 maps, and 3 plates containing 117 portraits of the Counts of Brabant, Flanders and Holland). 19th-century vellum. Full description
€ 6,500
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Nice Italian atlas of the Dutch Republic and its possessions overseas

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. Teatro della Guerra. Il Belgio Confederato.
[Venice, 1706]. Oblong 8vo (leaves 19.1 x 25.5 cm). With 127 engraved plates: 2 general titles (transcribed together to give the title above), and 10 part-titles, folding portrait of the English King and Dutch Stadtholder William III, 2 plates with coats of arms, 11 full-page maps, 53 plates with 75 plans of cities and fortifications (including 1 repeat), 33 plates with 50 city views, 8 plates with views of buildings, 3 of tombs of naval heroes, 3 costume plates and a view of a wind cart on the beach. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 12,500
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Extremely rare proclamation of the new College of Medicine of Dendermonde


Collegie der medecynen opgericht door Syne Keyserlijcke ende Coninghlijcke Majesteyt voor de stadt ende landen van Dendermonde.
Brussel, Georgius Fricx, 1754. 4to. With an allegorical engraving on title-page showing the coat of arms of Dendermonde held by four putti and the woodcut coat of arms of Maria Theresia of Austria above the opening of the text. 19th-century boards, covered with paste paper.

Full description
€ 1,250
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1558 declaration signed by the great botanist Dodoens
in his capacity as Mechelen churchwarden

DODOENS (DODONAEUS), Rembert. [Declaration of financial and other documents received as incoming churchwarden of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Mechelen].
[Mechelen], 27 December 1558. Oblong 4to (19 x 21.5 cm). A document written in dark brown ink on paper, with the opening words filled in afterwards in light brown ink and the signature in light brown ink. Full description
€ 12,500
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Eye-witness account of Istanbul in 1597,
with Turkish in Arabic type and displaying Greek inscriptions

DOUSA, Georgius (Joris van der DOES). De itinere suo Constantinopolitano, epistola.
Leiden, Officina Plantiniana (Christophorus Raphelengius), 1599. Small 8vo (17 x 11 cm). With the Officina Plantiniana's woodcut compasses device on the title-page. Set in roman, italic and Greek types, with occasional words and lines in Arabic type. Mid 19th-century mottled, tanned sheepskin (cat's paw pattern), richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 8,750
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Flying across the English Channel powered by a “patent steam kettle”
a tour of Flanders and Waterloo with 28 aquatint plates (24 hand-coloured)

EGERTON, Michael. Here and there over the water: being cullings in a trip to the Netherlands.
London, George Hunt (printed by J. Davy), 1825. 4to. With aquatint illustration plates (27 plus frontispiece) after the author's drawings (24 engraved by George Hunt and coloured by a contemporary hand; 4 of inscriptions in black and white engraved by W. Bartlett), with tissue guard leaves. Early 20th-century gold-tooled red goatskin morocco by George Bayntun (the Bayntun bindery continues to flourish today as one of the finest in England). Full description
€ 5,750
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Magnificent atlas with 80 mostly coloured manuscript maps and fortification plans


[Collection of 80 manuscript maps and plans of fortifications, fortified towns and fortified estates].
[The Netherlands, ca. 1624-1628]. Large folio (42.5 x 29.5 cm). With 80 manuscript maps and plans, 75 double-page (2 with a flap folded in), 4 larger folding (including 3 assembled from 1 1/2 sheets), and 1 also double-page in size but assembled from 2 smaller sheets. Most include a scale and 71 are coloured, mostly in opaque gouaches. They show plans of fortifications and towns in the Netherlands (51), Germany (16), Italy (3), France (4), Poland (2), Belgium (2), Malta (1) and Brazil (1). Early 18th-century(?) sprinkled tanned sheepskin, rebacked and restored.

Full description
€ 165,000
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Standard English work on distillation, with 46 woodcut illustrations

FRENCH, John. The art of distillation: or, A treatise of the choicest spagyrical preparations, experiments, and curiosities, performed by way of distillation. Together with the description of the choicest furnaces and vessels used by ancient and modern chymists and the anatomy of gold and silver; ... In six books. ... fourth impression.
Including: The London-distiller, ...
London, printed by E. Cotes for T. Williams, 1667. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With about 46 woodcut illustrations in the text. Parchment (recased using old materials). Full description
€ 3,500
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First dated edition of anti-Jewish apocryphal testaments of the 12 Patriarchs
with the first edition of the anti-Jewish writings of the Archbishop of Toledo, a converted Jew

GROSSETESTE, Robert (translator).

Testamentum duodecim Patriarcharum, filiorum Jacob, per Robertum Lincolmensem Episcopum, è Graeco in Latinum versum. ...
Including: [JULIAN of Toledo]. Juliani Pomerii, Toletam Episcopi, contra Judaeos libri tres.
Haguenau in Alsace, Johann Setzer, February 1532. 2 works published together in 1 edition. Small 8vo (15 x 9.5). Set in Venetian-style roman and Aldine-style italic types. Red goatskin morocco, bound for Louis Jean Gaignat (1697-1768), secretary to King Louis XV (ca. 1760/65?: we cannot confirm an 1878 attribution to Padeloup, d. 1758), richly gold-tooled spine, each board with a frame of triple fillets, gold-tooled turn-ins, gilt edges.

Full description
€ 8,500
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5 rare polemical works: 3 epistles by a leading French Counter-Reformationist,
a Protestant reply and the defence against the reply

HERVET, Gentian. Epistre ou advertissement au peuple fidele de l'Eglise Catholique, touchant les differens qui sont aujourd'huy en la religion Chrestienne.
Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561.
(2) HERVET, Gentian. Deux epistres, aux ministres, predicans et supposts de la congregation & nouvelle eglise de ceux qui s'appellent fideles, & croyans à la parolle: ...
Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1562.
Including: (3) HERVET, Gentian. Seconde epistre aux ministres, predicans & suppostz de le nouvelle eglise, de ceux qui s'appellent fideles, & croyans à la parole.
Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561.
(4) [TOUSSAIN, Daniel?]. Response a une certaine epistre envoyee par M. Gentian Hervet, curé de Crevant, aux fideles de l'eglise reformee d'Orleans.
[Paris?], [publisher unknown], 1561.
(5) HERVET, Gential. Apologie ou defense, contre une response des Ministres de la nouvelle eglise d'Orleans, escripte en leur nom, par Je ne sçay qui, se nommant, L'un pour tous.
Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561. 5 works in 1 volume. 8vo. 18th-century(?) sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 7,500
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Large Romeyn de Hooghe wall print depicting Charles II of Spain
as a Roman Emperor, in its rare first state

HOOGHE, Romeyn de. [King Charles II of Spain].
Brussels, Jean Leonard, [ca. 1685]. 60×50 cm. Allegorical portrait of King Charles II of Spainas a Roman Emperor, with a globe showing the Americas, numerous allegorical figures and classical gods, his arms on the wall in the background and his crowned CC II monogram on a staff with a banner. Framed, in a passe partout. Full description
€ 2,500
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Rare first and only Liège pharmacopoeia

[LIÈGE - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [COLLEGIUM MEDICINAE]. Pharmacopoea Leodiensis in qua describuntur medicamenta ... in tres partes distributa. In prima simplicia omnia. In altera composita Galenica. In tertia chimica remedia.
Liège, Everard Kints, 1741. 4to. With title-page in red and black with the woodcut bearing from the coat of arms of the city of Liege, and the engraved arms of the dedicatee (the Bishop of Liège) facing the dedication. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, rebacked (gold-tooled spine). Full description
€ 3,500
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12 of Lipsius's most important works: on ancient Rome, his “Mirror of Princes” and his letters,
all published during his lifetime by Plantin’s son-in-law and successor

LIPSIUS, Justus. [Collection of 12 important works, mostly on ancient Rome].
Antwerp, Officina Plantiniana/Jan Moretus, 1596-1605. 12 editions (many in multiple parts) in 3 volumes. Large 4to (27.5 x 19.5 cm). Uniform blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1610) over bevelled beechwood(?) boards, each board in a panel design with three decorative borders, showing 4 biblical scenes, 4 biblical portraits and 4 profile heads in roundels alternating with 4 shields. Each volume with 2 brass fastenings. Full description
€ 6,500
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Second copy located of 1524 edition of Erasmus's translation of Lucianus's Dialogues

LUCIANUS Samosatensis. Complures Lucani dialogi à Desiderio Erasmo Roterodamo utriusq[ue] linguae doctissimo in latinum conversi, & à Nicolao Buscoducensi illustrati, additis Fabularum & difficilium vocabulorum  explanationibus. cum tabula. Distichon ab Hadriano Barlando lusum Graecia me genuit, nuper facundus Erasmus trastulit in latium, munere plaude puer. Levini Linii Endecasyllabon ad pueru[m] emptore[m].
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1524). Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With the main text set in an Aldine-style italic, the long commentary following each dialogue in a "Basel"-style roman and 2 words in Greek. 18th-century half vellum. Full description
€ 5,950
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Educating the Austrian army in the anatomy of the horse, with 10 large colour plates

MACHOLD, Joseph. Zehn tafeln zur anatomie des Pferdes . . .
Vienna, the author "in Commission bei F. Paternos Nachfolger" (printed by Adolf Holzhausen), [1879]. Oblong 1mo (35×49 cm). With 10 numbered chromo-lithographed and double-tinted lithographed plates (35×49 cm), loose as issued. Original publisher's printed front wrapper preserved, back wrapper lacking. In a modern clamshell box. Full description
€ 4,500
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Two large wall maps of the Dutch provinces,
from the library of Marco-Antonio III (1730-1800), Prince Borghese

[MAP - NETHERLANDS]. [LE ROUGE, George-Louis].

La Hollande en 12 feuilles dont les six premieres contiennent la Hollande ...
Paris, Jean A. Dezauche, successor of Delisle & Buache, 1790. Together ca. 230 x 155 cm. Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline. Printed on 12 sheets, each divided into 4 segments, numbered 1-48. The 12 sheets are mounted on contemporary linen and folded, the edges reinforced with blue ribbon.
With: (2) LE ROUGE, George Louis. Topographie de la Zelande en 9 feuilles traduitte de l'Hollandois. [Second title:] Partie orientale de la Flandre Hollandoise, ...
Paris, Jean A. Dezauche, 1790. Large engraved wall map, hand-coloured in outline, printed on 9 numbered sheets, each divided into 4 segments, numbered 1-36 (each sheet 48 x 56.5 cm); the 36 segments are mounted on contemporary linen, the edges reinforced with blue ribbon. Each map in contemporary box.

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Dutch medicinal and culinary recipe book,
begun ca. 1720 in a ca. 1700 album

[MEDICINE - RECIPES]. Recepten boek.
[The Netherlands], album [ca. 1700], written [ca. 1720] to 1758 or possibly later. Large agenda 8vo (20.5 x 12 cm). Manuscript in dark brown ink on laid paper, with 1 printed and 10 manuscript slips with recipes loosely inserted (late 18th & early 19th centuries). Recased ca. 1720 in its own original ca. 1700 blind-tooled parchment, with a large centrepiece on each board. Full description
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Very rare issue including book 32, earlier incomplete and later censored,
of the earliest great work on the Dutch war of independence from Habsburg Spain,
introducing the first textura gothic type in the new Dutch style

METEREN, Emanuel van. Nederlantsche historien ofte geschiedenissen inhoudende den gantzen staet, handel, soo va[n] oorlogen als vrede-handels in onsen tyden begin ende eynde ... Mede vervattende eenige haerder gebueren handelinge. ... oversien verbetert ende vermeerdert tot dese[n] tege[n]wordigen wtgank des jaers anno 1611.
Including (vol. 2): Belgische ofte Nederlantsche oorlogen ende gheschiedenissen beginnende van t'jaer 1595 tot 1611, ... oversie[n] verbetert e[n]de vermeerdert ...
[Copy imprint to vol. 2:] “Schotland buyten Danswyck” [= Amsterdam], “Hermes van Loven” [= Nicolaes III Biestkens?] for the author, 1611 [-1612]. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, both coloured and highlighted in gold by an early hand. Further with a full-page engraved portrait of Van Meteren, and 21 smaller woodcut portraits in the text attributed to Christoffel van Sichem. Mottled, gold-tooled calf (ca. 1665), gold-tooled spines, 18th-century(?) gold-tooling on the boards. Full description
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First illustrated edition of Osiander's Harmony of the Gospels, with 98 woodcuts

OSIANDER, Andreas. Harmoniae Evangelicae libri quatuor, in quibus Evangelica historia ex quatuor Evangelistis ita in unu[m] est contexta, ut nullius verbum ullum omissum, nihil alienum immixtum, nullius ordo turbatus, nihil non suo loco positum. ... Elenchus harmoniae, ...
(Colophon: Antwerp, Matthias Crom, 1540). 8vo. With a woodcut vignette at the foot of the title-page and the head of the first page of the main text (illustrating Luke 11), 1 full-page and 97 half-page woodcut illustrations by Levinus de Witte (including a few repeats). 17th-century limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
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King Philip II mortgages then sells his lands
of Voorburg and Voorschoten near The Hague
to help fund his wars

PHILIP II, King of Spain. [Mortgage agreement, granting Jan Hanneman, Steward General of North Holland, the rights to the tithes of the King's lands of Voorburg and Voorschoten].
The Hague and Brussels, 1557 (with additions to 1565). Folio (36 x 25.5 cm). Manuscript mortgage agreement, signed by King Philip's representatives, written in brown ink on parchment in a nearly upright cursive gothic hand. With a typescript transcription of the main text and an interlinear translation in Spanish. Full description
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First edition of the history of the dioceses Tongres, Maastricht and Liège

PLACENTIUS, Johannes Leo. Catalogus omnium antistitum Tungarorum, Traiectensium, ac Leodiorum, & rerum domi, bellique gestarum compendium.
Antwerp, Willem Vorsterman, [1530?; preface dated 14 September 1529]. Small 8vo (13.5 x 10 cm). Title with woodcut coat-of-arms of Cardinal Everard van de Marck in a 4-piece woodcut border, a large woodcut coat of arms on the last page, 2 woodcut illustrations, one showing Mary and Jesus with Saint Anne (63 x 42 mm), and the other a bishop in his study (45 x 43 mm), each in the same 4-piece woodcut border (different from that on the title-page). Capitals rubricated throughout, some woodcuts also rubricated and some headings and other words underlined in red. Vellum (ca. 1700?). Full description
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Variant issue of an account of the "Landjuweel" of Ghent 1539

[RHETORICIANS]. Spelen va[n] sinne byde[n] .xix. gheconfirmeerden cameren van rhetorijcken binnen der stede van Ghendt comparerende, verthoont, volghende den octroye vander K. Maiesteyt, Grave va[n] Vlaendren, onsen gheduchte[n] Heere, schepenen der selver stede, en[de] camere van rhetorijcke vander heylige drievuldicheyt, gheseyt de fonteynisten, verleent, en[de] der charte uutghesonde[n] op de questie, welck den mensche stervende, meesten troost is: die selve spele[n] beghinnende by ordre, so hier na volcht, de[n] .xii. junij, int jaer m.ccccc.xxxix. En[de] werde[n] volspeelt en[de] gheeyndt, den .xxiii. vanden jare en[de] maent voorsz.
(Colophon: Antwerp, [Matthias Crom], 25 October 1539). 8vo. 18th-century half vellum. Full description
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A work of learning and pastoral wisdom by a moderate inquisitor

ROSEMONDT, Godschalc. Confessionale sive libellus modum confitendi pulcherrime co[m]plecte[n]s, necessarius atq[ue] utilis, & cuilibet recte confiteri vole[n]ti, & ipsis sacerdotibus, qui aliorum confessiones audire habe[n]t. Editus a celeberrimo academie Lovanien[sis]. ... Denuo ab eodem recognitus et castigatus anno mil. CCCCC. XIX. men. Junii. die. xxvii.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 8 July 1519). Small 8vo (14 x 10 cm). Title-page in red & black with a red woodcut rebus of the author's name at the foot. 17th-century(?) vellum with the vellum. Full description
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Six rare annotated auction catalogues of art from Belgian collectors

ROTTIER, Jacques. Catalogue d'une très-belle collection de tableaux, dessins encadrés, médailles, bronzes, ivoires, marbres et objets d'art, délaissés par M. Jacques Rottier, avocat et amateur distingué a Gand.
Ghent, D.J. Vanderhaeghen, 1834. With folding engraved plate as frontispiece.
(2) VAN ROTTERDAM. Catalogue d'une précieuse collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise et Italienne délaissés par Mr. Van Rotterdam.
Ghent, widow of L. De Busscher-Braeckman, 1835.
(3) BALLIN, H. Catalogue d'une belle collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande et Hollandaise délaissés par feu le notaire H. Ballin à Gand.
Antwerp, H.P. Vanderhey, 1838. With an engraved plate loosely inserted.
(4) MAES, Marie. Catalogue d'une belle collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande et Hollandaise délaissés par feu Marie Maes.
Ghent, F.E. Gyselynck, 1837.
(5) VRANCKEN, Petrus Jacobus Franciscus. Catalogue d'une précieuse collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise et Française délaissés par Mr. P.J.F. Vrancken à Lokeren.
Antwerp, H.P. Vander Hey, 1838. With 3 illustrations on 2 engraved plates.
(6) SCHAMP D'AVESCHOOT, Jean. Catalogue des tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise, Italienne, Française et Espagnole, qui composent la magnifique galerie délaissée par M. Schamp d'Aveschoot.
Ghent, Librairie Générale de H. Hoste, 1840. 6 catalogues in 1 volume. 8vo. Interleaved. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin. Full description
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Newly edited works on rhetoric, in Aire-sur-la-Lys prize binding

RUTILIUS LUPUS, Publius and 15 others (François PITHOU, ed.). [Antiqui rhetores Latini.] ... Omnia ex codd. manusc. emendatiora vel auctiora.
Paris, Adrien Périer (ex officina Plantiniana), 1599. Large 4to. Set in roman types with incidental italic, Greek and Hebrew. Contemporary gold-tooled calf with 18th-century restorations, with the arms of Aire-sur-la-Lys (an eagle) flanked by "S.P.Q. ... Arien[sis]". Rebacked with the original backstrip laid down. Full description
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Four rare post-incunables in defence of the Catholic faith, printed in Antwerp

SCHENCK DE TAUTENBURCH, Fredericus. Enchiridion veri praesulis secundum apostolicam traditionem.
Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1526
(2) ISIDORUS Hispalensis
. De officiis ecclesiasticis libri duo ante annos D. CCCC. ab eo aediti, & nunc ex vetusto codice in lucem restituti.
Antwerp, Johannes Graphaeus for Johannes Steelsius, 1534.
(3) WICELIUS, Georgius. Loci ex sacris literis de bonis operibus.Ad haec praeconium Evangelicae gratiae. Theies aliquot. Praecatio pro ecclesia. Matth. v. Quisquis fecerit & docuerit, hic magnus vocabitur in regno coelorum.
Antwerp, Johannes Graphaeus for Johannes Steelsius, 1534.
(4) AMBROSIUS. De his qui mysteriis initiantur, cum nonnullis aliis hac tempestate scitu dignissimis. Claruit sub Theodosio imperatore clementissimo. Anno domini CCCLXXX.
Antwerp, printed by Johannes Graphaeus for Johannes Steelsius, 1534. 4 works in 1 volume. 8vo. With the title-page of Enchiridion within a fine woodcut border, with the portrait of Virgilius Maro, and several decorated woodcut initial letters. 19th-century half calf. Full description
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Very rare publication of a dispute between doctors and apothecaries in Brussels

[SOPHIE, Jacques].

Noodighe op-rechtinghe van 't collegie de medecyne, opentlyck bewesen aen d'inwoonders der stadt van Brussel, met 't verhael van alle swarigheden daer-overgeresen, ende weder legginge van d'op-sprake, daer-tegen onglanghs voor ghewendt.
Brussels, Guilliam Scheybels, 1660. 4to. With an emblematic woodcut on the last page.

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Extremely rare series, with 87 fine hand-coloured ornithological plates

SWAGERS, Edouard. Collection complète des oiseaux d'Europe, dessinés et coloriés d'après nature.
Amiens, printed by R. Machart, 183[3]. 4to. With 87 fine hand-coloured lithographed plates, and 11 descriptive letterpress double-leaves. Loose as issued, with original publisher's letterpress printed wrappers for 1 part loosely inserted. In modern clam-shell box. Full description
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Rare French edition of the adventures of Ulenspiegel,
in black morocco (1849) signed by the great Paris binder Hippolyte Duru


Histoire de la vie de Tiel Wlespiegle, contenant ses faits & finesses, ses aventures, & les grandes fortunes qu'il a euës, ne s'étant jamais laissé tromper par aucune personne. Nouvelle traduction de l'Alemand en François; où l'on a ajoûté à cette edition, plusieurs pieces qui n'ont point encore paru en François jusques à present.
Amsterdam, Nicolas Chevalier, 1702. 12mo. With engraved title-page showing an owl looking at itself in a mirror with Ulenspiegel wearing a fool's cap watching. Black morocco by Hippolyte Duru, with his stamp ("DURU 1849") on flyleaf, blind-tooled fillets on spine and boards, richly gold-tooled turns ins, gilt edges.

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Beautifully illustrated heraldic manuscript of the Bruges family Van den Heede

VERPLANCKE, Jean François, and Karel Aenaes DE CROESER. Descriptio genealogica antiquissimae nobilisquae familiae nomine Van den Heede.
Bruges, 1775 (with additions to 1783). Royal folio in 4s (44 x 28 cm). Manuscript in black and brown ink on paper, nearly every page with a pre-printed letterpress border of rococo fleurons, with illustrations in coloured gouaches and/or watercolour. With an architectural title-page, 14 small coloured coats of arms and a coloured map; and the text illustrated with about 140 coats of arms (including about 8 blank shields), all but 1 of the arms coloured and about 20 full-page and elaborately decorated; and 5 full-page manuscript cartouches with text. Contemporary mottled, tanned sheepskin, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
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Album with 47 drawings, partly by progressive thinker Paul Voituron (1824-1891)

VOITURON, Paul, and others. Album with 47 charming drawings in several media by Paul Voituron (1824-1891) of Ghent and his sisters(?) and friends in France, Switzerland, Holland and Flanders.
[Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, 1831-] & 1842-1844. Oblong album (12.5 x 24 cm). With 47 drawings including the full-length colour portrait of what may be the gentleman-artist Paul Voituron, 8 further colour drawings (including 6 of flowers), 11 black and white drawings, 21 drawings with sepia (and in one case also red) washes, and 6 drawings with black and white washes, some highlighted with white chalk. Contemporary green half cloth, gilt edges Full description
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