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Magnificent illustrated rococo book with Italian poetry, printed in Venice/Belluno

[ALPAGO, Cesare et al.]. Per le nozze del Sig.r. Marchese Guglielmo de' Fulcis, cavalier di Malta, maggiore attuale al servizio delle LL. MM. II. RR. con la Sig'.ra. Contessa Francesca de' Migazzi de Vaal e Sonnenthurn.
[Venice], (colophon: nella stamperia Albrizzi con privilegio dell' Senato per tutti li rami che adornano le di lui stampe, 1776). Folio (35 x 25 cm). Engraved frontispiece with a decorative rococo border, engraved title in a rococo border incorporating the coat-of-arms of Guglielmo de' Fulcis, engraved full-page colophon on the last leaf; 7 pp. with additional engraved allegorical vignettes, one on C3 signed ''Piazzetta inv.''. Contemporary light green paper wrappers with gold rococo ornamental borders and a gold centre piece with allegorical seated figure on the front and back side of the wrappers, probably made for presentation to the bride, groom or an important person who attended the wedding. [57], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 5,500
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The martyr of Lebanon: autobiography of an Arab prisoner of conscience

AL-SHIDYAQ, As’ad. Khabariyat As`ad al-Shidyaq alladhi udtuhida li-ajl iqrarihi fil-haqq. [Account of As ad al-Shidyaq who was persecuted for his steadfastness in the truth].
Malta, [Anglican] Church Missionary Society [for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions], 1833. 12mo. With all text in Arabic and the wrapper with a decorated frame built up from typographic ornaments. Original publisher's letterpress printed wrapper. 52 pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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Three letters written in 1539 on the Ottoman threat in the Mediterranean

[LETTERS]. ALVAREZ DE TOLEDO, Pedro and Maria OSORIO Y PIMENTEL. [Three letters to Ferrante Gonzaga, Viceroy of Sicily, two from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo and one from his wife Maria Osorio y Pimentel].
Andria (in the Kingdom of Naples), 13 August to 10 September 1539. Folio (21.5 x 30 cm).
(1) Letter in Italian, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 13 August 1539, with a 23 mm seal bearing Alvarez de Toledo's coat of arms (with a chain of flags) stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.
(2) Letter in Spanish, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 3 September 1539, with the 45 mm imperial armorial seal stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.
(3) Letter in Italian, signed, from Maria Osorio y Pimentel [in Andria] to Ferrante Gonzaga, 10 September 1539, with the remains of what appears to be her husband's 23 mm red wax seal.
Each letter, in brown ink, occupies one page, with the last page containing the address and the sender's seal. The two inside pages of the second and third letter are blank. Each formerly folded for posting, so that the address would have appeared on one side and the seal on the other. [4]; [4]; [2] pp. including blanks. Full description
€ 15,000
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Two dissertations on the Venus of Eryx

BALBI, Ambrogio. Dissertazioni risguardanti il culto di Venere Ericina.
-Il culto di Venere Ericina rivendicato ad erice re di Sicilia suo vero institutore.
-Dissertazione sopra una lapide inscritta da silla a Venere Ericina.
Turin, widow Pomba and sons, 1824. 8vo. Green half morocco, gold-tooled spine, with the arms of Joaquín Gómez de la Cortina (1808-1868) in gold on each board. 90 pp. Full description
€ 1,250
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Two works on artificial and residual electricity, defending the theory of Benjamin Franklin

BECCARIA, Giambatista. Elettricismo artificiale ...
(Colophon: Turin, royal printing office [of the King of Sardinia], 1 June 1772). With 11 engraved folding plates.
With: (2) [BECCARIA, Giambatista]. Experimenta, atque observations, quibus electricitas vindex late constituitur, atque explicatur.
(Colophon: Turin, royal printing office [of the King of Sardinia]), [1769]. With letterpress folding table and 1 engraved folding plate. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary mottled half calf, gold-tooled spine. VIII, 439, [1]; [4], 66 pp. Full description
€ 3,850
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The famous Arabic version of Robert Bellarmino's catechism, now with parallel Ethiopic

BELLARMINO, Roberto. Dottrina Cristiana composta dall...
Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1786. Large 4to. With 4 woodcuts on 3 plates, 1 full-page woodcut on the back of the title-page, and a few woodcut initials, factotums and decorations, as well as frames, factotums and decorations built up from arabesque and rococo typographic ornaments. Set in three columns in Ethiopic, roman and Arabic type. Contemporary vellum, gold-tooled spine title, red sprinkled edges. 97, [1] pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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The erotic nature of original sin

[BEVERLAND, Adrianus van]. Peccatum originale ... sic nuncupatum, philologice ... elucubratum à Themidis alumno. Vera redit facies, dissimulata perit.
"Eleutheropoli" [= Leiden?], "extra plateam obscuram, sine privilegio auctoris, absque ubi & quando." (colophon: "In horto Hesperidem, typis Adami et Evae terrae filii", 1678). 8vo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment, with a gold-tooled frame of double fillets on each board. [10], 146, [4] pp. Full description
€ 1,800
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Unrecorded work for pregnant women in a beautifully embroidered silk binding

[BINDING - EMBROIDERED]. Esercizio da premettersi dalle donne in stato di gravidanza per conseguire da dio per l'intercessione del glorioso San Torello protettore insigne l'essenzione da tutti i pericoli e felicità nel prossimo parto.
Florence, Stamperià Arcivescovile alla Croce Rossa, 1822. 8vo. Beautifully embroidered contemporary pink silk over paperboards, with flowers and a border along the edges of both sides, and the initials "CM" in centre of front cover, preserved in a modern marbled slipcase. 39 pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Important description of a new clockwork mechanism

BONHOMO, Gabriele. Automatum inaequale sive horologium antiquum automatis animatum. Opusculum sanè perutile, ac pro rei novitate jucundum, in quo multiplex datur. Hoc nondùm excogitatum automatum condendi methodus. ..
Palermo, Francisco Valenze, 1747. 4to. With numerous woodcut headpieces and tailpieces and decorated initials, some tables in the text and 15 numbered, folding engraved plates showing timepieces and clockwork mechanisms. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine. [8], 122 pp. Full description
€ 1,850
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2nd known copy of a musical treatise by Antonio Borghèse,with his manuscript models
for the 11 plates of musical examples, never produced

BORGHÈSE, Antonio D.R. Traité général de musique, ou l'Art musical ramené a ses vrais principes; humblement dédié a Son Altesse Royale le Prince des Asturies ...
[back wrapper:] Bayonne, Imprimerie de Duhart-Fauvet, [ca. 1807?]. Large 4to (27 x 20 cm). With 11 folding "plates" containing manuscript examples of mensural music. With no title-page, but with the letterpress title and composer's name on the front wrapper and the letterpress imprint on the back wrapper. Bound with the wrappers in contemporary gold-tooled, long-grain red goatskin morocco, gilt edges. V, 65, [2] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Rare introduction to Arabic

[BURGESS, Thomas]. The Arabick alphabet...
Newcastle, printed by S[arah]. Hodgson, 1809. Large 12mo. Twentieth-century half calf, marbled sides, with a blind-tooled roll where the calf covering (including the corners) meets the marbled paper, gold fillets on the smooth spine, black morocco spine label with the title in large gold capitals running up the spine, lettered in gold. With 22 sturdy blank leaves at the end and the bookbinders ticket of "Period Binders, Bath". V, [3], 20 pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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120 prints, nearly all 1601-1725, including at least 4 complete series, most brought together ca. 1745

[CALLOT, Jacques, Carel ALLARD & others]. [Collection of 120 engravings by French, Dutch, Italian and German artists].
Venice, Paris, [Amsterdam], etc., 1601-1725 (album ca. 1745?), with additions [1788] & [ca. 1790]. 8vo, 4to, etc. (19 x 13 cm). 120 engraved prints, namely 44 from 4 complete print series (1 with a title-print), 57 (including 3 title-prints) from 10 or 11 other series and 19 prints apparently not from any series, by Jacques Callot (1 complete series), Odoardo Fialetti, Herman Weyen, Balthasar Moncornet, Henri Bonnart, Carel Allard (3 complete series), P. Landry and others (see contents, below). Mottled sheepskin (ca. 1745?). 95 ll. Full description
€ 9,500
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Beautifully illustrated first accurate monograph on the larynx, heavily influenced by Galen

CASSERIO, Giulio (Julius CASSERIUS). De vocis auditusq[ue] organis historia anatomica singulari fide methodo ac industria concinnata tractatibus duobus explicata ...
(Colophons: Ferrara, Victorius Baldinus, 1601 & "1600" [= 1601]). 2 parts in 1 volume. Royal folio (40.5 x 27.5 cm). Engraved title-page with the title in a large oval scrollwork cartouche surrounded by and incorporating dozens of skeletons and skulls of people and animals, 2 full-page engraved portraits (of the dedicatee Ranuccio I Farnese, Duke of Parma, and the author) and 34 full-page anatomical engravings on integral leaves. 17th-century sheepskin parchment. [60], 191, [1 blank]; 126, [1], [1 blank] pp. including engraved title-page, 2 portraits, and illustrations. Full description
€ 27,500
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A history of painting in Italian verse

CHIUSOLE di Roveredo, Adamo. Dell'arte pittorica libri VIII. Coll'aggiunta di componimenti diversi.
Venice, Caroboli & Pompeati Comp., 1768. 8vo (20 x 14 cm). With engraved portait of Cicero on the title-page and several interesting engraved head- and tailpieces (some signed "AF"), including scenes related to the subject of painting. In its first binding, though possibly a few decades after publication: stiff paper wrappers. 296 pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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The arbitrariness of fate all over the world

[DICKENSON, John]. Speculum tragicum. Regum, principum, & magnatum superioris soeculi celebriorum ruinas exitusque calamitosos breviter complectens: in quo & iudicia divina & imbecillitas humana insignibus exemplis declarantur.
Delft, Jacob Cornelisz. Vennecool, 1601. Small 8vo. Contemporary vellum, red spine-label. [6], 127, [11] pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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First and only edition of one of the earliest works on Persian grammar

IGNATIUS a Jesus (Carlo LEONELLI). Grammatica linguae Persicae. Auctore Patre Fratre Ignatio à Jesu Carmelita Discalceato missionario, & vicario residentiae Tripolis, & Montis Libani.
Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1661. 4to. With a device on the title-page, 1 woodcut decorated initial, decorations built up from arabesque typographic ornaments and a 4-page letterpress table showing the Persian alphabet with the initial, medial, final and stand-alone forms of the letters. Modern ivory vellum in the style of the time, manuscript title on spine. [2], 60 pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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How to become a Don Juan

[LACLOS, Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos de]. Les liaisons dangereuses, ou lettres recueilles dans une société, & publiées pour l'instruction de quelques autres. Par M. C..... De L.
Amsterdam; Paris, Durand Neveu, 1782. 4 volumes bound as 2. 12mo. Contemporary sprinkled calf, blind-tooled double fillet frame on boards, sewn on 5 supports, gold-tooled spine with gold-tooled brown leather labels and red sprinkled edges. 248; 240; 230; 256 pp. Full description
€ 2,950
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Predicting the future: copy from the Broxbourne Library of the rare 1511 edition
of one of the most important prophetic astrologies of the 15th and 16th century

LICHTENBERGER, Johannes. Pronosticatio in latino rare & prius non audita: quae exponit & declarat nonnullos coeli ifluxus: & i[n]clinatione[m] certaru[m] constellationu[m] magne videlicet co[n]iunctionis & eclipsis: quae suera[n]t istis annis: quid boi maliue hoc tempore & in futuru[m] huic mu[n]do porte[n]dant: durabitq[uam] pluribus annis.
[colophon:] Venice, [Niccolò & Domenico dal Gesù = Nicolo & Domenico Sandri dal Jesus], 23 August [1511?]. 4to. With the large Dal Jesus white-on-black woodcut device, 45 half-page or nearly full-page woodcuts in the text, most with letterpress captions above or below, the first showing Ptolemy, Aristotle, the Sibyl, Birgitta of Sweden and Brother Reinhart receiving divine inspiration, with an explanation on the facing page in a 4-piece ornamental floral woodcut frame. Modern half red morocco. 39, [1 blank] ll. Full description
€ 15,000
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A remarkable manuscript service book for the divine offices on parchment,
with seven eye-catching illustrations

[MANUSCRIPT - SERVICE BOOK - DIVINE OFFICES]. Ordine da osservarsi nell'oratorio di Santa Maria di Passione, circa gli Essercicii Spirituali delle feste cavato dalla Regola maggiore.
[Milan], [18th-century]. Folio (27,5 x 18,5 cm). With 5 full-page and 2 half-page, hand-painted religious illustrations and 9 hand-painted initials on a blue background, heightened with gold and silver. 18th-century gold- and blind-tooled parchment, each board with a blind ornamental centre-piece ornament in a blind-tooled frame, in a larger frame of gold fillets, with a gold flower in each of the 6 spine compartments. [1 blank], [1], 66 pp. Full description
€ 14,000
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Important study on the Irish language and typography

MARCEL, Jean Joseph. Alphabet Irlandais, précédé d'une notice historique, littéraire et typographique.
Paris, Imprimerie de la République, Nivose An XII [= December 1803/January 1804]. Royal 8vo (23.5 x 16 cm). With Marcels JJM monogram on the title-page and extensive letterpress tables (many in frames of thick-thin rules) showing upper and lowercase alphabets of the larger Irish type, abbreviations, etc. Contemporary blue paste-paper wrappers. 104 pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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An extensive and richly illustrated treatise on mortars and bombs,
by a veteran of the Thirty Years War in Italy

MARTENA, Giovanni Batista. Flagello militare diviso in quattro parti. La prima tratta de' trabucchi. La seconda de' petardi. La terza de' burlotti, e fuochi artificiali di mare, e di terra. La quarta di mine, contramine, e d'altre cose importanti all'arte militare.
Naples, Novello de Bonis, 1676. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait and 73 illustrations on 18 engraved plates. Contemporary vellum. [12], 211, [1] pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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40 colour drawings of mosaic marble floors from Roman churches

[MOSAIC FLOORS]. [Mosaic marble tile floors from five churches, most or all in Rome].
[Rome?, ca. 1662 or 18th century]. Small folio (26 x 19.5 cm). 40 ink and watercolour drawings (28 round and 12 square, each ca. 11 x 11 cm) showing the decorative patterns and coloured marbles from the floors of 5 churches. Each has a triple-rule border in black ink with a panel at the foot containing the name of the church. Contemporary(?) boards covered with later (ca. 1840?) Storemont on shell marbled paper. [40] ll. Full description
€ 17,500
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An outstanding example of Humanist philology in the Netherlands

MYL (MUYL, MILIUS), Abraham van der. Lingua Belgica. Sive de linguae illius communitate tum cum plerisque aliis, tum presertim cum Latinam, Graecam, Persicam; deque communitatis illius causis; tum de linguae illius origine et latissimam per nationes quamplurimas diffusione; ut et de ejus prestantiam. Quam tum occasione, hic simul quaedam tractantur consideratu non indigna, ad linguas in universum omnes pertinentia.
Leiden, Uldrick Cornelissz. Honthorst and Joris Abrahamsz van der Marsce for "Bibliopolo Commeliniano" [= Jan II Commelin in Geneva], 1612. 4to. With Commelin's woodcut device on the title-page. Modern half morocco. [24], 260, [8] pp. Full description
€ 3,950
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Ottoman ambassador's audiences before the Emperor Charles VI and Prince Eugene of Savoy

[OTTOMAN EMPIRE]. [Drop-title:] Distinto ragguaglio della solenne udienza che alli 4. Settembre ebbe dall' Augustissimo Imperatore Carlo VI. re della Spagne, d'Ungheria &c. a Vienna nel Palazzo Cesareo della Favorita l'ecc[ellentissi]mo sig[nor]. grande ambasciatore Ottomano visire Mückerem Ibrahim Pascia, ...
Racconto della solenne visita, che alli 7. Di Settembre 1719. Il Sig[nor]. Grande Ambasciatore Ottomano Ibrahim Pascià diede al Seren[issimo]. Prencipe Eugenio di Savoja, ...
(Colophon: Rome, Giovanni Francesco Chracas, 1719). 4to. With a hatched roman capital used as an initial. Set in roman types with extensive italic. Modern boards covered with chemical-marbled paper, black morocco spine label. 8 pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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Early 18th-century edition of the Aesop fables, based on the David van Hoogstraten redaction

PHAEDRUS - AVIANUS. Phaedri Augusti Liberti, et Avieni Fabulae cum adnotationibs Davidis Hoogstratani. Accedunt Fabulae Graecae Latinis respondentes, et Homeri Batrachomyomachia cum Latina versione recens addita ad exemplar Patavinae editionis.
Naples, Felix Musca for Josephi Ponzelli, 1729. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, a woodcut title-vignette and some woodcut head- and tailpieces and initials. Later vellum over boards, red morocco spine label with title in gold, new paste-downs and endpapers. [14], 242, [2] pp. Full description
€ 400
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2 mathematical essays by Giovanni Plana, presentation copy

PLANA, Giovanni Antonio A. [Drop title]: Équation de la courbe formée par une lame élastique, quelles que soient les forces qui agissent sur la lame.
Including: Mémoire sur l'intégration des équations linéaires aux differences partielles du second et du troisième ordre.
[Turin, Félix Galetti, 1811?]. 4to. With folding engraved plate by Amati & Tela. Contemporary wrappers. 56 pp. Full description
€ 3,500
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Promoting Catholicism through missionary work as the Jesuits lost power: a manuscript from the Sir Thomas Phillipps collection

[PROPAGANDA FIDE]. Africa [-] Greci - Italo Greci [-] Armeni di Venezia [-] varie.
[Rome and perhaps elsewhere, ca. 1758-1764 (transcribing original documents going back to at least 1664)]. 4to. Collection of manuscript transcriptions of about 30 letters and other documents. Contemporary Italian sheepskin parchment over flexible boards. [416] pp., including about 15 blank leaves. Full description
€ 39,500
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One of the few illustrated books printed by Bodoni, splendidly bound

[ROSSI, Giovanni Gherardo de]. Scherzi poetici e pittorici.
(Colophon: Parma, Giambattista Bodoni, 1795). 8vo (22 x 14 cm). With engraved title-page and 40 engraved plates (plate size: ca. 7 x 11 cm). Richly gold-tooled red morocco by Rémy Petit (active 1855-1900), spine with 5 raised bands resulting in 6 compartments, one with black title-label and the other five gold-tooled with black oval inlays; the sides with gilt triple fillet borders, corner ornaments with same oval inlays and a central oval ornament (gold on green); further with gilt fillets on board edges and richly gold-tooled turn-ins with a floral motive, gilt edges. [52] ll. Full description
€ 7,200
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First etymological dictionary of Portuguese words derived from Arabic, bound together with the texts of letters written to the Portuguese court in Arabic by kings and diplomats between 1503 and 1528

SOUSA, João de and José de Santo Antonio MOURA. Vestigios da lingoa Arabica em Portugal ou lexicon etymologico das palavras e nomes Portuguezes, que tem origem Arabica.
Lisbon, Typografia da Mesma Academia [= Academia Real das Sciencias], 1830. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. With the academy's woodcut device on the title-page, incorporating the crowned Portuguese coat-of-arms, Athena's owl and Hermes's staff. With: (2) SOUSA, João de. Documentos Arabicos para a historia Portugueza.Lisbon, Academia Real das Sciencias, 1790. With the academy's woodcut device on the title-page (also incorporating the Portuguese coat-of-arms, Athenas owl and Hermess staff, but not identical to the device on the title page of the Vestigios). Set in Arabic, roman and italic types.
19th-century half calf, marbled paper sides, titles in gold on spine, blue sprinkled edges. [1], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank], XVI, 204; [1], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank], [4], 190, [2] pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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Attractive view of the carpet trade

TARENGHI, Enrico. [Carpet sellers and a dromedary beside the Nile].
[Rome?, late 19th century?]. Watercolour on a large sheet of paper (image size: 74.5 x 52 cm), signed at the foot right: "E. Tarenghi". Contemporary (?) gilt wooden frame (89.5 x 66 cm), behind plastic. Full description
€ 18,000
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Fencing in the Sicilian-Neapolitan school

VILLARDITA, Giuseppe. Trattato della scherma Siciliana, ove si mostra di seconda intentione con una linea retta; difendersi di qualsivoglia operatione di resolutione, che operata per ferire à qualunque, ò di punta, ò taglio, che accadesse in accidente di questionarsi. ... Con espressione di tutte le regole: che nascono di seconda operatione.
Palermo, Carlo Adamo, 1673. Small 8vo. Late 19th-century half tanned sheepskin with short-title in gold on spine, "Gustav" chemically marbled sides, shell-marbled endpapers, green ribbon marker. 16, [4] pp. Full description
€ 4,500
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