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Valuable account of Arctic expeditions in search of John Franklin

[ARCTIC BLUE BOOKS]. Report of the committee appointed by the lords commissioners of the admiralty to inquire into and report on the recent Arctic expeditions in search of Sir John Franklin; ...
-Additional papers relative to the Arctic expedition under the orders of Captain Austin and Mr. William Penny.
-Further correspondence and proceedings connected with the Arctic expedition.
London, George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1852. With 19 lithographed maps (including 9 folding), some with some details in red, Polar map chromolithographed.
(2) Report from the select committee on Arctic expedition; together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix.[London], 1855. With a folding lithographed map, partly coloured.
(3) Further papers relative to the recent Arctic expeditions in search of Sir. J. Franklin, and the crews of Her Majesty's ships "Eurebus" and "Terror;" including the reports of Dr. Kane and Messrs. Anderson and Stewart.London, Harrison and sons, 1856. With two lithographed maps (one partly coloured).
5 volumes. Folio. Ad 1 bound in modern half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine, with the original publisher's blue printed paper wrappers bound in. Ad 2 and 3: red half cloth. Full description
€ 45,000
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First 4to edition of 70 engraved biblical scenes with explanatory poems by Arias Montanus,
from the library of Robert de Ligne (1564-1614)

ARIAS MONTANO (MONTANUS), Benito (Benedictus). Humanae salutis monumenta.
Antwerp, Christopher Plantin, “1571” [= 1582/83]. 4to (22 x 14.5 cm). With an engraved, illustrated title-page bearing the initials of the engraver Pieter Huys and the date 1571, an unsigned circular portrait of Jesus in profile and 70 full-page engravings (16.5 x 11.5 cm) by several artists. 17th-century gold-tooled black goatskin, the front board with a centrepiece comprising coat-of-arms (with a name below it) in an oval (the arms and name mutilated, but probably Robert de Ligne or an heir), gilt edges, later endpapers. Full description
€ 19,500
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Rare work on falconry and cormorant fishing

BELVALLETTE, Alfred. Traité de fauconnerie et d'autourserie suivi d'une étude sur la pêche au cormoran.
Évreux, Charles Hérissey, 1903. Large 8vo (28.5 x 21.5 cm). With 35 plates and numerous illustrations in text. Modern red half sheepskin, with the original publisher's printed wrappers bound in. Full description
€ 2,750
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Beautifully illustrated work on camellias,
with 301 coloured plates

BERLÈSE, Lorenzo and Johann Jakob JUNG. Iconographie du genre camellia ou description et figures des camellia les plus beaux et les plus rares.
Paris, H. Cousin (plates printed by N. Rémond), [1839-]1841-1843. 3 volumes. Folio. With 301 engraved plates, printed in colour a la poupée and finished in colour by hand, engraved by Duménil, Gabriel and Oudet after Johann Jakob Jung. Contemporary half morocco, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 69,500
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Six rare books of secrets and informative handbooks (1540-1686),
covering metallurgy, dying, medicine, culinary carving, paper cutting and the Amsterdam labyrinth

[BOOKS OF SECRETS]. Kunstbüchlin, gerechten gründtlichen gebrauchs aller kunstbaren Werckleut. Ertzarbeyt, in un[d] ausserhalb feurs, auss alchimistischem und natürlichem grund … Jede Farben zubereyten, erhalten, bessern und widerbringen.
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolph, [ca. 1540]. With woodcut illustration on title-page, depicting about 25 tools, implements and pieces of equipment for painting, metalworking, smelting, woodworking and other arts and crafts.
(2) Den sack der consten, uyt den Italiaens ende Franssoys in onse Nederlantsche tale overgheset, tot vermakinghe van alle sware gheesten, ende voor de ghene die gheerne wat nieus willen hooren.
Antwerpen, Godtgaf Verhulst, 1622. With woodcut illustration on title-page and a small woodcut illustration in text.
(3) CERVIO, Vincenzo. Il trinciante ..., ampliato, et ridotto a perfettione dal cavalier reale Fusoritto da Narni.
Including: Aggiunta fattaal trinciante.
Venice, heirs of Giovanni Varisco, (1593). 2 parts. With Varisco's woodcut device on title-page of part 1 and a more attractive larger variant on the title-page of part 2 (repeated above the colophon), 4 full-page woodcuts on 2 integral leaves and 2 (of 3) folding woodcut plates.
(4) PROCACCHI, Giaccomo. Voorlegh boeck ofte maniere om verscheyden soorten van spijse soo gesooden als gebraden, aende vorck voor te snyden ende om dienen.
Leiden, Jacob Roels, 1639. With 3 folding woodcut plates and 13 full-page woodcuts on integral leaves. The numbering of the plates omits no. 8 as usual.
(5) Konstig en vermaakelijk tyd-verdryf, der Hollandsche jufferen of onderricht der papiere sny-konst. … Het eerst deel [all published].
Amsterdam, Johannes ten Hoorn, 1686. With about two dozen woodcuts in text.
(6) Verklaringe van verscheyden kunst-rijcke wercken en hare beweginghe, door oorlogie-werck ghedreven, … Alles te sien in't Oude Doolhof tot Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Tymon Houthaak, 1650. With an engraved illustration of a labyrinth on title-page and 4 further illustrations on integral leaves (1 full-page and blank on the verso, by P. Holsteyn after A. Vinckenbrinck; 3 in text). Lacking the folding engraved plate of David and Goliath.
6 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 16 cm). Half vellum (ca. 1730). Full description
€ 45,000
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2nd known copy of a musical treatise by Antonio Borghèse,
with his manuscript models for the 11 plates of musical examples, never produced

BORGHÈSE, Antonio D.R. Traité général de musique, ou l'Art musical ramené a ses vrais principes; humblement dédié a Son Altesse Royale le Prince des Asturies ...
[back wrapper:] Bayonne, Imprimerie de Duhart-Fauvet, [ca. 1807?]. Large 4to (27 x 20 cm). With 11 folding "plates" containing manuscript examples of mensural music. With no title-page, but with the letterpress title and composer's name on the front wrapper and the letterpress imprint on the back wrapper. Bound with the wrappers in contemporary gold-tooled, long-grain red goatskin morocco, gilt edges. Full description
€ 12,500
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Beautiful fountains by King Louis XV's “premier peintre”

BOUCHER, François. Receuil de fontaines inventées par ...
With: Second livre de fontaines inventées par ...
Paris, Gabriel Huquier, [1736]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Royal 4to (32 x 24 cm). With 2 series of 7 finely etched and engraved plates of water fountains, including 2 title-prints, the first series with only the names of the artist François Boucher and publisher Gabriel Huquier, the second also with the name of its engraver Pierre(-Alexandre?) Aveline. 19th-century gold-tooled dark mottled sheepskin, gilt edges. Full description
€ 6,500
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Five rare publications on the 17th-century French mission in southeast Asia

BOURGES, Jacques de. Relation du voyage de Monseigneur l'evesque de Beryte, vicaire apostolique du royaume de la Cochinchine, par la Turquie, la Perse, les Indes, &c. jusqu'au royaume de Siam, & autres lieux.
Paris, Charles Angot, 1683. 8vo.
(2) PALLU, François. Relation abregée des missions et des voyages des evesques François envoyez aux royaumes de la Chine, Cochinchine, Tonquin, & Siam.
Paris, Charles Angot, 1682.
(3) [FERMANEL DE FAVERY, Luc (editor)]. Relation des missions des evesques François aux royaumes de Siam, de la Cochinchine, de Camboye, & du Tonquin, &c. Divisée en quatre parties.
Paris, Charles Angot, 1684.
(4) Relation des missions et des voyages des evesques vicaires apostoliques, et de leurs ecclesiastiques és années 1672, 1673, 1674 & 1675.
Paris, Charles Angot, 1682.
(5) Relation des missions et des voyages des evesques vicaires apostoliques, et de leurs ecclesiastiques és années 1676 & 1677.
Paris, Charles Angot, 1682. 5 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 12,500
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The Ship of Fooles in the most famous edition of the best English translation,
together with the Latin translation and the woodcut illustrations cut for the 1509 edition

BRANT, Sebastian. Stultifera navis. | The ship of fooles.
MANCINI, Domenico (Dominicus MANCINUS). The mirrour of good maners.
PIUS II, Pope (Eneas SILVIO). Certayne egloges ... whereof the first three conteyne the miseryes of courtiers and courtes of all princes in general, ...
(Colophon: London, John Cawood), 1570. Small folio (27 x 19.5 cm). With a large woodcut on the title-page showing four ships filled with fools (15.5 x 10 cm), and 116 woodcuts in the text (mostly ca. 11 x 8 cm) including 11(?) repeats. Gold-tooled brown calf (ca. 1855?), each board with a large built-up centrepiece and a built-up frame, gold-tooled turn-ins. Rebacked preserving the original backstrip. Full description
€ 45,000
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The greatest map of Paris, 240 x 316 cm, here with the 20 sheets and key map bound as an atlas
in contemporary gold-tooled morocco with the Paris city arms

BRETEZ, Louis.

Plan de Paris commencé l'année 1734. Dessiné et gravé, sous les ordres de Messire Michel Etienne Turgot, Marquis de Sousmons ... Achevé de graver en 1739.
[Paris], [1739]. Grand-Aigle folio (56 x 45.5 cm). An enormous engraved map of Paris in 20 numbered sheets plus a key map, at a scale of about 1:2000, each segment measuring 55 x 84 cm (plate size 51.5 x 80.5 cm; image 48 x 79 cm) which would give an assembled map with image size about 240 x 316 cm! The key map is slightly larger than the segments and folds out at the head. Bound as an atlas (but with segments 18 and 19, containing the cartouche, assembled to make a long fold-out) in contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, each board with as centrepiece the Paris coat of arms (a ship with chief a field of fleurs-de-lis).

Full description
€ 25,000
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8 Italian sonnets praising Napoléon Bonaparte
printed on vellum by Pierre Didot and finely bound in long-grained, gold-tooled morocco
for presentation to Napoléon

BUTTURA, Antonio. Sonetti a Bonaparte.
Paris, Pierre Didot l’aîné, An VIII [after Floréal, so 1800]. 8vo. Finely printed on vellum. Contemporary long-grained and gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, each board with a frame made from a decorated roll with palm leaves between 2 fine-line fillets, the smooth spine with the title in the 2nd of 6 fields, an acorn with leaves in each of the others, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, light green watered silk endleaves. Full description
€ 35,000
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Oval portrait painting of Voltaire

CERF, J. de. [Oval miniature portrait painting of Voltaire].
[France?], "1687" [= ca. 1735?]. Oval portrait painting (11 x 9 cm) in grisaille on copper, with a note on the back "J. de Cerf A[nn]o 1687". Mounted in a gilt rectangular wooden frame (34.5 x 28 cm). Full description
€ 9,500
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"A landmark in the history of geology" (DSB)

CUVIER, Georges and Alexandre BRONGNIART. Description géologique des environs de Paris ... Nouvelle édition, dans laquelle on a inséré la description d'un grand nombre de lieux de l'Allemagne, de la Suisse, de l'Italie, etc., qui présentent des terrains analogues à ceux du bassin de Paris.
Paris and Amsterdam, G. Dufour and E. d'Ocagne, 1822. Large 4to (30 x 22.5 cm). With a folding hand-coloured engraved map, a folding engraved plate, and 16 lithographed plates (1 hand-coloured). Modern half morocco. Full description
€ 1,500
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First separate edition of Cyril's commentary on the Law of Moses

CYRIL of Alexandria. De adoratione in spiritu et veritate, & spiritali totius legis Mosaicae in religione Christiana observantia, … 
Lyon, Sybille de la Porte, 1588. 4to. With Porta's woodcut device on title-page, a woodcut headpiece, several woodcut tailpieces, numerous decorated woodcut initials (at least 3 series) and decorations built up from cast fleurons. Contemporary limp calf parchment. Full description
€ 1,850
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The 7500-page works of one of the most creative and influential minds of the Enlightenment

DIDEROT, Denis. Oeuvres de Denis Diderot, publiées, sur les manuscrits de l'auteur, par Jacques-André Naigeon, de l'Institut National des Sciences, etc. Tome premier[-quinzième].
Paris, Desray, Deterville (back of half-title, vol. I: printed by [Charles] Crapelet), an VI [=] 1798. 15 volumes. With a frontispiece portrait of the author engraved by Charles Étienne Gaucher after a 1766 drawing by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 16 engraved plates and a folding letterpress table of all kinds of human knowledge for the Encyclopédie (52 x 37.5 cm). Contemporary, uniform half sprinkled calf, richly gold-tooled spines. Full description
€ 6,500
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The life of the Virgin, engraved ca. 1506 by Raimondi after Dürer:
stunning series of 17 very large prints

DÜRER, Albrecht and Marcantonio RAIMONDI. [Life of the Virgin Mary].
[Bologna?, ca. 1685/90 (engraved Bologna, ca. 1506)]. 1mo (40 x 29 cm) A series of 17 very large numbered engraved prints. Each with Dürer's AD monogram and the last also with Raimondi's MAF monogram. Late 18th-century boards, in a paste-paper slipcase with an engraved label showing the coat of arms of the Count of Somaglia, (Don Gaetano?) Cavazzi in Milan. Full description
€ 22,500
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Splendidly bound dedication copy of a wholly engraved music guide

[DUMAS, Antoine-Joseph]. L'art de la musique enseigné et pratiqué par la nouvelle methode du bureau typographique.
Paris, Sr. Auguste [for the author], [1753]. Large oblong 4to (26 x 33.5 cm). Wholly engraved, including an engraved title-page, two-page engraved dedication, a double-page folding engraved musical table ("Elémens de la musique. Plan général du bureau typographique musical") and 427 engraved text pages by Mademoiselle Vandôme. Contemporary gold-tooled dark green (goatskin) morocco, richly gold-tooled spine with red morocco title label, gold-tooled boards with the coat of arms of Louis-Philippe d'Orléans (1725-1785) on both sides, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, pink silk endleaves, gilt edges (attributed to Jean-Charles-Henri Lemonnier). Full description
€ 37,000
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Sumptuous coloured lithographs of Mayan antiquities bound for Czar Alexander II

DUPAIX, Guillermo, Alexandre LENOIR, David Bailie WARDEN, et al. Antiquités Mexicaines. Relation des trois expéditions du Capitaine Dupaix, ordonnées en 1805, 1806, et 1807, pour la recherche des antiquités du pays, notamment celles de Mitla et de Palenque.
Paris, Jules Didot l'ainé, 1834. 3 parts in 2 volumes. Large folio (55.5 x 36 cm). With lithographed frontispiece and 161 (numbered as 166) lithographed plates (1 double-page and 160 full-page), nearly half beautifully hand-coloured and most of the rest tinted or double-tinted. Lacking (as usual) the map mentioned on the title-page. Gold-tooled red morocco (1855?), with the arms of Czar Alexander II of Russia on the boards. Full description
€ 98,500
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9 letters from one of the leading naval figures of the 19th century

DUPERRÉ, Admiral Guy-Victor. [9 autograph letters, signed, mostly from the writer's time as Préfet maritime in Brest].
Brest, 22 February 1819 - 18 June 1829. Folio and 4to. Autograph letters in French, written in brown ink on single and double leaves of several laid and wove paper stocks.
With: (2) GHÉMAR, Louis-Joseph. Duperré [lithographic portrait].
Brussels, Charles Hen (printed by P. Degobert), dated 1842 by the artist. Full description
€ 7,500
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Erasmus on the Latin language: two foundationalworks in a very attractive contemporary binding

ERASMUS, Desiderius. De duplici copia verborum ac rerum commentarii duo.
(Colophon: Mainz, Johannes Schoeffer, August 1521). With title in woodcut architectural border; 6 large, beautiful woodcut initials. With 1 initial coloured by hand.
With: (2) ERASMUS, Desiderius. Parabolae sive similia.
(Colophon: Basle, Johannes Froben, July 1521). With title in an elaborate woodcut border, first page of the dedicatory letter by Erasmus to Petrus Aegidius on back of title-page with a border made of woodcut strips, Froben's large woodcut device on the last page, and 2 decorative woodcut initials. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. German contemporary richly blind-tooled calf, in a panel design. The central panel on each board is filled with dozens of impressions of 3 floral stamps, 1 on the front board and 2 on the back. Full description
€ 12,000
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North Indian sex handbook in Persian, with 29 beautiful illustrations
showing a mix of ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations

[EROTICA]. [Sexology handbook].
[Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India], 1811. 4to (23 x 15.5 cm). Manuscript in Persian, written in black ink with frequent words in red, with each page in a frame of blue, gold and red rules (the gold wider) with an outer frame of gold rules near the edges, the opening of the text elaborately decorated with flowers, vines and abstract forms in blue, lavender, green, orange, white, gold and bronze, and 29 original erotic illustrations (2 full-page, 27 half-page) in numerous colours of gouache and with extensive use of gold and some silver. With tissue guard leaves between most pairs of facing pages. Contemporary black calf, each board with embossed gilt paper inlays, gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled brown calf paste-downs. Full description
€ 35,000
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Exquisitely produced work on falconry and horse riding,
with many coloured illustrations

ES, N.J.A.P.H. van. De hippische sport en het korps rijdende artillerie 1793-1908 … 1e gedeelte [valkerij]. 2e gedeelte [hippische sport].
Arnhem, Coers & Roest and G.J. Thieme, [1913]. 2 volumes. Large 4to (37.5 x 31 cm). With ca. 80 lithographed plates and numerous illustrations and decorations in text, many beautifully coloured by hand and some highlighted with silver and/or gold. Original publisher's gold-blocked blue cloth, with a coloured hooded hawk on front boards, upper edges gilt, other edges untrimmed. Full description
€ 18,000
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Europe fortified: the fortifications of Marolois, Stevin and Vauban, beautifully mapped,
together with an atlas of the coasts of France, also with fortifications

FER, Nicolas de. Les forces de l' Europe, ou description des principales villes; avec leurs fortifications. . . .
Paris, "chez l'auteur" [=Nicolas de Fer, a false imprint], 1695-1696 [printed in Amsterdam, for Pieter Mortier, 1695-ca. 1702]. 10 parts in 1 volume. With 234 beautifully engraved plates (a few folding) with 366 maps and views of fortified cities.
With: (2) FER, Nicolas de. Costes de France, sur l' ocean & sur la Mer Mediterranée &c. avec leurs fortifications. . . .
Paris, "Nicolas de Fer" [a false imprint], 1695. [printed in Amsterdam, for Pieter Mortier]. With engraved title-page and 40 engraved plates (including 2 folding). 2 works in 12 parts or volumes, bound as 1 volume. Oblong 1mo (30×37 cm). Contemporary tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 17,500
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67 drawings of horses in harness, drawn by a leading Imperial harness maker as a sample book

FÖLSCH, Michael. [Sample book of harness designs and other elaborate and decorative carriage horse tack].
[Vienna, ca. 1790?]. 2 volumes. Oblong small folio (23.5 x 37 cm and 25.5 x 39.5 cm). With 67 pen-and-ink, watercolour and gouache drawings of horses, most highlighted with silver and gold , all signed, most trimmed and mounted on blank leaves ca. 1805. With 2 etchings added at the end of volume 1, executed by Friedrich Leopold Bürde and dated 1812. Volume 1 stab-sewn, volume 2 with the leaves mounted on stubs and sewn through the folds, each with marbled paper wrapped around the spine. In an early 19th-century half tanned sheepskin box in the form of a book, metal hook-clasps. Full description
€ 85,000
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Early and esteemed work on birds,
by the falconer of the Gonzagas' court in Mantua

GIORGI, Federico. Libro ... del modo di conoscere i buoni falconi, astori, e sparavieri, di farli, di governarli, et di medicarli, come nella tavola si puo vedere.
Venice, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1547. 8vo. With Giorgi's woodcut phoenix printer's device on title-page and a stunning larger one at the end. Blue stiff paper wrappers (ca. 1800). Full description
€ 15,000
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Early work on Ethiopia, with uncensored native sources

GOES (GÓIS), Damião de. Fides, religio, Moresque Aethiopum sub imperio Preciosi Joannis …
Paris, Chrestien Wechel, 1541. With Wechel's woodcut Pegasus device and 3 lines of woodcut text in Ethiopic.
With: (2) NONNIUS, Ludovicus. Hispania sive populorum, urbium, insularum, ac fluminum in ea accuratior descriptio.
Antwerp, Hieronymus Verdussen, 1607. With Verdussen's woodcut device. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. 17th-century vellum. Full description
€ 12,500
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74 views of a wide variety of boats and ships, with informative captions

GUEROULT DU PAS, Pierre Jacques. Les differens batimens de la mer oceanne, …
(2) GUEROULT DU PAS, Pierre Jacques. Les differens batimens de la Mer Mediterranée, …
(3) GUEROULT DU PAS, Pierre Jacques. Petits batimens de l'ocean.
Paris, Pierre Giffart, [titles of parts 2 & 3 dated 1709]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Oblong Imperial 16mo (12.5 x 16.5 cm). Part 1 with 30 engraved leaves including the title-page, part 2 with 30 engraved leaves including the title-page, and part 3 with 16 engraved leaves. All together 76 plates (plate size mostly ca. 7 x 11 cm, the title plates to parts 1 & 2 ca. 10 x 12 cm) depicting a wide variety of boats and ships, each with a caption identifying the type of ship. Contemporary French gold-tooled calf. Subtly rebacked with the original back-strip laid down. Full description
€ 15,000
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Guicciardini's celebrated description of the Low Countries, coloured by a contemporary hand

GUICCIARDINI, Ludovico. Descrittione ... di tutti i Paesi Bassi, altrimenti detti Germania Inferiore.
Antwerp, Willem Silvius, 1567. Folio. With title-page within a woodcut architectural frame with allegorical figures, coat of arms and portrait of Philips II, each within the same architectural frame, and 17 double-page plates, maps and views (15 woodcuts, 2 engravings), all coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary limp vellum, gilt edges. Full description
€ 28,000
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Rare issue of a detailed account Dieppe's defeat of the Flemish in an important 1555 sea battle

[GUILLAS, Denis]. Historie de la bataille navalle faite par les Dieppois & Flamans: qui est l'une des plus furieuses & soudaines expeditions de mer, qui ayt esté entreprise de nostre temps sur les ennemis du Roy.
Paris, Estienne Denise, [1557?]. Small 8vo (15 x 10 cm). With 2 woodcut decorated initials and one cast fleuron (Vervliet, Vine leaf ornaments 173). Set in roman type with incidental italic. Finely executed late 19th-century(?) French red morocco by René Aussour, gold-tooled turn-ins, title, place of publication and date 1555 in gold in 2nd and 3rd of 6 spine compartments, gilt edges. Full description
€ 7,500
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Bound for King Louis XV

HAMILTON, Hugh. De sectionibus conicis. Tractatus geometricus. In quo, ex natura ipsius coni, sectionum affectioens [!] facillime deducuntur. Methodo nova.
London, William Johnston, 1758. 4to. With numerous illustrations on 17 folding engraved plates. Contemporary French gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, with the arms of the French King Louis XV in the centre of each board and his crowned monogram in each compartment (except that with the title) of the spine. Full description
€ 13,000
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13th-century treatise on falconry, in the original Turkish with a German translation
with two other early falconry treatises

HAMMER-PURGSTALL, Joseph von. Falknerklee, bestehend in drey ungedruckten Werken über die Falknerey. ...
Pest (now part of Budapest), Conrad Adolf Hartleben (verso of title-page: [Vienna], printed by the widow of Anton Strauß), 1840. 8vo. With lithographed frontispiece, elaborately decorated Turkish title-page and opening page. Set in fraktur, Arabic and Greek types with incidental roman. With a modern index of ornithological, zoological and botanical names. Later 19th-century half tanned sheepskin, with the publisher's original tinted lithographed wrappers bound in; the modern index is separately bound in modern goatskin, designed to match the main volume. Full description
€ 8,500
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24 engraved views made for the Emperor of China,
showing the campaign expanding his western territories

[HELMAN, Isidore-Stanislas].

[Suite de seize estampes représentant les conquêtes de l'Empereur de la Chine, avec leur explication].
(2) [Supplement 1 with views 17-20].
(3) [Supplement 2 with views 21-24].
Paris, Isidore Stanislas Helman, Nicolas Ponce, 1783-1788. Oblong Imperial folio (35 x 48.5 cm). A series of 24 numbered engraved views (plate size 27 x 43 cm; image size 24 x 41 cm), with reproductions of the engraved explanation of the views, in both the earlier state covering views 1-16 and the later state covering views 1-24. Loose prints in folders in a modern archival box.

Full description
€ 50,000
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Best manual for architectural stone cutting,
with 121 large plates plus 37 repeats

LA RUE, Jean Baptiste de. Traité de la coupe des pierres, ou methode facile & abregée, pour aisément se perfectionner en cette science.
Paris, Imprimerie Royale, Pierre-Alexandre Martin, 1738. Large folio (43.5 x 29.5 cm). With engraved allegorical frontispiece by Thomassin after Bertin and numerous architectural plans and views (in orthographic projections and in perspective) and designs for stone cutters printed from 97 engraved copper plates (96 full-page and 1 larger than double-page on a folding sheet of larger format). A. Coquart signed or initialed most of the plates. Further with 3 engraved headpieces (plus 3 repeats) showing putti cutting and hauling stone at building sites and 2 engraved decorated initials. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine; rebacked with the original backstrip laid down. Full description
€ 9,500
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The first French pictorial encyclopedia of ornament, decorative arts and architecture

[LE PAUTRE, Jean & Pierre, and others]. L'architecture à la mode ou sont les nouveaux dessins pour la décoration des bâtimens et jardins. Par les plus habils architectes sculpteurs peintres menuisiers jardiniers serruriers &c.
Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [ca. 1675-ca. 1728? (engraved ca. 1655-ca. 1728)]. 2 volumes. Folio (31.5 x 22 cm). With 2 (identical) engraved title-pages and 497 engravings on 496 plates, including 52 double-page. Contemporary uniform brown calf, gold-tooled spines, gold-tooled board edges. Rebacked. Full description
€ 35,000
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Detailed eye-witness reports of a voyage around the world as it unfolded, 1847-1851

LORGE, Louis Anne Paul de Durfort Civrac, Comte de. [46 letters].
Chili, Macao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Batavia, Ceylon, Calcutta, Delhi, etc., 1847-1851. 8vo & 4to. 46 autograph letters, mostly signed, written during a voyage around the world by the Comte de Lorge, to his father, the Duc de Lorge. Loose letters in clear plastic sleeves in a modern notebook. Full description
€ 9,500
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180 hand-coloured lithographs of China

MALPIERE, D. Bazin de. La Chine, moeurs, usages, costumes, arts et métiers, peines civiles et militaires, cérémonies religieuses, monuments et paysages, d'après les dessins originaux du père Castiglione, du peintre chinois Pu-Qua, du W. Alexandre, Chambers, Dadley, etc.
Paris, De Malpiere, Goujon & Formentin, and Firmin Didot, 1825-1827. 2 volumes. Large 4to (34 x 25.5 cm). With 180 lithographed plates in publisher's hand-colouring (including a frontispiece to each volume and 1 plan of Beijing), 4 engraved plates (the first with hand-coloured illustration and the other three with musical notation). Lacking 1 plate and its accompanying letterpress description ("Porte-enseigne du corps des archers"), facsimile included. Contemporary half tanned goatskin, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 45,000
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Unpublished mycology manuscript covering 67 genera of fungi from France, with hundreds of illustrations

[MANUSCRIPT - MYCOLOGY]. [French mycology manuscript].
[France, 1920?]. 34 parts. 8vo. With each described species illustrated in watercolour and pencil and on nearly all occasions also illustrating details and other stages of development. Each part sewn as a single quire without title-page, covered in a modern transparent paper. Full description
€ 8,500
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Key historical text on the Tonga Islands,
from the library of the fallen Empress Marie-Louise

MARINER, William and John MARTIN (editor). Histoire des naturels des Iles Tonga ou des Amis, situées dans l'Océan Pacifique depuis leur découverte par le Capitaine Cook; rédigée par John Martin, sur les détails fournis par William Mariner, qui y a passé plusieurs années; ...
Paris, Gide and Nicolle (back of half-title: Imprimerie de J. Smith), 1817. 2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary red half morocco, gold-tooled spine, paper sides with the crowned monogram of Empress Marie-Louise in gold on both sides of each volume. Full description
€ 6,500
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Dutch Beauty and the beast, extra-illustrated with Dutch and French plates,
beautifully coloured and highlighted in gold, signed by the author

MARMONTEL, Jean François and Pieter PIJPERS. Zemire en Azor, zangspel. Met konstwerken en balletten. Gevolgd naar het Fransche.
Amsterdam, Jan Helders, Abraham Mars, 1783. 8vo. With an engraved title-page including a vignette by H.L. Meyling, a letterpress title-page with an emblematic engraved vignette by Reinier Vinkeles. Extra added in this copy are an additional letterpress title-page, also dated "1783", but with a portrait of Pieter Pijpers engraved by Theodorus Koning dated 1789, accompanied by the letterpress explanatory leaf with a poem "Op myne afbeelding door Theodorus Koning", dated 1789, signed by Pijpers in brown ink. Further with 3 extra added engraved plates, plus 1 repeated in an earlier state with no lettering, depicting scenes from the play by various Dutch artists (A. Fokke, H.L. Myling, W. Immink, A. Hulk Jacobsz), 1 dated 1784. And finally with 6 engraved plates by various French artists, made for the original French edition. The engraved title is richly coloured and highlighted with gold (incl. the lettering) by a contemporary hand. The six French plates are splendidly coloured and highlighted with gold and gum arabic by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 12,500
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Set of 67 stunning colour orchid drawings from Petschkau (Pecky) castle in Bohemia

MASCHEK, Caroline. 67 studies of orchids.
Cervené Pechy (Bohemia), 1885-1889. 67 drawings of orchids in coloured gouaches on thin laminated board, mostly with a smooth grey surface (32 x 24 cm; the painted images about 14 to 28 cm tall), most captioned with the Latin name, place of origin, name of a botanical collection or reference and the month of the drawing. Some drawings dated and monogrammed by the artist. Each drawing with a tissue attached to the back to protect the next drawing in the stack. The drawings loose in a half red morocco clamshell box. Full description
€ 48,000
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The most important early Dutch book on hunting

MERULA, Paulus. Placaten ende ordonnancien op 't stuck vande wildernissen.
The Hague, Beuckel Cornelisz. Nieulandt, 1605. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small folio (31 x 20 cm). With attractive engraved title-page (showing Diana, goddess of the hunt, a hunter and a falconer surrounding an elaborate cartouche together with hounds, birds of prey, and prey) and 2 double-page woodcut plates showing the castles of Teylingen and Warmond. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 9,500
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The scientific revival of hydrotherapy in France

[MINERAL SPRINGS – FRANCE]. [30 scientific and promotional publications on mineral springs in France].
France, 1870-1888. 30 works in 1 volume. 8vo. One work with 5 leaves with wood engraved illustrations and some others with an illustration on the title-page. Contemporary red half sheepskin, with gold fillets and title-label on spine, and the original wrappers of each work bound in. Full description
€ 2,250
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Rare first and only German edition, with 20 emblematic woodcuts

NOOT, Jan van der. Theatrum das ist, Schawplatz, darein die eitelheit der irrdischen unnd vergencklichen dingen und die ubertreffenlichste gottliche und himlische sach getzeigt und erkleret wird, ...
[Cologne], [Gottfried Cervicornus the younger?], 1572. 4to. With each page in an elaborate woodcut border, large woodcut coat of arms and portrait of the author, and 20 full-page emblematical woodcuts (9 x 7.5 cm) after Marcus Gheeraerts the elder's etchings for the original Dutch edition, including 1 repeat, used with 2 different texts. Set in fraktur types with prelims in italic and Schwabacher, and incidental roman. With both coats of arms and the borders and decorative panel of the last sixteen pages partly coloured in yellow. Beautiful richly gold-tooled dark blue morocco (ca. 1885/90) by Marcellin II and Paul Lortic, marbled endpapers, silk ribbon marker. Full description
€ 75,000
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Heralds of a new age: three first editions
Including the first Renaissance narrative poetical works in Dutch
With 17 Coornhert illustrations

NOOT, Jan van der. Cort begryp der XII. boeken Olympiados. ... Abregé des douze livres Olympiades.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1579. With 1 engraved plate (portrait of the author), 17 full-page engravings (ca. 16 x 11.5 cm.) by Dirk Volkertsz. Coornhert after designs of the monogrammist CVSK and a full-page woodcut of an obelisk at the end, signed with the monogram "HE".
(2) NOOT, Jan van der. Lofsang van Braband. ... Hymne de Braband.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1580. With 4 full-page woodcuts (portrait of the author, allegorical illustration, arms of Brabant and the other 16 provinces, and an obelisk).
(3) NOOT, Jan van der. Verscheyden poeticsche werken. ... Divers oeuvres poetiques.
Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, 1581. With full-page woodcut portrait of the author, and a full-page woodcut obelisk at the end. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. All 3 works with text in Dutch and French. Early 18th-century gold-tooled mottled calf. Full description
€ 45,000
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Rare pocket-sized works of Ovid, bound for the 16th-century Dutch statesman Johannes Mepschius,
later in Jan Six's library

OVIDIUS NASO, Publius (OVID). Amatoria.
(2) Metamorphoseon libri XV.
(3) Fastorum lib. VI. ... Tristium lib. V. ... De Ponto lib. IIII.
Lyon, Sebastian Gryphius (Sébastien Gryphe), 1547. 3 volumes. 16mo (12.5 x 8 cm). 16th-century Lyonese red morocco in Italian style, each board in a panel design, with the titles on the front boards and the owner's name "IO|ANNES|MEPSC|HIVS" on the back boards), 17th-century gold-tooling on the spines. Full description
€ 25,000
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Fine set of the rarest of great French garden landscaping, art & architecture books

PANSERON, Pierre. Recueil de jardinage. [Ier]- IVme volume. [vols. 2-4 with title: Recueil de jardins Anglois et Chinois].
Paris, the author, Denos, Mondare, Basan (vols. 3-4: the author only), 1783-1788. With 4 engraved title-pages, 2 engraved ll. with explanatory text, and 110 engraved illustrations on 109 plates. At least the present copy also includes a 3-page engraved price list for both the Recueil de jardins and the Recueil des décorations.
(2) PANSERON, Pierre. Recueil des décorations propre a embellir les jardins Anglois et Chinois.
Paris, the author, 1785. With engraved title-page and 56 engraved plates in ten series.
(3) PANSERON, Pierre. Catalogue des ouvrages d'architecture du Sieur Panseron.
Paris, the author, [ca. 1783]. 2 works plus publisher's catalogue in 5 volumes. 4to. Contemporary mottled sheepskin, gold-tooled spines. Panseron's price list offered copies bound in "bazanne", so the present copy may be in the publisher's own binding. Full description
€ 60,000
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Among Le Pautre’s earliest work

PHILIPPON, Adam. Curieuses recherches de plusieurs beaus morceaus d'ornemens antiques, et modernes, tant dans la ville de Rome, ques autres villes et lieux d'Italie.
Croissant, Adam Philippon, 1645. Wholly engraved print series consisting of a title-page, dedication, privilege, and 50 plates. The leaves are numbered 1-42, followed by 10 plates with their numbers changed by hand, and the privilege.
With: (2) LE PAUTRE, Jean. Frizes feuillages ou Tritons marins antiques et modernes.Paris, P. Mariette, [ca. 1664]. Series of 6 numbered engraved plates, each with two friezes . 2 series in 1 volume. Small folio (26.5 x 18.5 cm). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 7,000
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One of the rarest of all African big game hunting books, beautifully illustrated

POTOCKI, Józef and Piotr STACHIEWICZ. Notatki mysliwskie Z Afryki: Somali.
Warsaw, Gebethner & Wolff, 1897. Large 4to (40 x 31 cm). With a colour-printed frontispiece, 18 photogravure plates (5 double-page), 5 numbered full-page tinted plates, and ca. 60 illustrations in text (mostly tinted). Publisher's original pictorial beige cloth, with a lion's head on the front board and zebra-patterned endpapers. Full description
€ 3,250
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First edition of a famous French dancing manual

RAMEAU, Pierre. Le maître a danser. Qui enseigne la maniere de faire tous les differens pas de danse dans toute la regularité de l'art, & de conduire les bras à chaque pas.
Paris, Jean Villette, 1725. 8vo. With etched frontispiece and 59 etched plates (including 3 double-page and 1 larger folding) showing 2 couples dancing the minuet before King Louis XV and his court, individuals and couples demonstrating dance positions, dance steps, positions and movements of the hands and arms during the dance, drawn and mostly etched by the author. Further with numerous charming woodcut headpieces and tailpieces (2 signed "V.LS" or "V.LS in"), woodcut decorated initials, and decorations built up from cast fleurons. Green morocco (ca. 1900?), gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled turn-ins, fillets on board edges, curl-marbled endpapers, gilt edges (stamp on endleaf: "Gloss. Elldt Jnr"?). Full description
€ 21,500
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Auction catalogue of one of the most celebrated collections of the 18th century

[RANDON DE BOISSET, Pierre Louis Paul]. Catalogue des tableaux & desseins précieux des maîtres célebres des trois écoles, figures marbres, de bronze & de terre cuite, estampes en feuilles & autres objets du cabinet de feu M. Randon de Boisset, receveur géneral des finances. … On a joint à ce catalogue celui des vases, colonnes de marbres, porcelaines, des laques, des meubles de boule & d'autres effets précieux, par C.F. Julliot. La vente se fera le jeudi 27 février 1777 ... Vêndome.
Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, 1777. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary red morocco, richly gold-tooled spine and turn-ins, gold fillets on boards and board edges, gilt edges. Full description
€ 1,750
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Jesuit poem on garden art as Louis XIV built Versailles,
with engraved frontispiece and decorations

RAPIN, René. Hortorum libri IV. cum disputatione de cultura hortensi.
Paris, Imprimerie Royale (colophon also naming the printer Sébastien Cramoisy), 1665. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece; the engraved arms of Louis XIV on the title-page; 2 engraved armorial headpieces; 5 further engraved headpieces with pictorial scenes; 3 large engraved tailpieces with baroque decoration; 7 engraved decorated initials. Early 18th-century gold-tooled tan calf. Full description
€ 2,500
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The great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and the city of Augsburg
a splendid publication with more than 100 engraved maps, plans and views,
in an Augsburg gold-brocade paper wrapper

ROTH, Johann Michaël. Augsburgische Sammlung derer wegen des höchstbetrübten Untergangs der Stadt Lissabon, … anbey hat man die Stadt Augsburg in Grundriß mit 48. Prospecten der schönsten Gebäude denselben mit beygefüget …
Augsburg, Johann Michael Roth, [ca. 1756]. 1mo (50 x 38.5 cm). With engraved title-page, an engraved report on the earthquake and resulting tsunami; and in the first part 60 engraved views, maps and plans on 13 leaves (4 large folding).
(2) [MAP]. KRAUS, Johann Thomas. Accurata recens delineate ichnographia … metropolis Augustae Vindelicorum … = Neu verfertigt accurater Grund Riß der … Statt Augspurg, …
Augsburg, Matthäus Seutter, [ca. 1750]. Large engraved map on a folding sheet (50 x 61 cm) at a scale of about 1:4000.
(3) WEYERMANN, Jakob Christoph. Prospectus praecipuorum aedificorum et locorum intra et extra urbem Augustam Vindelicorum …
Augsburg, Matthäus Seutter, 1742. 4 large uncut folding sheets (each 40 x 70 cm) containing the engraved title-page and 47 engraved views of buildings in and around Augsburg (each 16 x 13.5 cm).
Gold on black gold brocade paper wrapper, probably from the publisher. The whole is kept is a finely produced modern tanned sheepskin box with the form of a book. Full description
€ 57,500
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Erotic photo album from the Belle Époque, mostly on the theme of flagellation

[SADOMASOCHISM]. RABIER, Hector (compiler). [Binding title:] Peines [et] supplices.
[France/Belgium, early 20th century]. 4to (23.5 x 20 cm). Album containing 24 small contact prints and 153 albumen or gelatin silver prints, 16 photographic reproductions of paintings or drawings, 2 albumen prints of nudes and 17 silver gelatin prints of sadomasochistic scenes. Contemporary black cloth, with the title ("H. Rabier - peines - supplices") on the spine. Full description
€ 15,000
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Richly gold-tooled French morocco in the style of "Le Gascon":
includes Elichman's Greek, Latin and Arabic Tabula Cebetis and Aurea carmina Pythagoræ

SIMPLICIUS of Cilicia. Commentarius in Enchiridion Epicteti, ex libris veteribus emendatus. Cum versione Hieronymi Wolfii, et Cl. Salmasii animadversionibus, et notis quibus Philosophia Stoica passim explicatur & illustratur.
Leiden, Johannes Maire, 1640. 4 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With three title-pages. Set in roman, Greek and Arabic types. Contemporary French pointillé binding in the style of "Le Gascon", richly gold-tooled in concentric panels on both covers, and in the six compartments of the spine, the second with the title. Full description
€ 9,750
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Delicate 1797 bibliophile edition of Gulliver’s travels in French:
printed by Pierre Didot and bound ca. 1820 by René Simier, bookbinder to Louis XVIII

[SWIFT, Jonathan]. Voyages de Gulliver.
Paris, Pierre Didot aîné (verso of vol. 1 half-title: sold by [Pierre-François] Bleuet jeune), 1797. 4 parts in 2 volumes, bound as 4. 18mo (13.5 x 8.5 cm). With an engraved frontispiece and 9 engraved illustration plates, all drawn by Louis-Joseph Lefèvre (1756-1830) and engraved by Louis-Joseph Masquelier, with a tissue guard leaf bound in before each plate. Set in roman and italic types cut by Firmin Didot, brother of the printer, and printed in an edition of 100 copies. Near contemporary (ca. 1820) gold-tooled, long-grained red morocco by René Simier, Relieur du Roi, signed at the foot of the spine of vol. 1, gilt edges. Full description
€ 3,500
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Transport regulation from France to Tahiti and New Caledonia

[TAHITI & NEW CALEDONIA]. MINISTÈRE DE LA MARINE ET DES COLONIES. [Drop-title:] Cahier des conditions particulières relatives à l'adjudication sur soumissions cachetées du transport régulier de passagers, de vivres et de matériel à effectuer pendant trois ans entre la métropole et les colonies de Taïti et de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.
(Colophon: Paris, Paul Dupont), [1865]. Folio. With a letterpress table. Modern boards. Full description
€ 3,500
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Collection of treatises concerning trilobites, from the library of King Johann of Saxony

TILESIUS, Adolph von [=Wilhelm Gottlieb TILESIUS von TILNAU]. Naturhistorische Abhandlungen und Erläuterungen besonders die Petrefactenkunde betreffend[.]
Kassel, Johann Christian Krieger & Co., 1826. Royal 4to (31 x 21 cm). With 8 numbered hand-coloured lithographed folding plates. Contemporary red grained gold-tooled sheepskin, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 12,500
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12 stunning and detailed drawings of Chinese deities,
in many bright colours plus gold and silver

TINGQUA. [Twelve Chinese gods].
[Guangzhen (Canton)], Tingqua, [ca. 1870?]. Imperial 4to album (33 x 24.5 cm). 12 drawings in numerous brightly coloured gouaches plus gold and silver, on pith paper (30 x 21.5 cm), each drawing mounted by its corners in an album of mulberry-bark(?) paper and framed with 4 strips of blue silk, and with a loose tissue leaf inserted before each drawing and an extra blank album leaf before the first drawing. Contemporary rice-straw(?) pasteboards, with the contemporary "Tingqua" label. Full description
€ 38,000
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"on military technology, no works had greater influence or enjoyed greater prestige" (Guerlac)

VAUBAN, Sébastien le Prestre de [and Guillaume de Lafon de Boisguérin, seigneur DESHOULIERES]. De l'attaque et de la defense des places...
The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1737. With 36 folding engraved plates.
With: (2) VAUBAN, Sébastien le Prestre de. De l'attaque et de la defense des places... tome second. Contenant un traité pratique des mines,... et une autre de la guerre en general...
The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1742. With 11 folding engraved plates. 2 works in 1 volume. Large 4to (26.5 x 20.5 cm). Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 4,500
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First edition of a classic book of international costume figures with 420 woodcuts,
in splendid gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1865) by Hardy-Mennil with the arms of the Prince d’Essling


De gli habiti antichi, et moderni di diverse parti del mondo, libri due, ..., & con discorsi da lui dichiarati.
Venice, Damiano Zenaro, 1590. 8vo (19 x 12 x 4.5 cm). Title-page with an elaborately decorated woodcut scrollwork border, a divisional title with a 4-piece woodcut border, an emblematic woodcut medallion, 5 full-page woodcut views of Venice, and 413 full-page woodcut costume figures from around the world (each in a 4-piece woodcut border). Gold-tooled red goatskin morocco (Paris, ca. 1865) by the  celebrated French binder C. Hardy and his partner,  signed in the front turn-in "HARDY-MENNIL", each board with the crowned and supported arms of the Prince d'Essling, monogram AM (for André Masséna, Prince d'Essling), richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled turn-ins, double fillets on board edges, edges gilt over swirl marbling.

Full description
€ 25,000
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Deluxe issue (copy no. 1 of 25) of a bibliophile edition of Verhaeren's poems
in a spectacular and colourful binding with an original watercolour drawing and collotype plates

VERHAEREN, Émile. Les plaines.
Paris, Henri Piazza (colophon: printed by G. Kadar, Paris, 15 February 1934). 4to (23 x 16 cm). With an original watercolour drawing (10 x 10 cm), 35 colour collotype facsimiles of watercolour drawings (1 as frontispiece, the others in the text), some finished by hand, and 70 plates repeating the 35 illustrations: once in black and white and once in colour, all by Henri Cassiers. Contemporary (1934) gold-blocked brown morocco by George Canape and Georges Corriez in Paris, each board with an unidentified (prince's or duke's?) coat of arms in the centre in a frame of rose branches (the roses in red), spine with author and title in gold and rose branches in red and gold, gold fillets on board edges, turn-ins in gold with red roses, decorated cloth doublures and free endleaves (yellow background with multi-coloured flowers all woven), gilt edges. Full description
€ 4,950
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Seven very rare post-incunabules printed in Antwerp
(1 unique and only 1 surviving in more than 4 complete copies)
in an Antwerp panel-stamped binding with a finely executed portrait of Charles V

VOLDER, Willem de (Guilielmus GNAPHEUS). Acolastus. De filio prodigo comoedia Acolasti titulo inscripta.
Antwerp, Martinus de Keyser for Willem Vorsterman, March 1535. With title in a 4-piece architectural woodcut border.
(2) PLAISIER, Jean le (Johannes PLACENTIUS). Susanna. Eusebii Candidi Elegia, in vanam brevemque humanae vitae gloriolam. Item Ode Sappica eiusdem Eusebii, in mortis recordationem. Item Plausus luctificae mortis ad modum dialogi, expemporaliter ab eodem Eusebio lusus.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Willem Vorsterman), 1536. With title in a woodcut border.
(3) CRÔCUS, Cornelius. Comoedia sacra, cui titulus Joseph, ad Christianae iuventutis institutionem iuxta locos inventionis, veteremque artem, nunc primum & scripta & edita.
Antwerp, Joannes Steelsius, 1537 (colophon: printed by Joannes Graphaeus). With a woodcut decoration on the title-page and Steelsius's woodcut device on the last page.
(4) PLAUTUS. Aulularia Plautina, comoediarum lepidissima. Quae etsi alias incomplete, à Codro Urceo, & Martino Dorpio tamen est perfecta. Cum familiari explanatione. Index dictionum hic insertarum, in calce est additus.
Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1531. With title in a 4-piece woodcut border.
(5) LUCIANUS Samosatensis. Dialogi aliquot, per D. Erasmi versi, ac à Nicolao Buscoducensi, succinctis pariter & eruditis scholiis explanati, recens per eundem diligenter recogniti.
(Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, August 1533). With Hillen van Hoochstraten's device on the last page.
(6) SCHOTTEN(NIUS), Hermann(us). Vita honesta, sive virtutis: quomodo quisque vivere debeat, omni aetate, omni tempore, & quotlibet loco, erga Deum & homines. Cui novissime adiecimus Institutionem Christiani hominis, per Adrianum Barlandum Aphorismis digestam. Omnia multo quam antehac emendatiora.
Antwerp, Joannes Steelsius, 1538 (colophon: printed by Joannes Graphaeus).
(7) ERASMUS, Desiderius.De civilitate morum puerilium ... libellus ab autore recognitus, & novis scholiis illustratus per Gisbertum Longolium Ultratraiectinum.
Antwerp, Willem Vorsterman, 1533. Title in a 4-piece woodcut border.
7 works in one volume. Small 8vo (16 x 10.5 cm). Contemporary (ca. 1538) Antwerp panel-stamped calf, each side with the same panel stamp (85 x 55 mm), showing a roundel with a half length portrait of the then reigning Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, the Imperial double-headed eagle stands above the roundel between two small columns and Charles's motto below the roundel (":PLUS:OVLTRE. | .KAROLVS.V.IMP:"), with two 5-pointed stars above it and a lion face with decorations below it; the whole is flanked by decorative columns. Full description
€ 45,000
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Jesuit warning of the consequences of licentiousness,
in magnificently gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1643)

ZEHENTNER, Paul. Promontorium malae spei: impiis periculose navigantibus propositium. Sive, signum & nota reprobationis: procrastinatio poenitentiae, scripta cautelae hominum, emendatione[m] vita[e] cunctantium, spe aliquando resipiscendi.
Graz, [heirs of Georg] Widmanstetter for Sebastian Haupt, 1643. Large 4to (25.5 x 19 cm). With an engraved allegorical frontispiece and a richly designed armorial and emblematic dedication plate, both by David Tscherning. Contemporary, richly gold-tooled black morocco, each board in a panel design of rolls and stamps with a large built-up centrepiece in a double frame of multiple decorative rolls (the diagonals connecting the inner and outer frames possibly intended to give the effect of a three-dimensional niche), and the spine treated as a single field with built-up decorations in a frame of multiple rolls, gold fillets on turn-ins, the whole with hundreds of impressions of dozens of stamps and rolls, gilt edges, traces of 2 pair of ties. Full description
€ 7,950
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