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Book History, Education, Learning & Printing / Early Printing, 15th & 16th Century

How to win a war with arithmetic

[BUSSCHE, Alexandre van den]. L'arithmetique militaire ... departie en deux livres. ... A la fin du second livre se trouveront plusieurs advertissemens, conseils, & sentences militaires des antiques, & modernes.
Paris, Gilles Gourbin, [1571/72]. 4to. With Gourbin's woodcut device on title-page, woodcut diagrams in the text. French maroon morocco (ca. 1900), gold-tooled spine title, gold fillets on board edges and turn-ins, signed "MISSOL". Full description
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"Few books had greater influence on the subsequent teaching of elementary mathematics"

FELICIANO, Francesco Libro di arithmetica & geometria speculativa & praticale ... intitulato Scala Grimaldelli: novamente stampato
(Colophon: Venice, Francesco de Leno), 1563. 4to. With the title in a 5-piece woodcut border  with an allusive woodcut illustration (ladder and key), and with numerous woodcut diagrams, geometric figures and other illustrations printed in the large fore-edge margin. Contemporary sheepskin parchment. Full description
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"one of the most influential early books on China to be published in Europe"
including a curious description of the New World

[GONZÁLEZ DE MENDOZA, Juan]. Nova et succincta vera tamen historia de amplissimo potentissimoque, nostro quidem orbi hactenus incognito, sed perpaucis abhinc annis explorato Regno China.
Frankfurt am Main, [Sigmund Feyerabend(?), 1589]. 8vo. With two early woodcut Chinese characters on p. 200 and p. 202. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum. Full description
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16th-century Cologne imprints in a 1540 Breslau binding,
its tooling very well preserved

HEYNLIN DE LAPIDE, Johannes. Resolutioru[m] dubioru[m] circa celebatione[m] missarum occurrentium.
(Colophon: Cologne, Johann Landen, 1506). With a woodcut illustration of the madonna and child on the recto of the last blank and repeated on the verso of the same leaf.
With: (2) AUGUSTINUS OF LEONISSA. Sermones pulcherrimi sup[er] D[omi]nica[m] or[ati]o[n]em Pater noster et Angelicam salutat[i]o[n]em Ave Maria ...
(Colophon: Cologne, [heirs of] Heinrich Quentel, 1505). With a couple decorated woodcut initials. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Richly blind-tooled calf in panel design, signed ("HB") and dated ("1540"), both sides with in the centre a roll of showing the crucifixion, instruments of the Passion and the resurrection of Christ, surrounded by a roll with portraits of the 4 Evangelists and the front board with the title "Resolutorium" and "XLIII". Further with 5 brass bosses on each side, brass clasps, catch plates and corner pieces (lacking 2 corner pieces on the back). Full description
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Most important work of the mysterious and controversial Anabaptist David Joris

JORIS, David. T'Wonder-boeck: waer in dat van der wereldt aen versloten gheopenbaert is.
[Vianen, printed by Dirck Mullem and distributed via a merchant in Emden, 1584]. 4 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With a half-page engraving of the Lamb of God in part 1, a spectacular full-page engraving of the nude bride of Christ in part 3 (by Hieronymus Wierix) and an engraved landscape with the way to eternal life in the sky in part 3. Blind-tooled calf over wooden boards (ca. 1645), each board in a panel design with three ornamental rolls, 2 brass clasps and catchplates with engraved decoration. Full description
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Dutch Anabaptist heretic burned in Basel three years after his death

JORIS, David (subject). David Georgen ausz Holand deß Ertzkätzers warhafftige Histori, seines Lebens, unnd verfürischen Leer, . . .
Basel, (colophon: printed by Hieronymus Curio, September 1559), 1559. Small 4to. With 2 large woodcut gothic decorated initials (56 mm). Set in schwabacher types with incidental fraktur and the year of publication in Roman numerals. Disbound. Full description
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First collected edition of three classical writers,
set in an Aldine-style italic

JUSTINUS, Marcus Junianus. Trogi Pompei externae historiae in compendium ab Justino redactae.
PROBUS, Aemylius [recté NEPOS, Cornelius]. De vita excellentium imperatorum liber.
VELLEIUS PATERCULUS, Caius. Historiae Romanae duo volumina, ...
(Colophon: Florence, Philippo Giunta, 1525). 3 works published as 1. 8vo. With Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page and a nearly identical one on the verso of the otherwise blank last leaf. Set in an Aldine-style italic, with numerous spaces with guide letters where manuscript initials could be filled in (left blank in the present copy). Dark green gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1833?), the with AAR-monogram of Antoine Augustin Renouard, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, pink watered-silk endleaves, matching ribbon marker, gilt edges. Attributed to the Bradel family in Paris, probably Antoine Louis François Bradel. Full description
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A rare Czech translation of a Turkish chronicle

LEUNCLAVIUS, Joannes. Kronyka Nowa O Narodu Tureckem, na dwa Djili rozdelena.
Prague, Daniel Adam, 1594. 2 volumes bound as 1. Small 4to (19.5 x 15.5 cm). With the title-page of volume 1 printed in red and black, and the colophon with large woodcut printer's device; the 2nd volume with woodcut ornament on the title-page, and the colophon with a woodcut vignette. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum, with 2 leather straps with brass clasps (later). Full description
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12 of Lipsius's most important works: on ancient Rome, his “Mirror of Princes” and his letters,
all published during his lifetime by Plantin’s son-in-law and successor

LIPSIUS, Justus. [Collection of 12 important works, mostly on ancient Rome].
Antwerp, Officina Plantiniana/Jan Moretus, 1596-1605. 12 editions (many in multiple parts) in 3 volumes. Large 4to (27.5 x 19.5 cm). Uniform blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1610) over bevelled beechwood(?) boards, each board in a panel design with three decorative borders, showing 4 biblical scenes, 4 biblical portraits and 4 profile heads in roundels alternating with 4 shields. Each volume with 2 brass fastenings. Full description
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