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Important illustrated study of emblems,
with a lengthy treatment of women's emblems

BARGAGLI, Scipione. Dell' imprese die Scipion Bargagli … Alla prima parte, la seconda, e la terza nucoamente aggiunte.
Venice, Francesco de Franceschi, 1594. Small 4to (20.5 x 15 cm). With oval engraved device on title-page, full-page engraved portrait of Rudolf II, full-page engraved dedicatory emblem, and 138 engraved oval emblems in text. 19th-century half sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 3,500
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Jamestown on the island Saint Helena, seen in 1805, painted in oils on brass

[BELLASIS, George Hutchins, after]. [Jamestown, Saint Helena, seen from the sea in 1805].
[Place of production unknown, ca. 1815? after an 1806 print]. Oil painting on a thin brass plate (11.5 x 15.5 cm) showing the town of Jamestown on the island Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean, with 2 ships and a smaller sailboat in the bay before the town, the fortress on the promontory to the left, the houses, governor's residence and church in the centre with the valley and mountains behind. In an ebonized wooden frame and gilt inner frame (24 x 27.5 cm). Full description
€ 7,500
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Salviati’s great Counter-Reformation redaction of Boccaccio’s Decameron,
with the first illustrations made for his text

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Il Decameron ... di nuovo ristampato, e riscontrato in Firenze con testi antichi, & alla sua vera lettione ridotto. dal cavalier Lionardo Salviati ... Et ... adornato di bellissime figure ...
Venice, Alessandro Vecchi, 1602. 4to. With Vecchi's on the title-page, a woodcut oval portrait of Boccaccio and 110 woodcut illustrations (mostly about 6.5 x 10 cm). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 1,950
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Six rare books of secrets and informative handbooks (1540-1686),
covering metallurgy, dying, medicine, culinary carving, paper cutting and the Amsterdam labyrinth

[BOOKS OF SECRETS]. Kunstbüchlin, gerechten gründtlichen gebrauchs aller kunstbaren Werckleut. Ertzarbeyt, in un[d] ausserhalb feurs, auss alchimistischem und natürlichem grund … Jede Farben zubereyten, erhalten, bessern und widerbringen.
Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolph, [ca. 1540]. With woodcut illustration on title-page, depicting about 25 tools, implements and pieces of equipment for painting, metalworking, smelting, woodworking and other arts and crafts.
(2) Den sack der consten, uyt den Italiaens ende Franssoys in onse Nederlantsche tale overgheset, tot vermakinghe van alle sware gheesten, ende voor de ghene die gheerne wat nieus willen hooren.
Antwerpen, Godtgaf Verhulst, 1622. With woodcut illustration on title-page and a small woodcut illustration in text.
(3) CERVIO, Vincenzo. Il trinciante ..., ampliato, et ridotto a perfettione dal cavalier reale Fusoritto da Narni.
Including: Aggiunta fattaal trinciante.
Venice, heirs of Giovanni Varisco, (1593). 2 parts. With Varisco's woodcut device on title-page of part 1 and a more attractive larger variant on the title-page of part 2 (repeated above the colophon), 4 full-page woodcuts on 2 integral leaves and 2 (of 3) folding woodcut plates.
(4) PROCACCHI, Giaccomo. Voorlegh boeck ofte maniere om verscheyden soorten van spijse soo gesooden als gebraden, aende vorck voor te snyden ende om dienen.
Leiden, Jacob Roels, 1639. With 3 folding woodcut plates and 13 full-page woodcuts on integral leaves. The numbering of the plates omits no. 8 as usual.
(5) Konstig en vermaakelijk tyd-verdryf, der Hollandsche jufferen of onderricht der papiere sny-konst. … Het eerst deel [all published].
Amsterdam, Johannes ten Hoorn, 1686. With about two dozen woodcuts in text.
(6) Verklaringe van verscheyden kunst-rijcke wercken en hare beweginghe, door oorlogie-werck ghedreven, … Alles te sien in't Oude Doolhof tot Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Tymon Houthaak, 1650. With an engraved illustration of a labyrinth on title-page and 4 further illustrations on integral leaves (1 full-page and blank on the verso, by P. Holsteyn after A. Vinckenbrinck; 3 in text). Lacking the folding engraved plate of David and Goliath.
6 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 16 cm). Half vellum (ca. 1730). Full description
€ 45,000
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Rare first edition of the leading Dutch translation of the Ship of fools

BRANT, Sebastiaen. Navis stultorum: oft, Der sotten schip.
Antwerp, Jan II van Ghelen, 1584. Small 4to. With a woodcut of the Ship of Fools on the title-page, woodcut Dutch title-panel, Van Ghelen's large woodcut greyhounds and goat device on the last page, 118 full-page and 2 smaller woodcut illustrations in text, each page (after the title and its verso) in a border built up from arabesque cast fleurons. 18th-century sprinkled calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges, mottled edges. Full description
€ 18,000
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Remarkable Spanish theoretical treatise on painting and the liberal arts in Spain

BUTRON, Juan Alonso de. Discursos apologeticos, en que se defiende la ingenvidad del arte de la pintura; que es liberal, de todos derechos, no inferior a las sie te que comunmente te se reciben.
Madrid, Luis Sanchez, 1626. 4to. With an engraved architectural title-page by Juan Schorquens. Early 19th-century Spanish gold-tooled, sheepskin (root or maroquin pattern). Full description
€ 5,500
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120 prints, nearly all 1601-1725, including at least 4 complete series,
most brought together ca. 1745

[CALLOT, Jacques, Carel ALLARD & others]. [Collection of 120 engravings by French, Dutch, Italian and German artists].
Venice, Paris, [Amsterdam], etc., 1601-1725 (album ca. 1745?), with additions [1788] & [ca. 1790]. 8vo, 4to, etc. (19 x 13 cm). 120 engraved prints, namely 44 from 4 complete print series (1 with a title-print), 57 (including 3 title-prints) from 10 or 11 other series and 19 prints apparently not from any series, by Jacques Callot (1 complete series), Odoardo Fialetti, Herman Weyen, Balthasar Moncornet, Henri Bonnart, Carel Allard (3 complete series), P. Landry and others (see contents, below). Mottled sheepskin (ca. 1745?). Full description
€ 9,500
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The architectural features and sculpture showing the Amsterdam City Hall in full glory.
With the magnificent engraving of the 1661 mosaic floor map of the world in 2 hemispheres,
incorporating Tasman's discoveries not otherwise published for decades

[CAMPEN, Jacob van, Hubert QUELLINUS and Jacob VENNEKOOL]. Bouw schilder en beeldhouwkonst, van het stadhuis te Amsteldam, vertoont in CIX figuuren: . . .
Amsterdam, J. Covens, C. Mortier and J. Covens junior, [ca. 1780]. Folio. With full-page engraved portrait of Jacob van Campen, engraved plates numbered I-CIX (here on 115 full-page, double-page and folding leaves) described under these numbers in the letterpress text. Contemporary half calf. Full description
€ 5,500
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10 etched plates after drawings by a pupil of Rembrandt

CAYLUS, Anne Claude Philippe Comte de. Histoire de Joseph, accompagnée de dix figures, rélatives aux principaux evenemens de la fils de ce fils du patriarche Jacob, et gravées sur les modèles du fameux Reimbrandt.
Amsterdam, Jean Neaulme, 1757. Folio. With title-page printed in red and black, and 10 full-page etched plates. Contemporary boards. Full description
€ 3,950
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A history of painting in Italian verse

CHIUSOLE di Roveredo, Adamo. Dell'arte pittorica libri VIII. Coll'aggiunta di componimenti diversi.
Venice, Caroboli & Pompeati Comp., 1768. 8vo (20 x 14 cm). With engraved portait of Cicero on the title-page and several interesting engraved head- and tailpieces (some signed "AF"), including scenes related to the subject of painting. In its first binding, though possibly a few decades after publication: stiff paper wrappers. Full description
€ 3,500
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72 plates with remarkably intricate Islamic-inspired decoration,
printed with coloured inks

CLERGET, Charles Ernest. Mélanges d'ornements de tous les styles Persan - Mauresque - Arabe - Grec - Gothique [-] Renaissance principalement des XVIe et XVIIe siècles ...
Paris, Ducher & Cie (colophon: printed by Eugène Heutte & Cie), [ca. 1880 (engraved 1837-1838)]. Royal folio (45 x 31 cm). With 2 elaborately ornamented part-titles, 70 numbered ornament plates (all 72 plates "engraved" on litho stones, image area mostly 26.5 x 17 cm) and a letterpress list of the plates. With each plate printed in blue, green, violet, ochre, red, black or brown (several shades) and 9 printed in 2 colours. Contemporary half red cloth, rebacked and with new corners in red goatskin morocco. Full description
€ 6,500
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Chromolithographed Art Nouveau prayer book
in a high relief hallmarked silver binding

CONDIO, Luigi. Preghiere. Miniature di Vittorio Vulten.
Torino, Carlo de Martini (printed by Stab. Litografico Giovanni Fraschini & C., Milan), 1902. 18mo (13.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm). A wholly chromolithographed Art Nouveau prayer book, printed in numerous pastel colours plus gold, with (mostly floral) decoration on every page and numerous additional illustrations. In a silver binding (hallmarked "800" at the foot of the otherwise blank back cover), with "Our Lady of the Rosary" from the shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary in Pompei depicted on the front cover in high relief (madonna and child presenting rosaries to Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine) flanked by two irises, above "Ave Maria" and a panel with "SS. Vergine di Pompei", endpapers lithographed in pastel colours plus gold, in a repeating pattern of abstracted flowers, crosses, anchors, hearts and initials "VD" or "DV", gilt edges. Full description
€ 8,500
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1300 years of Egyptian mosques in 243 splendid plates, mostly photogravures and chromolithographs

CRESWELL, Keppel Archibald Cameron, and others. The mosques of Egypt from 21 H. (641) to 1365 H. (1946) being a series of views in colour and monochrome of the principal mosques of Egypt with a brief note on each monument ... accompanied by detailed plans and maps.
Including: Index to Mohammedan monuments in Cairo.
[Giza], Survey of Egypt, 1951.
Giza, The Survey of Egypt, 1949[-1954]. 2 volumes. Double Crown folio? (44 x 35 cm). Each volume with the chromolithographed title-page and frontispiece, 243 plates (image size mostly about 30 x 23 cm) showing mosques and architectural and decorative details (27 in colour): 216 in photogravure with sepia ink, 2 in photogravure with chromolithographed colour, 3 chromolithographed, and 22 in halftone offset lithography after paintings by Alhusain Fawzy. Further with about 100 offset lithographic line illustrations on the integral leaves (many full-page). The present second issue also includes 2 large folding chromolithographed maps (each 81 x 111 cm) and the loosely inserted index to these maps, dated 1951. Gold- and blind-blocked dark green coated cloth with a morocco texture. Full description
€ 7,500
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Plants and dyes

DE BEUNIE, Joannes Baptista. Antwoord op de vraege welk zyn de profytelykste planten van dit land, ende welk is hun gebruyk zoo in de medicynen als in andere konsten.
(2) DU RONDEAU, François. Mémoires sur la question: quelles sont les plantes les plus utiles des Pays-Bas, & que lest leur usage dans la medicine & dans les arts.
(3) DE BEUNIE, Joannes Baptista. Antwoord op de vraege welk is de beste ende onkostbaerste maniere van vlasse gaeren ende andere vegitabile stoffen swert te verwen, …
Brussels, Antonius d’Ours, 1772. 3 works in 1 volume. 4to. Modern blue paper wrappers. Full description
€ 975
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First and only edition of six essays on painting and sculpture

DONI, Anton Francesco. Disegno ..., partito in piu ragionamenti, ne quali si tratta della scoltura et pittura; de colori, de getti, de modegli, con molte cose appartenenti a quest' arti: & si termina la nobiltà dell' una et dell' altra professione. ...
Venice, Gabriele Giolito de Ferrari, (colophon: February) 1549. Small 8vo (16 x 10 cm). With the imprint in the base of an elaborate woodcut on the title-page, with Ferrari's motto, initials and phoenix device, a different woodcut phoenix device on last page, and 21 woodcut pictorial initials (3 series) plus 1 repeat. Italian sheepskin parchment (ca. 1700?). Full description
€ 7,500
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The life of the Virgin, engraved ca. 1506 by Raimondi after Dürer:
stunning series of 17 very large prints

DÜRER, Albrecht and Marcantonio RAIMONDI. [Life of the Virgin Mary].
[Bologna?, ca. 1685/90 (engraved Bologna, ca. 1506)]. 1mo (40 x 29 cm). A series of 17 very large numbered engraved prints. Each with Dürer's AD monogram and the last also with Raimondi's MAF monogram. Late 18th-century boards, in a paste-paper slipcase with an engraved label showing the coat of arms of the Count of Somaglia, (Don Gaetano?) Cavazzi in Milan. Full description
€ 22,500
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Anthony van Dyck's celebrated "Iconography",
with 125 portraits, including 13 etched by himself

DYCK, Anthony van. Iconographie ou vies des hommes illustres du XVII. siecle . . . Tome premier[-second].
Amsterdam, Leipzig, Johann Caspar Arkstée, Henricus Merkus, 1759. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With 2 title-pages printed in red and black, each with a different engraved vignette, 1 portrait after Pieter Paul Rubens and and 124 portraits after Anthony van Dyck (several folding and 13 etched by Van Dyck himself), woodcut tailpieces. Green half morocco (ca. 1860?), richly gold-tooled spine, gilt and gauffered edges. Full description
€ 12,500
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Basics of miniature drawing and painting

EELKEMA, Eelke Jelles and André Léon LARUE (MANSION). Grondig onderrigt in de teeken- en schilderkunst, inzonderheid in miniatuur, ten nutte van jonge kunstoefenaren. Naar het Fransch van Mansion.
Leeuwarden, Lambertus Schierbeek, 1830. 12mo (15.5 x 9 cm). With folding lithographed frontispiece, coloured by hand, showing a palette of colours. Contemporay purple half morocco, gold- and blind-tooled spine. Full description
€ 500
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Confessions of a libertine: an extremely rare Dutch erotic novel, with 4 engraved plates

[EROTICA]. De belydenis van een lichtmis. Bevattende een aantal voorvallen in de galante wereld zo in Nederland als elders; wonderlyke ontmoetingen met vrouwen van allerlei soort; veele potsen meest voorgevallen in de nacht, en achter de gordynen; zeldzaame karakters van beiderlei sexe, enz. enz. enz. Alles beschreeven ten vermaake van de kinderen dezer wereld door den belyder zelve.
[The Netherlands, ca. 1770]. 8vo. With 4 engraved plates. Contemporary red half roan, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 6,500
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Exquisitely produced work on falconry and horse riding,
with many coloured illustrations

ES, N.J.A.P.H. van. De hippische sport en het korps rijdende artillerie 1793-1908 … 1e gedeelte [valkerij]. 2e gedeelte [hippische sport].
Arnhem, Coers & Roest and G.J. Thieme, [1913]. 2 volumes. Large 4to (37.5 x 31 cm). With ca. 80 lithographed plates and numerous illustrations and decorations in text, many beautifully coloured by hand and some highlighted with silver and/or gold. Original publisher's gold-blocked blue cloth, with a coloured hooded hawk on front boards, upper edges gilt, other edges untrimmed. Full description
€ 18,000
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1st Antwerp edition of Seyssel's French Eusebius, the contemporary binding with an unusual Flemish panel stamp

EUSEBIUS. L[']histoire ecclesiastique ..., translatee de Latin en Fra[n]coys, par Messire Claude de Seyssel, Evesque lors de Marseille, & depuis Archevesque de Thurin.
Antwerp, Maarten de Keyser, 1533 (colophon: 17 April). 8vo. With a woodcut border on the title-page, assembled from 4 blocks (that at the foot with De Keyser's printer's device), about 10 woodcut decorated initials plus about 10 repeats (2 gothic series and 2 roman series). Set in three sizes of bastarda type with textura initials. Contemporary Flemish blind panel-stamped calf, each board with the same panel and double and single fillets, a triple fillet in the panel stamp separating the inner and outer panel. The inner is an acorn cresting panel with 4 1/2 acorns on each side and the flowers not attached to the acorns, remnants of leather ties. Full description
€ 7,500
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Erotic artefacts from the secret cabinet of the King of Naples, with 60 coloured plates

[FAMIN, Cesar]. Musée Royal de Naples, peintures, bronzes et statues érotiques du Cabinet Secret.
Paris, Abel Ledoux (back of half-title: printed by Everat), 1836. 4to. With engraved frontispiece and 60 numbered engraved plates by A. Delvaux, all coloured by a contemporary hand and some printed in colour a la poupée. Contemporary green half sheepskin. Full description
€ 2,500
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Textbook on architecture and perspective,
by a well-known Italian architect and stage designer

GALLI BIBIENA, Ferdinando. Direzioni a' giovani studenti nel disegno dell' architettura civile, nell' accademia clementina dell' instituto delle scienze, ...With: Direzioni della prospettiva teorica corrispondenti a quelle dell' architettura instruzione a' giovani studenti di pitture; e architettura ...
Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpa, 1731-1732. 2 volumes. 12mo. With 75 engraved plates (including several folding) in the first volume and 58 engraved plates (including several folding) in the second volume. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 1,750
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First French edition of 1788 English handbook of the art of caricature, with 29 plates,
all newly engraved and 9 showing 10 new heads plus 28 new scenes

GROSE, Francis. Principes de caricature, suivis d'un essai sur la peinture comique.
Leipzig, Industrie Komptoir, Baumgärtner; Vienna, Mollo & Comp., [1800]. Small 4to (18 x 13 cm). With engraved frontispiece caricature portrait of an antiquarian mastiff and XXVIII numbered engraved plates of caricatures (6 folding), many with several figures, all on grey-brown paper. Contemporary half mottled sheepskin. Full description
€ 4,500
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Preparing black, coloured and metallic inks, etching marble and metal, etc.
2nd copy located of 1660 edition

HELMREICH, Andreas. Kunstbüchlein. Wie man auff Marmelstein, Kupffer, Messing, Zihn, Stahl, Eisen, Harnisch und Waffen, &c. etzen, und künstlich vergülden soll. Mit vorgehendem Bericht, wie man Dinten, Dintenpulver, Prisilgen, und alle Metallfarben zum schreiben. Mancherley Farben, Pergament, Federn zu färben. Alle Metallen aus der Federn zu schreiben, Gold und Silber, Fundamentlein und Goldwasser auff allerley Ballerey, und dergleichen mehr, machen und temperieren soll. Zu Dienst und Ehren allen Schreibern, auch den unerfahrnen der Etzkunst, zusammen gebracht. ... Von neuen übersehen, gemehret, und corrigirt, und in Druck gebracht.
[Leipzig?], 1660. Small 8vo (14.5 x 8.5 cm). Title-page printed in red and black. Later marbled wrappers. Full description
€ 4,950
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Bogor cinema presents!

[HOLLYWOOD MEMORABILIA - INDONESIA]. [Collection of 38 flyers (heralds) for movies, from Bogor, Indonesia].
Bogor, 1947-1953. 38 single sheets, most printed double-sided, several folding, nearly all with illustrations depicting actors and movie scenes, mostly printed in one or two colours, some in four-colour half-tones. Full description
€ 2,500
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Two illustrated standard works on Dutch painters,
annotated by the Belgian art connoisseur
Francois-Jean-Joseph Mols

HOUBRAKEN, Arnold. De groote schouburgh der Nederlantsche konstschilders en schilderessen. ... Den tweeden druk.
The Hague, Johannes Swart, Cornelis Bouquet, Mattheus Gaillard, 1753. With engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait and 47 engraved plates bound in a separate plates volume.
With: (2) GOOL, Johan van. De nieuwe schouburg der Nederlantsche kunstschilders en schilderessen: …
The Hague, for the author, 1750-1751. With engraved author's portrait and 22 engraved plates (1 folding). Lacking engraved frontispiece. 2 works (in 3 and 2 parts), bound in 11 text volumes (8vo interleaved with 4to, 25.5 x 20 cm) and 2 plate volumes (8vo interleaved with small folio, 28 x 20.5 cm). Uniform late 18th-century half sheepskin parchment (ad 1) and half vellum (ad 2). Full description
€ 12,500
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Journal of accounts of a Flemish cloth-dyeing factory 1734-1759

JOFFROY, Joannes Baptista. Daegelyksche aenteekening van alle de goederen te verwen komende bij Joannes Baptista Joffroy begonst 1734.
[Mechelen (Malines, Belgium), 1 April 1734-31 August 1759]. Folio (32.5 x 21 cm). Manuscript journal of accounts in dark brown ink on paper, written in Dutch in an upright gothic hand, with each page ruled in double and single lines to make 4 or 5 columns and up to 22 rows, decorated with hundreds of pen flourishes, three forming pictures of birds as tailpieces and with a decorative cross to begin 1750 (some other years with a simpler cross), a couple headings with additions in red. Contemporary vellum. Full description
€ 3,750
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300 models for weaving cloth in various patterns and colours,
printed from the plates of the 1771 first edition

KIRSCHBAUM, Johann Michael. Neues Weberbild- und Musterbuch, ... zur Beförderung der edlen Leinen- und Bildweberkunst, und zum Nutzen und Vergnügen angehender Meister und Gesellen, auch anderer Liebhaber der Weberkunst, auf 74 Kupfertafeln ... Fünfte Original-Ausgabe.
Heilbronn, Classische Buchhandlung, 1836. Oblong folio (21 x 32 cm). With 74 numbered engraved plates showing about 300 patterns for weaving. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, tiger marbled sides. Full description
€ 3,500
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Laudatory poems on the paper cutting art of Joanna Koerten

KOERTEN, Joanna (subject). Het stamboek op de papiere snykunst van mejuffrouw Joanna Koerten, huisvrouw van den heere Adriaan Blok. Bestaande in Latynsche en Nederduitsche gedichten der voornaamste dichters.
Amsterdam, 1735. 8vo. With an engraved medallion portrait of Joanna Koerten surrounded by putti as frontispiece (dated 1734) and an engraved illustration on title-page, each designed and engraved by Jan Punt. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers. Full description
€ 1,750
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The paintings by Gerard de Lairesse in the Court of Justice at The Hague

LAIRESSE, Gerard de. Tafereelen, geschilderd door Gerard de Lairesse, in de Raadkamer van den Hove van Justitie van Holland, Zeeland, en Westvriesland; ... Les tableaux qui se trouvent a la Haye, dans la Chambre du Conseil de Justice de la Cour d'Holande, de Zelande, & de Westvrise.
Amsterdam, printed for Nikolaas Verkolje, 1737. Large folio. With 7 engraved plates illustrating 7 paintings by Larisse at the old provincial Court of Justice in the Binnenhof at The Hague, engraved by Pierre Tamjé and Claude Duflos after drawings by Verkolje. 19th-century half roan, marbled boards. Full description
€ 3,250
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Manual on the art of drawing, including the famous series of plates by Crispijn de Passe

LAIRESSE, Gerard de and Crispijn de PASSE. Les principes du dessein; ou methode courte et facile pour aprendre cet art en peu de tems.
Amsterdam, Leipzig, Arkstée & Merkus, 1746. Large folio (43.5 x 27 cm). Title-page with an allegorical engraving by C. Huyberts after Lairesse's design, with 120 numbered engraved plates by various artists and engravers and 11 half-page engravings by Lairesse in the text. Contemporary half calf. Full description
€ 15,000
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Gerard de Lairesse's famous drawing manual, with 8 engraved plates

LAIRESSE, Gerard de. Grondlegginge der teeken-konst, zynde een korte en zeekere weg om door middel van de geometrie of meetkunde, de teeken-konst volkomen te leeren. ... Tweede druk.Including: SEGNER, Johann Andreas. Beschryving van twee verscheide zeer bekwame en zuinige als mede het gezicht bewarende lampen, ...
Amsterdam, Gerrit Tielenburg, 1766. 4to. With a engraved illustration on title-page, 8 engraved plates (including one mezzotint) and 6 engravings in text, mostly after designs by the author, and ad 2 with 3 folding engraved plates. Contemporary richly gold-tooled calf, gilt edges. Full description
€ 1,500
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Famous French fable book:
a milestone in French book illustration

LA MOTTE, Antoine Houdar de. Fables nouvelles, dédiées au Roy. Avec un discours sur la fable.
Paris, Gregoire Dupuis, 1719. 4to. With engraved allegorical frontispiece by N. Tardieu after Charles Coypel, engraved vignette on title-page by C. Simeneau after N. Vleughels and 100 engraved illustrations to the fables by and after Claude Gillot, Charles Antoine Coypel, Jean Ranc, Bernard Picart, Jean Baptiste Massé, etc. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 2,500
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Archaeological account and artefacts from the Turfan area, China, with numerous plates

LE COQ, Albert von. Die buddhistische Spätantike in Mittelasien. Ergebnisse der Kgl. Preussischen Turfan-Expeditionen.
Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1922-1933 [facsimile: Graz, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1973-1975]. 6 text volumes and 1 atlas. 35,5 x 26 cm; atlas 54 x 36,5 cm. With a total of 185 plates in the text volumes, 22 plates in the atlas volume, mostly in black and white, some in colour, and numerous illustrations in text. Uniform decorated brown cloth. Full description
€ 1,250
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Examples of ornaments for painters, 13 engraved plates

LEMOYNE, Jean. Ornements pour servir aux peintres, & grave[urs].
Paris, G. Duchange, 1710. With engraved title-page and 5 (of 6?) engraved plates.
With: (2) LEMOYNE, Jean. Ornemens inventez & gravez.Paris, Jean Bairain, 1676. With engraved title-page and 5 engraved plates, and added at the end an engraved plate by Bernard Picart. All plates mounted within passepartout leaves. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio. 19th-century half calf. Full description
€ 1,750
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Early manual on perspective, well illustrated

LENCKER, Hans. Perspectiva hierinnen auffs kürtzte beschrieben, mit Exempeln eröffnet und an Tag gegeben wird, ein newer besonder kurtzer, doch gerechter unnd sehr leichter Weg, wie allerley Ding, es seyen Corpora, Gebew, oder was möglich zuerdencken und in Grund zulegen ist, verruckt oder unverruckt, ferner in die Perspectyf gebracht werden mag, on einige vergebliche Linie, Riss un[d] Puncten, [et]c, dergleichen Weg bisshero noch nit bekant gewesen.
Nürnberg, Dietrich Gerlach, 1571. Small folio (29 x 19 cm). With the title within a woodcut border, 10 full-page woodcuts within collation and 1 double-page woodcut within collation (the latter not included in page numbering). Boards (ca. 1900). Full description
€ 9,500
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Stunning collotypes and chromolithographs of Pompeii wall paintings in situ soon after their excavation

MAU, August. Geschichte der decorativen Wandmalerei in Pompeji … Mit 20 Tafeln in einer Mappe.
Berlin, G. Reimer, 1882. 1 text volume & 1 portfolio with plates. 8vo (text volume) and 1mo (plates portfolio 53 x 43 cm). With 20 large numbered plates showing Pompeii wall paintings in situ, mounted on card stock, loose in a separate portfolio with letterpress title-leaf and contents leaf: 9 sepia collotypes (21 x 16 to 26.5 x 24.5 cm) and 11 chromolithographs (21.5 x 19 to 37 x 36 cm), no. 18 actually comprising 7 small chromolithographs on 1 card, each plate with a letterpress label on the back; and 7 black and white floor plans in the text. Contemporary half sheepskin parchment (text); contemporary blue half cloth portfolio (plates). Full description
€ 7,500
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Imposing auction of 17th-century Dutch masters

[NIEUHOFF, Nicolaas]. Catalogus van een uitmuntend en overheerlyk kabinet konstige schilderyen, tekeningen en prenten, door de beroemste, en voornaamste Nederlandsche, en andere meesters, als meede eenige fraaye beeldwerken en rariteiten. Alles met veel moeite, en kunde byeen verzameld, en nagelaten door wylen den heer Nicolaas Nieuhoff. Het welke alles verkogt zal worden door de makelaars Phillippus van der Schley, Hendrik de Winter, en Jan Yver, op maandag den 14 april 1777. en volgende dagen.
Amsterdam, J. Stanhoffius Andriesz., 1777. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece by Reinier Vinkeles. 20th-century half pigskin. Full description
€ 950
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Kashmir manuscript: “five pearls” of Hindu literature,
including the Bhagavad gita, with 5 full-page miniatures

[PANCARATNAGITA]. Pancha ratnani.
[Kashmir, early 19th-century]. Oblong (9 x 15.5 cm). Manuscript in Sanskrit, written in Devanagari script with a reed(?) pen in red and black ink on both sides of the Asian paper leaves, with 5 full-page miniatures in many colours plus gold and silver with decorative borders, and each page of text in a border of multiple lines with orange predominating. 20th-century boards covered with decorated cloth. Full description
€ 6,000
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Rare first edition of Crispijn de Passe's print series of 12 sibyls

PASSE, Crispijn de (the elder). Duodecim Sibyllarum imagines in aes eleganter incisae: additae insuper singularum breves descriptiones. Una cum praecipuis oraculorum mysteriis versibus expressis.
Arnhem, Jan Jansz. of Arnhem, 1615. Folio (36.5×26 cm). With 12 full-page numbered engravings of sibyls drawn by Crispijn de Passe the elder and engraved by him, his children Simon, Magdalena, and Crispijn the younger, and Crispijn van den Queborn. The sibyls are portrayed half-length, each with a 4-line caption in Latin. Disbound. Preserved in a modern portfolio in a maroon half morocco slipcase. Full description
€ 12,500
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The snow sculptures of Antwerp

[PAUWELS, Jan Antoon Frans]. Berigt, van constig-gemaeckte sneeuwe beelden van half Januario tot het begin Februarii tot Antwerpen gezien . . .
Antwerp, Joannes Petrus de Cort, 1772. 4to. With title-page in a geometric border built up from cast fleurons and each page in a thick-thin border built up from cast units. 19th-century(?) decorated cloth, modern endpapers. Full description
€ 1,600
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Costume and profession print series for art students, engraved ca. 1790.
With 2 extra colour-printed versions

[PERKOIS, Jacob and Johannes Hubertus PRINS]. [Print series from: Verzameling van verschillende gekleede mans- en vrouwen-standen, ter oefening van jonge schilders en liefhebbers, naar 't leven geteekend].
[Rotterdam, J. Immerzeel, 1818 (engraved ca. 1790)]. 4to or cut down folio. A series of 32 (of 33) numbered full-page aquatint and stipple-engraved prints. Lacking plate 5, which has been replaced by an aquatint of a woman cleaning fish by Hermanus Fock. With 2 extra prints loosely inserted: colour-printed versions (inked a la poupée) of plates 20 and 25. Mid-19th-century half maroon sheepskin. Full description
€ 1,750
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Among Le Pautre’s earliest work

PHILIPPON, Adam. Curieuses recherches de plusieurs beaus morceaus d'ornemens antiques, et modernes, tant dans la ville de Rome, ques autres villes et lieux d'Italie.
Croissant, Adam Philippon, 1645. Wholly engraved print series consisting of a title-page, dedication, privilege, and 50 plates. The leaves are numbered 1-42, followed by 10 plates with their numbers changed by hand, and the privilege.
With: (2) LE PAUTRE, Jean. Frizes feuillages ou Tritons marins antiques et modernes.Paris, P. Mariette, [ca. 1664]. Series of 6 numbered engraved plates, each with two friezes . 2 series in 1 volume. Small folio (26.5 x 18.5 cm). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 7,000
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Plates of Duke of Osuna’s ornate sculptural coach,
used for his entry during the Treaty of Utrecht

PICART, Bernard. Premier des magnifiques carosses de Monseigneur de le duc d'Ossuna, ambassadeur extraordinaire et premier plenipotentiaire de Sa Majesté Catholique Philippe: V. pour la paix faits pour l'entreé publique de son Excellence a Utrecht MDCCXIII.
Amsterdam, Bernard Picart, 1714. Folio. Series of 7 engraved plates (including title-page and 1 double-page). 19th-century gold-tooled green morocco, richly gold-tooled spine and turn-ins, gilt edges; bound by Durvand Thivet. Full description
€ 17,500
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First edition of an emblem book on the theme of the heart

PONA, Francesco. Cardiomorphoseos sive ex corde desumpta emblemata sacra.
Verona, superiorum permissu, 1645. 4to. With engraved allegorical title-page (signed ''G.G.'' below right) showing King David and Saint Paul holding a heart, with the arms of the dedicatee, Cardinal Jules Mazarin, at the foot, 101 engraved emblems in text, each on the theme of the heart, with a letterpress title in any of about 7 different woodcut panels, and a letterpress explanation below, continuing onto the verso. Each is printed from an oval plate (10.5 x 8 cm). Contemporary sheepskin parchment. Full description
€ 8,950
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Catalogue of the famous Portland Museum
Including many objects collected during Cook's Pacific voyages
With manuscript prices and purchasers

[PORTLAND MUSEUM]. [LIGHTFOOT, John]. A catalogue of the Portland Museum lately the property of the Duchess Dowager of Portland, deceased: which will be sold by auction ...
With: (2) A catalogue of a very valuable collection of cameos, intaglios, and precious stones, and other curiosities; being part of a late much celebrated cabinet, many out of the Arundel collection; which will be sold by auction ...
[London, Skinner and Co., 1786]. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. With full-page engraved frontispiece showing the interior of the Portland Museum with numerous objects from its collection. Contemporary gold-tooled vellum. Full description
€ 18,500
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Drawing models for landscapes

PREISSLER, Johann Daniel. Gründliche Anleitung, welcher man sich im Nachzeichnen schöner Landschafften oder Prospecten bedienen kan, den Liebhabern der Zeichen-Kunst mitgetheilet und eigenhändig in Kupffer gebracht, … Sechste Auflage.
Nürnberg, [for the author], 1766. Folio. With numerous models of landscapes and views, including introductory studies of single leaves and trees, on 16 numbered engraved plates. Modern blue boards. Full description
€ 950
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Auction catalogue of one of the most celebrated collections of the 18th century

[RANDON DE BOISSET, Pierre Louis Paul]. Catalogue des tableaux & desseins précieux des maîtres célebres des trois écoles, figures marbres, de bronze & de terre cuite, estampes en feuilles & autres objets du cabinet de feu M. Randon de Boisset, receveur géneral des finances. … On a joint à ce catalogue celui des vases, colonnes de marbres, porcelaines, des laques, des meubles de boule & d'autres effets précieux, par C.F. Julliot. La vente se fera le jeudi 27 février 1777 ... Vêndome.
Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, 1777. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary red morocco, richly gold-tooled spine and turn-ins, gold fillets on boards and board edges, gilt edges. Full description
€ 1,750
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Indispensable guide to Dutch iconology in Rembrandt's day, with 196 woodcuts

RIPA, Cesare. Iconologia, of uytbeeldingen des verstands: … Om uyt te drucken, en te vinden, 't begrip van alle sinnebeelden, invallen, devijsen of sinteykenen. …
Amsterdam, Dirck Pietsz. Pers, 1644. 4to. With engraved allegorical frontispiece and 196 emblematic woodcut illustrations (ca. 8.5 x 6 cm) in the text by Jan Christoffel Jegher. Parchment (ca. 1725?). Full description
€ 2,750
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Original manuscripts of two influential essays on art and society

ROLAND HOLST, Richard Nicolaüs. Over de monumentale schilderkunst en hare beinvloeding door de maatschappij.
[Laren?, 1910].
With: (2) ROLAND HOLST, Richard Nicolaüs. Over het rythmische en het naturalistische element in de monumentale schilderkunst.
[Laren?, 1914]. Small 4to. Neatly written in dark brown ink on machine-made wove paper without watermark. Loosely inserted is a newspaper clipping with an article about Roland Holst's lectures in Paris, from the Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant, 28 November 1923.  Sewn in quires and each essay formerly glued (now loose) in dark grey thick paper wrappers. Full description
€ 2,250
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Six rare annotated auction catalogues of art from Belgian collectors

ROTTIER, Jacques. Catalogue d'une très-belle collection de tableaux, dessins encadrés, médailles, bronzes, ivoires, marbres et objets d'art, délaissés par M. Jacques Rottier, avocat et amateur distingué a Gand.
Ghent, D.J. Vanderhaeghen, 1834. With folding engraved plate as frontispiece.
(2) VAN ROTTERDAM. Catalogue d'une précieuse collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise et Italienne délaissés par Mr. Van Rotterdam.
Ghent, widow of L. De Busscher-Braeckman, 1835.
(3) BALLIN, H. Catalogue d'une belle collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande et Hollandaise délaissés par feu le notaire H. Ballin à Gand.
Antwerp, H.P. Vanderhey, 1838. With an engraved plate loosely inserted.
(4) MAES, Marie. Catalogue d'une belle collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande et Hollandaise délaissés par feu Marie Maes.
Ghent, F.E. Gyselynck, 1837.
(5) VRANCKEN, Petrus Jacobus Franciscus. Catalogue d'une précieuse collection de tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise et Française délaissés par Mr. P.J.F. Vrancken à Lokeren.
Antwerp, H.P. Vander Hey, 1838. With 3 illustrations on 2 engraved plates.
(6) SCHAMP D'AVESCHOOT, Jean. Catalogue des tableaux des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise, Italienne, Française et Espagnole, qui composent la magnifique galerie délaissée par M. Schamp d'Aveschoot.
Ghent, Librairie Générale de H. Hoste, 1840. 6 catalogues in 1 volume. 8vo. Interleaved. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin. Full description
€ 3,500
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Stylized leaf and flower ornament, with 24 chromolithographed plates

SCHOOP, Ulrich. Das farbige Ornament. Stilisirte Blatt-und Blüthenformen mit Beispielen über deren Verwendung für den Schulzeichenunterricht. 24 Blätter in monochromem und polychromem Farbendruck mit einer kurzen Farbenlehre.
Zürich, Orell Füssli & Co., 1880. 4to. With 24 numbered chromolithographed plates (each printed in 2 to 6 colours). Contemporary red half morocco. Full description
€ 1,500
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Lavishly illustrated course in the art of baroque architectural drawing and ornamental design

SCHÜBLER, Johann Jakob. Grondige en duydelyke onderwyzing der volkomen kolommen-ordening, zoo als men dezelve in de heedendaagse-boukunst, gewoon is te gebruyken. ...
Including: Het tweede deel van het Grondig onderwys ..., waar in voorgestelt word zes nieuwe geinventeerde portaalen met sierlyke balkons op vrystaande kolommen; ...
Amsterdam, Petrus II Schenk, 1728. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio (33.5 x 20.5 cm).. With 2 title-pages, each with the same large engraved illustration of an Amsterdam patrician's residence, 2 engraved architectural frontispieces, and 34 illustration plates (I-XVII, I-XVII), al engraved after the author's drawings, mostly by Renz and Montalegre (the second frontispiece by Johann Christoph Weigel). Modern maroon half calf. Full description
€ 2,500
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Monumental and elaborately decorated commemorative columns and obelisks as garden ornaments

SCHYNVOET, Simon. Voorbeelden der lusthof-cieraaden, zynde piramiden, eerzuylen en andere bywerken.
[Amsterdam, H. de Wit, 1704 or soon after]. Large folio (38 x 27 cm). A richly decorated print-series of garden and park ornaments, with 30 engraved plates (plate size ca. 31 x 20.5 cm) showing commemorative columns or obelisks for various occasions, drawn and engraved by Jacobus Schynvoet and Jan Goeree and a few others after designs by Simon Schynvoet. Modern half cloth. Full description
€ 7,500
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Scrap album with hand-coloured engraved pictures from numerous series:
Islamic and Far Eastern figures, Robinson Crusoe, Le monde renversé and many more

[SCRAP ALBUM]. [Scrap album of pictures cut out of prints].
[Netherlands?, ca. 1790]. Folio (33 x 20.5 cm). A scrap album containing about 350 pictures clipped out of hand-coloured engraved prints, some with engraved texts in Dutch, French or German, and 5 of birds with real feathers in many colours mounted on the engraving to make the birds' bodies. Modern sheepskin made from old materials. Full description
€ 6,500
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Chinese archaeology in the early 20th century, with 144 collotype plates

SEGALEN, Victor, Gilbert de VOISINS and Jean LARTIGUE. Mission archéologique en Chine (1914). L'art funéraire a l'époque des Han.
Paris, Paul Geuthner, 1923-1935. 1 text volume (4to) and 2 atlas volumes (38.5 x 28 cm). With 121 illustrations in text and 144 collotype plates in the atlas. Text volume in original printed paper wrappers. Atlas in original half cloth, printed paper sides. Full description
€ 6,500
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Finely illustrated manuscript handbook for architects, engineers, etc.

SIMMONDS, J. Hints, tables &ca [for mining, military engineering, architecture, etc.].
[England], 1840. (16.5 x 12 cm). Manuscript in ink on paper, in English, with numerous architectural and other illustrations in pencil and ink, many with grey and/or pink washes, on 30 pages, numerous manuscript tables. Written and illustrated partly on rectos only and partly on both rectos and versos. Contemporary English dark green gold-tooled calf, gold-tooled board edges, gold fillets on turn-ins, green ribbon marker, gilt edges. Rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down. Full description
€ 2,500
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274 photographic reproductions showing art and architecture from early 20th-century Beijing

SIRÉN, Osvald. Les palais impériaux de Pékin. Deux cent soixante-quartorze planches hors texte en héliotypie d'apres les photographies de l'auteur, douze dessins architectureaux et deux plans, avec une notice historique ...
Paris & Brussels, G. Vanoest, 1926. 3 volumes. With 12 plans and 2 maps (mostly folding), and a total of 274 collotype plates. Publisher's original, printed, blue paper wrappers. Full description
€ 15,000
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An early mention of Australia and a window into early 17th-century Spanish daily life

SUAREZ DE FIGUEROA, Christobal (Thomaso GARZONI). Plaza universal de todas ciencias, y artes, parte traduzida de Toscano, y parte compuesta por el doctor Christoval Suearez de Figueroa.
Perpignan, Luis Roure, 1630 (colophon: 1629). 4to. With title printed in woodcut border with large woodcut coat of arms; interesting woodcut initials and head- and tailpieces. Contemporary mottled calf. Full description
€ 6,500
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Russian Orthhodox tetraptych brass icon with 21 scenes in relief,
20 with a blue enamel background

[TETRAPTYCH ICON]. [Incipit:] Kr[es]tou tvoemou pokli[!]naemsya vl[adi]koi s[vya]toe voskresenie tvoe slavim [= We bow before your cross, master, and praise your holy resurrection].
[Moscow or vicinity?, ca. 1810?]. A Russian Orthodox brass icon comprising 4 panels hinged to each other (15 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm closed; 15 x 35.5 x 0.5 cm open), each of the 4 interior sides with 5 relief scenes with a blue enamel background (1 scene in the onion-dome top and 1 in each of the 4 quarters of the square body), each scene with an inscription above it. Further with a brass relief veneration of the cross on the front of the exterior in a decorated architectural frame, with an oval at the head bearing the text transcribed above. Full description
€ 2,500
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Attractive children's book with views of Amsterdam

[VIEWS - AMSTERDAM]. Atlas, of verzameling van afbeeldingen der voornaamste gebouwen, torens en gezichten der stad Amsterdam. Voor kinderen.
Amsterdam, H. Moolenijzer, [1824]. Oblong 4to (20 x 26 cm). With 19 etched full-page plates, by W. Writs and R. Vinkeles after drawings by W. Writs, J. de Beyer, J. Cats, Ferdinand Bol and Claes Jansz. Visscher. Modern grey boards with the original front cover laid down. Full description
€ 3,250
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Manuscript weaving instructions, illustrated with about 2000 cloth samples and colour-coded patterns

[WEAVING]. Schnürungsbuch.
“Vaals-Aachen” [on the Dutch-German border], Höhere technische Schule für Tuchfabrikation, [ca. 1900]. Oblong folio (24 x 32 cm). Manuscript in German, written in black ink in a neat and legible Latin hand on paperboard leaves, comprising short instructional texts and about 2000 colour-coded weaving patterns and small samples of woven cloth mounted on both sides of the leaves. Contemporary beige half cloth. Full description
€ 7,500
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The sculptures of the "Museum Wildeanum" in 60 engraved plates,
with an attractive double-page view of the library during a visit of Peter the Great

WILDE, Jacob and Maria de. Signa antiqua e museo Jacobi de Wilde. Veterum poeatrum carminibus illustrata et per Mariam filiam aeri inscripta.
Amsterdam, Maria de Wilde, 1700. 4to. With engraved title-page, engraved author's portrait, 1 engraved folding plate and 60 engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine. Full description
€ 4,500
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