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Highly decorative celestial chart, coloured by a contemporary hand

DOPPELMAYR, Johann Gabriel.
Hemisphaerium coeli boreale in quo fixarum loca secundum eclipticae ductum ad an[n]um 1730 completum exhibentur.
[Nürnberg, Heirs of Homann, 1742]. Engraved celestial chart (50 x 59 cm), wholly coloured by a contemporary hand. With title at the head, circular chart in the centre flanked by positional tables and views of the astronomical observatories of Tycho Brahe at Hven, at Paris, of Hevelius at Danzig and of Eimmart at Nürnberg. Framed (69 x 77 cm).
€ 1,750
Beautifully engraved and hand-coloured celestial chart by the Nuremberg astronomer and professor of mathematics Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1677-1750). In the beginning of the 18th-century Doppelmayr worked closely with the cartographer Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724). Together, they produced a number of atlases including the famous Atlas coelestis (1742), a collection of diagrams with explanations intended as an introduction to the fundamentals of astronomy.
"This map of the northern hemisphere sky includes the Ptolemaic constellations and a number of the newly-designed ones. The eight northern hemisphere constellations, introduced by Johannes Hevelius in the previous century, are depicted. Mons Maenalus (at lower left), strictly speaking is not a constellation in its own right but part of Boötes. Boötes is seen standing on the mountain of Arcadia in the central Peloponnese" (Stott).
A very good copy. D.J. Warner, The sky explored: celestial cartography 1500-1800 (1979), p. 64, no. 1C; cf. C. Stott, Celestial charts (1991), pp. 92-93 (1745 Ottens ed.); for Doppelmayr: DSB IV, p. 166.
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