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Extract of influential work on Spanish colonies

Traduccion de la dedicatoria real i epistolas proemiales del segundo tomo del Derecho, i gobernierno de las Indias Occidentals.[Madrid], Francisco Martinez, 1639. Folio. With an elaborate engraved architectural title-page by Roberto Codier. Spanish sheepskin parchment (ca. 1700?).
€ 3,000
An epitomy of the second volume of the Spanish jurist Solorzano Pereira's famous work Disputationum de Indiarum Jure on law in the Spanish colonies in America, published in the same year. The epitomy itself (pp. 31-62) gives a summary of each of the 138 chapters. The eight preliminary pages contain an annotated dedicatory letter to King Philip IV and three poems, while the first thirty numbered pages contain the annotated dedicatory letters (one to King Philip IV and one to Gaspar de Guzman, Count of Olivares & Duke of Sanlucar) and an annotated version of the note to the reader from the Disputationum. The letters and note to the reader are printed in two columns, with the text itself on the left and extensive notes on the right.A very good copy, with only a tear in the border of one leaf, not affecting the text. An epitomy of an influential work on the law in the Spanish colonies in America, with additional notes.
Alden & Landis 639/113 (4 copies, incl. 1 incomplete); Medina, Bibliotheca Hispano-Americana II, 410; Palau 318979; Sabin 86532.
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